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5-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would write. Think yeah if you go to the hole looked -- more than ten. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans -- -- I protest that was because of guys out for a -- one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put this. And people know when it's live. These local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women that good news radio yeah. All right OK I just think if this thing not all right this is our Larry. On -- Israel I'm thirty WBM back in the saddle on Thursday thanks to our. Now let's see thanks to it was a Stephens at all we're sitting in yesterday well I got. Broad. A broad. And I'll -- legal for us sitting and yesterday. On the program Mike is actually a very well my own talk show horse and never actually what he does and -- mechanical -- and again except I didn't have a chance to hear him. Because why it was -- I was pot well as they say doing what I won't tell you when it was very exciting. It involved lots of lots of -- Lot lots and lots and lots of probe that's all going to say right now just think pearl. That's all -- -- I should point out aliens were not ball. All right just -- -- on the same nature is don't think you turn at the George -- joked -- the mistake you're turning heads in the beach this morning. And -- well because that stuff I wanted to get them for a -- of the work and like you guys that myself. I'm able to get what I needed to get done because it was entrenched and it captured by the show on the death penalty. And it's it's interesting because up all of us. Does that change. In our views on the death penalty we're no longer I think as well legally about it as we used to be. Actually -- the point about DNA evidence. The only issue I have is why OJ get off. Because the jury of his pitchers did not believe the police have found DNA evidence. Connecting OJ to the crime. They believe that it racist cop named mark -- Put the DNA evidence from OJ in the spot where it would be compromising and injurious to the case against OJ Simpson. So to me it's supposed evidence to stick with buying. With my standard for the death -- I don't have a issue with the death penalty as long as the guilt of the accused. Is established beyond the shadow of any doubt. Now that might include DNA evidence against these while we used news. There's absolutely no doubt whatsoever. And a man named Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald. In the basement of Dallas police headquarters way to win in November 24 1962. Mean that is the advocates that I would say all right absolutely positively did it. If it's a capital crime yes he deserves to die. Up but yet they alone would not do. Because I don't trust authority. -- -- -- Something about. I fight authority authority always wins those are some great words I'd get a look like that now before I forget where it's. Clerics have already been taken. About -- the lunatic is on the ground that was done. We don't need no education now that's done -- -- -- big -- Started against your. As this thing on his office door for Roger Waters. -- if you don't well is huge musical legend connected mostly with Pink Floyd. And musical genius and is also marketing genius who else is a marketing genius Kid Rock. -- -- -- -- I I. And who should we can not -- he truly is an absolute marketing genius so anyway long story short. I couldn't get half the stuff done I wanted to get done this morning because they got hooked on sandy beaches shell and if you wanna find out what I'm talking about why it was a good. You can listen to Sandy's audio -- recording of his program. Nine to noon and assuming all three hours -- up. But sometimes glitches happen in the system it's always part of a giant conspiracy you realize that. But that sometimes glitches do happen but you go to WB dot com and check out that audio vault and -- you can hear it. Now as for my show today that's going to be a tough act to follow but I'm I'm torn here I'm torn between two topics. I'm gonna take a lot about which I feel most passionately now. First of all. I will not tell you exactly why I was up yesterday what I did or out what was involved in doing what I did all right I will simply say it was personal. It was not medical now it was not medical it was a it was personal. I didn't even get lucky which kind of sucks but. Well there were guys and well. I know but it it's still too close the -- but anyway. Well yeah it would -- John you receive it it it just it would have been all right. But I was kind of tied up I didn't really have a chance to connect at all and by the time the guys were my house left my house it was nappy time for me. I crept out about the 7 o'clock at night woke up about. Now about the -- city beach came on the year. You -- this but it. It would have been a tough I mean not tough popped up as -- only got to the horrible but just every single minute has been occupied. But what are the things that is occupied my time. I got I gotta tell you the story you're gonna -- it's. Folks I really have nothing but good things to say about Time Warner Cable and I hate to disappoint you because you guys expect me to. Probably say bad things about a big corporation because I'm in the media and it seems to be -- -- thing to do these days hey let's bloated corporations that employs thousands of my neighbors that makes sense. But. I like Time Warner Cable I don't mind telling you bet however. Yesterday I had an experience that just drove me absolutely crazy. The long and the short of it is there's some portion -- Who is trying to get his Internet it's established at 5757. Main street in williams' goal which is a big building in case you don't know that think building on the right as you head -- the two for two -- united. Anyway they apparently are. A phone number very close to rival telephone number. So tight quarters lady was calling every single day. About this now finally she left the work order number on my answering machine at all so yesterday I call up Time Warner Cable and I say look. I don't have to do this by you guys are great company you've always been good to me and I got a target that. This woman is calling the wrong number and your customer is probably getting very furious because your customer is not getting the phone calls. I'm getting the calls intended for your customer. So I explain the situation and they offered me some goodies and I said you know what. You guys have done enough for me in the past that I don't want any goodies right now let's just call one solid in in exchange for another solid you guys did for me about a year ago. So that was cool. So. We understand where I -- all right -- ivy -- where we are in the story I called Time Warner. Because I wanted to make it clear to them that they had to get in touch with the right person that they were calling me by mistake thinking that I was trying to set up this business and I'm not. So later on. I had to call Time Warner on a separate issue and guess what they did it. Yes they linked the business account to my account. I don't even know what to say. Because well I'm gonna have to call -- quarterback and it all makes it even worse. This cap on our. You're a pop -- Campbell. Coach I don't give a flying rat's rear end about you. Just give me the freaking customer service don't give me ten seconds this guy. Time Warner I'm begging you please. Make my experience as a customer better. I don't need to hear the coach when I call him for 102 -- a product I wanna help. So out of dreading now have a difficult Time Warner trying to explain to them that they have inadvertently leaked now. A business account that isn't mine to my personal account how could such a thing happen when I made it clear that I. Yeah is that what happened here -- somehow they've. Joseph are you following the story is is making any sense. -- no way shape or form connected with his business somebody's opening up it 5757. Mainstream. But somehow despite my incredibly adept communication skills the woman on the other end of the line fixed that while these two accounts must be she's calling for a no I wasn't calling -- calling to help you guys out. Now fortunately I have somebody at Time Warner Cable but I can actually call or send an email to to resolve this but this kind of at a roundabout way brings me to what I wanna start out with today on WB -- and it's not political. I don't feel like -- politics today I don't feel like talking about race today do you guys mind if we don't talk about race today let's -- impromptu poll -- would you mind if I don't say the and word that I. Now all right John do you mind if I don't say the N word today due modified don't that referred to any derogatory way to -- any minority. A group any gender minority group or anything like that we don't talk about somebody who said the wrong thing at the wrong time to the mistress okay it. -- on the same page. So -- question for. If -- happen instantly if you happen to anybody. I am generally pretty anal. Or is it shocked I'm generally pretty -- about my credit card statements. I go over my credit card statements this luckily. With a fine -- call because if there's one thing I don't mind -- spending money. I'm not a cheap individual will spend money like there's no tomorrow when there's a reason to spend money. I will not however be -- Now I will not name a certain satellite radio company with which ideally. Well I won't name the company. But let's just say it -- a few days back they charge me 185. Dollars and fifty cents. Four service I had canceled years ago. So you obviously know the rest of the story is that they obviously charged me for the past two years and somehow it got by me right. Yeah it it. So I am now in the battle. With this company with which I canceled service I'm not going to name the satellite radio company I will not name it. But I specifically remember telling you guys on the year but I can't -- the the unnamed satellite radio company because my favorite part of it was probably channel. When I didn't warnings by the -- I would drive all I would listen to the comedy channel. Because I like and there's times if you talk about at -- stop. You don't want anything serious really mean I don't maybe your -- on talk about -- -- cat poop. Sometimes it's fun but somewhere in between Donald sterling and cat who is a happy medium. And that's why I would tune into the comedy channel except. I realized that it didn't take very long and kind of sharp that way I realized that the comedy channel under certain unnamed satellite radio company. Was all liberal all the time. It was in this was when George Bush was in the White House that show -- long ago I thought -- canceled his account. Every every single comedian. Every single comedy -- was anti bush. Anti Republican. Anti conservative. Anti Christian anti everything that. I would consider to be you know my my listeners now look I'm a Christian but you don't your Christian bashing here. I can't stand George Bush. But I would like a little fairness. -- never heard anything about Obama I never heard anything about Harry Reid and -- anything about Nancy Pelosi on the comedy channel. On this unnamed satellite radio companies that service. So I canceled a call them and I said look. I'm canceling and canceling because of the political bias of the comedy channel there is absolutely no attempt at the earnest here whatsoever although it is. Is propaganda. And I will not paid to be insulted thank you very much. So I thought the account was canceled. Well guess what it wasn't. I didn't realize it until yesterday. Or two days ago. So long story short. The -- satellite radio company owes me 400 or so dollars. No they they they immediately took back to charge they've made a few days ago. But then they said -- you you're gonna have to deal with customer relations now now they -- myself. Really. Since there would you send an email to our customer relations. And pretty good at play in the corporate game. So I sent the email. And I will be very brutally honest with you I don't -- the radio card a lot. That you ask are they what you talked to Jack -- at Holly's. Then he he's the he's the guy who won't tell he's on main street in Clarence OK. And we are talking I paid my cover charge last Friday night to go in just like everybody else because it always been a cover charge except that one certain place where I have a friendship with genuine friendship with the -- Okay so I I always that cover charge even when they sell you one and we know you are now. There why would it be different than anybody else I'm paying my cover charge I don't wanna be in anybody's yet. I don't believe in abusing whatever BS celebrity status I have you know for every ten dollar cover charge that -- cabinet. What kind of -- up with that make me. You know that you guys are making ten dollars an hour your -- cover charge why should I pay my. And I really believe that for a long time folks that's not phony that's as real me ask anybody -- ever dated. And they'll tell you the same thing that yeah he's he's not but he's not -- -- the he really gets. But when I wrote. I I paid the five dollar cover charge -- saudis last Friday US Jack -- big Jack Fowler you ask him now. So anyway that at the point of trying to make here is I don't abuse. This celebrity thing because I don't think it's meant to be abused it's a job it's what I do for a living it makes me know better than the -- picks up my trashed it makes -- you know better than some top -- the car makes me feel better than the people out of the sunshine Catholic I have a job at a scale I get paid for. And that's the celebrity can sometimes be -- And then twice -- -- some biomass tries picking a fight with me without knowing certain things about me and fortunately I usually just give away the situation without. Incidents. Because I am trained to break -- but anyway. -- joke joke joke can attest to that by the way now. Long story short -- walk away please understand the last thing I -- right now as African arrest specially missile terrorist. If I'd be the what do you charge you know that right some guy could be six foot six I break his leg I'll be the one in -- Anyway in a -- -- if I win Milwaukee's guess who's gonna get his ass suit me so anyway. I have set a I sent a letter and I have to play the card. Now this story is all leading up to question for you because the show and about me. I did sometimes it is -- somebody's gotta be the driving force behind of character you know keep on keeping don't want you know. But it is about. You how diligently do you check your credit card statements. And have you ever prevented a -- it. Are permitted a 200 dollar balding the other day now I have to go back and Tebow. From some previous charges. I don't mean to brag -- I -- myself that little -- part last night in the computer in the guitar thank you very mica. Is the energy but then there's the other part is kind of funky kind of cool delicate Joseph Walsh kind of a thing but it. Anyway who who released years I need a hobby it it's my therapy all right let's just beyond mr. It is at 336 its hourly so weight gain how closely do you watch and monitor your credit card statements now as many of you new era. Over the wintertime. And actually from months before that I have let papers build and build up and -- up there was always one of those things were public servant -- -- accurate and that what I do is I would put imponderables. That my cat would see piles there. As you see piles of paper should seek ways she sees ski mountains that are hurt my piles of paper were like rubber tire tool it'll. Did you just see the damn things it's like. So anyway all that's cleaned up now on I feel much better about my home to be brutally frank -- so -- out of my credit card statement and that I mentioned. I won't name the name but it was a certain. Satellite radio company aren't. Now what they've always they've got this auto re new winged thing going on and I wanna say right here right now. I'm not a big believer in laws any more laws that we already have on the books okay. Because for example. Idiots Albany. Okay there's a heroin problem we got -- problem. Let's have harsher laws against dealers freaking idiots I swear at the world is run by idiots unlocked and go into why we have a heroin problem right now. Now like the war on painkillers and the fact that we as a country enable heroin to come in to this country as part of the deal with Satan we made in Afghanistan with the people who grow the crap. Ask Aaron Catholics family all you what you gonna ask that if you want you can't ask -- because he died. He got wet he was a US marine liaison with CIA. And he knew all about the skim -- long story short I talked about this the other but the point is. I don't trust politicians I think most of them have the IQ -- common zucchini. And I think they're just idiots. And they're more worried about a career in politics than they are about genuine solutions because let's face it if they or politics what the hell would they be doing for a living. Probably flipping burgers not that there's anything wrong with flipping burgers and I got to eat. You -- eat flipping burgers is a noble if not highly reviewed or -- of way to make a living. So. We need a law to ban auto renewals and credit card statements who is with the congress. I don't believe in this whole policy of auto renewables -- biggest reason I don't subscribe to online. I mean because I just know it's gonna auto -- new. And somebody's gonna -- it and I know that it's discreetly bill. I mean I know that when you get a statement from Maine I don't know I guess would be like CC delaying or something war. Whatever it's how how -- I know that. A friend told. So much out there for free why -- pay for -- look at understand but anyway. We need a law against auto renewing it charges. At least. Every year usually have to sign a document. Authorizing. A continued charge on your credit card for auto renewables to kick it. All right now. Let's put it this way. Again ladies and gentlemen I hate. It's a strong word I mightily this like new laws some new laws unfortunately. Aren't necessary. For example JJ's law. -- very necessary law. Needed and I actually support Governor Cuomo for signing into law and Tim Kennedy for pushing it along it was the right thing to do. -- in the right mind would objected JJ's law. So the pastor who beat up to move his old babies wouldn't be out of prison right now. -- seven fun out there in the real world anyway. Was that out loud and for -- anyway. I realized that auto -- new rules. Auto renewals. For an unnamed and satellite radio company. Now they just waved at 185 dollar and fifty cent addicts are still pretty good about -- and then I thought crossed my mind and I canceled the six years ago. And I'm thinking how to -- like cancel the account years ago. And then two things dawn Dundee. They patched through to the upper level of management. I spoke briefly with the upper level of management. And I said let me tell -- up. And this gets back the whole celebrity idea are brought up earlier please understand guys I don't. If you know me off here you know that I'm not a phony about here's -- really good seriously. Com. I didn't play the card. I play I played I have to be honest with you but I never end the call litters of this radio station are identified ever come. I did however say you know -- all to respect -- I've been -- radio for over thirty years. In fact recently I was in the 92 most influential and important radio talk show host in America by talkers magazine. And believe me I know how to contact the New York State attorney general's office is neighbors searched by Letterman he's an ultra lived and he lives for headlines against corporate America just thought you'd like to know bet. And as she gets an additional questions and I said no I -- that they want we're gonna do here's how we're gonna Davis were gonna put everything in writing. Nothing's gonna be oral it's gonna be right. And I said not overly. Are you refunding neither 185 dollar and fifty cent charge -- just laid on the on April 12. You're -- refund every charge since may of 2012. Which is the last time I wanted to the service from the unnamed satellite radio company. Now. I'm thinking to myself how to like prove. They said well miffed about hourly we have no record of any cancellations. So then I just I played the obvious car I said. Well if there's no record that I canceled. Would you explain to me why every week you send me a letter saying that I can rejoin its these certain unnamed satellite radio company were reduced rate. If -- a customer why would you continue to try to induce me back. I said bingo I rest my case I sit any further communication is gonna be writing with few people because I don't trust you verbally no disrespect to you personally. So what are they don't they call. And I IE I go to they sent emails like please call us to discuss this matter. I sent back I've learned that -- you people that with all the business legal transactions I do I'm putting it right so -- communicate. In writing or we will communicate at all. So what it remains an open the an open case right now but by my calculations. They old me. Every charge they've levied against my account for May of 2012. To the present day because they were on authorized. In my best proof is the fact they kept on trying to get it back with the service why would they do that if the customer. And that would be easy case to prove in court which I'm willing to do because I -- I am a jerk. Now. At the end of the day if all goes well. And again to be honest with you. If all goes well that should give me about 600 bucks back that I never should've spent anyway. Now part of this and explain to them yesterday part of this is on me. I should have been continuously more diligent about checking my credit card statements. I don't know how that -- by. Because I am anal about. Five. Now. If it gets by me if you get by you. Because think about my ancestry. Yet. First of all there's the German part. We're supposed to be -- Then there's the Asian part. Not that much but enough that it shows. That is supposed to make the good at math. So let's just get this straight. I don't get that but I get all the other stereotypes thanks god. Anyway and 8030 and -- thirtieth before never had a huge. I miss you guys and I'm gonna really be -- all my best material as a waste of my cat. 8030130. Star and I'm 3180616. WB EN. But folks auto -- new rules are the tool of Satan seriously. Let me just give you one quick example and that I'm gonna break on the take your phone calls but. Another government regulation that they've called for which I think is totally unnecessary. And you guys are getting hit with this to ever since the first of the year. Do you have your mortgage payments automatically deducted from your checking account I do. All right now despite the fact that it's absolutely positively on the up and up. They sent me a -- statement every month. Here's the amount we deducted from your checking account I think and almost no I don't did it. And it's a waste of paper it's a waste of postage it's a waste of time and frankly it cuts into the banks audible. Which I don't think is right. But I suppose what's good for the goose is good for the gander I think we need a law that for any company to auto -- new. They purchase. A charge on your credit card. You must physically. Have to sign a document every single year authorizing them to continue the practice. Because I think it's a stand. I believe I've been stand by this company because I can remember the phone call I made. And because -- talking about on the year and I told you guys why would I pay for service IE the comedy channel. Where there is no attempt at balance in humor. Joke about conservatives you know -- joke about Republicans -- they've got to be -- I I will joked about everything you know what. Let the other side have a -- once in awhile about some Obama jokes Oprah jokes about some jokes against a typical liberals you didn't get that on the comedy channel. Allegedly changed now they haven't Joseph used to subscribe. OK to the unnamed satellite radio service. Our now folks I don't watch in naming companies I take responsibility for everything I -- so they come back at me I'm a big boy I can handle it you -- -- temperature. And I don't mean that this respectfully I'm a pro what I do. All right so I know where the line it's. And I can prove everything have said if I have to in court or in a deposition. No problem. But I don't what you naming companies I would appreciate that you know if you wanna screw around and say you know. A major medical concern OK a major bank okay -- -- anymore specific than that. Are are we on the same page. But don't say a major bank that uses a certain flag as its symbol don't go there because we all know what that is and you're not -- trained. Actually I've never been trained and radio. I each. I think it's a one radio class in my whole life. Anyway. By the way city beach phenomenal show on the death penalty check it out WBE -- dot com the audio vault freaking phenomenal. And that's one of the reasons I could get anything else done today before it came and I got wrapped up listening to standings and check it out WB and audio vault the city beach show all three hours or on line. Now I need to break when we come back we're gonna take your telephone calls and I'll look at -- you guys you guys dig in this topic obstruct and her. Thank you Jesus I didn't feel like heavy lifting today. And any additional Intel on the wanna be -- or any other major traffic issues always -- -- -- our traffic outline a call. You don't 30321. Now we don't even at the call the -- instead they like we did the other day with the Louisville situation. -- I mean I've got a -- and it Mindy and Bob are friends of mine I mean we don't like hang out together but you know I think the world those guys. Buys a stake in the Charlotte knights tonight at the ballpark first pitch is 705. Tonight will be cloudy spotty showers you know spot. 42 below. -- -- -- like my sanity actually spot. At times mostly cloudy breezy and cool tomorrow with a passing shower or two the high 54 -- I like to make comments like that after a take a day off just to get haters need to 51 degrees at -- news radio 930 WB EM alright -- get your return. Do you double check your credit card statements and without naming companies if you're caught somebody picking your pocket I did yesterday and I am. I'm not furious because -- been resolved yet maybe he'll be resolved and election now. But I am not a happy camper. Because. I think I've made the case. I canceled because of the politics on the comedy channel all anti right wing. And if I say. Didn't cancel why would they continuously send me invitations to rejoin the service in a court of law my opinion that would be a small claims victory. Now let's go to and I would represented myself because let's face it anybody represents himself hasn't. DB is a lawyer our writers Brian in buffalo -- public UBE and Brian welcome to the program if you've been screwed by auto re new. -- The eighties. Accounting books and -- -- it -- the these. Are terrible. And so what answers if you subscribe to meg in. A magazine or its accounting books law or sort edit. In what we're here is battery every year it's certainly something out even after I didn't need -- -- it. And how did you notify them or just question how did you notify them that you were canceled. I didn't know I did all that and auto renewal I'll. I didn't know OK but I did call up and they hate you and your book there -- Or or maybe you're right I didn't want I never -- since that -- they. I -- united flight are. Well. You were at least able to send them back forgive my interruption -- you were at least able to send them back the product in which you had no interest how to light how to -- sent back radio programs I didn't get -- wouldn't want. Yeah. It's like -- -- time and a bottle. No -- You know right moment so I I didn't also altering -- and in space I opted out the errors in the -- -- Home. Magazines or they I hit -- threatened litigation here. I wanna talk to you more Brian because you were air -- died -- concise but please wait until after the news breaks or give your full -- otherwise I will auto renew this phone call at 3 in the morning so don't go anywhere you're -- -- hourly news radio 930 WB --

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