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5-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves but they don't look at the he would write this thing it. You go to the hole looked to mark the end -- -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- -- protest that was a because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- -- I don't know I didn't put. -- People know and it's live. These local. It's Tom how early. There wet applied women that good news radio. No I am not going. All right and love. I think I don't go political fundraisers quit asking. Eight thank you very much sorry I just don't go to political one users rather gun raffles or not I don't ago. Now it's it's bad it's bad for the reputation ID. I don't want my reputation sullied by being in contact with with politician. Officer accused. A I would rather hang out with Asian -- answers. -- as a general rule. That's how I feel about politicians. Even -- there as well as a general rule so anyway to answer your question and by ten people's over the email you are you going now I'm not. Anyway. It's scholarly and is ready at 930 WBE. We're with you on area Friday carefully we have made it to the end of the week. Delicately animated dramatic. Oh wait a minute it's. Well it is a but we're not yet. Somebody is that so many things to get into I dearly you know where to begin on a Friday morning. Because Friday morning is over it's Friday afternoon. So they're still had gotten used to this afternoon. But anyway. I thought. That what we would do it together. With -- Holding my -- Hugging. And giving me a peck on the cheek. And gently running your female fingers through my here. I thought -- we can do. News spent some time bashing picks. I thought we could do is is take some time. To talk about the -- probate thugs we call police officers. But that was earlier this week. A wanna take a different approach. Today. Because. Here's the deal. And you know how this game is played right. You know you know the game is play. -- If a cop does something stupid. I think they did in ball well frankly. At least one of them also and a much at least one. It is front page news. It's on every TV station it's on every radio station. And that's all you'll hear about. In a disproportionate way now outlook part of that comes with the job. You know that when you take your job as a police officer that your job is to protect -- And when people believe that you were not protecting and serving. But you are basically a badge heavy Michael psychopathic thug -- it. Do I have to finish that sentence I don't think so so. Today I wanna turn things around a little bit. Because every time up bad cop or a good Koppel has a bad day just like you might have a bad day on the job. Joseph might have a badly in the job or job might have a badly in the job. Every time something happens involving a cup of course -- serious. Because let's face it cops -- people we trust with guns. Cops are. Really if you think about it. They're the first people that are gonna have the right to take away your freedom. They have the responsibility. They have the awful attack to take away your freedom. We give them guns. We armed them with -- there might sticks by the way there but tons. Otherwise known as impact weapons. Some of them -- trade with pacers. It used goes although I gotta tell you if the taser used on me it would probably kill seriously. I would probably. Beat lethally injured by -- which is why it. I would never. Back of a whole bunch of reasons as part of an average of a couple of hard time. But today I thought. There and -- -- smoking crack. Hey if it's mayor Toronto it's good for me. A way. You just laid off for rob Ford he's the mayor of Toronto the guy's got a real substance abuse problem. -- you think it can't happen you you think it can happen to somebody and now. Rub for the mayor of Toronto has shown that. Everybody in every walk of life. Can be prone to a substance abuse issue whether it is blows whether it is -- whether it's -- and well whatever -- relatives. It's unfortunately part of the human experience. Sell really think of them any mocking of rob Ford the mayor of Toronto. I hope he gets there helping me it's I hope that he is no longer an addict I hope that he is properly medically treated. But. And it's a source of laughter. Mean I don't take any joy in somebody else's misery. Of late I've got a problem. And also I would say clearly the guy has no business being mayor of Toronto but that really is up to the people at Toronto. To look to decide you don't hear it in the New York State we we have a great advantage seek. We come. We don't need crack or booze to make our politicians stupid. Or are voters stupid because they're just -- comes with the territory in New York State. To your win would you vote in New York State it's it's almost like you walk your role cloud of crack smoke. Before you actually get to cast your ballot at least judging by the results of elections in New York State. In fact would you run for office in New York State I think that you also have to walk through 88 a -- a field of crack smoke. But anyway -- bottom line is. I feel I don't know what -- -- that rob forties and -- apparently. Hoping itself. The real. -- what I wanna take great pleasure or joy in somebody else's chemical dependency. Or personality defects. That's not something that joke about feel sorry for the guys. A -- well you're just say that because he's a Pat White guy no I feel sorry. For a lot of people whip -- chemical dependency issues especially alcohol. And I also believe that. Well I don't feel it going down that road today but. -- I'll go with -- on that continuing to outlaw drugs. The minute you wanna seriously entertain the idea of going back to prohibition since that was such a rousing success. Now let's get to the topic today however. Earlier this week it was all about the buffalo cops and the cops who. Well one or two who shall we say it took liberties and probably used excessive force. Against. The suspect. My opinion. What somebody's down once during handcuffs. I didn't see the guys making any aggressive moves on the grainy videotape I saw. And at that point there would be no reason to use any physical force against them just like if you ever get into a fight in and knock somebody down at that point the threat against you is over. And there's no reason to keep beat the crap out of mean I've just got -- like. You know look at John Scott the -- some. I thought that today. I would entertain the other end of the continuum because for every psychopathic. Bad Chevy Jack boot wearing -- Who basically winners his you know what on his sleeve. On her sleeve is the case maybe. There are how many thousands a hundred. Men and women who are police officers who day in and day out to the right thing. And they treat people with respect. And they comport themselves as professionals. And they don't let anger get the better of them they don't let the thirst for vengeance get the better of them on the street. They do their job they do well they do -- acclaim and you'll never hear about. And what happened in buffalo that was caught on tape. Is it the first time -- will be the last time no. There will always be situations. Where excessive force again this is a subjective judgment in my opinion. I believe that was an excessive force -- situation at least involving one maybe two of the guys that were there. But for every situation like that there are thousands of situations. That are routine calls. That nobody ever hears about. Nobody whips out a cell phone. To record the police officer giving them all to some cancer patient who just coded before the EMT is Iraq. Nobody is gonna whip up the cell phone camera. When some cop pulls somebody over for two and 66 in the 55. And says. You know look. I see you have a clean driving record no wants awards everything's up to snuff -- -- what I see a liver out here you take this road every day. I'm gonna cut your break but if I catch again and I'm -- richer state nobody lives on a cell phone program. In those things happen all the time -- all officer discretion. And as much as my Mike trusted the police is not what it used to be. I'd have to be brutally honest with you it isn't. And again I think there is a generation gap. With the officers. The guys. That are on the job the longest tend to be in my opinion the most trustworthy. Generally speaking. And that the newbies I think the children of Clinton bush Obama Clinton bush. And we just keep going back and fort fantastically and then throw in an Obama. There -- that they seem to me to be a different breed. Everybody. Piles on the cops when one cop does something stupid or a stupid situation happens. And market to defend what I saw I think I saw on the tape because it was kind of grainy and I didn't really have the chance to enhance the video. I just watched a few times is that all right there's a sell orders -- -- OK I get it now. I'd have a chance to go over frame by frame. Every situation like that there are situations were cops have done the right thing by you and maybe you'd never had a chance to even thanked him. Well -- spent some time today hearing from you about your positive experiences. With the cops. I don't live in La La land I do live in the real world. And it is because I live in the real world but I know most cops are good that people. Most cops are professionals. Most cops. Get the job they understand that it is about protecting it is about serving. And win one cup does something stupid and it's captured on tape. Unfortunately they get tarred with the same brush which they don't appreciate any more that I would appreciate being painted with the liberal media bias. That is so epidemic in in this profession maybe -- talk radio but in the media profession. What -- effect what I see assigns somebody says. I don't trust I don't trust the mainstream media. -- usually smile because I don't either. I'm -- and against what you'd call mainstream media. So Allen spent some time and it really is going to be up to you. With your good stories on how the cops have -- was solid. How the cops could save -- -- how the cops were there for you when you needed bear protection. All right again please do not misunderstand me I am not Pollyanna. I am not Pollyanna but I'm gonna confide something you would have said before. And I will take this statistic with me to the grave. Unless of course something changes dramatically in the interim. It is my humble opinion that 95%. A police officers out there. Are generally good people who do a good and professional job the overwhelming majority of the time. Now even the really really good cops are gonna have a bad day even the really really really good cops might tick you off. Maybe they had a fight with her husband made that -- fight with their white but all. And forget the -- in the locker before a roll call. All right you're gonna have situations like that because cops -- human beings. Also you don't know. If you're the first person that they pulled over after they just broke up some violent domestic and had some lady take a break them nuts. -- you don't know that you don't know what the call was before they had to be out. Dealing with you. Are right. Is that an excuse. No I'm not trying to excuse I'm simply trying to explain cops are human beings. And until and unless you bring robots out the police the streets. You're gonna always have the human element in police work. But 95%. Of the men and women wearing police uniforms. Our I think sincerely out here trying to do the right thing and acting like the trained professionals they are. Are right. I'm not saying if you give up any of your civil rights I'm not saying that you should ever agreed to a search of your vehicle without a search warrant. I'm simply say you know what there's another side to the story other than a six buffalo cops Rivera and one guy got the crap kicked out of when he was started just. Yes it happens and it's horrible when a cause and I'm sure that that's going to be handled administratively. You know the guy's gonna Google written as file maybe I think he's gonna lose his job but you know he's gonna get burned a little bit and he should be. But most cops 95%. I think you want as your neighbor I think you'd want as your friend and would probably give you the shirt off their back. These are the people I have known in my life. Now 5%. I wouldn't trust them to walk my dog. And you guys and ladies or on the job. You know that I ate too far off from the truth. You know there -- guys were women in your department. You look at them and you think you know what if you were were at a police uniform I'd probably be hollering you know they are. It's it's it's a human factor ladies and gentlemen. And I think it's only fear. To offer you guys listening to me the opportunity to tell me stories about how the cops have served EU. In a good way. I don't mean you've been so hurt I mean Serbs -- in a good way. Because that is the overwhelming majority of calls that are going to be taken responded to by cops today tomorrow and the day after and last year and the decades before. Are right. My personal opinion. 95%. Are all are great people sometimes even great people can have bad days 5%. Are probably cycle paths. The other people on the job know who the psychopaths are but the interest thing is the interesting thing is you're talking about a biker bar fight. Having a psychopath with few in on the job. -- the worst thing the world believe it. All right give -- your calls I want your good stories about cops I'm not Pollyanna. But they've been beaten up pretty badly this week and I just gotta feel a responsibility to say hey you know what most of them are okay. Know your rights always Fletcher writes. But please understand their human beings and most of them I think you're pretty damn good job. Comments. 8030930. Start on 3180616. WB yet. Yeah. Did not suggest -- don't want condoned by the way not by Bob Marley or anyone else and especially not Eric Clapton who later -- events on along with that pretty much everybody in the western world of music. It is at 334 news radio 930 WB aren't so. This week one of the big stories and all that excessive force a complaint that excessive force against a buffalo cops now. Today. One policy we can't square up the equation a little bit. -- wanna hear -- or good bit stories. Your good stories about how the cops have helped your. -- courteous and protected and served. Have done -- a good turn maybe help to get your stuff back. Maybe got your cat out of a tree now not many of Moldova and anymore all they need to do is fall and break a leg and both by career. All right let's get to the calls -- 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN all all and just that the beat anybody two -- just say you know. IV continue my proud record hop. Not only of a clean driving record but I haven't even been pulled over the end. Over a decade. So it's not like. I just got let off. I never get. I drive like all man John you know that. We never drove Woodrow and with. But you receiving gunning it down the street. Yeah do. You ever seen me with a rolling stop news. Well all I always call up people on rolling stops the funny thing is. Anybody I've ever driven whip who does rolling stops always denies there doing your rolling stoppage of the -- -- stop what you think you hold. All right let's get to the calls on WB EM I don't. Have a lot of forums. Here's job in the buffalo WB and John -- got a good story about helicopter helped you out. -- what basically I'm retired multiple solutions. And religiously Tuesday -- or. Clear trying to. Pretty much all professions. You're going in a certain percentage. All type of off the wall behavior pursue a. People don't wanna. What people it's thicker scum bags I mean you know I'm sorry I -- do you work. Indeed my body arbitrary number but it is based on an educated guess is 95%. Maybe 96%. Are salt the earth AO KAS number one top shelf. Awesome people. Far off four to 5% never should've put on police uniform they probably should have been in a prison uniform. Well sure and Nickels and all occupations. So much closer go home with yourself. A year occupation. -- few years. Old domain names don't name names I don't wanna get my fellow broadcast. Station. It's I believe respected. Remember. Him very did drugs and we've Johncke okay. So what's that mean now we don't listen he brought here for anybody because once somebody. Did have maintained self control and add insult him. You know. Always talk about rush limp Limbaugh and his painkiller addiction and then IE ID you know -- They felt the same thing I thought Russia actually is nothing to bigger hit that that he did in terms of audience that I was wrong. The only time in my life I've ever been incorrect on anything I want you know. Okay well you know -- just -- around you know I mean it's not just one particular occupation by. He's somebody that people would look up to it listen to and. It's the tying it all I mean he could you could just be greatly things because these. Intoxicated. And it's all delegates at that point just like some of the -- and I'm sure. Are needy. Not pain medication or whatever to other incidences -- life as. You know the other that it's just the way it nature of the business would everybody's still I get Watergate and Oprah wanted to thank you about the police. This fire is basically our job is to protect the people debts would -- would put itself. Well I think you know it it bothers me thank you very much got it it bothers me to see people like piled upon. And people seeing the video I didn't like some of what I saw in the video all right that's one incident. How many thousands of other incidents have there been where cops have protected have served have treated people with respect and -- dignity and nobody without a cell phone and put it on top block who say well. Officers solar cell. Really as a professional doesn't happen. Seriously it doesn't happen. It's like playing that successfully lands details at eleven. Let's go to Alfred in -- rush for as opposed to rush for and offered on WB and hello. Star. -- -- You -- turn your radio off because otherwise and giving your result in the background and I'm so transfixed in mesmerized by the beautiful sound of my own voice that. I'm gonna lose some blood flow. All right tell your story. I I would wait for a wedding I was doing 1955. You know I got pulled over he went meat or milk or formula all the overview -- -- -- -- -- back -- In the yacht came out slighted by truck and that's been -- people you know -- good as probably 190s -- -- being out on the -- and I walked away. A lot of times they don't want honesty want people who work for -- before it was somebody they're gonna expect that it did you like normal like -- like jewelry. That's you know what that's I would never do I would never admit that I done something wrong -- -- pulled over now -- I was at you when you -- under old but it does go on something called the 71030 -- anything you say is gonna be recorded -- -- for posterity in Asia plead not guilty. But you're actually were honest with the guys and it worked out in the fact that you pulled over and he did that situation down probably. Didn't hurt you either. So it was a good experience. And and basically that would have been an aggravated speeding -- There he should give me a ticket for sure. That that would bit aggravated and your insurance company would love that. Alfred I'm happy to hear your good story. You're good police story thank you very much. 8030. There. At 180616. WB EN -- today. Earlier this week I should say you know cops. Took her took her -- You know it believe me if you're -- and you saw that on TV. You knew it was going to be a tough week for caps. Right. Like -- a broadcaster. Is. Caught in the limousine. It's going to be a tough week for broadcasters let's go to student at all on. On WB EM hello neck welcome to the hourly show you're on. I'm water show thank you Wear less sure -- pull over fire trooper. Six see in a that he but I. Yes I am a cruise control. He took my information. You ran. Into bear with me you mean I I being in on me just slowed down. No problem. Sixty and a 55. Hardly -- getting out of the colorful. I don't guys I guys it would even bother unless it was eight or more over the limit and usually at a residential street European -- here. A secondary -- -- the through. I think give them an attitude and there was no problem yes you were my comments from where I'm going. -- fury with Hugh -- my information came back just obvious slowdown. -- All right so -- -- so you do it without a cell phone to record it's he could put hey this cop really helped me out on on a FaceBook page. I had no problem eating give me attitude. -- -- give him in the attitude. In talking and -- coming from my -- -- with launch where you don't I'm gonna move over my friend's house. No problem. Well I am I glad things worked out as they did for you sir and I'm happy for the call thank you. 803 all news radio 930 WB eat and your good and it story. About how. -- cop helped you out was courteous was professional. Who did the job that you know you would expect them to do because you were you were brought up on a commercial major Adam 12. And dragnet. As opposed to Hill Street Blues or NYPD blue. -- pulled over by -- avoid. It would take a five minutes just to get the words out of the white pulled you over. Let's go to love. Sorry that was Korean time starters I have a stuttering issue myself that I've had overcome over the years true story here is Deborah and -- the log on WB -- hello. You know. I'm not yeah. And what is your mind that your. -- you know the one data -- about that in my old -- and I collar old Garcia and in public or. And it broke -- right -- at the thing. Did it while with the term locked. And -- animal traffic and I ain't going to rip him as a came up beside me and said you know what the problem am and I said. I'm stuck technical anywhere and you but let me yet in the Rhode Island and the global traffic. You know I Blaine -- and he -- shop and you know that would in the indictment the -- -- And McNabb Karen I'm neither am -- -- electric excitement of just how. That he liked the part in them like it might not only are on the road. Am not there and unlike. -- I have kind of look. Immensely and -- -- well why can't program. Pulled over in you know he -- in the ticket Iran about like erratically. I -- mild Adam and he pity on me you may also are usually nice couple. So. The end again just point this out you didn't whip out a video camera and you didn't put it online I'm stunt. -- -- -- -- but you know I don't carry a certain amount that I would kind of bring a little late you know I had -- -- half -- You know I wasn't disputing that -- kinda look and the big Kitna in the coming in on Mecca through an act of not get a gun and he you know liberal and I said what this can look them up commandments and -- -- away. Thank you very much I am very happy -- called I appreciated. Now thank you all -- -- denied that there remains somewhat in question but there will seek -- mean one never knows what happens in a Friday night in buffalo I know one thing we -- -- the sun. Which makes it no different than the days in buffalo. It is three who it is 345 news radio 930 WB at eleven break -- Joey -- just give me the evil it. He's giving me eve is that all right. If you're just joining us. -- -- Even things out because this week as you know the reserve an incident recorded. In the city of buffalo. And it was it was ugly. But that was only one slice of the police -- How many other calls that night went answered by the buffalo cops without any incident. With courtesy. With professionalism. And basically word they treated you. Like you would treat your own -- Quite a few I'm sure. No I'm not I'm not eat -- I'm not a better probably. But when people start -- and that every cop acts every day exactly in the way it's on the videotape that's a problem. And I told you my bias is and will remain. -- 99% of the time I'm gonna side with cops as long as they're doing their job in enforcing constitutional. Law office. And I think there's that distinction to be made there which I don't feel like going into now game. 803 on I thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE and I'm trying to do you know what I'm I'm just trying to show the other side here today. Because there's another side. And it's easy to be cynical and jaded. And meet the media you know we love bad cop stories all we -- bad cop stories that one of the TV stations 25 years ago that a series called. She olds of Shane. Buffalo cops wouldn't talk to that stage and for years that was a worthwhile November sweep. All right stay -- -- a news radio 930 WB yeah. And AccuWeather. Here's a shocking will be cloudy and cold tonight with a -- hours overnight low 42. And it is a Friday night bash at the ballpark against the Charlotte -- happy hour baseball and fireworks. First pitch scheduled for 705 tomorrow it shatter. Today. And it will be brisk and cool with. Clouds and a few showers even a thunderstorm high 56 I wonder for gonna get support you know like we did Saturday it was so much. Darn thing. Storm and then last Sunday windy and cool with clouds shower two and -- high temperature 52. I'm one of those people who definitely is not living in the right place. For all its 48 at news radio 930 WB and be still my beating heart. All right let's get back to the calls on WB each of seriously guys right this is ridiculous here for May come. After winner we have you'd think we can catch up African -- mechanism -- and some sunshine. Maybe more than a decade. This is disgusting. All right back to the calls forgive my negativity on the weather but I live for summer and if this is the best we can do. It sucks. Here is and it's okay yeah. And tell me why I was were flip flops and a damage hail storm guarding lasts today. Just one of those opinion in the days here is. In the a place I can't -- the computer 'cause it never works right hey did your WBBM -- -- don't. Actually this is tops the beach computer and a what -- you I -- -- a little. And I'm going to do both shows but the money's got to be right. I apologize apologized. To be compared to sandy beach you can. That's like -- career pinnacle for me. Off so I do what they destroyed because he TJ you know you get outraged -- you didn't go to videotape it. Last year my kids now are -- part comment -- computer model but I think Marvin might editor we want to call part get a cup stop. They're about they're -- -- -- -- -- -- let him turn on the lights and the car and everything else is -- it started. I don't I know we're not doing names. Are now -- A real -- -- this league a general rule of the show. Lately he's been all the time that my kid and we ended -- -- and our FaceBook went and Lancaster at least eight upper big stink you look at the -- who -- -- that much it made for a well. And it. I'd only hope -- wrong side of the -- or. I never had good experiences and just that one. My kid to rule it out now wants you know I always say -- -- where I was always afraid of old boy. Our three year old and at any sport. -- that OK the players open. Even now turning on a police siren gets my juices don't you -- make. Mikey was ecstatic for paid about it -- I mean that's that's also part of why. You know when you're right. Well basically. He took a little bit of time and that made a made -- friend many young supporter. For most likely an MP navy kept them out much out of trouble for a long time because of their respect for. We value you know those four year old serial killers are becoming a rage really. All right I I know your point understood I'm just in jerk motivate for reasons that have nothing to do with you or anybody else -- Thank you I'm glad you call alright folks we're talking about the good experiences you've had with caps. Because. Frankly this week. They've been -- you know I mean look. The the specific people who did the wrong thing they're gonna get the appropriate rip -- the mayor the commission dirt on it. -- This week thousands of calls were handled by local cops and nobody got beat up in fact some people might eventually have their lives say.

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