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5-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I won't be out of the he would -- Bennett and then you. India the whole movie. Muslim pensions and Brooke. They can keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean. This and publicity. With which -- now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly if you -- what I would -- it out. Our news radio 930 WBE. -- -- She's our date and always after me lucky charms. This modern technology is so cool with the inside the house energy to monitor from all oral work. I'm currently spying on my cat and she doesn't know it's. All kinds of interest in -- activity taking place in the buy hourly hole I don't play by play but. I'd be invading your privacy. -- there she is by the front door. Does she have a secret admirer about whom I do not know. I do not know. Are right it is in seven minutes after six at news radio 930 WB EM I see her little cat years tutored -- -- creditors and triangular years. You Gannett into that are needed to -- a dog man. While riding that 8030930. Start by 3180616. WB and gave a very rarely will spend this much time on one topic but frankly I believe it is incumbent upon me to do it today. Because. Especially this week. It was released a videotape. On a FaceBook site called a -- block. Which is very close to another expression that guys use sometimes. And it showed. What I believe an excessive use of force by one or may be to buffalo cops but it wasn't like Rodney King. We're like talked and maybe one blow perhaps too. That would delivered after the guy was really not in a position to do any physical demolish. To the top. Unfortunate. Guests. Is the officer gonna get some kind of a discipline that disciplinary action I'm sure. Do I think you'll lose the job no adult -- -- to -- it does not rise to that level. But. He deserved it yet and -- and not well you know what that's not the police jobs -- job. The police officer is to arrest that is the job of the -- A judge and or jury of your peers. Will adjudicate whether or not you are guilty as charged or not guilty as charged. That's why we have an adversarial. Judicial system. A police officers not to ask act as judge jury and executioner or judge jury and beat the crap out of that's that's not part of the job. Unless of course I mean if you are fighting and brawling with the top you know don't complain if you get some teeth knocked out this guy. This guy's gotta say I mean that got beat up a mouth on him in high school. All right I know a few people who. No. And to say he has angel's wings and a halo. Let's not kid ourselves. The kid was not very respectful of authority in high school and apparently that hasn't changed much. So let's not delude ourselves into thinking that he was just some -- innocent boy. And my goodness these big bad police officers came -- beat the crap bottom. Now. Just got a problem authority. Battery learned a lesson album later. Maybe he should've gotten some more when I was younger. But it's properly this at this point. But the one -- the short of a gang. Is that. The police. Took a hit this week no pun intended. And -- -- tell you that. You don't hear about most police officers in the news in -- -- though because they do their job professionally. They do it curiously. They do it according to training. And they do it to the best of their ability. And try their best to uphold the law and respect your rights. Especially the older guys and ladies on the job. I'm just gonna say there's one more time. I hope the older people on the job stay on the job even pass the twentieth now. Because I think the unions who grew up under bush and Clinton. And bush and Obama. Think they've got a learning curve they need to hear it. And that's up to you fellow officers with some more time on the job to explain to them that. The natural allies of a police officer is an armed citizen who is duly licensed to be an armed citizen we shouldn't be regarded as the enemy. We shouldn't be regarded as suspicion. As and with suspicion. As suspicious. Because. You know what -- up and really interest. Criminals don't give a rat's ass about New York safe. They couldn't give two flying figs about any law whatsoever that's why they're criminals. So when politicians criminalize. You know the we -- with WB -- dot com do you trust the pulleys. And interestingly. Our audience. And I hope you police officers were listening to this show. And who know from where I'm coming to practice. -- you criminalize. People who were your natural allies when you'll politicians. To put these laws into place. And then you act on those laws don't expect to not alienate people my job isn't to win a popularity contest. Now that may be true. You're not out to win a popularity contest but on the other hand just like any other brand that I have to use that word is much is it discussed may. Seems to me you don't want to lose the support of the people most likely to be on your side from the get ago. And that's why I have urged -- encouraged. I'm in publications. Police officers do taken. Active role in opposing NY safe and standing up war the Second Amendment and many of you have I know that not enough. Many of you have. And I know that there are patriots in law enforcement. And I can only hope that you guys can and ladies continue to spread the word. And act according. Now the topic today is. Cut. I want your good stories. Your positive dealings with. The cops the flies the pigs the pointers I'm trying to think of all the expressions are used to use and Adam 12 and dragnet. Yeah I like the kid with a jacket down with the floods. Dude you were in the Brazilians a long time before anybody else it's 8030930. As the Brazilian reference help or hurt by women numbers. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE -- All of the cats in the front hall. Looked giddy sort of spying on my cat you'll probably that. Actually I'm really looking at my neighbor all right let's get back to the -- -- -- thirty starts to thirty and -- -- 80616. WB yet here is. Is Bob in that Cheektowaga Bob you're on hello. -- -- you don't Sergio. This happened back in the seventies let's go back and I'm open. Like at the safety and she is and the barrel -- In beach club there you go okay there were out there Saturday night. Let -- why won't name. Let them there now. An accord that. So we ought to be. We need. -- took a little bit in the averages. The juice of the great shall we say. Well it was like the Pritchard the buck. And orange juice that. If you could get a Mulligan and -- -- or whatever what's. Yes and look let's put it this way anytime you get a picture of Orange juice and vodka for five bucks you know you're getting top shelf -- Here the doctors now. -- bought it regrets any sort believe. So I looked at my body. And -- against between. Hitler and the wield their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Record. In the. Ford Pinto those things were the bomb. It until my current. So I looked over at the guys it would. Route -- okay. Well I put it in another gear and I does leave of Mexico. To come out in the media. And you're. I look back -- the mirror and accepted -- -- and -- -- the so I pulled over now -- -- just that the it's like close encounters of the third kind of take with the lights going in you know the government -- -- I see the cup -- out state trooper say about it with our adults are old. I give my wallet out of its way out he went up. You throughout the congress stop you see flashing lights there's a spotlight into the cart the illuminating the cart he jumps out. I try to grab from I thought there and shoot them right there. Energy's. Probably a little window. I guess it's around the Carter grab all the -- he gets better retire. What are you doing you know your race simple prop up -- get -- license and registration. Actually noted I made the -- looking at each other any euros. Because you're you're you're sort of insult cup what's that -- Are you sort of sort of caught my mirror. What do you guys Stewart -- our common -- I don't usually those -- -- right to drive like that yes sir I am. His new relations -- Eagles take him home I want you go straight home to discern what they'll distort you let us go. And again that the key word there in an entire sentence the -- the entire story was the 1970s. Totally different attitude. Totally different attitude view certainly if you look at the guys he goes I get my hair cut its year place. They know each other election and those particular car and taken straight home. And I proceeded to Obey the speed limit all the way home and I got -- -- -- -- There are spiritual for so while that was a good story when it. I am delighted with the phone call of course they do not condone driving it drunk. It was a good people have to understand it was a different era and I'm not saying there was a better era it was a different era I mean here's -- used to work you have somebody over your house we got drunk didn't live that far away you've followed them hold as -- following -- hole was gonna prevent them from doing so. I can't tell you how many stores we're bee -- floor Cheektowaga police are some good back then. That they knew you know you worked somewhere or you somebody you don't you mentioned names go home. Nine I know I'd buy it in it was a just totally different era of a totally different zeitgeist -- Of feelings about drunk driving thank you very much amber you got your review and I must go to traffic with mr. Allen Harris Alan I learned something today Joseph beamer cannot count on his fingers. Well something today -- that is that I. Terry I just called you an Austrian and German Joseph that's all armed humanity -- Patrick and AccuWeather -- just -- -- ugly dust buster. Yeah its session and it's very beautiful -- AccuWeather mostly cloudy and cool a couple of showers tonight 42 got me a date. -- tomorrow brisk and cold with the clouds and a few showers and thunderstorms tomorrow it's important -- -- 56 the high and then a Sunday quite windy cool clubs and a shower or two. 52 edits. I think it's 46. At news radio 930 WBBM. Fisons 705 start it's a Friday night bash at the ballpark complete with fireworks. And all that kind of stuff happy hour and obviously would be responsible about it do you need a break point for -- 25 is okay mood. I get a bonus minute. All right thank you work good stories about how cops have helped you because I think cops got bullied this week. I think they got a bum -- you can't generalize. Look because one or two guys had a bad night I don't know anything about these guys they might be the best cops in the world who dat who had a bad night. Just like I've got a bad radio show. Once or twice. This week here is Melissa in Lancaster on WB and -- All Melissa you're on WB yeah. Mario little but pretty. That on a on -- Which. -- -- for a block. -- Well and I looked. Like -- the caller earlier -- a -- that early. And that port. -- Albert Bud -- -- -- -- aren't aren't freaking out. Partly it's all over I like how I felt. I'm gonna be really I. We are a lot. -- -- -- -- -- I have it oh yeah we are really not sure that it broke at the or oral -- and day out. Strange -- -- not by at and there. And -- Looking at him go. Anything else on making sure -- -- like I got our what yeah. -- Normally wouldn't I why our. Sticker I. I play hard -- Now. I'll I'll. I'll. -- I. -- I know exactly do you want him well. Well it it and folks are getting mad right now about the double standard and folks it's called a professional courtesy they are extended all the time it's part of the job and I know what's not fair. But you never know when the guy whose wife you just gave the courtesy is gonna have -- -- the next time you need it has backed up so it's it's the way the game is played and by the way at one point I should name the two departments and I won't there's like -- -- war. Because believe it or not one cop from one department gave a cop from another department a speeding ticket in their adjacent apartments and that was like a mini civil war twenty years ago I would never ever ever mention the department's chief to login to puke thank you very much. 58030930. -- news radio 930 WBE. And well a descent. Are right this moment what you don't know what I'm talking about sometimes and now late for the break. I just can't win and ledger with -- the focus will all go down together on WB Ian. They I also thought Joseph John wary about this. These cameras in my house. If I would give the access code to audience members. That people would day to see me at all in what I do you think they would. Do that they would do that. Is out heaven and hell all the time watching my cutie. Are really I can't think of all kinds of naming possibilities for the campers you know for website. People cough up for that a month. Ninety bucks a look at that 1999. We'll -- overdue. Abdul duke. I got an idea browsers or Saturday taken. Now that's already taken all right we don't come up with -- another one. It's too well increase the income. That -- -- can retire go to law school and represent people have been screwed by the system periphery. A joke. Think -- let me do that with corporate. Yeah they've won 95% and yet never buy -- 637 news radio 930 WB EM. While Russia as the did OK am I can have that huge bank. I'm sorry folks I'm about twelve mentally and thank you for Hispanic. Let's get back to the calls question. -- light live. You know all of the bad PR about cops this week. I've got an entire show devoted to celebrating. The good work done by cops. Again I'm not Pollyanna on the viewing life through rose colored glasses -- realize. I realized that. Cops are human beings human beings are not perfect and even the best most beautiful cup can have a bad day. The aberration in behavior is not what I'm concerned about when you talk about an individual. Everybody can have a bad day what you look for are patterns of bad behavior. Like I don't know. If as a kid you're constantly getting into arguments and fights at high school with -- authority figures and then as a grownup you continued getting in the fights and arguments with the authority figures. I would say that that is a symptom of a larger problem. Like a real problem and difficulty with authority. -- -- But. Patterns of behavior are what that's important to me me -- that that is an important fact component in assessing it. Somebody. Not what somebody does one night. One day that over a period of time multiple occasions. That's more indicative of the person with the but anyway long story short you're good stories about how the cops have done -- a solid helped out done their job professionally courteous way occurred you'll lose. Courteous -- and you know. The -- receive an Adam 12 back in the -- those of you who don't know Adam 12. It's on BTV weekdays. Which is my favorite TV station except every single show I record there. I have an issue with the sound skipping it's the it's all which would cause and a is that -- TV. Have -- the surely over take a look at. He's the big shot rigor the -- up with my own show. What -- -- let me -- hourly Camden home. Twenty bucks a month. But I have to leave it up for everything wouldn't. That we have the fund. Behalf -- fund. -- second. All right it's called a lot of guys that I could bottle -- by life. All right let's get back to the calls -- WBA and you're good stories about your good dealings with the cops. Here's Bob in Lancaster -- WB Ian Bob thanks for holding and you are that we appreciate what's up. Bob going wants. I'm gonna put jumbled because my guess is he went that ginkgo and when it comes back we'll get a month. -- at Bob's age every five minutes here's that's a presumption on my part just having fun Randy and all that on WB -- -- what we have ports. -- to answer. And -- -- -- by saying remember Taiwanese while every six weeks somebody who has Iran and to a building. Already had. I don't not somebody not somebody. -- older drivers were missile -- out gas -- for the break and vice Versa. In October 2 point 82 I -- that I run into a building. And they need which I did this. I adverse trees there that -- and Colgate. Surrogate slip trooper's -- satcher. Long story -- my wife and I are pretty banged up. So they took it to a though and in the meantime. And in violation to the trooper. Hand and I'm very sure and I spent a week. Well. -- bag and I am going through things trying to get things together and I'm going oh my goodness. License. So that you don't want. Who in my life -- -- -- going down and get a replacement license and at that point my iPad or -- outside said. You know let -- get -- licenses shall we go and we get an -- fisons would com home. I got a message on the machine. -- The American Clarence for the state troopers. As oh and I do. -- column -- and they said listen the arresting. Or about the arresting but the officer on the scene would like to but date -- was. Funding office. -- what the responding -- yeah equity. You're always in very good here I can even tell -- the clearance phone number 759687596831. New York State Police Clarence. So I call a number and they -- can manage knowledge that they get a call bag and it's this it was a female the trooper and she said. This in Asia I'm right knee area. I mean does this speed with the really be offensive game and it's have be right by as a chair c'mon now. So if you come down one story. We're sitting there. I've put three chairs out and she sits down -- -- is to be says hey Dylan. This I'm doing better than I was last week. And she is like a good note today as I got elected you gotta be kidding but they couldn't find it and saying. Alan and I guess replaced them she goes like. And she says. And bad. Because this year everybody was televising it she said the television cameras he showed up all the stations. And she pleaded with them policed in that put this on the air this was mathematical. Of that. And it should that be you know I'm not on TV. But they'd obviously it was a high profile fame because of the frequency of it. -- she dragged doesn't discourage him to do that but of course they perceive -- would do and that -- had in my life since. Oh yeah and to give me which -- -- -- I -- doing well thanks she goes. I'm sure it is one little thing -- she says. Just because of the -- and she is. I understand the situation I have to issue a ticket. For what's called an island city. Lane change she says it's a formality. You go to court. And don't feel that it's got going to be a big deal this is great. Scioscia. -- that got bush says she says. I hope he continued good health. And it worked out well and I could expand just to warm and it's -- just say I took that. In Baghdad three days later appointment had been -- judge. So before I went there went first responders and I went and is voluntary and I said I walked up to dominate said that the chief but did you guys. -- can't they give for a what you guys did from -- you know -- -- six cause a year because maybe one or two people. Have the courtesy become men and bankers say well these types you know you -- in my life. And from that point -- went in the court and I beat call they go to the judge and I aces who I am and he says I do on what they have but I had described the cows. Any any says. You do not he says there was a -- and he looks over the town attorney says the he will we we don't have to charge and what Buffett. Right because a lot of judge you're the judge recently or at all dirty little ability to rip up the pieces Randy. As far as I'm concerned that the -- over rip that Kagan he says I hope he continues yeah well. And may god bless you and -- Your life well -- officer that trooper yeah sure all thoughtful. -- -- can -- to go the extra effort to try to keep the news out of -- and that's just one great experience legacy. Quite that's quite remarkable that's quite remarkable it would it's -- they call the news but. What I was gonna say is sorry that came out wrong. But what I was gonna say is the very nature of the medical emergency. It's none of my business and you can tell me to stop it if you want but did you have like a TIAA or something. Well here's what happened was I went and I I'd head frequent heart attacks and I had gone in the previous day. And my doctor was setting me up to have -- applied to -- stand basically to reprogram a blood thinner. If anyone in median their wind speeds this land Tuesday now and then ironically -- -- to my primary. Got my bill how. In the time in fact I just put three or repair and. -- nauert now or coming and going way off being here but look obviously it was a -- medical situation. I think they did the right thing I'm glad your ticker is taking care of and it sounds -- you really hit it to subvert the open that it -- is a very nice people look there are people whose competence they're fundamental competence to drive needs to be questioned like fell I talked a couple of weeks ago you obviously have like a one shot deal. It seems to me anyway. Up President Obama by the way now. I should point out that he in addition to being a lawyer. Who taught constitutional law and mysteriously no records of any of his classes have ever existed nor is Andy at any of his grades have been released but he is an expert on the hearts he is. Have you noticed that the president is an expert in cardiology. In fact a lady asked President Obama. About her old mom like 100 years old plus and whether or not with obamacare -- be allowed up pacemakers -- could continue living and enjoying your quality of life. And the loving kind carrying Democrat president said. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- kill. Best you're gonna -- document and I can whip the rest of the quote. That's. -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess you're good just isn't good enough for me it's. Joseph I'm getting out of a given dude I'm just a totally writing you today with a smile on my -- gives you need to be written sometimes keeps you honest. All sorry. It is that we tell go to Bed, Bath & Beyond himself screwed. 647. News or the united Joseph works there -- at news radio 930 fact he -- he's the CEO. A bit -- little known fact it is the -- your -- me as I'm so much fun. On news radio 930 WBE. And. So. -- of my caddie here. With the you know home camera. You're gonna believe this she -- they conga line going. Some well -- how this even happens how Cecile that was -- is a drop. Like fifty cats in my house what Arnie Katz. And there and -- that belongs. On it belongs to act on the line through my house. -- up. -- Savage as his dog the when he worked in the works on all. I have to vicariously enjoy my -- party out -- -- go look for at all. And there they go by the book -- And now up this terrorists. Jews there's only two boxes. They'd best behaved themselves. -- let's get back to the calls on a WB eat and vacillating simply -- -- -- technology. Mike -- a party animal there were hitting a bigger. She's a black early you know. Well she's got rhythm that that would be the whole point. Like the stop dead and you're set there and not move with all this rhythm and -- -- a white tie it's easier that we do. All right anyway here is SCI insulted my own. Ethnicity -- always allowed to do that here is a -- west and Russia on WB BMY. Saying I don't -- sir. I -- different about me. Especially about my might sign. This. About twenty years ago well actually uses -- diabetics since he was twelve type one. Type -- insulin dependent. Yeah and so on deployment right and he wears a bracelet -- yard and a about. Twenty years ago he was stopped. -- speeding. Between ninety. And Z. Can do is is car and he wrote on the window and a troopers. License registration. And and -- do you would have been saved. Diabetic. Seizure -- you. Episode Eric rice and -- -- -- And USB. And the policemen. My car took into mcdonalds. Bought them food and actually paid for the two. And then. Took him a police car and had overnight tonight. Okay now I'm confused but you're you're sunlight to the -- about -- the diabetic episode. Myself and unfortunately. Who lied to the police make it more expedient to. Yeah yeah already gotten. Each. You know. The yet did you IE you know you solid the kind of guy who probably had a heart to heart with your kid about the about doing that why that was wrong. Yeah I. I think he felt bad they're pretty darn it. Yeah out well. -- -- course knowing a little bit about that type one diabetes I -- said let me see your blood sugar level where are you. But that is me. Thanks very much and I'm happy to hear from you and I think you know where the specialized license plates we have. You know sometimes you see these high speed chases or eastern seussical all over the place and there are some people who do legitimately have low blood sugar or ultra high blood sugar episodes. And it's a special license plate if I have diabetes and there was a special license plate I could have I would give. Just -- -- sit highlight some. About it. Anyway I guess it's fodder for another show. No tell what you need is a special license plate that says. Again it it's been a lot of -- I can't believe it's already time to say. Until Monday but they if you are on the job as a cop. Look I I hope you guys understand that I really wanted to take this time today. To let the citizens do you protect expressed gratitude to you. Because we know that you're not saints but we also know that you not all sinners. And you're human beings like the rest of us and I know the to a lot of good work every day for which you don't get recognition except the page. But up anyway just tried to balance out the books a little bit. And I will be driving a 150 in the drive home. Anyway thanks to Joseph beaver thanks -- -- John Sherman and -- leave you with two very important words thanks to you guys -- -- calls it solidly. No yourself. -- Yeah.

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