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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Grass Growing Class - Menne Nursery's Gary Sokolowski

Grass Growing Class - Menne Nursery's Gary Sokolowski

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about those. Products that we Osce as seen on TV -- stuff that we can't live without. Or so we're told. And one of them that's being heavily promoted right now his grandson elegy perfect grass seed let's talk about it Gary cycle ASCII is with us. On the WBM lifeline is the owner of many nursery Gary thanks to heavy damage at this morning thanks for the time. Have you -- this. -- To protect. Her keep it there but what anybody really think coming can really be a perfect proceed. What happened is we've -- -- he could -- sources are preferred seat to a local hit Bryant was actually in your -- that are doing declares. And we by scout which is a miracle I feel it this scratched and adopt almost claims -- we'd be -- I I need a proven winner. Before it Sony think I we have to do research nature works. Because the worst thing in the world is a promise Ali's staying. So because -- and I -- blown call in the morning. Saying everything but score but. So our guy I -- you know -- -- -- but I know what I'm not -- You know earlier we talked with the of the market in chief from as seen on TV he told us every product they market. Has to work there cannot be any deception now when it comes to grass. Doesn't grow fast. How do you test something like that we just got to take time watching grass grow. Intently which you reduce you you would see party's long and in elect -- doesn't -- -- and -- couple times. Ending -- -- garden and make as our secret tree -- years. You know power is to litter it it's really affected by it's normal it's -- -- -- after they were changed our tradition there. I mean you really have to test that I mean in my log I liberator treats. I have a pancreas on and that's probably the highest rate just wanted to hear that -- -- -- angry. And I would never put it into somebody's house is it's extremely extremely high maintenance. So -- be tested I mean I think claim -- east and but. I consider that it was their good we piece on it. And it put a lot more business out of business what. At this you know because it would be perfectly controlled it wouldn't would grow you know really scientists would stay at a certain line according to the package. -- -- -- Well you usually you'll recall courts would want this stuff right now and worse every city -- And here and now it's it's you know it's it's too good to be true this really true. About this -- right now as an adult. I -- -- -- -- -- -- attracted -- guy again. Manager Robert sales marketing and sudden impact that's about here what happens. Okay you know but. As getting that perfect line at lash line. And this is something that everybody wants is -- every year. Yeah you need is solid if you have. Actually towers and so on your content water fertilized cut water fertilized cut water per let's cut actually tomorrow. They're -- you can't really -- I am getting an outdoor clash. -- not much spring cleanup and I'll be also be talking about how to meet in your blog. In this not a class you may actually yeah outside my -- -- evaluate kickers I attacked Richard I used to trapped under were much better current tech products should use -- this time here so to totally he has done. The rain or shine 10 o'clock mark for a morning he can't colander and sign up because it's so limited it's pretty well would surely -- to do it. Take that sounds good theory thanks for joining us this morning thanks for him in the front lines are we'll talk to sit on. That's Gary -- alas he's the owner of many nursery.

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