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Buffalo School Board Vote - Phil Rumore & Carl Calabrese

May 5, 2014|

Part III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're taking a look at tomorrow's. Board of election. Buffalo. Board of elections. Buffalo. Excuse me. Our our focus this morning goes on tomorrow's vote on the -- board of education and three at large members of the board are going to be elected sorry for the confusion. We have an in studio guests over talking with this morning -- Carlo calabrese a Republican Party strategist. And the actual the WB a live line is the president of the buffalo teachers federation of the teachers unions. A -- -- more to talk about us about tomorrow's school board vote. Specifically three at large seats are going to be voted on tomorrow in all districts in the city. -- Phil thank you for joining us this morning. Good morning. Fill some of the mailing an advertising. In this race has suggested that the debate over superintendent Pamela brown. And dysfunction in the city's school district. Are really just a smokescreen for a bigger issue charter schools privatization. And the business community's control of the education system do you think that's really. What's at stake here. Absolutely. Take a look at the records. For example the candidates that are being. Back but -- Mr. Paladino mr. Paladino has already said -- board meetings she'd like to have. All of the schools that are judged. Not doing well on tests turned into charter schools. He also indicated is and that was going to be commotion or did make -- motion. That the board consider another -- in this post consider doing bankruptcy. To get out from underneath the union contracts. Are you at the charter school movement and we just that a report and as you know it shows that the charter schools are doing terribly. And also. They have put someone kind of like a 30%. And 50% suspension -- They don't have hardly any English language learners which obviously. Impacts on there. State tests because you don't have an English language forums -- as we have 11%. Obviously the big difference. -- it's been suggested that it Carl Paladino only needs one. Person to win on his side tomorrow to remove superintendent brown what does your prediction if that happens. Well I don't know what's going to happen but you know something. This as far as I'm concerned. She's one person this isn't about the superintendent as far as I'm concerned although they've been very successful in making it about her. I mean she's made some mistakes we all below that I mean I don't know as much as I've been in this business and -- -- -- to -- superintendent. And a vocal public schools but that's not really what this is about as far as I'm concerned. Mean fortunately fortunately -- that's one person. That is an important person but the policies. Of whether we're going to have to charter schools. Privatization of education. A charter schools that's for example of the childish and doing well you don't want to child. They can kick him out concern about a possible public schools that's -- this is really all about as far as I'm concerned and -- five years. People that are big money people. Think they can buy elections. And steer these contracts from the board to the difference I think there's a lot of -- this is about. Okay well who would your opinion is vying the selection or attempting to. Well you know -- in the money -- in the money one named names when when other candidates for example has 35000. Dollars. At least -- Jerusalem riddler cleans. Yes yes and you know Carl Paladino was already said he's going to be putting up billboards and is going to be supporting candidates. I mean that's that's -- the that's where Oakmont is having it and it's not right to people should build buy an election like this. Is there anything that's gonna settle this divisive time in in the school board's history. Well you know I think this is the worst I've ever seen and -- -- let's face it it's one person it's crossing. You know most of the decisiveness. You know what -- -- we you know we have our battles with the board with the superintendent. Our objective is always to try to find common ground what do we agree on yes we can argue about certain things but what we agree on. So we can work together like absentees is so you know let's find common ground I don't see it getting any better. Well how can you fight student absenteeism. When many of these families are dysfunctional families just like colonel calorie point about. A short time ago there of these households are just broken to pieces haven't got to come up. And go to school in a social environment like that. Well what we do we have been successful in doing what you have to do is you have to have more perhaps more attendance teachers that can actually make -- -- consists. Find out what the problems that the home refer to the social agencies if you need you know sometimes extremely just don't know where that turned. But you know the bottom line is we can't give up. We have to find a way noticed the parents responsibility we all know that. We have them now for example some of the parents bankrupt. I don't think my child needs to go to kindergarten and pre K because we don't do anything there well times have changed and Susan. It's come to school now and where. There's -- hardly an opening. -- our studio guest Carlo calabrese has a question for you go to -- good morning filled I just. -- doing real good this morning I just -- insisting that in in the run up to. The show this morning. John Susan mentioned that -- one of the candidates interviewed yesterday. By -- Tebow actually came out with a proposal that. Welfare benefits be taken away from parents that don't take responsibility for their children going to school I -- net. That's almost sort of shaking that that you would have a candidate for the school systems CNET. And maybe that's what we need more of is is is that type of incentive disincentive. Two. Bring parents into reality that the responsible for their children at the home and getting in the school and then. When they come home from school I I don't I don't find their radical proposal I know some people would. But the fact that the schools candidate school board candidate said that on the Erik because very interest. Well interesting they try that in Rochester and they try to that the place isn't what they found is that it hurts the child. I mean just withholding the money. From the family. Hurts the child even more. Child -- being -- now fulfill the China been hurt them in the home and I. -- that but taking the money away from the family. The solution is to find out what's going on with the parent. But they count has to be removed from the parent than you do that but you don't deprived child of food. The Minnesota you have apparent as the drug addict or something like that. Well how is taking the money away from that parent. Gonna help the child where you do you addressed the parent you can take your child away to put the parent in jail he do whatever has to be companies don't hurt -- child. But any one of the whose actions hurt the child making them. Out of their home I mean there's. There's no way around the bottom line that people would be impacted by any system that attempted to get parents to be responsible for their children there's no way around it's a question of you what hurts the child least of which gets the best results. Well certainly hurts a child more to be in her home with a as a parent that city. You know drug dealer horror is on drugs -- to put him into a home where they're gonna get cared for. I mean I don't agree with you -- -- -- you addressed the -- too many parents are afraid of these parents nowadays agreed they don't they don't know that their show the world sanctum. But just. Taking their money away from some of these parents that are on drugs no that's not the answer because ultimately the -- will be -- it's been more.