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5-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hold to -- -- and the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. Not al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that -- it. -- -- -- -- -- Was adamant. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it might back bathing in slide in its local guru is the it's Tom hourly and -- -- cool whip completely cool whip who -- here and on news radio 930. Well it's pretty. Those days and you figure in the weather isn't half bad out that we ever had already area. Major significant traffic jam on the one -- heading. And the wrong path now or. On the 190. By church street. Heading southbound and the delay. -- the jam rather. Was at one point all the way Ontario street and it wouldn't surprise me if at the apex of it was back in the Obama. Hopefully that will be now. Hopefully it is and hopefully you'll get where you're going with a minimum of the way. But again you know we don't need to know about every little fender Bender on every little side street. That there is really affecting a great number of people but whenever you see a -- this traffic issue. Always feel free to call speakers as part of our service here on WB especially during the afternoon show in the morning show. We jobs that. Susan rose. Always feel pretty caller traffic -- 80303218030321. For the majors. Now let's get back to what he did not want we're talking about whether or not to go over your credit card statements carefully you. And that whether you've ever had to fight City Hall as it were and the reason we're doing this -- gonna -- more later on if I have time but basically I realize that a major. Satellite radio provider. Had been without authorization. For those -- -- in Canada that would be authorized Asian. Have been charging for service -- canceled years ago. And I told you on the air that I cancel that because but comedy channel was all little. They made no attempt whatsoever to make jokes about anybody to all of that was always there are always pick on people on the right and I said you know what kind of paid the insult that. And -- cancel. And further proof for the cancellation may be found. In the worst solicitations they've sent recently allegedly didn't cancel why would solicit my -- my Mike coming to them it makes no sense. So as far as I'm concerned. -- me 600 bucks. In total that's my calculation. -- to. Now Keith and tunnel Wanda is witness and it -- if you have a great point about you wanna go over credit card statements but. Like everybody else -- is our most valuable commodity in America in 2014. Nobody has any extra time anymore because how the -- we gonna play games online how're we gonna FaceBook how're we gonna tweet. If we actually have to go over credit card statements. And I and I agree with that. Also. We as Americans partner -- I think a little too trusting in the people that. We purchasing from it and asked Donald Sterling. And in an -- that runs into problems well. The bottom line and our situation. That they were refusing. To drop it and it kept on wanting credit card or credit card will. -- Make a patent life additional services so I -- had to call the shop where we -- -- And -- what was happening in the that the two and her -- -- stories. The information. Call the net oh we got it. Well I am I gotta tell -- that I mean you know what it's not the money. I'm not going to be eating cat food but I am not going to be blown out of 600 dollars without going to small claims court and I will file. I will definitely take this to court because the service was canceled. Otherwise why would they continue to solicit me to come back as a customer and I don't like being screw. And I I'll get I will get them. We as well and almost on a weekly basis. Letters promote these. Companies stating we combat I got what they thought that that we're talking in it would exit on the outside what. Urgent. Urgent. I didn't know. It's just it's -- they don't -- they just it will push and bully their way past people to get that. Well on -- call my credit card company when I get -- -- credit card companies tend to be open 24/7. And I'm good to inform them of what's going on and I'm -- inform them of my intention to notify the New York State attorney general. And you know I. I can foresee the possibility here of a class action lawsuit being filed you would be part of the class of people that would be involved business. And I and I -- would and jump on board in -- note -- this is the kind of thing where you're -- we had to stand up with a group. To fight these companies because when they won -- just. All right overseas. Don't feel like I would feel like it better come let's just say that -- one of my let's just say one of my sponsors canceled in we don't like -- views Donald Bob. And then we kept -- auto renewing their credit card as if they really were advertising whip me that would be immoral unethical illegal and they take us to court bishop. Exactly but. That's what these companies are trying to do what I'm worried about palaces. That their what was gonna happen. June -- -- -- So called product in these. Services were going to be no longer we didn't. Why -- and I'm I'm wondering you know from now we're gonna get -- -- services because it is on a weekly. How would they bill you if they don't have credit card number with which to -- They're gonna start sending -- I don't know I just I just after listening to your story and a couple of the other and now I'm gonna have to really keep a close watch. All right well look let's put it this way and for those who didn't hear earlier I. You know but please understand have been folks have been doing this a long time and I can't stand when celebrities so called celebrities think they can cut line from other people. I can't stand it when celebrities. You know try this gruesome little businessmen trying to run a nightclub out of a five dollar cover charge I think that's wrong unethical and immoral. And I don't do that I always pick cover charge even when I'm asked in for Fareed. Just on principle. And if you want I mean the most recent conversation I had was his last Friday when Jack Fowler and how -- sitcom any time you wanna come just come on in the front door as a Jack on the team -- cover charge like everybody else I'm no different and he said you know what you're right averages say that that's one of the things I love about. So when I played the I'm the 92 most influential and important radio talk show host and America card you know I'm pissed off. I. Wouldn't that you hear what -- A lot of people. There's an oil down -- just too much America and the -- dollar. And just -- Well I what we've really heard is that there is some. You're all. -- as -- two years ago and she's -- all that stuff. -- Well you know it it's in this is why the only Wednesday and believe me and I maintain that. Excuse -- I've maintained. That. Every year anybody who -- auto renewing you everybody for everybody from the easy pass people and Albany. To this unnamed satellite radio company. I believe you either electronically. Or physically should have to pro actively either check a box were signed a paper document. Authorizing. The continued charging of -- work out now they didn't take the April 12 charged right off. But that I realized wait a minute. I said what are charges if you laid on the census was canceled and we went back through the account. And I figured out that the last time I wanted satellite radio was may of 2012. Which means that anything between may have when he twelve and now. They've been -- and I haven't even been enjoying. And there was one time -- -- under credit card but don't work and not everyone however was missing. I don't know I am totally -- or a dollar the dollar one dollar and so I went back oral statements. And it only came for their fifteen to your. It's the principle. -- who's. What kind of company don't made the name we don't wanna start that trend but what was the nature of business of the company involved in that. They couldn't tell. All tell what is that. A dollar charge we shall not. And that was basically what they -- don't. But if you think about it if you're crook. If you think about if you get 200000 people to pay a dollar a month. Helped set up. It's right that's what I was thinking at the time that's exactly. What you know first I thought well maybe they're doing a little. And then they'll hit -- later with from the church but it -- bit. And I cancel -- stop. Well. This I think the -- and do great shell I think we need hobbies law. It's got to be named after -- I don't usually like laws named after people but I'll make an exception for myself ego must commend the place somewhere Tommy's law. I'm glad you called my friend I'm glad you well let me know if they don't let me know if they don't fix it -- Well. All right thank you loved very much you know somewhere out there there's got to be starving lawyer. Will -- getting somewhere out there there's got to be an attorney who'd be willing to take this on as a class action lawsuit against all of the auto renewing credit card. Places it's -- the credit card companies is the business that utilized those credit card companies let's -- To -- terrorist right now with -- -- update on traffic. -- you've been a busy man let's hope you're not this time. And XQ well other cloudy to try to shower in spots 42 the low tomorrow of course nobody cloudy. Breezy cool -- a passing shower to 54 god forbid were able to string together two or three days of sunshine. That'll never happen apparently. Saturday a blend of sun and clouds -- like that's that's pretty clever a blend of sun and clouds on Saturday a couple of showers and breezy. 56 and we're holding at 51 degrees at news radio 930 W. The -- and it is hourly with you how closely do you check your credit card company your statements every month and have ever caught somebody scrutiny. And bed just the other day I caught a satellite radio provider screwing. And I don't feel real good about that I know I've got to take a break now -- were coming up on 524. So stand by lots more coming up. And I wanna know if you thought this if you were able to get it resolved to your satisfaction. Also. Do you believe as I believe and believe me guys I'm the last person to say -- it all law if I think for every new law they put on the -- they got to take them off the books. But I believe. That we need a law is probably going to be a federal law that says. If you're going to engage in the practice of auto -- credit cards the customer must affirmatively. Make a physical action. Giving you the okay to do that whether it is checking a box electronically in an email or signing a paper document. Otherwise those charges must be considered Null and -- I think we need a new law because I think -- millions of Americans are probably be in hallways out of billions of dollars every year and how does one guy. By 24 WBBM. I cannot wait through Three Dog -- again and if you ever have a chance to Syria. OK I have to say it as a buffalo radio tradition. If you have that if you ever have a chance to say. Buffalo's own -- wells somebody told me actually listens to my shows sometimes I think. But if you're -- just to see Three Dog Night -- -- those guys and -- on. Are absolutely. Awesome and if -- ever within fifty miles of where there playing you better believe I'm at a C Three Dog Night. Stage presence musicianship. Both goals -- writing absolutely. Astonishing. They are an amazing bunch of guys. It is 534. -- news radio 930 WBE and the and that we are talking about how closely check your credit card statements because. In the words of somebody from south park at least in one of the episodes. Are up again today and what I learned is something I've actually -- learned. Obvious -- And I wasn't even -- A certain. Satellite radio provider. On April 12 charged my account a 180 but she's 185 dollars and fifty cents. Which is kind of shocking to me because I'd cancel the -- Going back to 2012. And had been sending me letters begging me to come back as a customer. Yet there are still charging port count. Now I gotta take this up and there's a word for that fraught. And I am just a big enough you know what. Two -- take this to the state attorney general and be. File a claim in small claims court if I have to spend 5000 dollars to get 600 back although. Because I'm just that kind of an idiot. 8030930. I think do you believe as I do that we need -- law before they auto renew your credit card once a year usually have to take a physical. Affirmative step. To give them the OK to do -- checking a box and an email they send. Or actually physically signing your name -- a piece of paper and sending it back to them. Because. This is going to be stopped. And I remember folks. Doing the show not a whole -- talking about the fact that I canceled. A certain satellite radio provider. Because my favorite channel was the comedy channel. But what happened. -- guys they would semen by the way which I was I was funny. But what happened was every comedian every joke every bit they played. Why is anti bush anti conservative anti Christian and -- any thing I mean it was just totally eight bashing. Everything that. Without any attempt to be freer and equally dash the left. I'm a big board and you know I'm not a fan of the bush family and this is about breaking news out of there. And as far as the Republican Party -- -- In fact I've gone so far is to start my own political movement conservative in his. That court and by Buffalo's own. Corey wells helped by Buffalo's own Rachel wells. And I love Rachel never better never misspoken weather on the fall where she is a political genius. And conserve a terrorism. When we got a call earlier this week ever on -- was Mike called and from LA. That you identified himself as an African American conservative -- -- seriously it was the highlight of my week really. Because folks. I think it's important I say this once today. My show is about those of you who love America as our founding fathers set it up. As a land of freedom as a land where the individual's rights were not only respected but were in shrines. In holy law virtually. -- And I don't care. What your races. Which -- -- which were gender orientation is your sexual orientation to me. None of my business. And if I can connect with people who are black if I can connect with people who were gay by transgender lesbian what ever. I don't care what you are. Mean if your -- a file I just as -- shoot chip. That doesn't count because that's illegal but in terms of race. Creed color. In terms of your orientation. -- you're welcome here I invite you here I want you here. Because. Concern over terrorism. Has got to be free. Of prejudices. Which I think in angle too many. People on the right. And give conservatives. Unfairly I think in most cases a bad name conservative Terry doesn't. I have to write the conservative Terry and has -- a manifest. I'll do that the next time I'm in Jamaica. That's what I'm going to be doing in Jamaica where. OK now let's get back to the calls. Here here's Mike at Riverside on the WB and Mike welcome to the show. Any excellent or good I am I awesome thank you I think we all hurricane -- number. We what. Happened to war -- -- In the article. People -- Getting credit card. And it. And I can't speak directly to continue. Apparently. You quality you'd been a couple of years ago at least have a whole. No he charged important arms. Yep that's correct which and again I. I guess the best argument I can make is. If I didn't cancel why would they continuously send me letters inviting me back for like five dollars for a year. Oh yeah I am I'm not speaking. Because I can't. You if I -- You know what you think -- are we knowing you asked about. -- the credit card and yes then I made the phone call. In the and you can pay this happened to me I didn't know that it happened. You know you have that you -- take an up there with the in the regular -- You only thing I can say is. One. Whenever I -- -- people I get your email. And wanna get eaten my -- -- network -- I don't know multiples for. Subscription expires. War we charge. And we give them protected from Asia are being checked your remarks are do. Okay did future can be now did you get an email from a radio company. United I have no idea. I -- what I get email the email that I don't need or don't want work couldn't care less about alleges Ding Ding Ding Ding -- delete delete delete. -- the other thing well but what will be maybe but it again the fact remains I canceled. The fact remains they charged me for service I did not want and that I had canceled. And I know little about the only one who's gone through this and this seems to be it in any other situation I believe we call this a racquet. Well I don't question I want is most credit cards. And -- -- for a year to. It seems to me like you're the only credit card -- and going until three years or forty years spot noted that the same -- turned our duties in different. -- -- -- For whatever reason the credit card that I used gives me. All long period probably has something to do with my high credit score. Okay -- -- terribly proud cyber cup but it would it's eroded under. Good treatment get on board -- is typically. I want I always check record are published a record shipments. And I'm surprised he should add. We're just now -- about this from new. And it would -- you know she would interpret its like or incompetent. And let's pointed out two years. And upgrade -- on thirteen nine dollar charge go last year. Only 2000 and while the 2013. And not seem. About the units cattle like asking a woman how come she walked down a dark Ellie didn't she expect to be raped. People are being victimized here. People I'm sorry but I I am not the only person who's had experience or is this satellite radio company the only company that is doing it. You're try to pay me as the bad guy on the guy particular about the you know what. Well I understand what you know it just the wanting years. When you always check your -- else. If you give permission -- it -- -- the other thing is we always at the -- is it okay that automatically know this and we get them say yes herbal. And then we say okay well there's going to be are you gonna get an email thirty -- for your idea. But that sir thank you you've you've mystery of overlooked an important component here. I canceled the service in 2012. I canceled it. I remember talking about it on the ear as to why I canceled it. -- -- for mentioned reasons. Now I believe that you make a valid point I should have caught this earlier. I agree with you I concede that point. But. You know that's like saying well we should have known Obama was born in Kenya earlier. Hey they'll appoint a valid point I shortened my callers a valid yet so we did know. But they just sit in north hate -- you gotta be careful our business current election. But it doesn't necessarily mean that somebody not to screw it. All I. -- I do beg to differ with you because I I've heard enough complaints about getting enough email from other people in a similar predicament. That is just -- your question. Are you that seems to need to be which you've been doing yes I feel like I'm being cross examined Victoria. -- I have the number two rated show in my time slot adults 35 to 64. I have no idea what total number that is persons twelve plus and either number one or number two. Why the board. Anybody. Intentionally want to particular -- Because. They wouldn't know me from a bag of donuts at a satellite radio company. We and I. Today I mean as much as I'd like to believe in my household name all over the country that would be called delusional and fantasizing. Or is it a valid point but it's just the. I just. You know I mean it. It's just. There's a simple word it's called greed and it it's called seeing how far you can push before somebody says enough. And here's what I'm sick to protect consumers. -- where's David Horwitz when you need but to protect consumers. May we hear all the -- About consumer protection this consumer protection that you know if you are gonna be collecting debts from somebody who are certain rules raft of follow as -- debt collection a service agency. I don't see a problem with me mandating. On a national level. Companies that auto re new on credit card or auto renew -- it's from a checking accounts once a year people from whom they're taking that money have to affirmatively take an action. Allowing them to do ago I don't think that's anti business I don't think there's anything wrong with that I don't find that to be onerous and I don't find that to be of particular particularly ham stringing require. To me it just makes cents and I would further offers her a bit. And it forget about what I do for a living. I'm a reasonably intelligent person brilliantly I cute if you must know. If it can happen to me it can happen to some poor fellow with. You know not a lot upstairs. -- management. Yes. I I believe that this is not unintentional. I believe that this is. Intentional they -- most people don't catch it and they believe their ticket calculated risk. That most people don't check their credit card statements now in fairness and I've admitted this I'll dispute reports out of the goodness. Why it got behind me I don't know but it did not get by me this year I am kicking myself for the previous couple years but. RT did you check your last statement for the past couple years to make sure that actually happened in the past yes. OK so it actually did happen the past couple year yeah. And somewhere and and here's the thing somewhere I made a note of to whom I spoke at the company when I spoke with them and what I told them. Which I will find as long as that -- I'm glad you called but I mean I again I think that -- your your. -- always say this delicately. In terms of consumer protection. Think about -- What -- course who's this Joseph beamer here. What recourse does your mom -- what recourse. Does your friends have. Really how much time do people have to fight terrorists how sad these are people as consumers. And as I've said this is not gonna break my budget I -- to be eaten cat food it's the principle of our. I mean I spent more than -- -- Asian massages. It is 548. And I didn't get a happy ending for this under his radio 930 WT he patent. And AccuWeather. Four tonight the -- -- -- on the Charlotte knights of the ballpark first pitch is seven through 5 PM. Cloudy a shower in spots 42. Tomorrow cloudy breezy and cool passing shower or 254. Or holding a 51 degrees at news radio 930 WBE. End. All right two things number one how closely do you check your credit card statements number 20 have you ever been charged for something you didn't want or maybe something you we've been canceled. And number three. Do we need a new law and I don't usually say this I'm not usually a proponent of adding new. Loss tonight for every new law they have got to -- and off the books. But. I really think every year everybody who does auto renew yet even EZ pass the New -- great throw -- I think you should have to do something. Where are you actively say yes you may auto renew you -- auto charge my account. That's a basic consumer protection I think we need in the information age our that's our go to herald in Sanborn on WBBM Harold you're. Oh I don't certain -- I signed up for this company that automatically preacher holes and truly is a little bit not all of and now. Yeah again and this has been thrown to the -- when our children -- -- bulldozer. I agree and I run by bridge it's a little problem -- I guess I'm a Florida. And then get -- call the play -- that somebody check your card. And so many. So -- 4871. Then I didn't call everybody up at -- charged with a company. So that the got a body you know. So we -- sort of get a bill for repeat hours. I -- 8786. And yeah and I called up -- -- The woman who really nice. And I told -- what happened. Might like critics who would act they get loop current. And I forgot to you people. Our whole whole lot of it I. I need to break and I do need to break but this is interesting to me as kind of a new wrinkle on this that I do want to discuss this further with you so don't go anywhere under his radio on I thirty WB.

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