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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Board Vote - Carl Paladino

Buffalo School Board Vote - Carl Paladino

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB and live line as the look into tomorrow's election. 43. At large members of the buffalo school board. Buffalo's school board member Carl Paladino Carl good morning thank you for joining us. All let's begin mr. Paladino by listening to adjust part. -- 62 message that is airing on our station very frequently -- sponsored by the ball global parent teacher organization. I believe you're right I believe August scientists. I don't leave out the -- me. Our kids believe in their future and so should -- -- all the good things happening in buffalo public schools. Graduation rates are up and more students are going on. You heard on the measures that graduation rates are up who is the organization trying to reach with this message Karl. And what do you think of the message. Well for all the organization has not a parent teacher. Legitimate organization and so it's just part of buffalo teachers federation in New York State. United teachers effort to affect -- Elections and we're gonna have to. And so as far as you're concerned folks were hearing those are. To a degree being misled. Well it just about anybody in the system when you have a child in this system Margaret -- you're. Community. Community person who is interest it will recognize that it's farcical and industrial. It doesn't represent the school. And chaotic state of -- -- public schools. Our -- the public schools there are. -- the -- -- -- they ever -- man and steadily getting worse because we have leadership that it. On -- watch. That the system has failed you can't talk about a system heading. Success you can't say that's a great school system 14657. Schools and assistant -- -- understates standards. And and that's that when they wrote that No Child Left Behind legislation they could even imagine. That our school system could be that there. Because we don't have any place just sent. Kids from failing schools into performing schools. If you performing schools that we had our full. It's a disgrace in Jamaica Mon may actually -- graduation rate increase will be only increased because you're not comparing. Apples to apples you're comparing apples to oranges because. In order to get to statistics up they included summer school from last year won't let. That's not right because it's a different school year summer school came in this school year. So you know if you -- really comparative numbers. You don't do it. Do with the way you've always been a compliment the way you build a condom in any effect everybody. Everybody that's involved with the system knows that probably 25% of the 46%. Who graduated in. It. 2000. The team were. We're pushed through. That they they Malia could write yesterday school. Karl dean at the unprecedented interest in this election tomorrow and the unprecedented money and what what do you make of all of this when this is not a man. That is it it's it's it's about the future of ball awful and and the leadership that wants to hold around. Maybe it's on their watch that all these things have failed. Are -- public schools are responsible for all the dropouts so powerful public schools are responsible work. For the crime and a great deal of the crime on the street because they put it there they don't give these kids an opportunity for education. They want to cycle property to continue because this cycle property keeps an elected member -- -- year. It keeps putting it keeps their their power and her ability to control money it keeps their power in them. I would like Atlanta together Darius is -- old African American leaders in the community to come out circle we've got to keep the status quo. Are you kidding me. What kind of statement -- about the 34275%. Of former. Our African American were to look at this statement his dad about about the future these kids. The system's totally failing. It's chaos everywhere they bring outsiders in to two. Hold on the higher positions they took all the morale and a and and any self -- out of out of administrators who were working hard to be promoted by America. They appoint only based -- -- family and and France is it's just it's it's once they had stayed. And and if the election's about anything it's about changing net. In other words Karl what you're up well yeah. You know there was what you are doing is saying also is if you have to fight failure. And to -- have to fight it would -- Soviet. And liquids through that -- -- that play fighting. Fighting failure is what I have been doing for the past year. Using transparency with people who historically have tried to keep the whole operation the secret. And it would this cult -- -- earlier. When you when you try to two run any kind of bureaucracy. Secret you're -- fail. Because all -- -- is hiding your bad that the bad parts of the bad parts will that exacerbated. It get worse and that's what happened in the awful public schools. And and they -- -- double -- and I'll -- again. The bill leadership. That has brought this about wants to continue. Leading. And we don't want to continue leading. I think the people of -- city where -- have children children in this system are not different enough from this garbage they want responsible leadership and and I think that's what they're gonna get tomorrow I think -- commodity Grossman ounces. To voice their opinions. Karl if one of your candidates wins tomorrow will you consider that success. No we need to two candidates to win we've we have. -- get hit a 54 majority and although it -- -- -- Wilson and dismissing the superintendent. He stands very very strong for so little more of the rumors and for selection. I don't think it's fair to the people the city to. They have a one dimensional. Person. -- you know I mean his focus is only their country's -- totally have a lot more to do we have. We spent 55 million dollars in Europe and -- and we put kiss at a bus for a complete three hours a day which is which is just -- it. 120% true and we should be smarter than that. We can give those kids we can give something to do. In education during -- with a three -- suspect on a -- foolishly be shipped around to different neighborhoods different cultures whatever. Carl thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you for the buffalo school board member Carl Paladino.

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