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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Discussing the Popularity of "As Seen On TV" - Todd Davies

Discussing the Popularity of "As Seen On TV" - Todd Davies

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're focusing this morning and all these products as seen on TV that millions and millions of Americans are buying left and right. And that includes my wife who I think has all these telephone numbers. On her speed dial. Our guest on the WB and live line is Tom Davies is president of marketing for as seen in the on TV Todd thank you for joining us. We're well paid job of this as seen on TV logo it has to be one of a marketing icons of the century. It certainly is a well recognized brands sir both on television Indian retail which has been a big push for past several years this. Starting out launching our prayers on the cheating and then they get so popular we can no longer support the -- -- -- them to the masses through the while parts in this GPS is in the walk into the world at that and beyond. So it's been a good run for. You know we've been having some -- just talking about some of the the big sellers that you know we have come across over the years. The don't know we just brought up a little while ago that's going to be up there. This Monday to -- we decided it. Intermittent -- -- -- what what are some of those top sellers. And what you know how to get to be that that being. Well that's that's the other there's little there's there's rules to follow when you wonder what took product out of our response television and knew what has happened that few would have. More for two purposes and in an appeal to a wider audience -- just -- -- when Democrats. In this -- most certainly does that is true to children -- appeals for college student that you adults seniors even text. So partly that not only is on park but other viral aspect in social aspect for people that's what you parties and they put their but I'll smoke goes -- in the same so it just horrible. The whole run out of apartments and became an idea in the accused of human and that is embraced it and that's really what their response all the barrel. Okay we'll all etc. what what has been the most successful as seen on TV product. That's ever been marketed you know -- -- -- -- That kind of a -- -- it happened what if you mentioned this note you can think -- like a clapper you know clap clap for the -- well. Helped by all right hit it up -- -- those are traditional they're better now for twenty years and still don't today. So there really no one particular product there's been several products that go on markers on us and done very well. Okay what's hot and nil for the summer. Great that -- question not right now being summer -- over the coming into our traditional summer driving using any gardening. So we've got things like a pocket goes right now we got to see him. Excellent. Try to images summer driving users of -- park opens next use right now with a cup. And it's been drinking cup in this -- cup together as one very convenient. You need it in a modest five per out being advertised itself. A -- out there like that attacked you window you can -- the -- grow. Pratt's apology. The side of the grass they're but he try to get their long green right now so that's a -- one. Don't stop there how in the world can you have this perfect dress like this that's you know. It stands up to droughts or floods and common. Well if you read it back into the you know it cannot make all -- elected these -- of the the grass is in -- so incredibly. You know -- some kind of something that that helps keep it wet and that's what helps to grasp of sorts -- yet that they're legit. You just need quite a bit of recovery or. OK you know the company is -- made products. That want their products to be as seen on TV products I mean they have to be standing in line outside your door. That's another great question Europe's -- we received thousands without the so. Some of submissions. Monthly that our team goes through each one and again puts up against that they can help in this product may get. And out of -- about the thousands usually if you recall back we used it will only put it to the patent. You know it's it's beyond our. It's -- -- like you know happily into what it's gonna get -- product on the -- -- -- ways but so many parts correlate that we're able to get out there. Okay now one more question for you to -- we have been may have made aware of two. As seen on TV store is on our local shopping malls here on the Western New York area. Did you get the same -- that the same deals on stuff in the storage as you do when you order something from TV and other were to be by this. It'll -- get one free and get something thrown him. It surely there -- television -- to your your point out. What are called premiums and bonuses to get cut crop testicle or call the get a couple of consent to that again typically when you're buying retail stores just getting single item on the -- -- -- right now the thought extort him. He. It is yet -- the retail -- typically not seeing that one and York additional premiums and again and set to order call literature response by the website. So it was a quiet when it went three over the telephone just get a single item to the stores. Todd thank you for joining us who has been lots of fun. But are Jon and Susan thank you for having us. They go visit the via CNET TV dot com web said continuation we looked -- and through. Okay thank you Tom Davis president of marketing for. As seen on TV. There's going to be a product to stop that neighbor dog from barking like the our keys could just I think there is he's he should look into that by the way check out the video in our story on WBN dot com. -- this whole. Stuff about. Gadgets and as seen on TV this is a cat in a shark cost him chasing a duck while writing a rumba. That robotic vacuum we gotta check it out on WB EN dot com.

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