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5-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You with. That. Hole. -- And welcome to the New York -- -- they ought to be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New -- no one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- -- Tom hourly. Column you whether to back -- and you know what everybody mountain range and I've got covered up right welcome. It's life of its local capital. Walton. It looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. -- American WW. All right we're gonna get to -- at happy ending as soon enough but I wanted to wrap things up on the credit card front here on WB EL does that take nerve. Leaving a successful topic to venture into the on new -- -- just take stupidity. Harold and -- so anyway Harold. Got screwed out of a credit card charge. He let -- get this straight you notify the credit card company that's something. A foul was in the authoring and yet you still got charged like direct. They called V and movies somebody's trying to pick a color. Are they charge towards one that disarmament 140 something. So the other -- -- an operation that's OK and I was saying plan might look for sort of and Maria -- Florida mr. and get 34 months I get. I get a bill fortunately some Turkey dollars. Sort of what happened to efficiently and -- is nice and I -- what happened recently somebody at the bank -- -- And I didn't receive an email. And caller letter seeks to received somewhat. -- -- -- Korean to do that competed twenty well now. It and didn't like did so rock and it wastes a terrible situation I know -- -- and to get right. But that's almost where she just. I don't know so. I called was the supervisor. Following date and he's in charge. And a few studio I look over your record the habit. And uses nutrients and -- I can drop to 32 hours sister Tina archery certainly -- and they didn't like at two vehicles -- -- And I literally -- little restaurant 124 dollars and twenty cent -- penalties. Like I told you you people didn't. Is it different you know crisis -- a Tony award you don't get a target. To New York sorghum and other vehicles take. Our receiver produce and -- -- is located so we told you weren't so and that the orbit so that's where prominent do mr. benefited him. While -- -- I start the period of 24 dollars and twenty cents. Which sets that were -- that company. So that's that's the situation. Well. What do you think yeah that's great -- -- Do you have an idea for a law that you believe you would like to see past which by the way may take me to my next subject. Not really it's a tall robot you know offhand I can't remember. Our welfare apparel and that by the way I want you to -- your -- with pride. Harold did if -- call the show before. Your. Explain to use the significance of the name herald and why it is one of my favorite names. You remember. I don't know dude lay off the Balkans. -- ball long -- you don't remember this you don't remember that's. You sound like. -- -- -- memory is. No doubt we all have different skills are right Carol I will explain you. Often hear of the significance of your name and why you should carry it with you proud. You aren't they cute and and we -- given to Wear something else. King world of England ladies and gentlemen. Now those of you familiar with your. British history may or call the year 1066. Everybody knows that your 1066. Why it was the year than Norman's. Invaded England. William back conqueror defeated a girl. At the -- named battle of Hastings. Anybody ever hear the bat at anybody ever hear of the bet you'd tapestry. Depicting the battle in the events subsequent to it. Maybe so but you -- well anyway here's here's the rest of the story. About the guys who got beaten in the Super -- all organized a Super Bowl I met the championship big game against the Norman's. You know why he lost I'll tell -- -- Because a short time before the Norman's invaded England -- can -- herald. Had to develop and pick up an army along the way from London. All the way to Stamford Bridge where his own brother in combination with the vikings. Were invading England from the north and in a stunning victory. Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen the vikings at one time where that terror of Europe they had colony set up in Russia. They they basically -- in Normandy. Days. They were like put this delicately they were like a street game with serious street correct. And they were fears. When you -- other viking long ships coming you ran for the hills because they were rape pillage -- killed destroy wantonly. That was the viking way. I wonder when somebody's gonna make the Minnesota Vikings change the name of the team because that's offensive people but that's another story in any event -- herald. In a stunning victory. Hit the vikings asses at Stamford Bridge. Was in terms of battles of that era. It was one of the great stories of an underdog. Kicking the crap. Out of -- -- it would -- like Joseph beamer. -- and Mike Tyson's ass when Tyson was in his prime. That's how significant it once yes recover your years ago don't want them. So long story short. Because of the losses inflicted upon his -- upon his army. At Stamford Bridge from which you emerged victorious. King Harald suddenly then had the -- how to take on William the copper. And unfortunately herald committed a big blunder. His blunder was he met the vikings in battle before he was really ready to do. And instead of letting the vikings gradually creep in to southern England he decided he was gonna fight one big battle and Hastings. Didn't work out too well. -- died so did his Brothers. Now had herald just held off. And suckered the vikings -- a little bit -- suckered the Norman's that a little bit he may very well. Have kept the Norman's out of England. However -- blunder and the exhaustion of his army basically led to the norm an era. In British history. Just thought I'd share that little bit of history with you but all if you know anybody named Harold. Took me I always remember -- because I think of king Harald. One of actually -- king -- the second but. One of my one of my great heroes from the -- evil era -- girls anyway. -- He was a big shot and Edward the compressors time. Those -- you -- remember parts of Shakespeare's Macbeth alright. Was probably boring the Helena 99.9 99% of the audience sorry about that guys every now and again I give you facts -- which you'll never have any use whatsoever. Now let us move on shall. Are you Olympic break I wanted to break up got stuff I've got to introduce what -- given the two new topics. Now. This one today but it let me I have to it is incumbent upon me that so. And I've been talking about my belief. And I am not somebody who thinks that every one of society's problems can be solved by laws or by making tougher laws blah blah blah. And I said it is zillion times -- -- for every -- bullet goes on the book ten ought to come off the books. Every year. There are some 50000. Laws added to the statutes of the United States when you consider all fifty states and the Fed's 50000. New. Rules and regulations and walks so it seems to me the least they can do every time they put a new law on the book is trim some of the existing laws. Remember when you prune you make something stronger and grow in the right direction. Regarding analogy. Mortgage your pruning the right way. They're used to be a thing at one of the newspapers. Told ball TO BL there ought to be a law. Folks. This is a two part question. You would like to see a law dealing with blank. You would like to seal law making blank illegal. Or cracked down upon more. There ought to be a law. -- Which law would you like to see more strictly. Enforced. A law that we all know because most of the audience and the host. We're not borders. So is there a new law you'd think we need in America. Or is there an existing law you'd think needs to be enforced with greater vigor. 08030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone. 180616. WB EN but wait there's more. I'll introduce the other topic which is utterly unrelated to that one after traffic with Alan Harris. And -- -- weather for today a well what's Lester a left of it anyway. -- calls for a cloudy night rush hour in spots the overnight -- on -- 42 degrees. Tomorrow it'll be cloudy and -- be breezy it will be cool. Expected passing shower or two. The high tomorrow 54. Degrees on the second day of men. Saturday a blend of sun and clouds a couple of showers breezy. And that 56. Yeah I was there right now we're still at 51 degrees at news radio 930 WB yet so topic number one. As I just this is -- this is the best I can do today as far as a happy ending I was gonna do the vacation show but I got a hold up on that I. But my own choice. Which law would you like to see. And forced more and we need a new law about what. Course I can also ask if there's something that you think is a stupid law. And again that would require a lot of thought. 803 all right thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBE. Now the other topic is something Saturday to take -- brought up today. That it's got just going to be spring in this on here all once or just get ready are you ready okay good. Can we talk about FaceBook. I've got your attention. Can we talk about FaceBook I have a love hate relationship with FaceBook I don't know if you know that I -- made that kind of obvious over the years. Do you have a FaceBook. Drama horror story. Joe's -- -- FaceBook. Drama horror story. I have so many FaceBook horror drama stories that I could probably talk the entire power. Add to without a single phone call. But here is my biggest complaint about FaceBook actually it's not about FaceBook as much as it is the mentality created by FaceBook. If you want to receipt if you wanna see adults acting badly. If you wanna see how immature adults are in 2014 and one friend somebody from your FaceBook account. I double dog -- you -- friend somebody from your FaceBook account. And see what happens next. I don't think there is any thing more pathetic. That a grown up whine. About being on friend did from a FaceBook account. I have much more to say about that but I have be 24 break I shall actually hit. FaceBook drama horror stories. I have them you have them yours are probably much more interesting than mine. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yen its hourly on -- Thursday. It -- Yeah me. In my -- project for -- -- traveler and that one on guitar some might actually play for you but I doubted. It's -- 634 news radio 930 WB. All right so are you guys caught -- about the law thing. We need a new law to cover a lot and you wish another law. And which -- you wish was enforced more. So what new -- -- like PC like mine about the auto renewals on credit card. And which long would you like to see enforced more. Do we need a new -- apple FaceBook drama horror stories. Honestly this is gonna really. (%expletive) off some friends of mine but. I don't think there is any thing worse. Many grown up upset. That they've been on friend from your FaceBook account. There are many reasons people get on friend and I'm talking here about personal account of a talk about business accounts. Personal accounts sometimes spokes people just get sick of FaceBook. Sometimes people decide to limit their FaceBook to the folks they actually know personally. And not friends of friends. Sometimes people limit their FaceBook to close friends and family. Has nothing to do with you it's not an insult you it. It does not represent some slapping your face. It's just that sometimes people like to downsize their FaceBook. But of all of the drama. That. You deal with as a grown up. Dealing with people were upset that you on printed them from your FaceBook account. I think that is the most pathetic drama there is like if I'm on FaceBook and somebody on friends me. I do not write them a five page later at -- five page letter asking why -- presume. There's like a FaceBook call no problem. All right you don't thrilled by thirty start at 3180616. WB. EMS. FaceBook extending teenage years since 1990 through whatever the hell was invented here. Here is by Al Gore here is a gym in buffalo WB Ian -- Hey there should be more stringent. Birdies and new laws. To protect litigants. From on judge ruling they think that there should be a more stringent reporting system of complaints -- -- Of -- again. Filed a complaint whether it's with one committee here -- here. Whatever there should be -- strict reporting. And accounting and of those complaints. So there should be a watchdog group over that because judiciary. Is very much not. Being scrutinized closely you know I don't believe. You sound like somebody who's had some personal experiences. -- a -- -- without getting too specific. Would you curator and like this just a little bit more about. Now without hit me in the hot water. -- you know we we go I don't know I love respect people just like used and need to be treated unfairly you know. The but the law's the law mean when you got the low right to note here if your carrier you're going on your own or whatever it is knowing your -- That you should prevail in and calls -- there's so many different forms of misconduct you know and so many different forms -- -- the abuse Weathers the attorneys that are in the court house or -- -- -- judges that are doing it on. We are the biggest complaints I gotta tell you the biggest complaint I hear from people about the system. Involves divorce but specifically. Child custody issues in my sidekick is is that what we're talking about here. Here here here. -- -- -- Are OK you met ball it's just statistically over the years that is the biggest complaint I get from people especially men. That the system is rigged against men in not only in divorce but in custody issues. But don't get me wrong you know. There's so many really great judges I mean there's a couple of it is that I know but I feel really -- and ethical committee do about and make the most accurate decisions and follow protocol and I think most of the judges are elected they dislike most simply don't they're pretty good guys -- like here you know good people. But I think there should be a more stricter reporting anymore -- scrutiny in that area -- -- I don't think it's being looked dead hard enough and for whatever -- It would be stepped up but it is not a lot and. Well IA up. I'm sorry to hear that but I will tell -- that you're not alone as evidenced by the fact that without your even saying so I kind of figured that something to do with the divorce and or child custody. And all right Jim unlikely but thank you very much 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB EE and let's go to norm in the buffalo. One of those Norman's against whom king Harold fought apparently. Norm you're on hello. -- La where they can. Tapes and -- A constitutional. Rights and warned that it comes to that should be arrested. Well all I can say is amen amen amen but when the people who are infringing upon your constitutional rights are the people with the absolute machinery and power of government behind them what is the individual to do. Japanese man I'm no lawyer. Terrible -- give example something that really basically flush your cake and that. Oh you mean the NY USA track specific. Well. I could not agree with you more. It not only violates in my opinion these Second Amendment of the United States constitution it also violates new York civil rights law. But who -- -- Except those of us who pay attention to it. Who continued to say wait a minute this is an infringement of our rights. And intelligent people like yourself norm realized that the Second Amendment is the Second Amendment for a reason it's not the -- the -- the tent. It was that important to our founding fathers that the individual have the ability to protect him or herself from. The machinery and power of government. And as far as the free state they talk about in the constitution. They're not talking about like a free Connecticut. Were free Rhode Island they're talking about the free state of mankind. Freedom in general. It. That don't. Well unfortunately. There is a geographical difference in terms of respect for the constitution in New York State. Basically as -- -- on many an occasion we have the dumbest voters in the country in New York State and the super dumbest voters in -- recounting. And that things are a lot different when you go down to Texas already had -- states like a Tennessee they have more of an awareness of these things. It. It. Well I can only do what I can do norm and I certainly can't do a show every day and -- safe yet but I mean. Well well well but you don't do good job at what you do get it. Well god knows I tried -- unfortunately the net effect in terms of having any influence is zero. Well it's the people that don't listen. What you gonna build. Now again that this is the price one pays for living in New York there are pluses to living here there -- minuses to living here and one of the -- -- to use bad. We're surrounded in a sea of blue and it's only going to get worse. Well you have more people would listen to your radio show. I think -- give you all are better. You know not to question him listen it's a question of understanding. And it's a it's not me it's the ideas that were. Proposed and enacted by our founding fathers. I haven't come up with anything original all I have done is in contemporary words try to explain what the founding fathers intended. And how we should interpret that today and for some reason that falls on deaf ears and I've never seen by the way -- we started on this norm. I've never seen I've I've never received an error. Nor -- familiar with -- -- in American history where one administration. Can basically get away with murder of the constitution. And nobody raises an eyebrow because they don't wanna be called. Racist. -- Not a lot of people with soldiers stationed that's. Well obviously at what what's said is at the ratings are actually quite excellent but unfortunately until their 100%. But failed. Thank you very much. All right got a funny that. Well actually it's not funny but it is kind of interesting that you could get a ten this year. Meaning 90% of the people don't listen and be considered a resounding success. Speaking your brackets are right let's go to -- WB OJ Europe. -- -- Law that would the city people. Tractor -- -- the I would like you logged quite like the laws that existed and only here in many other states where there are not allowed in the -- -- -- Only. The only -- making it clear that they do have to -- all emergency vehicle. But there and analog and incurred in that way. Longer than have been you know it -- -- situation and also -- -- Color and style on the wire you know like that when you get on the -- -- in lack of water or in the William bill. They're not allowed use their unique path in far left in there as well. It and -- -- -- air travel a little bit or. My business and what I do for a living and it brightening in saying how much they battled their. And the -- wearing what others are trying to pass. An unbelievable amount of economic slowdown at 64. 63 to sixty could do and let them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Ottawa when that should be where the smaller cars which can accelerate and decelerate. So much faster clip. Should be allowed to without the destruction of these Carol Cox. IAE. I understand. That what you're saying. Know it -- you know it's funny because if you think about it we have a love hate relationship with the trucking industry. It wasn't for the trucking industry you wouldn't be able to get fresh grapes and fresh raspberries at the produce aisle of your grocery store in December. But nobody likes it when they ride your ass on the left land and nobody likes it when you get behind the twin two hour of trucks and it's like -- parallel for five miles on the -- And that's what I'm talking about and I got nothing against trucking and I've I've been in regular comic industry where I understand that there timeline -- -- -- they have to get to where they hit again providing great service. But there's absolutely no reason. Then they should get into that you -- or anyone they are the low round with a load that they're hearing. And if you take a Muppet you know three or four minutes to actually get to where they need to get. Go through those passengers when a smaller vehicle passenger vehicle hit a breakthrough and everybody goes honorary. See that's -- anybody car with six owners say the only reason it did occur with six cylinders is what you pull out of the -- you need to make sure that your car has the B -- -- well you know underestimate. To accelerate quickly to get those back and that's. You got no problem maybe. At one point I drove a four cylinder Toyota Matrix I kept that car less than a year. Because it did not have the testicles I needed. Yup thank you thank you very much for that. All right thank you very much what I drive now. -- I can take to raced for. Our -- past but I wouldn't I wouldn't do that if my insurance agents listening 647 a news radio 930 WBBM. All right folks -- so far this from the big. What law do you think needs to be enforced more closely. Which law needs to be done away where it all up all the controversy -- I think drug laws ought to be done away. I think drugs ought to be legalized. I've said this before it's a libertarian argument. Yes William F Buckley the great conservative genius thought the same thing -- -- of former secretary of state George Shultz but the same thing. The war on drugs is one of the biggest and best examples of American idiocy and political more on this -- that is made up that word. That I can think. Pretending that something is a criminal issue when it really is a medical issue. Because it's politically expedient. Just makes me shake my head in absolute disgust. So what Claudia thank needs to be done away with what what do you think needs to be enforced more and does it does anybody want to help out here. -- they grow up FaceBook drama horror story because. I gotta be a FaceBook from my job. Now my private FaceBook page I've got to discontinued for now. The wanna set up another one literally there might be ten people on people I actually know personally. As opposed to friends of friends of friends and and for that. They're really -- its. No no it has nothing to do it there. I don't you think in jail has nothing to do -- decades it has everything to do with you know I like to know the people at two -- during my soul. Unless it's on the radio where I have control. 649 news radio 930 WB. -- I don't know where today is gone but is it time for more calls but boy but it fast moving show you know 30930 start at 3180616. WB yen. Here's bill in the north Tom I want to on WBM. Villa by you've got a law proposed law -- law you would like to see enforced Mora riddle. -- the city of buffalo. Accent. People from housing discrimination accusations. Who lived with roommates not have their own choosing. So they've created a little freedom of speech is -- And people in the city of buffalo and in this. You'll have to explain that to me again I don't live in the city and I don't know about what you speak so can you say that a little slower because. For some reason it's just not register. Right the fair housing lows generally at a level. Don't outline. An exemption for any freedom of speech in roommate to roommate. Rentals or landlord to roommate rentals. Those students or anyone. Who's starting opening and saving money with roommate. Inside the city of buffalo are exempt. From discrimination and accusations. When they advertise. For roommates. That's only in the city of buffalo. You found yourself personally affected by others. Personally affected because they example it will urgently important roommate rentals. In the city of buffalo. Now for me is that judgment. Because of the case against me from the housing opportunities made equal of buffalo. Who created a case against me. Don't let it -- I guess I. I don't wanna try your case on the year but what was the accusation against -- They accuse me every possible thing in this state and federal laws. Of the various types of discrimination. Except for racial. But including. Familial status. Age discrimination. And discrimination against children and all that stuff because our apartments and rooms are so small -- comedy children. Good heavens. They are your landlord. Animal handlers and you can look at -- Google scholar you can see you know I've been denied by. Appealing this case not only to the nearest thing division -- human rights to decide against me here and they're awful lot that's what I appealed to the New York that's. Good lord you know bill I I find it interest say that your calling I mean time we'll model Ali further exploration of your specific issue. But I was just looking at an article -- carry around in my work bag for the longest time about. The old landlord -- tenant who is to blame when a neighborhood or a building goes bad -- And I think we may need to do a show on that very soon. Well this as well buffalo empowered the landlord to eliminate troublesome -- All right I I wish sir I just I don't have time sir I'm I'm I'm glad you called I'm delighted that you have -- put the issue in the my brain again. There's I was running out of stuff to cram in there. But thank you very much Joseph -- great job -- master control John Sherman terrific job. After the call screening duties it has -- and I will leave you with two words. I'll no yourself.

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