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5-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I walked down upon the he would write benefit that -- Yeah the whole movie. -- and -- -- -- And he's going for it. It's easy to clean up. But the same publicity. With which -- now that's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would discount. Our news radio 930 WVU. And I guess it is our -- always after -- he shot rooms. On that news radio 930 WV apparent failure emails keep crossing was somebody however great account executives here Erica Michelle car. We were we have some weird kind of a mind meld going on she emails me at the exact same moment -- -- emailing her. -- -- Where at a weird. Because there will be introducing you to a brand new US sponsor of the -- ratio next weekend. Now Michelle. Here here's the here's the got a person Michelle his record -- and I love this unit we won a third but dedication -- I told Michelle that the only way I can visit our new sponsor would be on the weekend. Because one of the problems were doing afternoon drive is and they knew this management knew this going and I I need to focus on the show before work I cannot be meeting with clients it's a distraction and it real -- so. The only way to get out there is over the weekend. So Michelle being the dedicated employees she is she says -- email saying Tom I can't be either Saturday or Sunday I hope you understand and -- felt like. Wish all you work of during the week enjoy your family. I had to get there anyway to buy some stuff but usually actually she actually felt bad that she was -- going to be able to join me on -- Saturday -- something. Michelle you personally -- And one of our best account executives to my my that. Of course my -- no slouch either with all the good people down and sales are -- we always like to rag and each other but thank you Michelle. In addition to being very talented as an account executive she's also -- bear river sweepers and and if she smiles she is one of those people she smiles that you -- natural so Michelle -- in professional. It is eleven minutes after four at news radio 930 WBE and -- it has hourly how closely eagle -- credit card statements because. I will not name the company that would be wrong I would say it is via satellite radio provider. Without leaving the company. Auto renewal baby it's Sox let's get back to Brian in buffalo. Now Brian actually he has somehow got money mailing list for accounting and law books apart or call correctly. That's correct -- I picking you they create -- I I would get. And nearly -- CPA so I would get these these books. And they they -- continue -- you for years. First. And I'm sure all the HE threaten the fact that the accounting fraud. Well the ocean street. And -- its revenue recognition problems they had. It is -- who beat their providers. What -- what they'd do it we will follow up their revenues. I put you on there is a revenue source. Along without Peter -- And. In other -- makes a look better to shareholders. -- make sure we're open to it what we've done little on. The net. It's. Always cracks me up or shall I I would edit your act well that will overrule. Blazing saddles is a classic and I hope that my black Brothers and sisters who listen -- show laugh as much as I do whatever they hear that because the movie poked fun at racial stereotypes that we could do. You know. Again I would threaten them would be HE. Threaten them with where. You know your strategy in -- threaten them with vote with their repair. It's immoral and so that it should restrict her work into it now has been -- it has been authorized. I mean that's that's. Well and there's also two I did a -- -- I haven't done yet because I was gonna do it this morning but again I was transfixed by sandy beaches show and I I literally did not wanna miss a word because it was awesome. I was gonna call -- credit card company today. Because my credit score is like. -- And they know about national. Don't know about those in the suit and is now and in -- -- Two that this topic is that the other side of it which. Would watch -- on -- -- It's a thought for topic and in the future. If it bit and our commercial. Paper but then -- Wherever what what went to about what seems unconstitutional. After the fact debt auto re route takes place or the fact that I am calling for a law where every year you would physically have to sign a document from every company that is an auto charging. So all you have to know it's it should be. Maybe it would be -- -- refuses more. You know it is -- -- connected. But no I I went through the situation at their communities where we -- up or electronic books or edit. And it's just that -- practice as -- opener of their their their revenues make it seem like they're doing burning -- Or don't get me wrong I I have already mentioned -- and I I hated the play the card but I did make it clear to them that talkers magazine recognizes me is the 92. Most influential and important talk show host in the entire country Barack card was played. And I also said this -- my first rodeo. Not quite that way but I did alert them to the fact that Eric Schneider and the attorney general of New York is is even more liberal than Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama all that I mentioned he loves headlines -- any further communication with me will be done only in writing nothing orally. Despite my love of oral. Communication. IE. Will not engage in oral communication with these people because I don't trust them. That your in my way I do all -- picture. Your your approach from what. -- Producer Peter. You don't yes but but but well. But prevent recurrent. Well I you know -- you have presented your case well concisely crisply and you've got straight to the point without taking me -- a circle. I'm a friend Eric well you know it's volatility and cat food but it's the principle of the thing. I don't all the had a 600 bucks expect him to sit there and take. All right thank you very much for what yet thank thank you by the wired. One of the things about financial awareness. And I've said this before folks when you go to the casino. Don't let greed get the better of -- I will not tell you precisely but all I'm gonna say is. I'm very happy man. When I leave the casino you know why because they know when to quit. I know when to quit I know when to walk away in the words of Robert De -- in the movie casino. We know that the longest day and the more you play we give at all. If you find yourself up by a few 100000 bucks get out. -- and make notes of what you spent -- what you got back including parking tolls and guess. My mom admires me for doing that and she also -- settlements. There. -- let's go to Joseph in Cheektowaga -- ansari Billy Nortel one has been holding -- bill in north title Wanda my friend Pat Buchanan. Victimized. Scant not scandalized but had you been well ball -- by auto renewal under credit card and did you catch it. Yes I have via satellite radio company I they did the same thing to me I canceled for five months because I took the vehicle off the road. And five months later all of a sudden they. Reinstall of the yes satellite radio and start charging me. Without my permission. -- it will once they once they are recharged you did they keep sending you those letters saying please correct arc operated. I made I didn't start to radio. Back up again. Because I was just discussed with them so. Now they do keeps on and that to me yes. Save everything they send you I wish I had but frankly. If I -- them. Even if it's a small claims thing. They will have to show how many solicitations. They sent made. And there would be no need to send me solicitations if I was already -- customer clearly it's a scale. Worked pretty damn close to. Well -- manager situation get resolved bill I didn't mean to talk over you. Well I just call them up and I sudden I didn't. Allow this to happen I didn't call to have this reinstated. I don't want it anymore and it stopped right -- and there and maybe they reimbursed me but if I would have been watching my credit card. Statement I would not have noticed. See this is what angers I caught the April charge how that held that I missed the charges Ian. Last year yeah how -- I miss that I have no idea. Who really want. I'm glad you called my friend and I think. -- -- And a -- gagged I just don't Altman companies I mean I'm simply saying a satellite radio provider that's all I mean that's all I can say I wouldn't go any further that. No reason to. -- -- 30930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE and the I think we need a law you agree with that if if a company. Is going to awful -- to a charge on your credit card that every year you should physically have to sign a piece of paper based and you. Authorizing the continuing charging to your account. If they make Danks said to a statement for your mortgage payments that you already know you made. I think the -- these companies with the auto renew policies do the same thing and I'm not anti business at all. But I don't like feeling as though my pockets have been picked -- become very Al Capone like in situations like that. It is except a little shorter knock orders -- It is about twenty minutes after four news radio 930 WBE -- let's find out how they drive always go -- and mr. Allen Harris is getting you through an alum. Already AccuWeather forward tonight. Will be cloudy a shower in spots 42. The buys his first pitch 705 against the Charlotte knights downtown so you know dress warmly but hopefully the spotty rain will fall on you so I feel like I should give the -- and a freebie. Because as you know the other day I thought for sure they were gonna get the gay men but. At least wouldn't call them to make sure that they work so we -- our job but still I'd rather err on the side of being a good guy. Mostly cloudy. The good guys up mostly cloudy breezy and cool passing shower or two tomorrow 54. And then on Saturday a blend of sun and clouds a couple of showers and breezy 56. Will -- 51 degrees at news radio 930 WBE and it's hourly with Joseph -- amber at master control and my friend my neighbor John Sherman your call screener by the way that had nothing to do with his getting the job he got the job because he's graded his job. Jesse you know you've got a lot of work. All right he's not really that -- with his job but we -- up. Were were pushing them along the way you know here is our next caller who would be GAO in Cheektowaga Joseph. Have you been taken to the cleaners by auto renewal. Well auto debit yes yes. I would argue I don't I don't want anymore. Regulations then a democratic charter my does my billing or anything like. And we have already. I mean he saw apple already mentioned it. Earlier the pitcher Mort my mortgage company apparently it's the new federal regulation -- will -- you this piece of paper saying how much you paid how much you'll. One no what I -- for that. Is I've rented though web site of that. Mortgage company and I said though what's up with this well you can have it sent electronically your email okay so it's a good thing. Took care of that mind my Caleb -- is zone. When I was establishing Internet service and a certain telephony company. Electronic. Audience today -- gosh we have the most well spoken call in show in the history today. -- certain telephony companies. And gee you know you've -- -- stop you weren't there when we have a our premises since it but missed practice is that it was is a ridiculous charge like seventy additional dollars some doughnuts. Open up an -- com operate away when I I see the bill and is what part of self installed did you not understand why did you even come out here. OK okay we'll take that off your bill mr. you know mining and won't be holed a couple weeks later when they did the actual deducting -- are connected to deducting. -- took the full amount down not so reduced amount. Like OK and that was bad you know that it luckily it didn't problems like what the heck. Yes so. I'm sure those were your exact words what the heck. I tend to get a little stronger author of the met but that's just me. Probably vote -- out but my my point is. I'm sorry to say men out. Don't don't have the government is that an attitude to take care. But what OK but -- talk -- talk about his question I mean first of all this is an example Joseph where -- mixing metaphors this has nothing to do with my testicles or my management my ability to fight all right so that's that's really kind of that's kind of -- or dude seriously you are very well spoken but that logic made absolutely no sense the question meant it's not a question of men Linas. I am a very intelligent individual. And if I got screwed. My gosh Joseph leash you got -- with the IQ of 85 who doesn't really know what he's doing in the world. And I'm sorry it's so easy to think it's like taking candy from a baby. If ever there was a cause for government intervention I think it is in these auto renewal scams that are going on I'd be happy to talk to further about this I don't wanna cut you off but. I mean don't you know man up this isn't a man up issue. I mean the -- I mean it's not like they can in my house and -- they're gonna beat me up. That it would be a Manning up issue because I need extra help they help me dig more holes in the backyard. For 25 -- news radio 930 WBE he had. Member of The Sopranos remember the head debut at the premiere of labor. And who have that as this ringtone on his cell phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right it is up for 34 news radio 930 WBN. So our credit card statements do you review them as thinking Jewish study. I suppose I could say -- anal about going over them but I don't like to over use the a word. Now. I believe there's something wrong. With companies being able to auto re new. Basically. That well without your active annual participation. In the four -- signed document. Because. If I get burned. And I'm pretty careful about these things are -- how many -- you. Have paid for services you did not want you did not order and you didn't even realize. You were being built and I don't view this is a question of mentally this testosterone. Or suck it up butter cup. This is an example of one person fighting a company that in my opinion did something very unethical. That can only be remedied either by a civil action our class action lawsuit. Horror. All law. I don't like Google it's I'm not a big fan of new legislation. But as far as -- ago and do laws go there are some that make cents JJ's law for example one and another one involving. The company's ability and by the way. -- ability. Two -- -- new charges on your credit card whether it's easy pass whether it is a certain unnamed satellite radio company. Or whether it is. You were a cable provider. Or satellite provider. Once a year sending a -- yes I continued I wish to continue the to have my account auto. Dedicated to my credit card here's my signature here's the date thank you very much I don't think that's too much to acts. But Joseph disagrees. Joseph. And what. I guess of getting past the -- testosterone issue. And by the way you are right I do have to take testosterone supplements I have to grant you that one. I'm sorry but. I didn't -- it -- -- with what I meant is take responsibility by men out there at all. But I am taking responsibility and out but we'll put Joseph you're you're right every two weeks I have to give myself an injection of testosterone. Otherwise I drove a giant. I don't know if you're aware of but I do self. Now that was a funny line I would expect a laugh but. No I'm not I'm not offended I'm really not but. -- you understand where I'm coming from though that if somebody gets -- a sophisticated. Man of the world. Can get hosed like this -- how about your little lady next door neighbor. That is true -- suggestion on how you might do. Mitigate your risk article there are all there are a lot of credit card companies. That we that'll allow you to make a merchant IDs specific credit card number and it will be linked here. Our primary account number. And so the way you do this issue generate one of these for this our satellite radio company. And as an issue don't park service whether we call the credit card companies say okay here's the number I have or that company. Deactivate that that they don't won't be able to charge to that account. Yes. You know what yes you you are. You're correct that was going to be -- step I was gonna take this morning but as I explained I got so caught up listening to sandy beach that I was riveted to the radio I did what they did the -- -- I was staring at the radio listening to -- talking about the death penalty. And saying -- are so right sanity yes. But no I but. If I would say to you like let's just say for example that I was a state senator. All right. After I was done screw around with every single female intern in my office. If I was to introduce a law. Would would you problem with with that law -- did you really think it would be that onerous -- bat much of an extra law that it wouldn't merits and serious consideration be honest with -- can yell and scream miniature. In principle I I think there might be a good idea however this this than. Mandates that they have less storage requirement what what we might want to doing that is legislation we're digital signatures are more acceptable and paper signatures. All of the other way if you're at every year eight digital signature I must actively -- I think the key here is jolt that. Actively either by an electronic document where I have to acts. Or a signature on a piece of paper I think there must be some. Active role the consumers should have to pay up play in order to continue the auto deduct can we agree on that. Sure log into their web site and it'll notice okay you're up for renewal little have a pop up or won't what you. Continuing to use either say yes I agreed to continue war I want this to continue. Look at -- but the only way to do that would be legislation. I'm afraid I believe I hate to say that on the guys is for real lawyer -- should take time off the books so I hear -- -- Up Joseph I don't wanna cut you short I'm gonna put shuttle hold -- -- really nice guy in a -- of a closing thought I'd like to Europe but we've got to traffic situation that is rapidly degenerating. Speaking of degenerates. Its hourly let's go to the good guys now here's Alan Harris. -- Have we traffic. You know what's happening he's on the phone with somebody with new information so let's just wrap things up -- show that nugget back to Allan -- Joseph want him in closings -- and I hate to put you on the spot but in closing your final sentence or two for me my front. I like it may be it -- agree with both a little bit extra annoyance of having to do it electronically but as far as. Physical papers signatures and any papers just messing him and I think we're at an advanced enough technological age that we ought to be able to do most of this electronically. I I agree. No no problem you know what you're right I think the bank like you do and I wish my bank which is to send -- the statements electronically I'll have to call them for the mortgage statements are they have been done. Joseph -- were -- as friends. Well thank you very much for your time mister -- But call me Tom please don't call huge. I could make lament thank you for the call. All right 803 on -- thirty Allen is ready now I've -- he was on the phone what do you new information I know my traffic guy here's Alan Harris. 00. I think -- equipment problem here folks. When Elin like to come into the studio to give it up there. Because if traffic is going to hell of a hand basket let's get Allen -- here that we'll get the engineers data that you look at -- workstation and that figure out what's going in the longer term. I hope you'll forgive the interruption in the program spokesman. This is believe me -- needs to get the information to us and we want the information but I think his microphone just may have taken you know what. So while it's -- -- here and give us the latest by the way my friends. If you see a traffic issue the traffic command hotline number which probably is not going to be answered here in the next two minutes because he's going to be down here they. Is 8030321. 8030321. To report major traffic situations. John is he is becoming. We're gonna try to get this -- okay take three Alan Harris with a traffic update -- Look Alan I I know that you've been doing this a long time lesson one always blame the engineers. Let's check our. You have man that balance. All -- That's huge. Arcade back is one gigantic serpentine. -- Traffic jam. Mongolian cluster. Dance when I'm on the year it's another had a cluster when I'm off the year. All right Allan thank you. Hey gang here's what I'm gonna do here and there's no point call -- knows of the accident and this is it's a monster. Let's open up the contest lions. So if you see the accident and if you can take a picture of the accident I mean if it's gruesome were obviously back and posted on line that would be wrong. But if you are in eyesight of the accident they can safely take a picture send the picture to newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB Ian dot com. If you're close enough. To the 190s south bound by church to tell us exactly. What in the you know what is going on call our contest line. It's not a free call but we won't take that long. If your lady just think of a seizure first husband 64498756449875. If you work close to the accident and can actually see what is going on but that's pretty huge if the accident is that the one -- -- at church and it's passed on or ghost story. Seriously I mean we're we're we're talking about cross and three air force -- 6449875. Is the each -- ordinarily that's the contest line alternative to a special traffic line now if you have information you can share on what is going on. So old. I'm gonna take more calls now on whether you closely monitor your credit cards and whether you have prevented yourself from being blown. I like that word it just basically gets right to the point. Let me take people in order here. Or nobody's going the contest line yet. Well that means that people were closest to the accident are listening to. Well that makes sense that here and -- brother offended by bet -- Here is that I keep in talk about one -- on WB Ian -- first of all credit card statement you go over with a fine tooth comb. I do I try to keep. Very tight. Grasp on my credit card statements. I can't -- it could probably disagree with -- your previous caller -- don't think people are are particularly savvy enough to. I know I know my wife who who works two jobs. By daughter seems single school son to school legal work. They just don't have the time and yes pass through to be able to. Follow up with this thing. Dude I don't have the time I got my friend Keith I need to put on hold and I hope you'll forgive me but there's a really major traffic issue right now and I wanna hear your story in -- great guy and it really wanna hear it. Because the time factor is so important but I got up -- on hold. And wanna find out what's going on with this accident now guys I cannot see names. On this screen and and that's okay doesn't matter wanted to just go to these people. Whoa Joseph you got to really lower your voice because you just standard and might remaining hearing out -- line eight honey I just called Joseph honey. Like eight is Dave Dave on WB a day if -- were argue in relation -- this accident at the 190 south by church. I have I'm going 190s north Marty to Amherst street -- came from net. But at either few minutes ago. It looked like it gobbled clear they've got eighty that the band out on the back of a tractor trailer bed. And they look like they're probably until he met the way they're holding out I'm I'm upbeat street and -- built back up all the way here at a pretty long back up. Oh it'll be backed up all the way to Ontario on how far how far north 300. I've had a Grand Island so I'm just about to America is thirteen -- met with the bulk of it's -- backed up all the way to there. -- -- around. -- -- my friend thank your for the update so one of the vehicles they've already got it up on a flatbed the got a hold that out of here. Yeah it doesn't -- it going to be to July it's they're the cop car the everybody into one lane you know give enough space to clear but -- -- -- is pretty well under control and I. I would say probably just being in a critic -- cleared out. RA well if if they belt before long we'll be talking about the backed up going to African Lewiston. Yeah. Are my -- thank you very much I appreciate the info. All right thank you my friend here's Bob on WB Ian Bob you've been by the accident you see the actually give us an update. -- BOB. Bob. Bob's not clear to -- Jin Jong day. This is not here bright line through. Steve is actually calling and the other number I don't know how he got through that double Steve Europe WB EN -- are -- what are your street. Economic. Sit there at around five and only one vehicle left Iran supported and rear ended with two police hours. And it's a lot of lightly but that's the only thing left of it -- -- when I -- because now. Just just now meeting like within the last two minutes. Now. All of a great. So all right so apparently the car that was on the flatbed is out of there so now they just got the -- forty get out you know what color their rapport was. Yeah that was helpful. Slate blue lot -- -- politics played at all hours reliving like play. -- and you're good bad you're real good. But anyway I'll ask former governor and that was it. They look like it didn't find out a lot of it -- start up and drive it but he -- interconnected a lot of and it will let you do it. Where you do realize that somewhere -- personal injury lawyers has just achieved orgasm. Aren't. All right I'm glad your call thank you very much. It my my YouTube my friend thank you are again well good news is if you're in the jam which -- got to be a guess and now it's probably by the Dunlop plant. That that would be my guest. Just knowing other traffic volume is. They're clearing it out so just be patient I will not advise you to get off the road did get off the road. I mean I would not advise you to take an exit you wouldn't ordinarily take. Looks like there's one remaining vehicle to get out of here a slate blue -- for. And Joseph was biting his nails -- a regular one minute in here before okay. I -- -- one minute break in the we'll go to -- Harris were traffic in the we're gonna get duct work for and keep the -- wonder you're hearing -- hourly on news radio 930 WBM hey thanks for making me part of your very. And I'm always honored and we have a good time. That's something I said -- Odd sense of humor man. Actually you're injured -- giggle. Mostly cloudy tonight a shower in spots 42 the bison steak on the Charlotte nights 7 o'clock. And that basically you're gonna wanna dress warmly but hopefully the spotty rain -- spot over the ball. And somehow even I can make bets on dirty. Mostly cloudy breezy and cool tomorrow passing shower or 25451. Degrees right now. And thanks for the updates gang of an accident on the wanted to sell the church street if you're in that link the link the link the traffic jam you should start to move if you haven't already. Really soon. It was a multi vehicle accident and as of about five minutes ago there's only one -- to get out of here then things should open up like an intestinal blockage and you should be sailing fine. Here is. There was Keith Wright keyed into one he thought you'd do it that -- you check your credit card statements. Almost religiously. And I gonna talk about the tie and how strapped for time we all. I. Religiously is almost daily. The pain. Purchases. OB are being. Somebody's right to hunt and into our count a couple of years back and ever since then I made sure that I checked for purchases that. -- -- What we -- but I think -- you have a new law would be. Something that would be agreeable I think for everybody. In order to. As an example we ought to do car in December 13 and -- What happened was. When -- restraining my weight is there she signed it was. And we -- this new car on American made. You get. Three. Satellite radio as well as satellite wrote. It and. For a limited period of time you trial during usually previous six months. That's right exactly the end. So. Something big it was the -- out mid January that she didn't give them credit card number and they started calling. And what are the problems and you get from these places. It is. A Third World country that call and they're very -- -- number you know quick. Think in -- nuances of the way we think. Yet the Indians now these people were they sounded American that's -- -- -- now they sounded like Californians. Well it may be even worse. It's hard to tell them there would have said he used guys. That's right so whatever it was they kept calling and saying we want your record. And I said no I'm not -- credit card number why -- they do that or even your product. Please stop take away we don't want. And the signal. -- after. -- -- well we so. If it would mean we -- too well because it comes with your car. OK I need get a hold on to this thought and forgive the truncated nature of this phone call but I have no control over traffic developments. I wanna hear the exciting conclusion to your get bent side of the story. But please please be on hold. And I we'll get back -- promptly following the news at five under his radio I'm thirty WB --

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