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Buffalo School Board Vote - Carl Calabrese

May 5, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have -- in studio guest for the next hour political strategist Karl calabrese talking about the buffalo school board election Carol great to have you here a good morning Susan. Unprecedented attention and the selection an unprecedented money is being spent on -- -- -- it -- it's been a sea change hasn't it I mean this was election and just a few years ago was the owner. And didn't attract many candidates didn't raise much money didn't -- very much interest or voter turn out. And all the sudden we've got thirteen candidates hundreds of thousands of dollars being raised. Groups from outside the area coming in in using God's standard traditional political strategies and tactics to. To advance their candidates and tomorrow I expect to see pretty good sized focused in comparison to what's gone on the last few cycles. -- you've always told us and I always remember this. -- elections are won neighborhood by neighborhood block by block street by street house by house but here we have some polarization. With the kind of strategy. View advocate will this work of a school board election. Oh absolutely if if this is like a primary election anytime you have an election that doesn't fall in November. Whether -- be a special election to fill and empty seat or school board election. It it becomes a matter of turnout. And voter identification and voter mobilization. And -- energizing your voters and and that's true for primary and it's especially true school board election. These candidates the wing candidates tomorrow. We'll have that ground operation we've seen somewhat -- you might call the air war. The flyers the signs the raid that has the commercials now becomes the ground were -- have you identified your vote do you have the organization in place to call them call them sect a second time called the third time. Maybe deliver them to the polls. That the candidates that do that successfully tomorrow will win this race because it's awfully tough to get people to vote. In in May especially if it's in the state tomorrow for school board election and it's just it's difficult so that that old that will be -- decide the winners and losers -- no question about. Why all of this attention is this all about Pamela. Well I I think. She -- as superintendent she's the face of the issue but I think it's it's deeper than and its wider than that. -- look at polls for many years and anecdotally heard people say that you know the reason young families either don't move into the city or move out of the city number one reason is the school district. And so I think it has emerged as the critical issue. In the rebuilding the Renaissance of buffalo you're gonna have a renewed vital -- you've got a pair of -- top notch school system. And and so I think it it's finally come to a -- Ahead in the last few years a lot of the reason is is the emergence of Carl Paladino. Making this his number one local cause ever since before he got elected and since he's been elected. Of reforming and turning the school system -- yes the superintendent that the face the focal point of it but there are deep serious issues here. About how you -- an urban school system. Especially. In an an an agent I want to stress this up front because I think generalize everything we talk about. Despite all the problems the school system hands with. Whether it be with the union contracts for. You know code or finances or whatever the one of the key promises. The break -- of the American family you've got 70%. Of African American and Hispanic children being born without a father in the house and 40%. Of white children be born without -- in the house. No society in the world has ever seen those kinds of numbers will probably within a generational as we turn this around. Within a generation of scene over 50% of the children regardless of race born without a father in the house and we knew he had that kind of break -- of the family. News and most kids from dysfunctional families into a school system. They have school system is going to have a major major problem no one is quite figure that out yet but we're gonna have to inform and educate kids in that environment.