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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Robot Vacuum Put To the Test - Geoff Fowler

Robot Vacuum Put To the Test - Geoff Fowler

May 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The robot vacuum. We've all been attempted and we've probably had our doubts too doesn't really work. Let's check in now with Wall Street Journal personal tech columnist Jeffrey Fowler who has seen this up close Jeff good morning. -- know it's it's great to talk to about something like this. What kind of test did you put. The robot vacuum throw. I'd like to regroup a vacuum threw them some tests I can imagine it would like that the underground. Like put three these guys. In a range and they compare how well they can. All different kinds of which Nigeria I tried Eminem. Patrick Sheehan from the beach a tractor you mean I tried it and then I also look -- who's around my house. So we're really kind of try to -- -- the southern baptists -- only a look -- it does does not even your bad but also. Really which one can. At the most open -- floor. How does this thing get around dining room chairs table legs. And other things that are in the way. The short answer is not released very well. You know that technology has been around for attempting years. And they have definitely been some improvement. On some of these models won't -- -- -- Actually no argues is that shame. Kind of and navigation technology that in this Google stock trading cards so that makes a MacBook courtroom and then. Very methodically tried to follow that -- based on what you eat out there. However when I tried it in my. Around my house and also in that. But you're down kind of ten that I mentioned Hewitt but it chair in the middle. I found that neat -- what you get caught up in the torture and it turned out it was actually a little bit more work. For me initiative then just to have them going around my house. -- I -- at least of them for a few minutes and I find him stuck under a chair or indicated every single one of them literally find some kind of people on the floor that it wanted to chew up any. Do you have any pets deduct it become a problem at all. I'm not having had that home. People with pat. Actually say that they really like he's because when you have a pet -- probably have a lot more here or under. That's probably one of that. If you use -- I can really see. Getting when these guys to the mean it's basically. Your alliance that. Actually none of them are very good options are put down about four counts is the hand on this big area around I. And none of these three -- product and it would mean that rumba. One means by. Optical Titus and another one that needle one. I'm none of them picked it's a popular quarter of this -- electric. So probably -- -- just still don't have enough power compared to you you'll actually upper. -- without that 700 dollars Florida news top of the line. Rumba back creator. Only 61 human in the years ago and it cost more like 200. So my recommendation is that if you live and out of the allotted to us. And -- pat ship alive. You can actually your committee between backwards but don't expect to interpret -- back in east of an immediate one. And if you -- that you -- just that purpose it's kind of lightly they can't invest busting. You go forward and extra lines because the more -- -- really can't January. You know can lift -- to be used in the -- I mean what happens it was in the kitchen. And it runs -- on the a pile of jello or macaroni and cheese and one of the kids spills on the floor. Well I think if it would suit and Cheerios in -- and -- are in my testing -- -- of wet out. Now we hit some of these companies are not getting to the mop it. They realized that such and such a problem -- mopping it something they can do better. The folks who make the room -- to complete a robot actually sell one and that. Worked with -- -- on board. And it's not a vacuum -- them and those. Those will be on my. Has selected this time they had a different from some of the journal readers saying that they think those who work a lot better in the confines kitchen and mean and how huge -- in his back. Seems like a little bit of a price keeping an NC just for its. And obviously this thing works on a rechargeable battery how long does this thing last wants you turn around. That's one thing that -- actually improved a lot. You know I can only affected -- or. At least 45 minute in some cases well over an hour and the nice thing in the -- intelligence -- the on how to journey. They're running out of battery they automatically come back there on base and recharge. -- -- -- Hey this has been fun Jeff thanks for joining us this morning. It's fun stuff none of these are good -- section it we're all fascinated by them you know -- Geoffrey Fowler he's the Wall Street Journal's personal tech columnist.

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