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5-1 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back we're -- company a lot of these stars I have from the New York Times mentions on social media. Some people say they wish Lockett had suffered more. In keeping up well with the -- what he did to his victim he shot his victim after wrapping her. A nineteen year old girl. He -- -- so he raped her he should honor. And he buried her. I'm alive she was not dead when -- neighbor. So for those of you. Who have crocodile tears -- running down your cheeks today because he suffered a little bit more than it was supposed to do at his execution and he died of heart attack. Instead of lethal injection as savior tears for somebody deserves that like the family. Of the girl that died it 030930106169. Through -- -- 930. I'm John in forest bill John -- on WBBM. They're good morning Andy. In all aloft or death penalty. But you know this past week you heard several people. Our talk about. The guy out in California where it all this is karma from the guy this is karma for the guy you know. Basketball owner -- well I think that says you don't -- the recurrence is karma for this guy because. You know evidently it was written in the stars because what he did this -- -- he Morales got it above ground for him. Yeah absolutely at the embargo that beard even beyond the bearing a multiple kidnappings. I'm beating on nine month old baby burglary. And and he let he made the people watch as she died being buried alive. Exactly so you know what all these people that want to jump on the -- -- it's Phillips is -- -- and harbor for that well you know what. If you wanna believe and believe -- it all away. I'm with you know -- there's something consistent about that John thank you. You are really you know the usual arguments. I don't lie. I I don't apply. I will say that I yeah I would need DNA evidence in order to vote for the death penalty but if -- were there. And the rest of the rest of the evidence was convincing. And I you know voted indeed go for the death penalty I'd have no problem none at all for those who say it's not a deterrent so -- So -- was it -- meant to be and it's either a lot of things that aren't deterrence. Yes what did took habitual criminal -- president deterrent. Bob do what they do -- gets in the way you build do whatever they have to do. To get away or you know or to try and harm the -- but police aren't any deterrent the courts aren't any deterrent. People can have a long rap sheet. So the mere fact that it's not a deterrent which I agree I don't think as -- deterred either it's a deterrent for the person who did it because he's not doing anything else anybody but. Shall we get rid of the courts because they're not a deterrent -- the police force because they're not a deterrent. I mean the bottom line is if your if -- committed to doing the kind of things that death penalty people do. Not a deterrent is gonna go on and and do what you wanna do so I don't buy the argument it's a deterrent I have no problem with prison being punishment. Punish men got may. I'd like to see them doing some constructive work and in some. In some prisons they don't know I don't know death penalty prisoners -- but you know doing something constructive with their time I'd have no problem -- that. But I don't torture people but I think big crime. The crime that cries out for the death penalty like this. Still way is next thanks Rowling's story here on WB him. They're great and you're Smart. Really appreciate your comments opener. And here's mark on this because you know what I'm my attitude is that I was a little bit like Gary Gilmore in 1977 bring on -- night. You know what he he wanted to be executed and I wish that these guys. Some sense but he ultimately -- through Vietnam. That men do not or anybody killed and it was a case in New York reform program nineteen late eighties where. One of those gonna want somebody to prison that would it was not a -- to order a crucial hole and -- -- -- sort of article -- -- -- what was last year will become a whole course there was the night. But on the officer was Gartner also radio one draw ago witness who's turning on the other guys in the neighborhood. Well it was a it was a witness who want to -- -- protection. -- also killed. And the and the car this lookup column in the they get actual artists as sober in the country had a -- close Patrick it was a little ugly. You know what like -- The people that they civilized country you know what are the opposite is -- South Korea however in Israel and we've -- Civilized countries do not have a forty million youthful walk in the street and economic Pollard and not not and other employees. They have to go on the servers civilized country whose votes you kind of border but I really think that we are becoming an uncivilized country who out of mind to commit suicide so. -- look at him any candidate countries though women and -- laughable that are British treated so lawless and animals oh look it'll let slip a I like simulate that I would civilized and nowadays in the economy. Good are good and well said -- we're really appreciated yeah -- -- -- I think we're civilized is any nation in the world. On petroleum and that we bent over backwards we've gone the other way. We've gone the other way. As far as just making. It our own minds. We blame ourselves. Rarely. For what the bad guy does all well. -- have a better home life maybe you wouldn't have done -- An idea and better education maybe he wouldn't have done us. Had the government's stepped in and and trained him to do so maybe one of them this is too damn lazy to work. Maybe maybe that's in his mind that. This is the kind of life he wants the league and he's gonna do what he's gonna do and he's not gonna get off possess and all the job like the rest of us and that's the way it is just the way it -- I don't wanna hear about it not being a deterrent I don't care as a deterrent. If it's a punitive it's punitive somewhat. I suppose that that's what the laws of four if you break them they're supposed to be some kind of penalty. Is something as simple as going over the speed limit to something as complex is killing someone there's a penalty for behavioral choices and it was a choice here. This guy didn't. Walk in his house and somebody was in their burglarizing Yemeni shot from I don't know he raped her. He now director he shot her he not only raped her and shot her he buried her alive. If it took 43 minutes a longer than it showed up for him to -- Too bad that's just the way -- look at it. Too bad and I also wanna hear that the death penalty is applied. In an inconsistent manner more toward. Toward minorities. I will say this. I've never seen statistics. That show how many people are convicted of capital crimes as opposed to how many were executed. In on -- talking about and I think those of the numbers it's like you know somebody's anti gambling. In a casino opens up. And does some people who work with gamblers. Get on the -- they get on television yet interviewed they say you know lots. Since this casinos opened YE -- seeing three times the number of people we were sitting before and everybody was not paying attention -- shock. You'll fall back in your security and it's an oral. But they don't tell you better could've been two people there was sitting before are now losing sex. -- They don't give you those numbers anytime. Any time important numbers and I'd given its for a reason because it doesn't support the case. And eight a disproportionate. Number of death penalty cases to minorities show me how many are convicted in the first place sure many -- -- cared and how many are executed and then we'll talk but until then you have got no argument. We'll be back for more with region company. Yes there's a hue and cry now from those you know it's almost parallel to what happens when any crime is committed. With -- gone. As soon as the crime is committed with a gun they separate card table it caller your press conference and they talk about. A tighter gun controls. And it's almost like an opportunity. The same thing happens when somebody's -- security whether the execution goes smoothly or not. The same thing. And when when something happens like the -- popping auto vote. -- Clayton lock its arms so that he died 43 minutes later instead of vote quicker. They look for that as an opportunity. Through tried to convince us that where that where base that we're not as sophisticated. We're not as humane as those as some other countries are. But the bottom line is I think if you look at our criminal justice system. They get plenty of time and plenty of representation. Over the course of period of time. That they do get a fair trial. And now with DNA evidence I say of DNA is is on board in the evidence is there and they're found guilty then I have no problem. It 03093018061692. Through six and start on thirty because. I want you to think says he's saying arrogance that I'm against and against a death penalty -- it's and -- -- or whatever so the alternative. Is. That we take you off the street but then we take care view for the rest of your life. It's like a giant welfare program has that will -- -- for us the line. -- -- -- Those -- -- -- will give you entertainment for the rest of your life exercise for the rest of your life will give your reading material including a law library. For the rest of your life will do all that and if you are dastardly enough in your day -- then -- but separate you don't have a private room in jail. A -- that that's an exchange. For rape gang shooting. And burying alive. A nineteen year old girl. Do you think that's a better alternative. I don't. Let's go to repeat in Ontario -- on WB again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We attorney general if I think in Watergate to the street is the most -- It is to be that all of -- -- but very unqualified. To carry its position. And a court. And it's important call it. Where did -- that here are a few weeks ago. And then yeah go ahead and they brought getting it to the -- -- all. Out there I'd be. So -- big cat because we're watching the destruction. -- -- America. Edited out and change who. We are are indeed -- for years. And I truly believe -- accord the death penalty being disproportionately black we -- can -- -- You know. Yeah I think that I'm glad you brought a holder because. I agree with you I think he is the least oriented toward actual -- enforcement of laws I've ever seen in my life it's between he and Obama they just pick and choose which laws they're going to prosecute which ones are gonna let slide and I think it's disgraceful he is the chief law enforcement officer and he comes back like that. And the community picket. What happened in such a quick right. You know it's it's worked it you never know eight or -- that the sport is soccer. If you can be sure it'd be Bart. And -- all around. It would -- out of pocket. Well there's it's fortunately block African and whatever whatever you want -- I odd going up on death row or being incarcerated at the breakdown apparently got to go -- -- -- -- so many aren't and it could go. -- -- But picture of that so they're so they unfortunately. He couldn't. Have been better -- adult is on the white. Out there a green white caught out like -- picture of what you're talking about. I. Do on the court and it looked at it prolong it pocket. Book for her brother. People about Eddie I'd try it like the bigger -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Art and they're about is an awakening. That aren't being in that it's got to happen in these were critical of the repeal. -- I I wish I could disagree with you but I really can't and I I succumbing to I don't know all the time frame of it but -- see -- coming -- brunt of some excellent points -- thank you. -- Eric Holder and Obama. I've never seen two people less intrusive in the laws of the land -- In fact when he is symbolized not just the laws of the land the very structure of our government. I don't wanna get off base here but when the president. Says publicly that we don't -- -- -- in congress I'm gonna go I'm gonna do when I'm gonna bill that's all I mean he said that. He has said that he will do what he can. To bypass congress. Did he supposed to have taught constitutional law a guy who has it and believe anything was teaching. Either he taught it wrong read and learn from himself. Does he not know how our system of government was set up and where the checks and balances are and I'm glad Pete brought up. A good point if you could've seen it from the day got elected and now. Would you have been able to foresee it. I to be honest with you I never thought that -- a single president could be as harmful. To the country as this one's turned out to be because of the reason that we have checks and balances. We have congress we have the Supreme Court we supposedly have vote free elections or whatever should be checks and balances but there's no checks and balances here. -- he does executive orders. He does not get challenged. And except by the Republicans of course and every time the Republicans challenged him for what is right to challenge Ahman they get pointed out as being. Big is they don't care about the our ability they're young who knows what. But that's the way it is it's all about positioning. He's done more damage whose country. Then any president in my memory and I go back to old Lincoln. And that's just the way it is. And his attorney general -- choke. That he should be attorney general Eric all. Got to be kidding me. But that's what we got. If and when what Pete says he sees a day of reckoning coming yeah I dutrow. I do to really do and I think I don't know the timeframe but I can tell you what it will be about. When they come and get your guns that's it and that's when -- that's when -- go to jail. Right there because I think we all armed and are mine picked our places to fight. Our play our our battles and threw it to join and that would be the ultimate one because without that we can't count on our government. Police departments are great but there's only X amount of cops and not not enough to have one and every corner and every street and -- via. That will be yet but will feel enlightened. Because they use the term -- -- Civilize you are up and -- -- have not in favor of this. And I thank you about. -- where the most civilized nation on earth. And look where we're going the wrong way but not because of that because of bad choices. We'll take a break will be backward moral VG and company know I don't know if you're okay. With the death penalty even after the botched execution. In Oklahoma. I'm saying if -- DNA evidence is there. The evidence is presented the jury finds him guilty I have no problems and -- this dirt bag. With this dirt bag named Clayton Lockett who buried a girl alive. As I said. Put him through a chipper shredder for all I care about those of you say well. You talk a good game but would you pull a switch absolutely. Let me go on record right now is saying if they need to voluntarily and -- my own plane flight. Will be back after. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Event was on a break. -- -- and dogs are ever drop dailies today. They show is over yeah. Speech and company and we're talking about the death penalty. This comes up every once in awhile especially when a death penalty opponents. Think that they have a little opportunity. To reach out and convince some people how barbaric the death penalty is. But you'll notice on this one. We ever have one sink hole. Now one single caller say -- of that that he should be -- a -- or given any kind of consideration. Say any kind of mercy they feel any kind of sympathy for this guy. Obviously if we could if it would have been perfectly done that's -- that's one thing it wasn't because an -- poll out. We can understand that but it wasn't because we tried to be equal or anything else meanwhile once you know. Why he was being executed suddenly all kinds of vote any kind of sympathy just evaporates. So it goes. We've had a lot of bomb. Lot of FaceBook through. Let's go to Chris and have a couple ways this is from Amy she says people keep saying this is a botched execution and I disagree with just prolong. I wonder how long the girl suffered after being shot and buried that's a good point there really is. They they know exactly how long it was before he had his heart attack and died. But will never know. Will never know the best that -- could hope for is that she died fast. Because a man and as I cannot. I imagine being buried alive. I think that's everybody's worst beer you know I always thought that drowning would be is bad but you -- the people of nearly drowned. And they say it really isn't. That it's almost euphoric I can't believe that because I don't swim one -- a missile tough. For me to really picture it but I'm thinking not being able to get an oxygen and there would be mind numbing. But imagine being buried. In the round. While you're still alive. Because it is the air wouldn't be gone instantly depends on on how the dirt was Sheldon there will be pockets of -- And you try to breathe and you try to breathe a little more shall see you know using up as much and while you're breathing you're trying to claw your way out of there. He tries to move anything away from your face of it maybe maybe you can breathe if you try to get reached toward the top to get some air in there and you can't do it. And your your your legs help assure arms and helpless and you are suffocating. Okay now does anybody out there think that this guy who did this to this girl deserves any kind of consideration. Well. It hasn't gotten any by the way on this in this audience on this show at this date but there's always people who think that. It's more -- It's more civilized in the rest of the rest of the world -- really well I I suggest next time you wanna commit a heinous crime like this go to the rest of the world. Don't expect it to happen here that we'll find a reason why you did it. Maybe a mom wasn't there with putting when you -- off the boss. Our Chris not a one if you would I'd appreciate it another FaceBook -- Our I need this one comes from CB. She says I agree with capital punishment and it won't change my opinion on the issue just look at the crimes this man committed this is a perfect example of karma yeah and and that's that's what it's funny because of -- -- mentioned karma right. Yeah if you think about it it's not a deterrent -- watt. So a lot there's a lot of things that are deterrents. People let's speed habitually. And get tickets and have higher insurance rates they still do it so that's not a deterrent. People rob stores and things like that I'm knowing that the police are going to be after it's not a deterrent. People kill other people knowing a figure caught reliable -- -- a deterrent. Be able embezzled money from where they work and use -- for personal reasons. Knowing that a figure caught they'll be humiliated they'll lose everything they have and their family will blow you LB and talks a tough spot. Not a deterrent. Was dissolving bad there's very little albeit guitar. You think some -- -- -- some gang bang there. -- is is thinking while I better not do that today. Because bad things could happen. Now I don't think like that from anything than ever gonna get caught they think big and do what they wanna do they've all got the it's the strength of a gun that they're holding their hand. There is no thought of the -- torrent. So get rid of that though would you also implant this thought prison. He is for punishment. Not for rehabilitation. He got it. You know you want rehab. Go to some civilian before you committed any kind of a problem although that I don't know what they -- have you from. But that's the bottom but it's a deterrence how many times have we seen people some famous some not. With needles sticking out of their arm that are dead. We -- celebrities or not is that a deterrent people people don't. You would think -- OG I don't want that to happen to me. So I'm not gonna keep going it. Because people feel that. All of these things apply to other people would never took them. So -- guitar and argue argument really doesn't work. You know if you have bad behavior maybe they'll take your children away from. That it just aren't suddenly changed well most people vote till later caught. That's -- that's when all of a sudden they find the lord and cried and they they learn how to make blankets Odyssey -- and stuff like that. Basically what they do after bigger caught her problem to have reporting a car. So I don't wanna hear -- -- that should be a deterrent it doesn't have to be a deterrent because basically almost. Nothing is that it's if you wanna do will be back after. The bleeding hearts. Where are the bleeding hearts that think we're not civilized. You know one thing that as I said there are very few guarantees in life. But I think I can guarantee you with total assurance. -- Clayton Lockett is not going to hurt anybody he's not anymore. -- rape anybody. He's not gonna shoot anybody. He's not gonna bury anybody alive he's dead. And at the at the risk of sounding you know like I don't really care about him. Because I'll have to fake this one cause I don't really care about him people like him should be taken from society given a fair trial. Obviously and I would suggest DNA evidence would be required. But if at all lines up and he did what he's accused of doing and it's a capital crime -- End of story and I don't wanna hit the last thing we need to suggestions from France. On how we should have our country. -- Valencia what's the word on what reports. What our sensitivity should be what our civility. Limit should be I think were very civil country and -- sometimes. I think we're too civil go back to Braveheart there will be cool. A -- Mel Gibson let's go to Don Don what do you think about this you OK with the death panel thing. Tell me -- I absolutely believe in it and deep in my heart. I'm hoping and I honestly believe. That the execution was prolonged. Intentionally. He's a -- because you think that. If there was -- easy disclosure eyes it was so easy and they've drifted off meanwhile the -- is being carried for the rest of our allies from the family of this girl. Absolutely. I think I believe that and and I I honestly hope that I am correct data was done intentionally. I don't think. The criminal praise indeed but not penalty and usually never does especially when there's no shadow of the doubt that they guilt. Yeah I I would I would have to have a -- on the jury I'd have to have DNA evidence. I wouldn't convict I wouldn't go death penalty without DNA. But if I had the DNA I absolutely wouldn't hesitate if the if the evidence Gulfport to vote for the death well. That that's an excellent point is it kind of -- didn't put it in a nice little envelope on that when -- when you have that evidence. And I think you've almost -- -- public service. Because with others. -- first of all straight life oftentimes as a means straight life life without parole okay that's more like it. Meanwhile the danger hasn't passed surely there's no danger on the street Louis they escape but there's danger for all the people who have to work in the prison. Feed them -- house them. Bring it from point a to point B -- guards and whatever there's always that danger there even other prisoners so the danger doesn't end by just going to jail. That's for sure and I've always had this dream and it is in this kind of bizarre but I've always had it. About lenient judges I've often wondered and often thought wouldn't it be nice if one of these lenient judges who gave somebody a very light elements. Was walking around. One day and met up with the person he gave a -- sentenced to and the person he gave the light sentence to. Perpetrated the same crime -- the judge that he did on the person that he initially initially did. While I think I've had thoughts about lenient judges -- I think that many of them want to retire from the bench without ever having to issue. Of this kind of a sentence. Because deep down they don't wanna be responsible for about but I think a responsible judges first responsibility is through the safety of the of the people ought not to not to the convenience of the accused and convicted. Well -- not that I feared might still here and open the door might see a bunch of guys up front whites and saw better and. Margaret Margaret thank you thanks for calling my yeah I've often thought of that although I do a friend it's a judge. And I asked the judge my friend he ever run into anybody you sentenced to jail. And the justice or via. And the judge says one day walking down the street car coming the other way stops. Guy. Opens the window. Starts waving judge judge judge. It was somebody that the judges sent to jail itself I struggled nor Chris that I really would but that's that's part of being a judge. But I think if you're not ready. Two words your best who insurer. Responsible sentencing and I think a death penalties sentence is responsible sentence under the right circumstances. And shouldn't be on the match. It's -- not a radio. What you know psychologists you know psychiatrist your not a do gooder you're -- to interpret the law and the punishment under the law which girl while by. The state of the federal government that's what -- job. And your job is to keep buses safe as you can. But the deterrent thing makes me laugh because if you really think about it nothing's a deterrent. I'm the year having a sexual encounter when you're in high school you know it could get pregnant and could change -- -- -- that's -- it's not a deterrent. Cops -- you horror or whatever reason. Well if you don't change your ways. -- it could be costly in my closure licensed by the end up where the real problem that's not a deterrent. Sure everything as a deterrent because the more I try and think about what deterrents are. Idea I can't think of them people do what people do. And that's that very few opening of the consequences can either of you guys come up with a deterrent something that you'll wanna do something and you thought. I don't know if I do that it's going to be negative -- cost me money or get in trouble whatever so I'm not going to do it can you think of any. Maybe if you you know. Let me through my head out maybe some that maybe aren't good for them shall not -- how are you Chris oftentimes even if and you know you rationally think that there is a deterrent oftentimes in the moment united in thinking about that -- we're just acting no you don't care that's the most dangerous time. Tell you something. The most dangerous time. Is not on some yellow and she is when somebody gets com okay and also when you get to the point and believe me. I've been to this point not to hurt anybody but I've been to the point where. How aware of it I don't care what's involved it's not going to matter to me. You get to a point. Where you something is is in your mind that you got to settle and you got to straighten it out and I don't care might lose my job I don't care they take away in my car. I don't care they can semi devil's island I don't care I'm going to do that. And that's the dangerous part. Will you draw the line you draw a line not going to be sure Obama Obama's drawn more lines in the sand and a guy who -- -- if it really happens and -- means nothing. Can you imagine him in the schoolyard drawing a line -- as he -- -- the other kids of all the laughing it. -- -- -- -- You've been dangerous part is when people acquire I've learned now over a period of time. And also when they come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter this is what's going to happen if they're willing to give up whatever they're willing to give up that's the danger point. And -- we're gonna tell you grasshopper when you can snatch that pebbles from my hand. You'll indeed have your own show and then they'll find -- it's it's cute it's this period as says I was -- went out there with a stress. Thinks he has X rated. Like David Garrity in a lousy David Carradine has six Asian joke and I screwed up -- -- about many of them -- -- And last time you heard a good auto eroticism. David Carradine asphyxiation joked there's not many around I think a good one for tomorrow. I'll tell -- what I'll leave off tomorrow morning show. With a David Carradine. Auto eroticism of retreat as its development and investment somebody else strangulation of strangulation that -- -- -- About wraps it up and none too -- wrap -- up more minutes ago we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under through the united asphyxiation I can say that I know all the words. See you tomorrow. Little much they never has to -- to be used she.

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