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5-5 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Does -- governor and I'm sandy beach and I. That met debut who missed the code word of 11 o'clock in the morning. Your audio for some reason I don't know what's happening here but starting today I will repeat it and remember that's that's bad debt it's going to be recorded and it's going to be live and if you don't get that time I'm gonna come to your house -- looking at window. I'm doing a code word -- at a time -- we learned at the same time ever burials that as the I don't have it and it and advance our eucharist you know -- were -- -- never here and here and it's seven now want to play because I'd like to sell would go on -- -- and I'm not saying I would do anything illegal but. If somebody slipped me a five you know just order a cool fiber. Record possible area right on Abraham Lincoln's -- with -- code word would be. And I bet you thought I got above that I'm not about shame. But for those of you who you know are going. Because. That will -- will give -- alive after -- doing and we -- on tape we don't take anything anymore is just like people still say problems. Because well I guess there are still vital problems but most people use them I mean occasionally out -- we won't even be seen CD yeah I know it so it what do we say recorded I guess is the best best but does that is recorded as well as how quick hands on a full of fun frivolity Murtha -- -- all absolutely me till I couldn't have had a better weekend -- I'm a -- joy never stopped it was just one thing after another that's that's the kind of life I'm -- I'm just telling it like as good idea Chris. It's cold. We've all scolded him more than it is always a winner -- it is the dog had a winner had a -- two -- I was I was frozen over the weekend in various places in western new York and one of the places I said. The -- stop I've got -- I've got to go in there. Is -- laps down in Boston. And went in and had a creamy. Mimi chocolate milk shake it and it is Sosa moat and flavorful. It is beyond compare it is like the best no magic. And I hadn't had one in a while because I think that -- -- Muster in a winner but there it was stopped and enjoyed them and reviewed the Boston -- are -- A couple of times actually -- on the periphery years and it's just beautiful down there in India and Charl laps it via. A place to stop I would recommend some time to -- have you ever you never Alamos know all of a lot about -- the Buffalo News ran away. Magazines. Section. Yesterday now usually I don't get it and I think I thought at that time that. The Niagara county just didn't get it because I'd never gotten. And some people I know I've written articles for that magazine. But I did get it and one of the things and it is your haystack Tony it's an all hall food issue. I came with the Sunday paper in the haystack. It was described is a haystack a sandwich or is that our plate. It's a sandwich it's a sandwich but the way it was described it describe it to sound like it was on a plate now it won't yet to him. What is sandwich out of platelets and -- -- -- so this is one of those sandwiches that you actually cannot hold and and bike yeah it's not -- big -- they bring it to like -- -- -- you got to cut it up -- all know -- a big -- got a reverend Leo. And the scary thing about it is you know in the haystack -- -- we deliver the silo right endless cycle in Lewiston. Right there on the water and you know my friend and I would go up there every year get this. Now they added speaking to wait all you can add bacon and -- -- -- and I screen him. And drove for -- bit -- they can added to an already taste tempting treats guests -- to try it. -- doesn't get better than that except the -- -- they Mayweather fight. After the Mayweather fight as people were filing out of the MGM auditorium there there was a loud bang. 24 people they thought was of gunshot but it -- nobody can say it was for sure but there was a loud noise -- bank. 24 people taken by ambulance to Las Vegas area hospitals after a stampede. Following the Mayweather fight spectators were knocked down and trampled. After a loud bang cause panic as they laughed and GM grand garden arena investigators found no evidence of gunfire. We're investigating the situation thoroughly don't understand more completely what occurred to assist those affected. People tried to escape the crash poured into the media center where they post news conference was going to be held. But they couldn't hold it right away because there were people there were supposed to be there the doctor the doors were locked. After order was restored its they have a crowd of 161268. And done it looks like problem Mayweather won't be fighting Pacquiao on time zone. No I don't think so I was. Talking with the someone re a friend who really knows boxing. And he's huge Mayweather for half and get out of -- doctor he had he really likes them and he says I gotta tell you at best. I had this 114114. A with the possibility of Mayweather losing. Well I went the thing about. Pro fights the big fights is that they're never in the Sunday paper because they're they're like they run a blade and it's past the deadline. And so I went online and got the round by round stuff. And just the description of it sounded like it was a very close fight in -- and run away like -- like was expected to Chris you went online injected to run. He had the Tony was saying 114114. -- best I think a lot of sites are sound like Yahoo! and ESPN now scored it 115113. For -- -- extremely close. It was close and and so I was ready -- and going over the round by round hoping that Mayweather will most of my statement. Really do it -- I don't hate them like you would hate somebody really know but I don't like him. And I I I do like Akio. But I fights happen now all of their skills are both the -- so I guess it would still be competitive fight. But Pacquiao looked impressive in his last right and Mayweather didn't look that impressive but he still won yeah I would look for those to be funny now. And -- no because Mayweather more important than money wants to retire undefeated right -- can't do that if he gets beat notice all right I put that logic the other way because you you really can't retire undefeated QB original event and you know what -- looked -- it's gonna Google it. Let meanwhile I guess the people of West Virginia don't have enough to do with mayor elected officials here the state Ethics Commission. And public and I said public employees can sell Girl Scout Cookies where they work. But they can't use public resources to promote the sales like may be the center of a bulletin board at a -- is combines Amy's -- not -- And they they can't coerce co workers and the buying cookies. So there's so that's that like. Especially one would assume if you're a management position does that happen -- the truth as. At -- at KB might my daughter was selling Girl Scout Cookies when I was programming KB. It she -- do me a favor will you take the sign in sheets to work and asked people of the one of Michael these guys that. I mean I really can't because winner and management and you have some YouTube of trying to sell something to somebody. That is in your unit that works with a view and for you it's awfully tough to do that so. As she she got she twisted my arm okay I'll do. So I I bring the sheet and this is the truth of online and time I bring Rasheed and in his -- that that a picture she will all the cookies and and the first person my ass was so bill my secretary. I -- so it's not pressure here. I said but if you usually by Girl Scout Cookies I have some for sale my -- okay that's all pressures and got right. She said good I'll take seventeen boxes so why. Does. Take seventeen months as it. It's not necessarily is not there's pressure for you to buy them you don't have to by the I want seventeen months that she's designed by seventeen boxes every year. So needless to say I hit the jackpot on the first shot. At that there was no pressure no arm bending nothing like that seventeen boxes that the first person. And here's the problem. Do you sell them. Then later on they come and then got to bring a man and distribute them. And there are people worked on different ships and I didn't nearly mile because you know the one thing in radio is there are no reserved foods if phones out there. People believe it it doesn't ever got somebody's name moderate in the fridge you'll race that you'll take it out -- need it that's a way and it's. So it's it's not easy but the scouts had. Two years ago a lemon cookie. That was to high floor it was so good and I bought it it accidentally I was at a shopping mall on the panel card table. And there was selling cookies are okay. Chinese -- once in a really good. You don't see him that dated may come next year so I mean here's something really really good and you can get it. So that's the way it is like the pain pars and -- he's got to have a good most of those things except that -- seen how small or -- they've gotten. Yeah I mean that's the way it's still probably the same number of cookies. But due to tiny ones who wafers and about it and -- necco wafers. That break we'll be back with more on -- and company under -- and -- thirty WB. Here's how pathetic people and radio are art and I've got to I've got to be honest review I'm pathetic Tony's pathetic. Chris is pathetic we're all pathetic when it comes to certain skills. Our skills are here this is what this is what we do have you need to have somebody entertain urine for me on the radio call us -- do a good job but beyond. What a don't not a good too much stuff Tony was bragging to me during -- -- -- He has his chest was puffed out it was like he would just discovered the cure for cancer. And he said over the weekend he took on this job that only the daring people in the world wanted to do in army and there's a high danger aspect to it. Kudos could be big money involved -- it -- there's safety issues and end up. He said my screen door was slamming closed. So that little -- thing had to be replaced and Tony. People are not shouldn't. Right now that some of dominant court he's has rubbed off on Tony. Tony actually took me three screws on one hand and the three screws on the other hand and took all the and replays that and now as he closes the door behind him it gently goes into the blocking position. And it's just like no. Tolerate I guess that's that's your education that's the -- art in new hampered. However if everybody needs a jet engine repaired and Tony your guy. OK because you you know he did -- mechanics I would rather work and Anderson and looking at home improvement but. I I was over Dominic Cortese is place ago over the weekend -- was on Friday I'm. And first at all -- ads for them have been there. And I wanna obviously Dominic and -- is lovely daughter. Difficulties. Has a dog the size of a small pony have you seen that done and no result it looks like. It's got the idea that the error what is that hair fur -- whatever would be like a -- it's it's soft currently. And it's. Went -- -- barks and barks in in bass Oprah fun though I'm thinking the the earth shakes when this dog barks. And so I think I'll take one of everything are all about. Are so right now allowed next time idea see see him all ought to bring bring some things to. Like placate the dog maybe Rami. A throw a piece of Romeo and Dominique. A yacht a clock how all bring a cow in Soviet air Big Bang bang -- know -- me. But it's it's a nice dog but it is you know I mean seriously I'm holding my hand here. It's about this time that's that's a big dogs and you can't see my hands but picture if you could see my hands what you would consider high and that's what it is slow. That's it now. There are two administrators. From the Bible school system. The -- ago. And -- what got let go because they didn't have. The proper certification. They did not have the qualifications. That or required by the state to do the job are you following me so far. Their neighbors are -- let Williams. And faith Morris and Alexander. Now let me just say this. They are they have filed notice that they might file salute. B a for wrongful discharge that kind of thing humiliation. Lost future employment. All kinds of stuff. And they are selling these school district which is UN made. With three. Million. Dollars. Now my first suggestion is before it gets any further whoever's gonna handle this for the -- school system I suggest a complete physical of these two women because. Anybody. With a set of balls like that. Obviously is a guy there's no way a woman has those kinds of balls. To actually -- The district they gave. Me. To go to school. To forget the degree that they needed was certification they need a bit later they claim -- -- Oh yeah. I don't know about you know if somebody locked up the means that there were given your thirteen thousand dollars -- -- to college and get this great. And then I didn't get throw it didn't get the degrade and ice and pretending I didn't know I needed and now how to work. Somebody tell me how that works this is amazing to me -- everybody. I have talked to and as you know over the weekend I talked to 7432. People -- -- clips met them at vision. At every a lot of them said debate where disgusted. With this as well we should be. Here we have it incompetent. Higher tool for people who warrant allowed yet to do the jobs that they were applying for. The incompetent is still there. You got that and now the tunnel that went to go went to college should take courses to get that degree or have been certification that now they claim it did not ahead -- Allow. And they want three million dollars for future earnings. And I don't lawyer is did you -- firewire on television. Did you see a haircut and has. Who would hire a lawyer would have a haircut like that look like Napoleon. He had he had bangs. You had a curious little bangs. And he was talking about the justice is having to be served -- goodness it'll show you -- he takes this case. He'll take any case Chrysler to Volvo about it too much -- are in the at this outlet where we're going to defend you on that one through. Amazing just amazing we're living in an alternative universe. But I'm saying those camp and women now -- balls like that will be back -- more we're reaching company under Israeli and I'm thirty that Libya. This is Michael -- average and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on W the heat and I -- All is -- got to have sandy beach -- expect a -- to -- walking down the the mile away anytime soon. Seriously Tony it is now I don't have nothing to do with that of the heating and air conditioning it is beastly hot -- -- give -- about a half an -- will be well -- -- -- so -- know I think I have to -- public warning for anybody who might come to visit. It is now 21 minutes report. At 10 o'clock I'm gonna do the unthinkable. Signature. Okay I'm sorry I have to are now many good command for tourist. Some of your commander cut commercials we have public officials like sheriff was here sheer fun Howard was here and when you walk by. I think it's fair to warn you that without a shirt on its. Well it's not pretty. -- except for one thing OK I will say this my upper chest area which you'll be able to say when I take pressure off in the twenty minutes now. When I remove that you'll see that the chest area is just not that good. But. I have magnificent. Apple's. I've been I've several I want awards from I'm just telling you. I really -- people have stopped me is that I can see right through that shirt you have fabulous sniffles and I don't I don't -- a sense of pride. Trying to item pretend they're not there they are there so you get a chance to see them. Up along with the rest of unfortunately. But it's just oh just don't our new in case it doesn't get a little cooler and here. And now nineteen and a half minutes where counting now. -- 03053018061692. -- Texans are 930 in the court of public opinion. Judge yes -- let Williams and faith Morrison Alexander have a case. -- suing for three million dollars against the buffalo school system and a bubbles system. Is you know. Even if you don't let them bubble already present a buffalo funding for the school system comes from the state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're claiming all kinds of things there are claiming that and get a date for the prom. That's a good. Everything because they they got dismissed from jobs there what are qualified to have in the first place now one would say. The person who gave them a job and then hand it over to the small barred. And the insinuation according to a school where president was that they have the proper certification. Pamela brown she's still there. She still bear. But their god and they are suing for three million dollars this sounds like the sweetest little -- I've ever heard in my life. And meanwhile -- they didn't -- home. They simply didn't I don't know I don't know if somebody gives you scholarship money to go to school. To learn what you have to learn to get the accreditation you need to execute the job and you pretend to know you needed it. Or are you thought you already had a does this seem very strange to you that nobody knows anything. And they are all ignorant of this and that having and these are. Educators. If the educators don't know anything why in the hell do you think the kids would know something. Wall when I when I heard this. And saw. I I almost wanted to lose my lunch except I had had my lunch yet I was gonna take my -- and thrown on the floor. Limit the middlemen. Billy and Angola billing on WB ever they have a they have in the court of public opinion our case. And what. They're they're totally wrong about this -- bigger problem as people make frivolous lawsuits. And you know why it -- because there's no consequences if they lose this should have -- Corporation British school districts currently court parts everything. It's stop -- stop there are there not -- and an exorbitant ticket here who indicate they don't care. At what they hoped for first all and it went loser pays and I think that's the way it should be here I think -- refund of thirteen thousand dollars that was spent on them for for openers. And as you're right it is a frivolous lawsuit. But lawyers will take at an even if there's no expectation to win it there's always an expectation to settle. And that happens all the time. -- -- -- Glad to -- order advocate. I don't know -- great product -- reader and the government to. -- like event you very much. Now I'd I would or lawyer jokes today I don't personally do lawyer jokes but there's a lot of up there and I would -- the big question except for the fact that. Tony's father in laws -- long known criminal and assume he was over yesterday was. But in case I ever commit violent crime I'll call him so I'll be able to have him take my call now says it's just a matter of time before I commit a violent crime and I'm in -- and knowing how it's going. I could happen at any moment for all -- it's exactly by the way. Sixteen minutes before before mine couples go on public display on this -- -- -- as much of a novice nominee you'll probably come down here are false pretense as. Pretending you have business in the station just deceive them. I'm saying please don't. Because you know our people are very busy here doing this doing that doing a lot of jobs and so while they're there all necessary insulin can't. You be working security to keep us in order to time to board up this window I think I'd like to boarded up and I'm gonna poke my own eyes also I don't see my reflection what do you make of that. I think that's a good idea. Okay Brian in Niagara county griner on WB him. -- -- Wait a little bit. Situation and what are people simply about -- opt. Out. Or election. -- Because -- this. A possible. -- No no let's -- Kirkland -- people. Who work. To help you. I'm like Serb leadership. -- number. Yeah I hear that there. Well that's right because and if you remember a lot of records from Barbara never gold. Who was really president of the school board she said it was her impression given to her by Pamela brown. That these people or certified. And does so everybody's passing the buck put the bottom line is. If Pamela brown gave the impression to Barbara never go one over supporters that these people a certified then Pamela brown should go to. Well and in other parts unit that you mentioned number all I'm people -- Actually you know it. Beauty -- and now -- brown Taylor -- well. -- It goes back due to coordinate their leadership and they apparently don't that this course now on the court we attack the people -- really. Look at when they go to the polls to elect people that are going to actually read of the person in turn me round. I hear loud and clear thank you Brian thank you -- all right on the same page and and a lot of you are I've talked to several peoples'. The announcement that they had filed a notice that they that they might sue and everybody was the same revulsion. Not only was it a cluster when this whole thing was going on now it keeps going. 'cause they're lawyers claiming everything you know like everything that they have no future employment possibilities. Once your fired blah blah -- despite the fact. That way and they let him go the board went. Out of its way to say this was not a reflection on their abilities they simply were not certified. But the lawyer that doesn't work for the lawyer. The lawyers turned it around that you know bitter -- pariahs and nobody will talk to them and they won't. As they won't ever work again you know it's so dramatic -- all the other big -- like Kobe the next thing they're being bullied. So I think we're being bold to be honest with you. And by Pamela brown should go for sure not tomorrow the elections. And let's hope there's a big turnout and let's hope against her chains around it's too big of a deal to just waste. And no matter how they get their facts. I'm a commercial it's running here. By the way the parent teachers' organization is that it Chris -- -- it was the buffalo parent teacher organization out and along those lines you wanna hear fantasy. This is. This is more fairness well fanciful than Beauty and the Beast. If you wanna hear it listen next time Iran's 'cause it's that it's a -- that are happening in the -- system. While they say it's. At least you know hey. When I'm doing that great but we're trying hard at least that would ago I believe that. -- -- okay runs at 1047. All right good it's at 47 you'll hear it intimate when I heard it. You know I thought it was. I it was a Saturday night lives yet. Because we pay attention of this stuff this is what we do this is our bread and butter and the things -- a think can be an engine here can be as -- and and the voice over guy comes in and he. Hey good things are happening in the buffalo school system yeah a lot like recess. Will be back or more old are what are they up to 48% graduation -- I didn't think does that ever happen. Will be -- more after this sabbatical. Is -- ladies and -- about ten minutes ago I said that unless my studio cool down I would take off my shirt. Which is not a pleasant side but I do have fabulous -- I'm people might like to see them now since I -- that which was only ten minutes ago. The it I can feel the cool air arriving in the studio and you know I can now. I have my built in thermostats right here the ones you would have seen had it stay warm okay -- bing bing. Trading today wall being bag that's that and so there there there and it's cool at all as well with a world. It's amazing because it usually doesn't work like that not that -- -- -- working in the system. John back of course asked he's a pro wears flannel shirt to work every day. Because he gets the eggs for the birds on the market on so he's he's always warm but the rest of us. Who dress appropriately yeah we're about the farm where. It opens in -- If it -- hot and cold on -- -- on goal but we're articles articles like. Too fired school officials intend assume buffalo that's a headline from -- -- article in the buffalo knows. -- careers. Cited in seeking millions. I'm in I can barely get through this article. Without my revulsion for what it stands for two people hired by incompetent. Superintendent. The -- job classifications that they were hired for require certification by the state neither one of them had a and yet she said yes I'm going to present you to a school board and when she did that. I'm Barbara -- goal was quoted as saying. That it was her impression. That they were certified that's the reason they voted to -- arguably awarded jobs but they weren't. And later when I found out they weren't. The they bend over backwards by spending thirteen thousand dollars on these two women so that -- -- going get higher education toward their certification. Now they claim. That they thought they were certified. And no -- let me get this right now Pamela brown didn't know. Barbara never gold didn't know and neither did you have a let Williams or face Morrison Alexander. I'm nobody know any thing is amazing so. -- there in line for a lawsuit for three million dollars. It's amazing to me because you can't make this stuff up. You really can't and I said the problem and I mean -- I really do on the autonomy funny. I said the problem with the buffalo school district is they have too much money. It's nearly a billion dollars when -- round it off it's about 800 million and a primarily that he get into rugby. Of the weeds and it comes to about a billion dollars a year the problem is that they're too much money nada anybody plans -- don't have enough is not paying attention it got too much and in this is aware this is how some of that money bleeds off. So first of all regarding this lawsuit I think it's beyond frivolous I think the women should have to do first of all. In defending. -- the city on this I think the women should have to return the thirteen thousand dollars given to them. By the school board and and the superintendent for advanced education mentioned comeback. Then the lawyer defending the city should demand. That the women although -- they probably don't have enough but get a judgment against them. That they should pay for legal expenses for the city what the hell does it what is it like a pinata. Where you just walked up and and it's this city they got a billion dollars this year. And dollars. Next year and a billion dollars a year after that when you get a billion dollars a year. It is business like opinion on radio lack it was mistaken money falls out. The certainly the buffalo teachers federation has seen that and that's what these women missing and they hired a yum O. I don't know when Napoleon look alike as a lawyer you see as his -- he actually has things. He has bags on -- is there isn't bangs right there. And the facility they hired a whiz -- -- lawyer who always giving us me of the bleeding heart story of how these women. -- -- No one ever hire anybody that's been fired hope please. If if if employers that hire people who have been fired derby nobody working. You know anybody president fired at least once. I've been fired twice in my career but that's not bad that's considered really good for broadcast. Twice but Michael is appropriate slower -- -- we -- and a third one. You know get the triple play here and so I don't wanna brag a lot of text myself. But the bottom line is the don't give me that Malarkey. That crap that's all it is it's a power play to try and get money out of the city. By people who are not judged to be competent to do the job hired by a woman who is doing the job I was incompetent. I think though he's blameless are the smoke or because they are kind of miss Ed Warren today. Is there are certain places in life where you take somebody's word for it. If these superintendent gives you the impression. That there's certified. You would have to say there's a -- but I would think from now on you wanna see -- bring diploma short to me had taken off all of its frame bracket and before we hired you. -- --

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