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5-2 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello is region company and I'm sandy -- and today it's Friday we -- Friday for a lot of reasons as the movie show at 11 o'clock don't miss that will tell you what's going on. I think there's a movie opening today that might make a few dollars. Golf Spiderman I'm not really sure about that about what will check with some Obama when he shows up. It ought to talk about today. There -- coming out of Friday. -- -- -- -- The show was something I actually should have done yesterday. But -- we're going to today I wanna say goodbye and all the best log to Linda Lucas. The focus though you may know her husband rob -- -- And worked in the front office at a very important job for a long time. And not only wish you great at that -- great person. Very very nice person to be around. And -- a superlative job and is is moving -- so yesterday was their last day. So went down there and I wasn't even tempered by the cake -- the most from -- about that. I had a piece this morning but really sad to see good people ago like earlier. But we wish her all the best in the future. In the lucas' she's was here as long as I can remember a twentysomething when he I think when it for years and yet she was here before I started not -- your -- two years now when I started at -- old school. Is she and rob locus of course rob worked with me 102. That's when they started going out. And strangely enough. At the same time not exactly the same time but the same set of circumstances. That's when Tim Weiner and Susan Ross started going -- I think we have fraternization going on in the in the building. And they both ended -- getting married. But. Lucas -- you know good guy. And I he did very well he married. He married well let's put up. A bit like the -- that she -- she's in my category of tall. I don't have a lot of people in that category but if you get into that category it doesn't get any better than that for me aren't so -- two -- in the are let's say what else is going on as a few things are going on that we should we should take care of first of all. This isn't Tuesday every once in awhile I like to see different festivals and things that are going on might be worth a driving down there to check it out to -- In Conway Arkansas. Organize organizers of the annual toad suck days. Festival it's the toad suck days festival now keep in mind. I know that the French used to collect frogs I guess they had some kind of elusive Janica factor somebody I. Wanna handle fraud. 'cause I remember when I was a kid I've learned that if you have a fraud you get -- right -- -- that think about getting. To toting your hand and and licking it is beyond a good time for me I'm -- are not into that. But apparently have a whole festival organizers of the annual toad suck days festival. Say they'll have areas for my of people would donate money to the victims of a tornado that was in Arkansas recently. The 33. Annual toad suck days festival begins today up. She's. -- there -- known by the time I get an airplane and find out where Conway Arkansas is. That you bring your own road to their rent. I and what's the difference between sucking -- -- and licking at -- Either guy's got an idea that one non nationals wanted. It always -- -- -- one of their legs and I really should -- -- -- -- toting your mouth. These are toad suck days and it's DAZ to be cute it's okay. I I consider how your liquor Georgia -- -- Like that. That's good to note it's Friday and I don't grow. But the French do they really do if some hose and -- Janet kind of deal makes you feel good. At at and I don't mean to replace women but it's a story. Are right let's young -- -- this -- from the cameras police blotter. As you know -- doesn't have a lot of crime but what they do have can be dastardly they commit early to governor as an example. On -- our resident reported. That an unknown person stole shrubs from their property. The residents said he returned to find his shrubs -- tell you somebody they can take your car. OK today can take your jewelry okay about when they steal your bush. Then you've got a problem and are talking about you don't go on just replace it with -- another bush. George Bush. They take Jeb Bush decided to take Jeb Bush in and I'd take that Jeb Bush and take away from India political -- but anyway. Would go on to a yard and actually dig up a bush yeah that's common is really yes there was a lot at the Guam. Maybe you have to have your bush wired go for a for security purposes would you put a camera on your bush. Code I think that that might work because then it would say who has those taking the -- there -- pushed right and we can have that is actually an amorous. Especially young Klein wrote a very nice neighborhood so that's going on there now -- talking about. We talk about this stuff all the time and I have to remind you when it happens that we do talk about it all the time. A buffalo man. Was a -- with vehicular assault and other charges. We 'cause he was drunk driving. He critically injured his passenger. After he sped away from the police and crashed into a house on the east side. The buffalo man has had 24. Suspensions. Of his driver's license one twice they should take it and -- ready yet. Along with any car keys he might happen to have. Anthony Watson 36 remember that name -- -- ball ride with them. Pled guilty in the felony assault charge as well as aggravated VW line. The passenger Walter Billy Jackson suffered massive head injuries and bleeding on the brain. He's listed in serious condition in the intense intensive care unit. Of these EMC. Now they also got him with a bail jumping charge. Was tied do his failure sharply last year for arraignment in another DW light DW I case after his arrest at a release are going nine before on the Kensington. OK this guy is a man yes. Now I don't know what judge is gonna end up -- this case. But I hope that they look and see what kind of a menace this guy is on the highway there's knows no earthly reason that anybody should get away with 24. License suspensions but that's that's the way and it's we we tell you about that old time. All right. A former -- is going to take things into his own hands and I think his neighbors are happy about it a former marine and Medford Oregon whose home was hit by a bullet. In a drive by shooting Saturday has decided to take care of himself. He's armed himself. -- -- is patrolling the neighborhood he is armed with a military style rifle which is probably an -- fifteen and a 45 caliber handgun. So you wanna mess with this guy I think -- -- on the wrong -- at -- has seen the video on this. I did not hear the audio -- I saw the video and in the audio part was a -- explain it on line. A guy goes and hold office nor -- either to say this when he goes and a hold of a store. And the owner sees what's going on there's a clerk behind the economy the owner sees what's going on. He goes over to the guy is gonna hold up the star. And says you better get out of here which is OK that's fair and right when the guy do. The guy clock the owner with a right hand in the face guess why the owners special forces with special training. He knocked that you know why not a bomb it was such a wonderful moment. Is such a grip because the guy sucker punch them. Little did he realize he sucker punched the wrong guy I saw video to watch a -- posted last remarkable as -- like to see those happy endings like us. I with the regularly backwards more or beach and company under his radio I'm thirty except Friday. On WB one -- a module. Are you just heard of Brando lacy on the early morning nose and she starts a new show. On Medicaid be at fifteen when he is called ESPN fifteenth when he on Sunday from 1030 to eleven and guess what it's about. Okay -- -- absolutely right. As she does the food blog NW BM dot com and should be on 1030 to eleven on Sunday mornings at 1520. I should be talking with a restaurant tourism industry updates trans gossip including ten minute interview segments. And maybe your restaurant you go to or restaurant you'd like -- ago and should give him the buffalo perks up -- If you wanna contact -- directly with the ideas for people you might like interviewed 8430651. So that is that allows the exciting hockey here Chris that that Boston Montreal games honored -- real nail -- Yeah and -- -- always up to nothing going into the third the Bruins scored three times in the third period their third goal tied it at -- you'd think they would have the momentum going in overtime. But -- first overtime dolphin about 45 minutes -- the -- one Montreal got a power play they quickly scored on a bought what they -- member. There's a double thanks much Charles played well against Boston this year they've beat them I think four or five times. But Boston lost the first game of their last series and they won four straight okay so why something I'll get -- to Boston so good and I can't see them. Being down for long but I would say that they were. Most likely need to win game dude ever so that would. 'cause there's never any time you can be away from the game the action is so fast that it you have to go to the bathroom economist something especially in overtime they don't take commercial breaks and overtime to honor their their -- used up corporate a couple of periods so it's like watching Olympic hockey when you get the -- -- aren't you playing poppy red -- what do you think has seen on -- got a couple of you know ought to get up I actually have seen that a lot why that was I just that joke up in my in my head but they actually have there was a show. We of the top ten weirdest commercials of things that are actually for sale OK and one of them is exactly as I said. If you're going it's not a bad -- If you're if you're going to an athletic events they're going down to the Ralph okay to watch a game. You put a cap that are -- And it who and you strap on the inside your leg and so you don't have to ago I had an actual commercial. What's the -- can't -- be in the parking lot like everybody else -- -- -- rally at the but some of those things Tony is the he got the man of the year award from as seen on TV. You've ordered Morrissey on TV stuff than anybody know a few things you -- in the Austin probe yeah these ninety yes OK in. Get media Disneyland waffle iron no I -- all of you missed -- -- -- TV or is. Sell so lots of things to talk about today. And it is day of Friday one of the things we're talking about a week could've talked about within the last week would do without much a problem but I wanted to talk about it today. Because it's an important issue. And it's something the reason that it struck me that it's -- do it today is because of what was going on with the clippers. Of the Los Angeles Clippers and of course their owner Donald Sterling there. There. Trying to get him out of there right now that's not specifically what ordinance are gonna talk about one word. Diversity. Because that word came up on many times during the O'Donnell sewing thing. -- my feeling is diversity. Only works if it's natural. And how how -- diversity natural. Well maybe there's a project that you're working on. That is attractive to people. About the races about our other ethnicity and you're working on a common projects that you have a common bond a common language. And then you get to know other people and natural -- diversity. That's force is phony. Is absolutely phony it's one of those issues that is so fake I can't believe it because it doesn't happen. Anywhere else in our lives and it doesn't help even happen in nature. All right if you go to a social event for instance diversity is about mixing different cultures and whatever. And learning from each other on paper it sounds fine president. If that doesn't work. Our go to any social event I always use our Christmas party here at Entercom which is usually in July or August the women get the best rate. But -- if you go to the Christmas party here's what you'll see you'll see all the engineers together. You'll see all the salespeople together. You'll see the on the -- people together. You'll see the management people. If the -- building together I mean this is so birds of a feather flock together they don't naturally mix. We -- more in the -- place like right now. Then we do it then you do it any other. In heavy of a setting but it's a natural mixed. We have something common where trying to run a radio station or we're trying to -- television station things like that okay that's where but he. Natural diversity comes in but artificial diversity set asides affirmative action just doesn't work. And it doesn't work in nature you see the Robbins hanging around with a kangaroo as well it doesn't work that way. It videos species usually a feel comfortable and stay within their own group. The birds hang out with a birds and even that's a subgroup the robins don't hang out with the seagulls they just don't. On the singles are nice people I had him over for dinner once they're very nice. But so the bottom line is when you try to force diversity and do it by the numbers it doesn't work. Show me an example where does when it's natural that market could be very beneficial. But when -- that was set asides in percentages. You lose me right there so we're gonna talk about affirmative action on the Supreme Court rules. A week ago Tuesday I was an important ruling we'll get to award come back under his -- -- thirty we are WB yes. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on WDE. And you're -- somebody can tell me -- that commercial was well before Michael Savage is Romo I'd be interested in the hole. And clever get through clever people don't know what the hell you're selling that doesn't work too well. It is a -- governor -- sandy beach you were talking about. The affirmative action ruling. In Michigan it's the US Supreme Court ruling but it involved Michigan and the bottom line is is what they said was. It and they'll leave it to the voters of individual states as to whether affirmative action. Can be ghost and the reason the Supreme Court for admissions to college and things like that. The reason -- Supreme Court about it is that it went to a vote with the voters of Michigan and they they outlawed it. And solely Supreme Court upheld their -- their decision that they they have the right to do that. And so that's that's the that that's the place were starting -- The the affirmative action thing is. The senate sides I've never been in favor of that I don't believe you. You try to correct the past wrong with the current wrong and usually people who are wrong if there were tests involved in -- had a take -- lower scored person because you needed. To fill a quota. The people got passed over one on happy as as they can understand that but whenever I see the word diversity. It makes me wanna gag. And I'll tell -- The concept of diversity is fine. But the implementation. Of it just doesn't work the way we're trying to do it now -- trying to pound that square peg into the round hole. As I said diversity it would work if it's natural. If if there's a commonality between various ethnicities and races. And they have a common goals or interest or whatever and suddenly you're seeing something with a person of a different nationality or ethnicity. Then you're used to and gives you an insight as to them and they get an inside -- you know that's the way it works because if you think about it. The differences between. The races and the ethnicities and whatever is that each one has their own history. And they have their own values system. Each one has their own method of doing things. And they they have added a different taste in fool. -- worship services. Almost anything as you as -- life and you build your own personal portfolio. And you do that -- of what you are brought up. If you're brought up as a presbyterian chances are your kids going to be a presbyterian. -- and so that's that's what you build your value system on. You don't know anybody else's because you didn't grow up with them. All right and because of that sometimes in this is the key. So some races don't understand. The value system. War or the culture of another race. And until you -- until you can kind of assess that and say oh okay and and looked at it like that. Just putting people together isn't gonna do it is not osmosis. And I you know it's not just come flying out of your -- It is indeed something has to be done naturally. But that everything is done either in this society now for the children or for diversity. If you think about force diversity are giving a good example of what doesn't work about -- Who who thinks that busing has worked nobody. Nobody. People would rather go to their neighborhood schools the key wasn't to send the kid to a better school. That was a real key was that have a better school where advocate. I mean that's that's pretty easy to figure out but yet it's taken us a long time we get this far and as I said it doesn't work in nature. Animals of the same feather. I'm home. A flock together it just doesn't work that way. They have but if you try and force that it gets even worse edit it creates more animosity. Because somebody. Whom could have been a perfect success under any circumstances. Suddenly people and it another group that got left behind her didn't get that position. Immediately suspect that. If this person weren't of that ethnicity they wouldn't have gotten that when indeed that might not be true they might have been the best person ever to do that job. So until as an understanding. Until there's a blending of of -- thought processes. I don't I don't see the race is coming together anytime soon. Because -- -- that neither -- has not more than two obviously but what's really love neither Clinton and they're at one. Any. Any of the groups I'm talking about really don't have an understanding of the other groups. And it's you do you don't have to buy into at least you have to understand why people do certain things. Even church services why is that some church services average solemn. -- we're talking outside of funerals. As a regular church this week great summer very solemn. Some are very upbeat what music and and and though laughter in all. -- totally different. In do you understand somebody who goes to a different church service and you do you've never been. And probably to a church service like that so and to get to that point. Where we say okay. I wasn't. I didn't see it growing up idea I don't see it now but I'm learning about it. And I can I can understand this I understand that I'm still not sure about that went over there. To get that point there's not be diversity -- force and force diversity is not the answer. So we come back I'll explain the Michigan ruling from the Supreme Court and we'll talk about the basic questions are affirmative action. I just don't think that does anybody any favors and diversity. To -- diversity as a joke unless it's natural will be back with more news radio 930 WB. I have a New York Times story in front of me talking about what we're talking about strangely enough. And these Supreme Court a week ago Tuesday. Upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans affirmative action. In missions to the State's public universities. It was a 62 ruling effectively endorsed similar measures in seven other states. And many encourage additional measures banning the use of race in admissions states that forbid affirmative action in admissions. As well as Michigan have seen a significant drop in the enrollment of black and Hispanic students in their most selective colleges and universities. So what you found is that. As they dropped as they dropped. Affirmative action. The minority enrollment dropped to which it's which is too bad it's it's sad because. That. That really shouldn't happen. But artificially. Keeping it at a different level isn't right either and I'll tell you something. If I were a minority. And I them six foot four bald that -- trolls but if I were minority I want one affirmative action. I would not want it you know why. -- think about this before got a knee jerk reaction. If you are firm believer of affirmative action what you're saying -- I can't compete. I can't compete on level playing field. Now you can use an excuse of I can't compete because I was subjected to a sub par educational opportunities. You can like I guess you could say that. And you might have some some truth in that but basically the big messages I can't compete without the help. And if I'm going into college. I got my life in front -- -- economic I'm excited about it and I have confidence in myself. Automate and in my -- I don't wanna set aside. So. I'm not sure if I were a minority that I wonder well I sure wouldn't want into that right now. In five opinions spanning more than a hundred pages. The base they sent out conflicting views the justices in the majority were varying degrees of vehemence. Said that policies affecting minorities that do not involve intentional discrimination. Should ordinarily be decided of the ballot box rather -- at the courtroom. Well I agree with that if it's intentional discrimination that's that has to be stopped obviously. I believe I believe in equality. And if you believe in equality you believe in just -- I believe in a free marketplace which is version of the equality. I believe you get in there and compete. And the best person is the best person in the next the best person is the next best person as far as accomplishments and things like that. Without any artificial. Changes. The justice Sonia Sotomayor. In the longest and most significant -- descent -- career said the constitution requires special vigilance in light of the history of slavery Jim Crow. Jim Crow of the -- ruling. Was that -- slaves were property. And that's -- that's a landmark. Ruling -- dark day. -- when it happened in America but that was the gym program. In recent examples of discriminatory changes to state voting laws Anthony Kennedy. In three justices took pains to say their decision was a modest one this case is not about how the debate about racial preferences should be resolved. He wrote he was joined by Justice Roberts and Alito it's all about. Whom a resolve it. There's no authority in the constitution of the United States or in the courts. Precedents in the judiciary to set aside Michigan laws -- commit this policy. Determined by the voters so what they say it is the voters' roll. The vote and that's good to hear that from the Supreme Court the voters now. The voters are always rule I mean you -- pass something that it turns out to be unconstitutional but in this case. These justices say it's it's not unconstitutional. And the voters should have a say. Some one else. Sotomayor also said the initiative put minorities to the burden not faced by other college applicants OK why. -- explain that. What minorities to the burden not faced by other college applicants. No I think she's got that wrong I think it's backwards I think it puts other other college applicants to a burden not faced by minorities. If if if by affirmative action is in place. I firmly believe that it puts non minorities. At a heavier burden than minorities. About it it's you know it's like. A car race you get a car hundred yards a start. Who who has the burden not the car of a hundred yards start of one sort back in the pack. So I don't I -- that I think that's easily this. The constitution does not protect racial minorities from political defeat she wrote but neither does -- give the majority freer -- to erect. Selective barriers against racial minorities now. Let's be intellectual about this because you don't get a favor. Is that really against you. Know. Author is above and beyond and favors affirmative action as far as -- it's amusing the simplest terms like camp because I'm a simple guy. But yeah -- a big favor. Is when you get something extra. So I don't think that putting everybody on a level playing field. Is wrong and apparently neither did the justices. So on in my yours seem to mark one of Robert's -- memorable lines in the 2007 decision that limited the use of race in public school systems. He wrote the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race which is exactly. Right. It is exactly right. She recast the line the way to stop discrimination on basis of race. Is to speak openly and candidly on the subject of race and to apply the constitution with -- eyes opened to the unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination. So there. That's of the bottom line on her -- her opinion. Is because. Wrongs were done in the past we should commit wrong now to try and offset the previous wrong. I mean that's that's where she's. -- -- You know you gotta pick your places. To argue and you gotta pick your places to fight. What better place to pick to argue then I want everybody treated the same way. Does -- no better argument. But once you say well I want everybody treated the same way except this -- over here because years ago they had they had problems and they didn't have the advantage of the rest of the group that so I want everybody the same way except them. Right and if I said if you are minority. And you're thinking about. Affirmative action. What that says and and I'm sure you come to this conclusion is I can't compete. Because I need special. Help or special favors in order to do the job that others don't need special favors for now if you turn it around. And you say to our group you know a -- you can't compete. All the forward fly there it would be the end of days as far as we now. So you can't say that. But isn't that what it is now there may be a reason for and if there is a reason for that reason should be corrected and I think a legitimate reason in the past has been. -- less -- the best educational opportunities. But my feeling is put the money and there yet what has to be done make sure the best opportunities for everybody can't argue with it. You can't argue with that so if you need special favors. And you don't get special favors I don't think that puts a heavier burden on you the only burden of puts on you is that you were given favoritism in the past -- -- expected in the future. That's that the per -- with the burden. The burden is on the other students who don't get the set -- who don't get to do something their less qualified to do than other people that's the burden. So. So on in my view -- my hair is way off on this one. And believe me she's Supreme Court justice on a talk show host I shouldn't be able to spot this this early so it's a little simplistic even from me. And so I wanna hear from you whether you're a believer in affirmative action and the big word the big. Diversity. 'cause don't you know if we're all hang around together the world will be better will understand each other single by -- have a bonfire -- like a marshmallow. That's the way of -- Except in the real world doesn't quite work like that will be back -- more would be each and company.

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