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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Board Vote Expectations - Dennis Ward

School Board Vote Expectations - Dennis Ward

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dennis ward with the Erie county board of election season election commissioners with us on the WB and lifeline Dennis good morning. Record -- good thank you for joining us there was a time when a school board election in buffalo was what's called. A sleeper do you ever remember so much interest in a school board election in buffalo and right now. And I am not in my experience now I mean the -- of money but the media. Interest as well as the money being spent in the grip kinda grassroots. Or backing whatever we can't make -- the first turn Wikipedia. Well with that sentence so much interest generated into tomorrow's voting. You have to assume -- -- the numbers of people coming out to vote might be significant and in comparison to past school board elections. But I think it would. I imagined it would be blessing that it should we should short and increase the question of course for everybody years. If it increases from live normal 68%. Up to 15% people they had double but that's still pretty dismal oh. What was the turn out last time and would we should remind voters senator people that are interested in this that. Last time was one Carl Paladino was elected to board. My recollection is that that it was about 7% -- it's it's difficult in the winner's districts on the belt because it varies from district to district. Some district for vehicle later cooking percent and another when -- -- 3%. Or certain cases. Very even lower because of the district council our district. Position when that might be unopposed so. It's hard to draw. Two draw experience from the district when when -- when it at large in the old city Campbell -- Well let's just to measure not a vote tomorrow doesn't bring out many voters and just it's a reflection of past. Boulder Malaysia's when it comes to school board elections. I mean that we'll have to just -- of the people. As usual don't care. Well I unfortunately that's probably a large part of it although you know we have an election that's off the normal cycle that people are not used to voting on. People get up go to work either you know take their kids to a hockey you know people live their lives and sometimes he just. It just have to become a part of a big part of their day. That may -- for example one of the reasons at all except at least discussed the possibility of putting into a regular Election Day. Such as the November election when people are all conditions to going out to vote and then think we know that they would participate at that time. You know that's been talked about for years but. Has it really gotten any traction. No. And if you -- although to be honest with -- it's. It's simply needs. It in Beijing -- -- -- there to a change in Albany but. It could be changed you know they didn't they can we could put on the back of the ballot in the November election so would be heard some election. And and yet you'd still have a larger turnout for the general election participating in school board elections so. I don't think it's been hard it's just a question of all the course to becoming the other greener. Dennis the busiest districts in the city of the district where most people come out to vote in the school board elections. If you can name three or four of them which will probably be the ones on top. -- in terms of the console districts. Generally I I would have to say that the dole or district followed -- prequel but by the -- history goes to him to be. The higher turnout -- in school board elections but in -- elections as well. And then the other district taper off -- again it's a lot of it's dependent upon Thursday races this because that this Coke but that's certainly the top two or dole himself. Slowly polling places are there tomorrow. We -- harder -- decree within city awful and how can people find out where they vote. -- -- as they could pick caller called board of elections really go -- four election went right. I feel we -- com. Very good Dennis thanks for joining us this morning. Record struck -- struck it stems toward the Erie county board of elections commissioner and be sure to check out our voters guide on the election. At the top of WPN dot com.

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