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5-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I wore the look he would you -- If you go to the hole looked. Much -- -- it ends this month -- And welcome to the New -- yeah. If they are -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one haunts with an assault rifle. No. Yeah yeah yeah. Tom hourly Colin. Went to. -- and now Wendy and I putted terribly got covered up like -- welcome. It's live its local capital. Whoa. That looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. I like you you have woes. I'd like bonus. And -- to -- the. Rail it is about ten minutes after five editors ready at 930 WB about relate with you on a Friday and if you're just joining us. This week the buffalo police department got some -- bad PR and I cannot say that it was undies served. Not excusing them. What's videos on -- -- very few people ever put videos on line at eight is an officer saving my baby from choking to death. -- there's a video of an officer making sure my mom is OK after she didn't answer the -- for three days and what do you know he was Smart enough to figure out that she was on the floor and need the help. You rarely hear those stories and believe it or not. There are. A lot of those stories that take place every week you'll ever hear about it and did you never will hear about it. But it's that one bad story. That everybody hears about them I guess the analogy I always use is the Malaysian air crash everybody about that one. About the flight that landed successfully in Beijing that there -- the eighty flight that landed successfully in two hours they're. It's always the bad stuff that gets the publicity and the routine day to day goes unheralded. And I -- -- which -- taken. They get paid for. And frankly these days police are not underpaid they make a very good living with excellent benefits and a phenomenal pension. Now the deal with the pension however is a lot of the guys once they. Pull the pin 220 and out. I don't know why this happens but their life expectancy is not. It's not actuary early in the end. Sync with what it would have been for other people born and Xavier it takes a lot especially for the men and women on the rotating shifts. Oh my gosh. You wanna talk about a recipe for disaster I don't care how healthy you are a doctor how much -- -- much of stuff that you are. I don't care if -- Lady Gaga Lady Gaga are here you Wonder Woman. Forget I said Lady Gaga if you ever bring that up again folks were gonna have a problem but have. Yeah of course he's saving it now you no good bastard GO. But it takes a whole line if one week you're doing midnight then that next week you do it and eight for that they're doing for midnight. I don't hear who you wore your body is made for root team I know mine he has. And boy you should ever -- bitch to management when they said you're doing after doubts. It was not a happy -- It's remarkable. In a big way. But. It's a job I do it. And I do adware and and. It was weird just this is a totally personal aside. I was only surprised at how fast I adapted to perform between three and sent. But in terms of the off air stop which you believe that -- lean hole. Almost a year later is my body actually adjusting to how I have to pace myself during today. In order to perform three to seven guys -- right of all I don't feel like guard. Actually doing anything at all. So imagine if your schedule was constantly changing like some opts. That would suck. All right it 030930 start I'm 3180616. WB the end. So I wanna hear about your good experiences. With the police because for every bad story there are hundreds of good ones that go unreported. And look I'm a realist about theirs. I told you this before I've been around the block a few times. All right. My -- life has been very interest in many ways. Where was -- going with that thought. Are all but please don't think I've gone Pollyanna on. So I haven't changed I will 99%. Of the time. Support police when they are doing their duties. According to the constitution. And according to your rights. Because I know that we do need police we do need. Laws I do need to I do know that we do need some semblance of order I get that and I think most cops -- were pretty damn good job. I would be more impressed if more of them would publicly come out as unions and say we don't want steak and and why say if but hopefully in time hopefully in time. But if you don't think that politicians can put a lot of pressure on cops to bend to the politicians stupid -- You don't know the real world because they do. All right -- and frankly there are some political cops the political ask sisters. Who they would think nothing of selling you out if it meant a career advancement. I'm talking about the Boris mostly. Or the people look. Every department has its politically oriented cops and they make it their business to know everybody in the town board cozy up to them body up to them. And then you know they did their plan and a career after they're done with the job. So it's in other words -- Connell like everybody else it with some ambition okay enough of Tom's lecture. What women where the ball really bids because with one or two exceptions guys it's been a sausage fest the past couple of days. Ladies. Have a question. How to do -- intimidate you ladies. You know where discussions about this at work. But sometimes I'm not lady friendly. The current current hurts my feelings a little bit. Because you shouldn't be intimidated. -- you shouldn't be okay spectacles back to reality here is. In a role in Niagara Falls go figure guiding -- -- on the falls who would gastric you know my friend welcome to the show. Yeah what's going on -- -- -- -- -- I went through yellow light is turned right result -- -- the corner and he knelt me down. Into the car. Oh and as I always look -- carrier's carrier side arm on the right side. Or grow -- markets kept her right arm -- -- tests. Didn't Waltz. Side might hurt so there's your record and needed help cure all the yea. Users. It was and correct yet news where Serbs were back all right certain. In fact check you all -- For sure my permit users spent some you have leopard users at a quick update first. While you know what that was four years ago I'm afraid that especially with some of the younger guys getting like that anymore and it's a damn shame. And that's why am -- the older guys and ladies to stay on the job as long as possible to teach these kids about the Second Amendment. I'm great storage you don't by the way Matt I also thank you sir for serving our armed forces. Thank you for -- And I think he's going. Well let's go ferry showed favoritism. Look. Police officers do have discretion. Not everybody has pulled over is gonna get a ticket. There's one guy you know and a market to give his name. We ran radar once on a certain road -- -- pulled over like twenty guys I think one got a ticket. He was mr. -- it. Everybody that. All right good guy to let's go back to the calls -- WB I think he's still listens to the show he knows who he has -- -- and embarrassed and by saying hi in the year publicly. Back to the calls and who's ready at 930 WB Ian let's go to games. I don't I think he got all on the show today for summary level why. I think you do. Well -- actually if it's if some of my throw -- lines are making you laugh. But I'm happy laughter is like meditation. Well like I've been on the -- provide. Twenty minutes or so -- -- -- -- charcoal or in such as well but what. I gotta tell you the story anyway back in 1965. By Jordan Marine Corps is my first people. I talk about not permit the Myra falls -- -- that we nobody nobody at risk for out there. Anyway Erica and -- before -- might not panic intimacy backed up on my shoulder and a walk in. I was surprised what people working on sliding all anybody thinks so I'm walking the walk -- -- it is. Well it -- in the summertime it's hot as hell and and it street -- in the -- bad guys good 55 pounds so. And -- -- -- -- -- -- there are alleged to reform not nobody I mean after OK I won't get a -- like -- Marine Corps uniform on the world Prejean you know. Nobody was stopped and picked up our walker walk in the arc -- and about a half mile from my residence. In. I hear a clerk what -- in the gravel and as a little what is a musician or the only tradition earlier wouldn't have struck a surrogate and I -- while -- -- that are now we're just going to look a little. I think no parent -- this -- which -- what we're preparing them. English Canada and come up and he said though we don't they are told them just dad brought home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- BR -- at least -- draw people. He got -- back -- he locked the door and repair pretty eager surprise here you know look. And I think English any -- thank you for certain country and this and that any -- -- in the you know all the civilians gathered. They do little reddish dot picked me up but -- over -- young -- -- -- about thirty years old. A young rusher he struck the weapon might -- this for get out there you know and. Great story. Probably violated departmental rules and regulations but all's well that ends well. I'd I'd say are we -- -- Bradley you're aren't even though I use only about a ant mound over -- my people but -- I you know -- authorities wonder what she pulled me over for a minute or others what can overcome what what you want every. So -- -- sir I got to move on I will also thank you for serving especially -- you Vietnam guys got blown over there you got blown a hole. And I on behalf of the baby boomer generation of which I was -- late member I wanna apologize for the behavior of some of my generational cohorts who were complete huge -- to Vietnam veterans I hope you'll accept the apology. You -- brother thank you. I -- I did I get embarrassed about it and down market it's a mystery again about what happened Meehan. December but there was just one of the most beautiful things in my life let's go to traffic right now and a hopefully it is a thing of beauty -- -- Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. Let's see do I get the lawnmower or Oregon this snowblower from -- young's. I'm going with snowblower. AccuWeather cloudy and cool -- a couple of showers 42 the low tomorrow brisk and cool with clouds and a few showers even a thunderstorm 56 and Sunday. Windy and cool closet shower or two and 52 itself holding at 48 degrees -- news radio 930 WB the end and no I'm not getting. I shouldn't keep on mentioning at young's -- They don't pay me anything I don't get a discount I pay which you pay is just I I'm kind of a sucker for local businesses especially those that have to compete against the big box back and that's. So well whatever I can I'll do my business locally whenever I can't you know that's I try to do. Two way always succeed now and I'm not gonna pay a hundred bucks more than -- -- bit. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and no because that's casino money I here. He's a wise investor here is were. And Cheektowaga on WB Ian Brian welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What time my -- got to fight it out so cops came and a look at the damage. And of course report it happened about these smoke or not. And the cabinet and Syria and -- -- which we do -- look in the surgery grabbed it looked at it. And he looked at me -- -- anybody and we let me let -- -- mattered sluggish. No way. Blocked and reflected on my alma got -- You predict a story that I have. And frankly I won't let go into details but -- -- -- -- this does not involve me personally -- You're not the first person for whom that candidate favor has been done. And I am glad to hear from you the bad stories you're gonna have to wait for another day because today it's all about good stories prepares. I do. I I still have a great deal of respect for people in law enforcement I and and I I I'm just I'm trying to even out the balance and a little bit today because I think this week was a tough week to be Koppen Western New York. And I just don't wanna forget that there are men and women of law enforcement who unheralded and unsung. Protected and served this week -- -- my friend thank you are 8030930. At that news radio 930 WB the end. All right I need to break. I can oh but after the break we'll come back and we'll have. Now bend but don't break maybe bend but don't break a football strategy there some work. Welcome back with -- your telephone calls I want your good stories about cops who did the right thing by you. Who protected who served who were professionals. And who got it. And most of the guys and ladies on the job I gotta tell you my personal opinion based on experience. Are on the right side of the ledger. -- you aren't alone. And -- on his kids enough on gardening days. And is now and not. Pain. -- your game is. Me. -- -- I'm -- we. Work Cleveland's team. The president automate your. Stereo -- Bob Marley. To me in the week. In week. It is up 533 news radio 930 WB and hourly with you on the radio on a Friday. And I welcome to the other end of the week and by the way it thank you very much for making me part of your life I have never ever ever ever. Lost my appreciation for that actually there is grown. Over the past several months and a robbery. Gratified and humbled because -- talk show hosts -- And he wants -- he's human but you don't want some -- knew little. Usher in the limp noodles. They tell me some people -- They don't three on my thirty -- 3180616. WB EM I got a really weird look from the guys the next room. -- John Sherman is your calls greater Joseph beaver is -- master control and it -- back Tuesday telephones. And a very simple question for. And it is predicated upon the -- a the state is sticking up for cops. And this in -- perform means. Bad. I would ever allow a search of my car without a warrant a search of my poll without -- warrant. I am not Pollyanna. I will never ever speak to the police without an attorney. Aren't but that's my right as a citizen I know my rights I will flexed my rights. Bought. That's -- here. Mika is on the drive home if -- an accident god forbid. A trooper comes up. He might have to cut out of my car. Putting his own or her own life -- risk. Police do a lot of good work every day Derrick Rose unheralded because it's -- It's the on her team it's the aberration. Tickets all have -- and as I've said folks and forgive me for repeating this but. I feel pretty comfortable telling you that 95 or 96% of cops I've known and do know on the job. Our salt of the earth they would never intentionally. Be dvds. Sometimes it happens. Just like you have a bad day and -- bring it to work with it sometimes they have bad days and they bring it to work well. Are they trained to deal with -- absolutely are they human beings yes do you want robots patrolling the street. Remember the prototype of the -- wrote Robocop. You don't want the prototype. That didn't work out too well pretty inventor -- And -- but look at it -- -- got a human factor in anything you bring emotions into. And it. I just wanna tell you I think if you wanna talk about habitual bad apples. You're not talking about that many guys. You're talking maybe four to 5% of people that. May have issues which would make them unsuitable for the job. But I don't think that's bad. I mean it's not it's not perfect but given the general run of humanity. And I bet -- what you're saying Tom well I won't prove it. In around about -- simply by saying. If what happened -- that we all heard about earlier this week in buffalo was the rule wouldn't we hear about that a lot more often. And by the way. What really frosted me about that story in addition to the water to blows after the guy it was in no position to defend themselves were put up a struggle. Where is when the officer allegedly. Told the guy you wanted to cellphone. Can't do that. You can film anything you want in public. On a -- -- you can do anything you want. Well in the you can fill all you want in public. And that's -- don't know that's like. He basically all you do then is dig a deeper hole -- -- member few years ago they're turned on the old ice house and Williams. And I wanted to record it for history. So I was there -- my video camera recording at this guy walked up to me. And confront agrees that what it should make a video. Why. That my sister live under your business this is a Republican I'm on a public their per call the police. He walked away. Know era and he was even a cop. But public third upper that's why I left the that's why I left the eastern hills mall remote after the Wyoming county shelter -- because I was really sick. And the last thing I wanted was to be caught Q -- you have that all over YouTube today here's Tom relief up. Yes I've -- just like anybody else from time to time. But usually only when I'm listening to Randi Rhodes. That was bad let's get back to the calls I'm sorry that was just that was mean and nasty and I don't really mean that. Kind of here's John in north Wanda Honda WB EN John you've got a good -- story in this Republican -- today. Yeah yeah I do well are good morning. But I -- Good morning call it used over and I said good morning in the first hour you're a tough audience may be. Non non non non Ide connectors right pitch softball gestured to he had. But I digress again. Let's wait hold up for what you to deflect. You really. Now he was -- -- construction. And use of torture -- Interpreter. -- know my dad was a pitcher for Conover is -- -- was a contractor his son is a chiropractor. -- Ladies and gentlemen this -- definitely knows my family I don't know who is -- -- insurance on play with all my dad's games. All right let's let your mind there -- eight year old around. It probably and actually I've never matured test that level mentally but what's up. Okay. On going down the 400 though this is an actual work my way and iron to about 7070. Very light traffic today. And -- know commander promote her not -- not an economy of those shot minister are to win and badly. -- in front of me and get -- takes up my right Atlantic and that in its support. And I hit the brakes but the governor -- to enter the workforce through the Carriker. And I. Is accurate. I should rush. Norman price set top right so I get out and I say they -- -- -- so in the registration. He goes you know I want to -- -- and what -- He's and one of the plate disorder can whistle blown them down 911. And I'm in the dead area not. Now Craig what can we couldn't detonator. So. That I look at big 82 out of turn all of a sudden he takes office. Yeah the -- that there were some close a majority to draw them back meats and -- he had knee. This just Cooper. Only thing -- at quarterback over the jumper from awful. And so -- -- So as a political director Kerry touched virtually intersect and users later. Indecent. Proposal to actually gonna take as I can just tell your story and I told the -- came -- out of nowhere cut me off. And then. -- -- military escalation in the registration. And I -- You know. Didn't you don't tried to call that it was a dead period and I and I'm I'm 400. And I couldn't get a signal weeks. And they have been -- in the military justice that. Yes you know wanted to white piece that he -- And it says he has never wanted to forty in this week here just -- -- The Eagles out of your way if he starts. And I took him drawn back and forth. We can expect from me and says it will equipment to say that I guess nobody wanted to play week. And recognizable and he's saying it's not because appearances -- -- and a trap and -- had a -- And he says and I'll make a long story short here. He can affect -- that he's -- actually told me that certain. That. Should. Regardless. Of the capitalistic and operate because there was. Ole. Ole Ole have been -- this guy I mean let's face it number one it sounds like this guy was -- intoxicated or -- had some kind of the hyper aggressive. Mental illness. It. That was going to be choice seat. -- -- -- -- the troopers there to two at least at that had your back only how. And I sent I sent where he can count Croatia's Mario and polished gastric question wears a cap would you -- 1 piece -- I am. I center writes that I so. And it didn't look pretty -- record he came back to the airport security and sit. I don't think so -- electorate take you -- -- Well okay. And he said that's sort of it's they have -- total same thing east and now to a pressed charges against this guy. And I went and I looked at my charity and then it was already in this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look. -- errors and rewards is. You don't need the paperwork. I don't need to paperwork. Why don't we just get the hell out here. While iron. Well you know what an edge as you put it everybody always says wears a -- we -- Needham and when you don't need them there. When you need them there -- -- it underfoot or when -- yeah. -- when you don't need and I screwed that up but thanks for playing a lock. I'm glad you called John and thank you for the thank you for the words are appreciated and thanks for Barbara by my dad. Are -- people that accuse him of throwing. Somewhere if his spirit is listening he's laughing his horse off and I'm glad you called. I've forgotten about the team mushroom. That they play it bothers. All time. -- softball. Teams that they used to play a fun times because as a kid all the way. As a kid I know this might sound really primitive -- -- but is secure after every softball game Tuesday and Thursday night's. All the guys used to go out and drink Beers. I gotta tell you. They drank and drank and drank beer and the kids we used ever own table. And sometimes mr. over would bring his kits and other risky who is a chiropractor locally. Our great guy and his beautiful sister I always had a crush on her. But I was like in fourth grade and I never had the courage. Never had the courage. Wherever you are. You've always been. All right it's 545 WB and I don't mean to make Joseph jealous I'm just putting it out there. You know 30930. Start on security and 180616. WB EN yeah well. I don't put this up on FaceBook during the break and only grown -- who feels like I'm twelve years old mentally trapped in this grown up body. Because I really don't think I'm ever gonna get that you were. Is that wrong. -- a reader. Would be buffalo by dozens have made Friday united. -- getting underway at 705 PM Charlotte knights will be the opposition featuring happy hour baseball and fireworks I don't know 5 -- is the start as I mentioned. And the forecaster AccuWeather cloudy and cool tonight a couple of showers 42. So what dress like you're skiing for baseball in -- in buffalo and then vote tomorrow on it's going to be delightful brisk and cold clouds and a few showers even a thunderstorm. We will get that -- don't like we got Saturday. It's fun. The high temperature 56 I hope you guys don't mind whether cynicism. I I was born and raised here with him legally record in the 1820s it is my birthright to bitch about the weather because I don't like it. Sunday quite windy and cool clouds and shower or two and 52 degrees. Right now with that 51 we went up. 46. -- Don't -- hello. Stage right stage left it's 46 at news radio 930 PW BE and like I said you can't trust the Austrians get can't trust them. You just like. She -- Sorry I enjoy insulting my crew and different languages I don't think that's actionable in court let's get back to the calls on. No I didn't bring up the Hayward in German units that are -- All future after. Let's go to -- -- in the polls it's young lady named Mary Mary you're on WB Ian welcomed by our ratio. I think you. Work 1 morning. I think at work and they're like behind me. All -- you do at this thing. And from -- we don't you know make sure that the agency my hand. Looking in the rear premiere is beside -- and officers approach in the cart he won him an adult like you know I'm. You know -- here. -- It's a former student mind. Yeah -- It's there is what -- said. Why. Doesn't go over to that uses. Licensing registration. Poem. It. -- the -- and their work and it is what it said. You know and it -- is -- true because I was. So it actually know that. He's -- it started -- chuckles but. My license registry kisses. To the panel. I. Now without saying your name or his name. Did you recognize you as a former teacher. That soon I looked up at him in. Socket based in on autopilot might face. He didn't recognize. And that's what he'd get that little grin on the border with -- -- and what what's up role reversal. Man I hope I hope you're nice to have as a teacher. I think robbed me at first here. As -- in all I yum. I don't know how great teacher like I try to be nice. You must have been something right I mean you got in through the police exam sugars that. Are right great call thanks mayor. IA now we'll -- you thank you 80309. Parity is the phone number. I rented a hot tub and put up the call for like six women do you think anybody would show up I mean. They got to be knives and to -- that standards are right anyway it is 555. At news radio 930 WB yen Joseph. It's that it's a perk to what should give it.

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