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5-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hold -- The end. The few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. And al-Qaeda that rush. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to hit. Don't -- Destroy -- silent. That was -- here. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it -- back page it's lives and its local -- is the it's Tom hourly and threw throws -- -- Honestly onions ready 0930. Premise of the show role as specifically as it possibly can't. This week buffalo cops got a lot of bad PR and I got -- Qaeda group were from what I saw at least one or two deserved the bad PR. You're just beat somebody with a cup maybe once kept the threat is -- baby. Can't defend that. But I also know that the same day as that it was made. Thousands of people around the United States and probably hundreds in Western New York. Reached out to their police or had dealings with the police and what do you know the police behaved professionally. Responsibly. And help them out. And over the years how to find out if a cop if a police officer has saved your ass or as Doug was solid. And I -- in any profession you're gonna have a certain percentage. That is in it for the wrong reason. In police work. These people are known as badge heavy. And a lot of times in the the other cops don't like him. Unless there's a heavy duty bar fight. Then they suddenly become your best for and -- is that there WB AB. They surely shoot. -- nation who but anyway look I just think you're. Most cops are really good people. I think the young of the the older ones I hope you guys stay on the job long enough to teach the younger ones. All about. Real life constitutional rights and how important they IR. But. Overall. When a police officer does his or her job. When a police officer catches a bad guy. Saves a baby. Gives a stern warning to a kid with a joint rips the join up and let's that we go to the wind -- -- -- -- -- -- this again you know what. Perhaps even though those things are posted on YouTube those things don't go to anti -- sites. And fact of the matter is. There are a lot more those stories -- there are of the brutality stories the brutality stories are always are because we do old cops to a higher standard. We don't and we should. Because they have the authority to arrest you they have the authority to carry it on the not a -- it's about time. And up by the way. My very brief experience in police academy taught me a few things number one well actually number two is chemical weapons are awful. -- -- If you think your guest just make you cry you've never experienced your text books and balls -- to the point your practically puke -- as you off. There was this you know what I would rather under grow our root canal. From doctor hook then go through chemical weapons training again no thank you please it didn't just make me sneeze. It really made. Hard to find the -- and everything else. All right best punch -- police academy was appointed through the guy trying to keep in the room where the teargas canister is gone off to the solid blow up a hell out of there and a bigger. Well -- so let's get back to the calls. Do I regret it of that always comes up no no absolutely not I have never dreaded for a minute trying it out never grant a -- leaving -- -- was supposed to be doing. And I learned a lot. I learn a lot of stuff that actually came invaluable came in handy later on -- Even -- with a show. Even to show. Because. Does not mean don't ever think that. Of a bad mouth as a rule that profession because at Walt. Are there people in it were in it for the wrong reasons I'm repeating myself but the yes there. But most of them are not most of them are in it for exactly the right reason and the response you get from people who should be doing the job. It's a call. Disputed this is my destiny this was my calling. If the first thing they say is because the pay and benefits in the I would hire. All right let's get back to the calls on the WB and your good stories about the cops. Here's art in Niagara Falls on WBBM. Please don't think I've gone Pollyanna I haven't but I also don't like it and I think you know there's I don't like it when I think people are being. Unfairly maligned as he rule. -- except media people they deserve here's art on WB Ian hey are -- on hot. Good afternoon. Loosen. By front -- both seniors we were one of the big box stores. And we hear my translations and being announced over the loudspeaker. You've left your door open -- -- we went out there. And here's duty policeman standing by the door. He says -- -- -- You know wide open and I was afraid someone is broke and broken your card and so. He says I want to that your -- everything he would make and the problems at the time to go into the store. Tell them in the license number and make -- -- -- and wait for it's and then. Which he made sure that nothing was missing pieces everything's okay when he says yep thank you very very much. And the look the part of this story that is a little strange. My friend -- the police. He really what you can and when did it take each as bulls. And I was played my -- but there's no reason why he's like this when he was young man. His brother -- local -- I mean the real grateful -- with the mine that was unbelievable. He never wrote down a -- he kept the ball in his head. And all the time they were made and -- was able to do this for years but. He had a little confectionery stores of one. And my my my friend. Worked the confectionery store form. And they have all cigarettes and cost. Candy and sugar as a separate separate. Who -- they sold very little but he pulled me. It is recount would come and get the sector or cigarettes are keynesian turnaround wacko. He's -- -- started writing names down and I have incorporated. What -- his brother followed voting was ready named he's are you argue but he's Serb. These people are allowing me to stay in business at the this is nothing compared to what I -- making here and I and I had other -- I have a friend who was a policeman who taught me how to -- He took me to the bureau more vehicles. And I think I can read that your. -- walk up -- electric but yet and memorize the lines you can repeat the and I went back and I bypassed the that I that might get in trouble. He's that there -- people driving now that should never write -- you just couldn't see that one line that's no problem. Is this your real simple question why -- -- why did you just get glass. -- Well you know you're on going back to when I was a young man when. We didn't want glasses we didn't wanna Wear glasses it was a reflect on what I'm talking about in my -- early Europe early or actually it was nineteen. I hear that there -- lessons from the time I was in third grade up until the time laser surgery and contact lenses. Well it look well like I say that was center of this is now -- with and I've -- who broke. Gentlemen two Brothers that are corrupt policemen of the finest but people you could ever want to -- that I've had a few other occasions to -- it wasn't that had. Thrilled with them but boy when you need a policeman. And they come pulling up it's the best feeling in the world to see them there believe me when I -- -- All the LV when I call my get at least ten at my house but that's another story sorry I gotta make fun of myself thanks very much and glad you called all right you know three or 930 start -- thirty. 180616. WBE. And Joseph gamers -- master control John Sherman is your call screener and I want your good stories about the cops. If for those who think. He's turned the -- and he's looking at life through rose colored glasses. I guess I can understand why you might think that but on the other hand gang. It's it's the old. The players that goes missing the Malaysian flight got all the coverage. Every day felt that same day thousands of flights around the world landed safely without incident. Pilots did their job without error planes function properly. And now I'm I'm not -- apologize for supporting cops in the constitutional performance of their duties. Any more by the way that I would apologize for reminding you of your rights when you deal with the -- I -- look for as much -- of cigarettes for as much as I am trying to give them props today for the good work they do. I still would never allow search of my vehicle about a war I wouldn't allow a search of -- all without a war on principle. It's just and I don't think the two. Are necessarily mutually exclusive. Not. Again not when you have a police officer who is doing his or her job in accordance with the constitution. Are you don't three on -- thirty start on 3180616. WBE and the let us goat chew it. Traffic with -- terrorists. AccuWeather. Cleared all story that would be -- wishful thinking cloudy tonight and of course it will be cold and the other -- a couple of showers overnight low 42 tomorrow beautiful day for gardening it'll be brisk and cooled clouds and a few showers even a thunderstorm 56. Yeah man and a Sunday it's just going to be orgasm a windy and cool clouds and a shower and 52. All babies up I yeah I am so psyched about the weather this weekend my goodness right now what Joseph talk with a temperature again hurt again. 48 degrees at news radio 930 WB Ian returned to say that -- I can imagine. I can imagine a crowbar going in sideways. Every time these are the temperature every time -- do the weekend forecast that's an advocate -- sorry. This weather is aggravating me I don't hide my emotions very well and I'm pissed off right now. All I want is maybe more than a lot of 08 hours of sunshine sometime maybe two or three days of sunshine. Really is that too much -- temperatures in the seventies maybe. In May. The advice to conspiracy. It would 030 my thirty -- -- 3180616. WB EM I'll let us go to. Stan in Rochester stand you were on hello. Well. Many people do not understand what transpires in the cops. Daily life and only nonsense and he politics at work the touch screen at -- I don't think that could be it happened I would that it rejected. But I. Couldn't happen to me that I -- -- -- -- a bad cliche. Think that we really hate them. We're just getting more intentional he called that was to pick up truck pulled over with the actors it was Bartlett is secondary -- Well I pulled over and -- -- accomplish either agree Kapanen lukewarm. So he'd look at that we have Warren and had to hire who he hit an empire now and sit there and staring him. I don't think there's something wrong and he has -- how much founded that you got to pick them up as an excuse me. Actually I know you'll pointer put a lot of brightly up alive -- -- -- the that they got it -- I don't know maybe that is well. You know you -- -- -- is that he. I think he had a police station until we went to the police station and a that I can't look at tabulating I'll you know. Popular that -- go to college knowledge about how my brother and you'll take me out and that I shook my hand he was smiling I didn't believe it. I didn't only how I -- I felt warm and Fuzzy all over but I did this cap we thought it. I was just gonna pick them up and let him get hit there you don't. Well you know this is just a really stupid and I would advise I hate you know what I would advise this for most people. But when you do when I drive my -- especially at night where I know it's going to be a single officer patrol car I will always make sure I mean I don't stop -- I'll -- I'll take a glance to make sure that everything is cool because. Morning and I had -- -- in question would be. I like Smith & Wesson I think they're great guys. Yep -- my model fifteen. Was my first and you never forget your first and I still have her. Let me do it one thought there are really -- people out here. Think we can get rid of all the cops and let the party begins. Yeah but let's there's so many ways I could go with that. But I think I'm just gonna restrain myself and thank you for the call and thanks for doing a deterrent. All right you know three on -- thirty. I've ever do in the show today. I -- And believe me folks is not because I get pulled over and -- wanna be able to us say and you do you know quietly you know this show I just did it get pulled over so it's like. I'm doing this literally for the benefit of the men and women in blue who every day you know they don't know what shift could be their last want. And I know that being a convenience store clerk is more dangerous and will be a lumberjack has more dangerous being a fisherman has more dangerous but. These people are willing to risk their lives for you. Are some of them colossal pain in the ass yeah some of them psychopaths. But most of them the overwhelming majority like 9596%. Are not and I just think it's important in the -- And I wanna hear your good cop stories today 8030930. I said that was then this is now anybody else remember this rather obscure Monkees reunions on from the 1980s anybody anybody. It is up 434 news radio 930 WB -- Bauerle. It -- it thanks for making me apart your life I I do appreciate -- Baghdad like you'll be giving your cell phone numbers and what weapons you own because. Another might be -- like at a time when we need we need each other. Gregory all right for 34. I like him -- with books. Fun is a good thing -- -- I -- see an article and I I rarely use via local newspaper Porsche Oprah material there are very very seldom. But I did that scanned through it today and I saw this article that laughter. Laughter has the same health benefits as meditation. Did you know. I have to admit I read it wrong at first though and I didn't see the word meditation. Move that could have been ugly. As I was at work when I read it it is 435 news radio 930 WBE. And thank you for smiling Joseph thank you a kind of needed that today. John Sherman is a master control we go back to the calls and if you're just joining us. This is a show that I'm dedicating. To the good cops that I know are out there. And this week has been a tough week were the men and women in blue in buffalo. And not all of the cops and certainly not all the buffalo cops take that one extra swing they shouldn't -- Also understand. And I'm not trying to exculpate anybody are actors that they wouldn't accept bad for you and you should except except that from that. But. You also have no way of know when you're dealing with a cop what call. From which they have just -- They might have just come from some domestic where they got in the middle. Of a freaking tornados. Are right. They might ahead to deal with somebody who just beat the crap out of his six month old baby. And that can play games which I mean it and I'm telling -- I told you guys this a million times and it is worth repeat. That when you're cop you do become jaded and it's a pretty simple reason. There is a simple reason because you see scum bags it's comebacks that's what they OLL. Scumbag racquet other tax return scumbag. And then using people who were salt of the earth people. -- a really. Bad day. So at the end of today you're likely to say. Wow. These are the people are protecting and serving. A bunch of clips. -- gotta watch edit had a tutor -- creep up on new. And I kind of chuckled when the guys talked about Jack Daniels because over the years I'd have known more than a couple of cops who. Who hit the hard stuff when they -- it was their way to cope. I think there's more health conscious cops today but unfortunately. You know it is a stressful job. All we take that back. It can be a pretty boring job. Followed by intense incredible stress. Followed by sheer boredom. Don't three on -- thirty is the phone number -- lions let's get back to the calls on WBZ. Am trying to give the cops some props today. And I want your stories. Because. Again I I don't like seeing a profession unless the media as we deserve. I don't like to see your profession picked on as much as the cost and picked on this week. I don't like thug cops that he more than anybody else but I happen to believe in fact I happen to have personal knowledge of the fact. That 95 to 96% of them are people you would want to be friends with people that are salt of the earth great folks. 4%. Should probably be in prison or would have been in prison had they not chosen to take the police exam and -- -- -- bet. Compared to the rest of humanity they do pretty good job screening. Not perfect because you're dealing with human beings. Let's go to love. Support calls on WBE end. No job I'm pocketed 220 of the young -- -- drive home that I will let you now I'm not. Unless that guy and the way Corbett wants to race again. I always turn on values he still wants to race. All right let's go to love. Let's go to bell and tell Wanda on WB Ian bell -- thanks for your patience you are on the buy -- show. -- Yeah I am not a pretty good from what I hear that. Alright -- -- give -- your stories -- love being here. -- were -- -- back -- and -- The but 1 morning there was like in March spotlight is back. I I want to be up and look at it on ninety. I'm sure that the bit. Straight through. She that that my outlook on how much phenomenal we 95. I stay right on that in Obama. Well not pick -- up with people over. And excellent -- him. My question about it from Richard like his shirt. What you're going out I'm -- properties and why you're going up at around analysts might the time. He shows. Act like the -- US is yeah such -- I was -- 95 year rate. She's related. It was that. Like it at all. He won a car. -- back and we have reachable around. And now we end up and -- -- Tuesday. Orbit it was -- That is literally it would it made -- Haiti's lack yeah. Well pot that's somebody that looked I believe and I gotta have refresh myself on from my old vehicle and traffic law book but that's aggravated speeding Mets that's a pretty serious. I got I got to polish officers in the parliament here which are inside yeah I'd even -- -- his name or anything these -- not in our -- on the that you I would -- Back on trying to place I'm trying to place the accent don't tell me I'm gonna guess Budapest. Now. -- Yeah I was close I was only about 2000 miles away. Yeah all right. You'll want -- -- -- you have a nice day just that is a lot of -- love it with police officers out there. And they'll just say you know not only that I get drunk and lose oh honey 99 degree day in Athens but I got drunk on lose -- in the plot -- Why should I was -- that last year now going to Asia also but it sure Obama already out on the miner Alton. -- well are delusional. My friend I have never touched -- so since that most unfortunate occurrence on the streets of Athens the pigeons -- very well that day. Thank you've heard much for the call. I've put myself though because our folks I don't get drunk you know I mean I I rarely drank and it's not because of an alcoholic is just I don't like being tired I'd rather do crack but. You listen anybody listen are you didn't catch that the next group but now it's lose though. There there blues though is a special kind of drunk that I never -- experience ever again. It was. It would be like having meningitis in the stomach flu at the same time to best way -- score at that who's going to -- blues though. Kyle liquor she -- -- -- don't you boys haven't lived all had a both over my house. Yeah. To strapping find -- looking at my home drinking booze oh here's a scandal waited to be written. 8030930. On the other hand guys it would be a great career move for you think about it I'm just put out there are right here is. You laugh along with our league Ariel capital -- with your body count today and a little bit aren't. Here is -- in west Seneca on WB and -- I've set aside today to give cops some props. -- and absolutely. In the US senate I couldn't really. Salute the police officers there in 06 -- -- their -- their citizens police academy class. Ten weeks Monday's three hours. We've got to go to the shooting range we turn right around with the police officer. Detectives came in -- judges came in my cabbie that taught. And learned about you know I'm missing person's drug -- and I am. There's just amazing to know I have a class and we were given out. Dinner afterwards -- lacked. Really. It's that's very nice I. I know a lot of local department of citizens. Forgive my interrupting I'm sorry but a lot of the local police departments and Amherst also has a as citizens -- police academy and I think they've also got an auxiliary. Our core of officers. IE. Wouldn't wanna come play here so. I think she wanted those two. They offered to this. You know there's a time and every single Cheektowaga cop and now big guys kids that I used to know lieutenants talked about feeling old -- -- -- -- villains. Junior. -- Rick rolled junior African teenager now he's a lieutenant. Well I'm glad you're on the show Pletcher still speaking up. I applaud -- Well that's. You have no idea how much it means to me especially today for reasons. That you would never understand and probably wouldn't believe. Thank you so much. -- -- 8030930. Is via phone number -- news radio 930 WBZ and up by the way. I'm enjoying the show so far and I plan on continuing this because. I think you know me well enough that if I see a profession a person a religion or whatever. I think is just being unfairly maligned because of the actions of one or two. And I think it's I think it's to use the public opinion. I don't wanna forget about all the good that they did the same week as the guy caught a blow or two he probably shouldn't take -- after he was out. Our and I think you also want it's a benefit of the doubt with what you do for a living like if you're a doctor. It you're not gonna go to every country club and get drunk and run over -- and -- -- board right you don't wanna be tarred with that brush. -- I just try to I think at some ballots. To your views of up police officers. And what I don't like that Chevy thugs any more than you do they represented a mind -- Maybe a small minority of cops. In a way though in this is gonna sound is gonna sound totally counter intuitive. But. There are some bar fights. I'm just say and you want to use of mango which are you what Jon Scott with you. You wanna have to deal with 300 column bikers don't each other without Evans some glued on your side. Seriously and actually statistics show. I learned this watching dragnet that smaller police officers are very much more likely to be injured on the job in the bigger cars. But a lot of it is like anything else it's it's a psychological game I've known guys were small on the job and the Smart ones knew. That you can do a lot more with a word and a politely uttered threat. Then you can with your fists or with your -- like you know what I know you can kick my ass but all you have to do is radio for help and you're gonna regret itself. You really wanna play that way. And look at somebody spaced out. You're not gonna be able to reason with them but somebody's mentally ill you're not going to be able to reason with and you're gonna you know you're gonna have to get. The back but most of the time this mark men and women are able to deal with the situation as they come up. And you know what. There is and I know you've heard this over and over and over and over again. There is no such thing as a routine police vehicle stopped the cop has no idea what he's getting into what she is getting into. When pulling you over. They don't know who's in the car they don't know you're gonna cop an attitude they don't know if you some psychopathic killer on the loose. So of course they're gonna be a little bit tentative at first a little hit. Left and I got pulled over was early in the morning it was night. I pulled off the road into a well -- locked underneath a light turned on every -- my car. Turn off the engine put my keys on the dash so she knew I wasn't gonna take off. It was an equipment violation was -- like it was out -- to this report I was gonna fix the same so. Anyway. There are some people. -- you treated with respect that you get it back and yeah there are some people on the job the police job who they couldn't careless. But their minority. Like anything else you know a lot of a lot of respect goes a long way -- by the way that also goes for both sides in the interaction the civilians as well as the officer. But chances are uses civilian didn't just have to deal with the junkie who put -- in the -- And that can really. -- -- view of humanity. If you don't three on I thirty start at 3180616. WB EN. Are ready MB -- and have a Friday night bash you know I almost -- Friday night bush because all these stories about Jeb Bush in the newspaper it's like I guess the Republicans really. Are stupid and suicidal but that's just another story. Friday night bash at the ballpark against the Charlotte -- happy hour baseball and fireworks first -- -- 705 PM. Cloudy and cool couple showers 42 with the low. Please forgive my being really down in the mouth about the weather forecast this weekend but it. I was so gonna get gardening and this weekend and this kind of a forecast makes me just not wanna do it but after a at tomorrow brisk and cool clouds and a few showers even a thunderstorm 56 and Sunday windy and cool clouds the shower to 52 and it's 484148. At that news radio 930 WBE. And actually you know and I don't get any special breaks by the way on price but I do business with the Ed young hardware and mainstream Williams a lot and they just wrapped up my idea my snowblower maintenance and my one more commitments and I got to. Bring them all. And I just realized that the chance of -- haven't used a snowblower this weekend probably exceeds the chance of my -- -- used the lawnmower this summer. All right good his stuff for fifty two to break your -- Does that save the world or hurt because you know like go to call albeit by the call and miles basically do something illegal to the -- aren't. Stay what is my Friendster with news radio 930 WBM its hourly and thank you for being part of our our little our little clobber a little dysfunctional radio family. Just don't ask me for money.

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