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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>140th Kentuck Derby Saturday - Preview With Todd Haight

140th Kentuck Derby Saturday - Preview With Todd Haight

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kentucky Derby tomorrow of the bigger -- the -- everyone -- for an American every year let's talk about it our guest on the live line is top hate. General manager of live -- in Batavia downs. It's not good morning thank you for joining us. And right now the betting favorite for the Kentucky Derby is sound I mean the winner California chrome. But that's not usually good omen for the first leg of the Triple Crown isn't. Now the favorite is not done well in the Kentucky Derby although in the last five years with favorites won twice last year or with the favored. He was at 5210. Look like California chrome is gonna -- -- to -- the two were total one which would make him the -- -- in the derby since 2008. When big brow was successful. Time what did her horses that are behind California chrome is the favorites. Well over the course that I actually like. Who have been with the eleven opportunity he's correct he murders whatever work out the other day itself. -- that there are a lot of people are probably his number twenty with its strong he's got the drop on the -- the one of course winning proposed one we will not be an easy assignment but. Again big brown did it in 2008. Another horse that is taking a lot of attention to clinical worsening. Dancer named after the actor Tony Danza is not without dropping eight the -- coming off -- huge upset win and Arkansas I wanted out of 41 the one he won't be at 411 on Saturday. Twenty horses on the field know that many horses -- better to break out earlier bills lose track favorite courses that. Come on strong of the to finish. Well John it's been all the president on the front runner during the race -- this single piece makes the race and this year there appeared to be a cluster of front running horses. So I think we're gonna have to go back to last year when the top four finishes early in the race worked well. Sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth but the front -- of collapse. The closer came out and I think again this year you're gonna have that same scenario or horses from the back -- the -- -- gonna make. Strongly runs John and both horses just -- the be all weeklong. What's the weather like tomorrow in Louisville that there's no way that nation this -- -- -- such pouring rain everywhere is this going to be wet track. The other thing I know what they're saying it's going to be cool temperatures in the sixty -- you know more vote -- -- can be well in the eighties but. Not on Saturday it's going to be a cool bailout that's important it when you look at the horses in the port sprayed after seeing that -- -- sweating a little bit. Cool temperature that's normally a very bad -- he might wanna pay attention to your horses in the post parade on Saturday. What as the average among among new -- the average American -- on the Kentucky Derby. Well -- -- western OTP week average about twenty dollars a person on the derby will take in about two million dollars. Well actually paid back about one point eight million dollars in winning tickets and last year one lucky you'll be patron won over 26000. Dollars -- -- twenty dollar -- out it's our biggest day of the year. And that's a great opportunity twenty horse field and make money. What's the biggest mistake had that bettors make on the derby. I think they try to get to do its part China come -- -- -- -- to backdoor -- fact that you know we rate the Batavia downs you know I urge people to plagiarize we have a horse races sometimes seven portrayed as. Not that difficult to come up with a trifecta or to perfect the body that's what -- -- field. My god it's almost impossible not to remember a couple of years ago trifecta paid on May in the earth to perfect the paid a million dollar so certainly feel like -- -- You're gonna get paid but I recommend. People spend twenty dollars -- five horses. Play a one dollar check the box you get 25% of the field -- after the fact that they over 900 dollars and you're certainly gonna win enough money and you're not gonna get hurt it's going to be a lot of fun. And you do typical with the right by or. Which harsh do you think do you hope to across the finish line for us tomorrow. Well I'm actually hoping the favorite wins. Because it's really great story number five California called the -- arch permanently with the exercise rider swaps back in 1955. He's been in the game the whole life. And if he wins with California -- to become the oldest trainer ever. When the Kentucky Derby currently Charlie Willingham legendary thoroughbred trainer 761889. Derby. Hopefully archer what can become the oldest trade -- -- think would be a great story for corroborate that I got to play a job. If California chrome wins the derby I think he's the mortal lock in the preakness that's for sure it's -- rate for the provisional by -- 62 amount we'll see what happens in two weeks where and a few weeks but we haven't had a Triple Crown winner since 1978. And with seven of the top. Horses on the shelf due to injury this field has come up very easy for California chrome just could this be the here. You -- and Carlos and a lot to think about Todd thanks for joining us. More -- -- -- general manager of live racing at Batavia downs.

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