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5-2 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How backward -- W movie show begins at 11 o'clock looking -- about -- -- a week ago Tuesday the US Supreme Court ruled that the voters have spoken in Michigan. And -- they do not want you lose affirmative action as a human race. As. It's one factor in an admission to college. In Seoul upheld the rights of the voters of saying no in a dissenting opinion which is soul. Easily refute it I can't believe it judge Judge Sotomayor said. In an unusual OK she said the initiative put minorities to a burden not faced by other college applicants and so violated the constitution's equal protection. Well does the equal protection law. I mean does that equal protection provision only apply to minorities. Because it makes it if you really think about it by allowing affirmative action it doesn't give equal protections are not minorities. Think about it like that. And it also says that indeed you're not carrying a heavier burden if you're a minority -- carrying a heavier burden if you're not a minority. Because you not only have to do better against the via the other non minorities because somebody who's doing lesser. Will will LeapFrog ahead of -- so that's nonsensical. The greater minority is on the majority stone the greater burden is on a majority sentence because they have to face a hurdle that minority students didn't have to face. In affirmative action. I guess I should go to law school if I figure I'll certainly anybody just getting -- law school configure now. Let's go to George in buffalo Georgia on WBN. Thank you very much it's economical and like to say when he integrated the mission district conflicted that. And to try to give the code name in the paper because if you give them favors is -- stated and not contribute to reach its full potential. Okay and secretly inserted in order to make a better. Toward a chair all -- to a nine. So we evolving in a look at this community to look at being injured here. Injured being hurt by this policy. -- -- the -- in the being hurt other policy is published in regard scored -- can't get in because what the -- get back here exactly. Trouble is you know. It took the ball. Speech. Policy I think in the where we -- tree line -- XT. I can -- denied inflated in the it is -- can't property because it. -- -- -- -- What about is that big -- black art. We can't we don't. Discriminate you know in -- line. The price ever have a problem is. They go by their bylaws which of course can always be challenged in court I don't care what you righted it's still has to be constitutional legal. But they're talking about sponsors are talking body image and things like that and they don't want the entire league -- it with the same brush as they -- paint the owner of the clippers. I but acrobat privacy issue is very important and that was a bypass. Went in America though do you take him -- based on his property. Without due process a billion Arctic -- rusher -- -- picked cotton from the got it got what who we are there. That's a good point it's it's harder to evict somebody from from an apartment than it was for them. -- trying to push this guy out you know. -- using longest school. And plus how about this let's -- grenade in this discussion and say what -- affirmative action was in the NBA what do you think the NBA pick -- All right thanks George thank you -- what -- affirmative action was in the NBA. And they said dollar sorry. You are great prospect. And you look really good and we know you fit in even they're coming out of school early you're in the next LeBron James. Unfortunately we've got a portal like nine. As we don't have enough like. That work. How would that or not too well. So once saw a justice -- -- Mike Myers says -- we're placing a heavier burden. On the minorities because they're not getting the advantages anymore she's got a totally wrong. This if you want a true -- Equality. A society that it has to be true equality. It can't be I want true equality but I want these special things just from me because I'm a minority. All right and equality is okay as long as I get extra stuff. And their consideration -- stuff. It's a bad and to me it doesn't make any logical sense. And -- she's sitting on the US Supreme Court the Michigan initiative known as proposal tool as a response to -- -- from ball one juror. In 082003. Supreme Court decision that at all upheld the use of race as one factor among many in law school admissions to ensure educational diversity. I remember I remember that case specifically. Because it was on sixty minutes in the suck my -- proposal two approved in 2006 by 58%. -- Michigan's voters. Amended the state constitution to prohibit discrimination. Or preferential treatment and public education. Government contract in public employment. Groups favoring affirmative action soon to block that part of a -- concerning higher education and they lost they lost in the US Supreme Court. So what is there is -- There's an expression be careful what you ask for because you might get a all right first of -- everybody. Should be able to ask for equality. But if you're already benefiting from the fact that there isn't equality. Because you have to take a step behind somebody who finished lower than you do it in the test scores because they needed another example of that minority. Is how how he treated. Are we to a slap in the face one citizen and embrace the other. I don't think so now -- one time maybe it was necessary. To get the ball rolling on affirmative action type decisions. Because there was solar skew the other way. But we've made a lot of progress as far as I can see there's a lot of laws there's a lot of good changes we've made since those a bad days bad days dark days in the early. History of our country. But now. You gotta look at today's calendar now I don't think that's necessary anymore. To ensure. That everybody gets a fair shot means everybody gets a fair shot where the are white black Hispanic woman a man does not matter. And though we don't and we don't know NC. I'm here is a letter to the editor in via USA today I understand the intention behind affirmative action but eighteen girls -- not consider themselves as part of the constitutional racist past. They wouldn't understand getting passed up for entry into a school for this principle. Solution exists for ensuring opportunity and diversity on campus we just have to figure it out race should not be a factor. In the success or failure of individuals and I agree if we are to if ought to be color blind. And way I don't Wear a mask and judged on ability attitude work ethic whatever. Then let the chips fall where -- me. If you can compete fine and if you can't compete. You can't compete but it's up to you know it's it's your decision to make and and you shouldn't have to wait around for the government to artificially. Raise you up. You should raise yourself up -- saudis have equal opportunity as far as educational opportunities there's no excuse weren't not. Having via the best schools and every school. But beyond that then it's up to you to apply yourself. Take in what you have to take and follow your dream. Make it work and not expect special handouts from the government. Will be back with more with teaching company -- -- and -- thirty W -- we're talking about the Supreme Court a week ago Tuesday. Ruled that the voters have spoken in Michigan and eliminating affirmative action. As one way to rate college applications. And so I think that's a big step forward and they said basically it's up to the states to make their own decision. The yeah the law was passed by overwhelming majority during the during the election and it was -- Other people tried to shoot down and were unsuccessful. Now what they're talking about zillow affirmative action which were well familiar with and the goal. The gall of diversity. And -- made diversity is such you know false god. It is a diversity can't be. Can be hammered and of people I think it has to be net natural. Where you you have natural. Natural tendencies to want to be women talk to other people of similar interest. You want -- you want to socialize that way with people that. That you have something in -- And a good way to do it is an unnatural setting have a common gold common project whatever. But to force it in school admissions so that you have -- and not geographically. Quantifiable way a a mixed. A classroom just for the sake of having a -- class from Antonio works now in the USA today they have the yes we need diversity. And no we don't need diversity editorials here under the need for diversity remains. Even if preferences and seemed to have diversity to me is via. Is the -- of the word mama interest in him affirmative action in this is USA today in college admissions isn't quite dead yet. But the Supreme Court quoted in the intensive care. Tuesday which -- a week ago Tuesday. Holding that it was five from Michigan voters to ban the practice of public colleges and universities five other states Arizona. California. Nebraska Oklahoma and Washington have already ended race and ethnic preferences in admissions. By voter initiative to more Florida and New Hampshire have -- by other means and flagship public schools and yet two more. Georgia and Texas also -- -- Tuesday's sixth as it was Supreme Court rolling -- son my you are and Ruth Bader Ginsburg that were in the minority on this one. Paula upheld a 2006 vote to change the Michigan constitution. It's a green light for similar voter initiatives that everywhere polls suggest that where affirmative. Action comes to a vote it's likely to lose. A survey for ABC news last year found that those 79% of whites. And 71%. Of non whites oppose consideration of race in college admissions now. The fact that 79%. Of whites think it should be ended is one thing but 71%. Of non whites. Has said that it should be ended -- that should tell you something. It tells me that if they're looking at discrimination in the face and thought that they couldn't get into. -- college. Fairly. And be on an equal playing feel with anyone who wants to go to college you wouldn't have a number like 71%. Saying it should go away. That that number would not exist. So odd that says right away by the very people. That. That the affirmative action laws were designed to help. To move up the ladder. Don't want. So that says something I think it says something about them too it says I'll come in -- out compete on my own and only the winner goes on my own. So good pretty good field those are about 7% good Leo. While the trend seems clear colleges and no less interested in finding ways to assembled diverse student bodies. That's worth solo -- where people from different backgrounds. Can learn from each other. And develop skills they'll need and a multi racial society. Like us. Owning Chris and I. There we actually blend together on the broadcast level we all come from different. Parts of -- while -- to a pretty close but I'm from Massachusetts -- a Yankee from Massachusetts you guys there are from upstate New York whatever. You and I have the same ethnicity. Quite short courses we haven't asked them nor do we care beyond us but we also have a generation separation. Yeah I know Chris is a lot of old and he's he's. Bag of rain and I'm Tony I was gonna enjoy a fine weekend at a quick look at the home. -- -- have the -- this is natural diversity we don't have a similar interest in doing a good radio show. Okay we know that criticism volatile morning news team that's a different show than this show and broadcasting as our common threat. And because of that the other differences in how we were raised -- where we've worked there or how many kids we have really mattered as. It really does because it doesn't get in the way of anything that's the point once you start trying to force that it's it's not the same thing. So he says that that it -- these skills by. By media by using the broad diversity as a fulcrum and I'm thinking and that's -- now it really isn't. The other view. By Merriam Hubbard. Is the principal attorney for the Pacific legal foundation. Which supported the law. Two years ago a federal appeals court held at Michigan voters violated equal rights principles Monday. They banned race based preferences. By the state say again a mandate for equal protection conflicted with the federal equal protection -- -- On Tuesday. The Supreme Court did this did -- service. Four because of fairness and logic. By reversing the sixth circuit self contradictory -- and up telling Michigan civil rights initiative. Known as proposal to it it was 62 decision. So there it is in the real world. We understand that it wasn't it in the affirmative action. As soda my -- set in her and her -- brief that it -- now a higher burden. On many minority. Now -- puts the same burden on the minority as the non minority. Ali Jeter's one when affirmative action was used as -- as one deciding factor. The real burden was on and I was on the non. Minority students. Because they had do they have the jump higher and faster because there would be people placed ahead of them. For no good reason except. Divert except affirmative action and that's not right. I think if we start at a level playing field with the elementary education. And everybody's given the same opportunity with good quality teachers and whatever else you need to get the job done then it's up to your application. It's up to New York consciousness of what kind of vote an adult you wanna be what kind of family won a race and and you bring in your own upbringing. And and you tried to work from that. But it's not up to the government. To say look you didn't work as -- -- -- else but don't worry because you're a minority. And so we're gonna move you up okay that's not right by anybody what I -- a cop I want the best cop show. If my house is burning heaven help me but if it is I want the best firemen -- Alive by you know from operating a machine I want them person to train me who knows how to teach me how to operate the machines they want the best people. OK I don't want preferred people because of minority status. I want the best of the best happens to be news like that slide happens to be a minority that's fine native American that's -- I'm Carol what is the big into the job. Does it get fairer than that the answer is no we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo and call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Or. Tobacco Beijing governor this isn't the easiest subject to discuss because people look I don't wanna say the wrong thing inadvertently. Say something that might. You know seem. But it means something else so when they do they kind of back often and just listen but they they're not active participants. But the bottom line I think -- is if you're Cumberland at heart you have. A good view of what this is all about that I think we should be able to talk about it properly. As we said at beginning of a show -- affirmative action is artificial. Diversity is really artificial. And soul of the theory of let's go let's screw somebody today in exchange for people we've screwed in the past at -- doesn't make sense to me maybe at one time it was necessary to get the ball rolling. But I don't think it's necessary now and of the big. A diversity just by numerical diversity what the hell does that accomplish. Okay we've got a population at 17%. Of black -- numbers of course all the numbers off the top money and so the students should be seven -- we've got 8% Asian we have a percentage and -- idea present one good do we have any native Americans well okay a native American enough okay good now we have a diverse classroom. I held that does. You think after after class a walker -- all your native American -- an interest in that I'm an agent why don't we sit and have copies on its. Work that way. It works on a natural basis only. You get to talking about somebody about a common interest you appreciate their sense of humor. That that's the way it works you have a common goal. Maybe a meat on the bus or are somewhere but it has to be -- it if it's forced it's not going to work I can just tell you that and I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that the -- the biggest difference that -- it's trying get the races together is the lack of knowledge we really have. About the other ethnicities in the other races. We always mention this when we're talking about religion. Because I think it's impossible to be an expert in multi multi religions because there's so complex and and -- in depth. But chances are you're Catholic. You know much about presbyterian. As Sergio we don't know much about baptists. I mean everybody has their own area. And that's what you learn and that's which you've studied. In that your basis now you might have a curiosity. And somebody else and is that the way it works and that's that's the good waited. The way to do that is not to say well you've got a hell of a percentage of friends who were other. A religions just as you shouldn't have a percentage of students that are other ethnicities just to fill a quota. And that's that's my point. So they do they say it is a living in this. Preaching diversity but in the real world diversity doesn't work unless it's natural it really truly doesn't and it's almost. Like this when you're doing and he had a trial. On something whether it's the latest the drug that they wanna bring the market or whatever you're really a Guinea pig if you're in India. In one of those the clinical trials but -- for good reason because if it works on you or doesn't work on you other people can benefit from it. And that's the beauty of being in a clinical trial might help you might help others. Now some will get -- placebos and stumbled at the real deal. And so it'll be a blind test and and this benefits society but just -- grouping people together. Is a different ballgame just putting people together because of their upbringing in the color of their skin. Their ethnicity doesn't that doesn't do it there has to be an appreciation and understanding of somebody else's culture how many times we've heard that. We've heard that well you don't understand the culture. And there's something that is soul out of bounds and our minds we don't understand how any culture could embrace. So we don't understand and what does that do. It it kind of builds a bigger golf between the races. Went into our goal should be to bring them together and maybe explain why I don't understand this. -- is not part of my culture at all explain to me let let's talk about Obama smoke. Then that's fine and then maybe you'll have an appreciation maybe he'll have an understanding it and have before because you -- isn't subject to. So when they talk about diversity which is the -- -- -- college admissions. We hear about -- -- all the time I wanna know truly. How it works. And if it works is I don't make it does I really don't. I think that diversity is in your mind diversity is in your heart. Diversity is an effect do you wanna spend time with -- -- person and trying to learn more about what their life is like or you don't. And most people would stay within their comfort zone. As well as we said at the even in the animal kingdom the birds don't don't around the kangaroo as I mean just birds -- where birds and -- resort to anger as a precious oil works. And it's the same with -- us. If you're technically minded chances are your friends -- technically minded if you're rodeo rider chances are your friends were in the rodeo. That's just the way it works and there's nothing wrong -- that. Certainly an exposure. To other things as it has to be a natural curiosity. Not a government mandate. That's worth putting in the -- does say that right there have been engraved in stone will be back with mark -- beach and company under his right and I'm thirty WB. Keep in mind and this is another story this -- Richard -- of the information before was the New York Times. It's as the court decision doesn't jeopardize the wide use of racial preferences and many of the 42 states without -- They were upheld those subjected to increased scrutiny in the high -- -- ruling involving the University of Texas. So none of us a -- discrimination. Certainly. But isn't affirmative action just a form of of discrimination. On the mirror side of to me it is where when you favor one thing over the other and that's essentially what. Affirmative action is it's discriminating against the one you're not favor. There's no other way to view let's go to bill in north Buffalo Bill here on WB yeah. I -- a parallel course for housing discrimination. -- landlord in buffalo. And to combat a problem of ripper and people in Allentown area hanging around in front -- -- -- -- and beating up the neighbors. The city overcame. The limitations. Where the landlord couldn't and force. Against troublesome people for example pro. And -- -- in the new created a plan so alcoholism. So this video -- came display we've -- And exempting the landlords -- landlord to -- rentals and sheered apart. 2006. And it opened the door to what amounted to be free speech. Because all of the discrimination. Limitations in the city of buffalo. It would normally be down -- are exempt. Indian landlord to remain quarter total. Which means if someone called me up to rent rooms in a four bedroom apartment I've got freedom of speech -- Yeah every time I've talked to a landlord in the past. They say how difficult it is to -- get good tenants and -- to get rid of bad tenants and puts them at a real disadvantage that they shouldn't be put. Right but unfortunately for me. The housing opportunities made equal decided they didn't like the fair housing laws of the city of buffalo. So they created a case against me and took it to. One of the only agencies and any of the fifty states. Bill is found only in New York State open New York State division of human rights. Put a majority of that agent these cases are labor related. But they also do housing discrimination and they count against me. Even though I'm exempt from those discrimination. And I appealed it. To Erie county and two new York state courts after appealed to a division of human rights commissioner. So unstoppable now with the judgment against me. 30000 dollars more interest it's up to thirty grants. What was their complaint. That prevailed against. They taped sound and I was guilty of routine housing discrimination they charged me with everything except Rachel. They said that because my web sites that use the words. Clean quiet working adults -- -- looking for -- to actually put. What's wrong -- -- That it quieted. It even though Powell although buffalo lost. The argument about peace and quiet isn't about them leader back in 1982. In the court case this that the quietly discriminatory against children. Working its discriminatory against -- sources which -- in the discrimination in the city but. I'm exempt from it under this provision of. Buffalo's fair housing law and nobody is listening outside the city to be careful because. And that confrontation that you and I are having doesn't apply and -- in the country. And I founded in subsequent hunting through Google scholar looking for you know some support. The only support they're excited because they're hard to this case itself. It is all over the Internet -- find cases where. Roommates. Dot com -- played at a California one in typical court against the state of California housing agencies that to them. And they have freedom of speech and her website which is a -- web site. If you have to write that check cool as a payable to load is via. Who does the money go to. That's the good questions and New York State and wanted to he would. Attorneys. With about two million dollars in attorney subsidies to fight discrimination. I was kind of looking forward to a favorable decision. In the administrative court. The New York State division of human rights basically depend on the table. It's me high school graduate arguing against you know a bunch of lawyers. So. I thought I hit. Some advantage. Under. Proceed by its ubiquity of some slack in the way -- -- on the timeliness to which you file. Unfortunately the New York State Court of Appeals decided that. Because they didn't file in a timely manner that was one to three days -- That they're not gonna hear it case because I didn't -- timely manner and Natalie got to go to bubble of federal court and argue this out. So the question to you this do you think that the roommate. Should have freedom of speech when there in this year department would probably landlord. And it's hello. Which every turn around here would just about the publisher of the. Well I care first all I have sympathy for you because what you're trying to do is provide a good environment for somebody to -- -- -- you don't even know yet. And you're trying to reach out to demonstrate this is a place you'll be comfortable and at the kind of environment you'll like and you got penalized for that I mean if you if you wrote it the other way. If people would be outraged. But you tried to do the right thing in many times and so unfortunately ago. Try and do the right thing and it's not right by the courts are not right by buys Avaya lawyers' groups put. I wish I had an answer for you good luck to him in the appeal process I hope you prevail thank you. Wild at that that's really tough. I would never ever. -- and -- and I'll tell realized. Because I learned I learned -- from shows that I've done about being a landlord it's tough when you try and do the right thing he gets screwed half the time. I have a friend that's in the media. They've bought a house for an investment. And he said of the house needed. Needed improvements so he went in there and had it fixed up. With materials and improvements as if he were moving in there. If that's how naive view everything was the way he's doing if it was his house while he owned it but he's in love there obviously. He said and he was very careful in doing the best he could do to to feel comfortable about was governor. Within six months it was totally trashed. -- trash. I don't get that I just don't get that. Why you trash a perfectly fine place where you live why would you follow your own nest. See that -- of those kind of things that are hard. To digest. Why somebody would do that how many times have we heard. Windows and when asked about certain things needed to be done where a person lives -- is -- -- they don't do that because their only renters. So what they're only runners legacy and I'm not putting in a new furnace or something like that but if if if the room needed a coat of paint Orton political campaign. If the Rodney declare anyone ran a rugged -- See when I get that I just don't get that and here's a -- are we just not true. Whom -- by his very nature of the heavy put in was trying to provide a nice clean environment. There would be comfortable -- event and he got slapped. So that that's -- one of the reasons I would just not do I would not do it always seems like a good idea. I'm getting a double and then had rented out but unless -- your relatives unless you know them intimately. You get the kind of -- sometimes that you wish you would never open the door and doctoral. And so unfortunately. They would say that he's up to 30000 dollars -- -- Which routed to a radio on form because it satellite or a really decent guy try to do a decent thing and get slapped. By New York State as we usually do OK the movie -- show is next was -- Bob. Bob and I grew up in diverse atmosphere. He grew up -- Clarence and I drove us out of Boston but we're still. Friends and able to do the job you know why because we have diversity in the movie show we'll be back after this.

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