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5-1 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That was -- -- and a certain way so we don't discuss the death penalty that much because it's been you know it's been discussed for a long time pro and con. But we have -- Clayton Lockett. Having a botched execution in Oklahoma the question has come up again on whether the death penalty should prevail. And I have no problem -- at all as long as DNA evidence is involved because first of all you have to you have to get through your basic. Thought process of what is prison all about. Is that all about rehab thing the prisoners or is it about punishment is a cult penal colony for a reason. And I think there I think the emphasis has been away from punishment. And it and it's focused on rehab. And I don't care if the guy turns out to be a model prisoner doesn't doesn't concern me at all if he indeed is committed to combat crime. Convicted of it there's DNA evidence in the calls -- the death penalties should be. It's it should be the death penalty. A case in the sentence and should be carried out unfortunately there was the botch here a needle popped out of his arm nobody wants to see that we don't wanna be cruel. But occasionally mistakes happen in any form of medical procedure. So it's unfortunate happen now but I'm not losing any sleep over this guy because as I said. If you think about it who suffered more him. Or his victim a nineteen year old girl that he shot. And then buried alive. And made others watched a watcher die that -- You tell me this guy's worth -- because he has infamy. As I said earlier I don't wanna see him rule. I don't -- seen inhumane. I wouldn't care they put this it's -- through a chipper Schroeder. Let's go to Joan Joan Joan Iran WB yen. I think it's. I totally agree with you as far as I am for the death penalty. With the DNA evidence. But I'm afraid that this guy if I had any control over it. So after this -- slipped out of this guy's arm I would have buried him alive just to get my little bit of taste of his -- Madison. I am all for and I -- and I I think if I think it -- this country. The -- that the punishment should fit the crime there'd be a lot last. Horrible horrible murders and things that happened. I totally agree with -- -- bank were too civilized to do this we always -- criticized by European nations. But the bottom line is if you wanna get something positive out of this it's the fact that this that sort of thing and I for and I. Would be a deterrent because a lot of these a lot of these people know that there's no death penalty in their state. It's very unlikely they would get it. And they've got enough of sympathizers. Who were against the death penalty. That they can take some comfort in that but and I for -- -- Joan I'm with you thank you. Old a bit public hello what is that old testament the al-Qaeda you're gonna die the exact same way you kills them. And it's there's a certain. Accomplishments of that is that you showed that. -- -- Your compassionate society yes -- thoughtful society but -- soccer society but we've turned around heavily. With people outside the prison on the night of via execution with candles and singing and praying and swaying. Bring is always fine price for their -- but their body belongs to society. And if the death penalty is called -- abuse. For those of you say it's not a deterrent I don't care. I don't care as a deterrent is a deterrent to him. Be a very few women and execute -- somehow -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go to bill in north -- Wanda billion on WB again. -- it a little. I'm with you I would throw -- for a guy. But the -- state and he brought that prisons and by god to bring -- breaking period the girl a -- Cannot think of a more horrifying way to die than that I really can't. Here okay yeah I'm. Yeah he shot her and then buried her alive. There's one letter writers. Nazis in USA today. Bearing a teenager alive beating and nine month old baby this is things he's done. Multiple kidnappings burglaries inflicting a psychological torture. Upon the slain teen's friends by forcing them to watch. It's unforgivable worthy of harsh punishment I think the ultimate punishment is is what was call for. The only thing that didn't work out it was affect the needle popped out. But for those of you who have more concern. For the perp of them for the victim. And a my priorities are different my concerns -- for the victim and not only that it comes. The victim's family. You think about this think about it doesn't end with the crime it goes on for ever. The family of the victims suffer for ever this was a young nineteen year old girl no I don't know. Her home situation but if it was a typical situation. Her parents after she was murdered. And buried alive. And had a as a suitable. Ceremony for her. Had to take her clothes out of -- closet had to take the memories they have of her from her first nineteen years. And Tryon. And trying grab hold those because that's all we don't have left. The never gonna see her have a baby. They're never gonna see her graduate from college -- never gonna see her get married or have children or dual or do good deeds they're not gonna see her. Ever again. And you think about that she was nineteen your results of the odds are parents are very old either they've got to carry that with them for the rest of their lives who cares about them. -- worries about them. Because they certainly -- -- got a big part of the of the heartbreak and she suffered. And I don't think that every night they don't go to bed thinking of how she died. You know it's one thing to die quickly. It's one thing quick crash or something in your debt -- that it's terrible but I imagine trying to get out after being buried. That that would be a nightmare not only for her but for anybody that knew hurt anybody that's ever been whether at anybody that says are related -- York. But especially your forum. That's sell our daughter died that's how they have to think. So -- -- slipped out of this guy's arm and he was in some discomfort. Hoff. We'll take a break will be back with more -- beach company and -- Montreal 1806169236. Start -- -- -- Beijing government. And were resting with the botched execution. In Oklahoma do you still favor the death penalty in if you don't favorite why not. Now the -- Consideration I think it could be made. Is each state has their own method of execution. And they've changed over the years. Some states. Hanging was a thing firing squad certainly lethal injection or electric chair -- gas chamber there have been various ones. And I'm thinking the one the one consideration. The argument could be given and I'd have no problem with it is a choice of which form of execution you'll want. If they think that the lethal injection of a toxic cocktail. Is not to their lightning. A pick one on one. I'm thinking bad of a Volvo -- that I just described the firing squad is probably. The quickest fastest malls most lethal and those shore of all of the methods of execution and the person who is going to be executed wouldn't even here. It's gone in there and undergone and I don't think that's cruel unusual or anything else if they choose a government that they choose a government. But I think having a choice. Would eliminate says some of the concern about people don't want the death penalty at all but my concern. Is for the victims my concern is for society. And I don't think it's our obligation to take care of some dirt bag for the rest of his life. Because we're too genteel. -- society to execute those there would be lethal within. Our Chris a couple of Laura Facebook's if you would. This one comes from -- he says I don't even know why were bothering with lethal injection which is just bring back the guillotine you know the worry about bed drink combinations -- botched executions a lot cheaper yet it is one thing I left out I don't mean we've ever done that but it's been done certainly. I'd be surprised we have V there because they're immediately there ever been heard no hard out here that that's pretty fast. Is it's it's just as lethal and and definitive as as of firing squad if it were me. And I had to choose I would choose -- A plain and simple because it's just done it's over there's no chance of it being botched. And that would be yet hopefully I'll never have to make that choice. Let's you have another one Chris -- -- this one come. From Casey he says he's dead mission accomplished. He's like you would in -- that there are other countries that have a way LSU -- of execution that we do and it seems to work pretty well as a deterrent. Yeah I agree I totally agree and what I hear people say we shouldn't have because it's not a deterrent. And not everything is designed to be a deterrent. If you are if if you have in your mind that you were you use your free to. Kill anybody to dispatch anybody that you disagree with -- don't like. Then deterrents are going to be for you anyway. So I don't care as a deterrent. -- I don't I don't see prison as a rehab. Surely some people become better people and imprisoned. Blow when you're talking about the degree of vote criminality we're talking about here I don't think rehab should be a consideration. It's punishment it's punitive you're taken out of society for a reason and I think that society is old. By the government the ability for us to as best we can walk around without being accosted like that but to get an idea how the other sidewalks. I have something here from the Huffington Post pardon me written by John right. The botched execution is yet more evidence that the death sentences barbaric. And has no place in a civilized society. The fact that as reported Lockett was left reading and agony on the Gurney of the death chamber of Oklahoma State penitentiary. And it took 43 minutes for him to die of heart attack. Should should be reason to call a moratorium. On the death sentence you know what you know what's missing in that whole thing. Trying to figure now. No mention of the victim none zero you don't like because it's convenient is. It took him 43 minutes to die no one will ever know how long it took the girl to decide well. She was buried alive. The best thing for her that she -- hoped for as she died quickly. We don't know that to be true the pockets of -- could have been lesser and lesser as she's gasping for air. She's trying to claw her way out of -- wherever she was buried. Think about that and then come back and give me that maybe could have made of how how you know barbaric it is barbaric is -- somebody alive. And shooting them after wrapping them. Okay that's barbaric. Don't get me is barbaric stuff. But that's that's the only argument they have. -- more enlightened than that you know what maybe we've become a little so enlightened for -- our own good. In -- -- fine if it leads to a better society. But -- that that is not the path this would take. I think that you have to have the proper punishment for the proper crime and as I said the only thing I've added to my thoughts about. About the death penalty is the -- Because there have been people who have been executed and later found to be a not guilty. And that is a it's a tragic occurrence certainly but it DNA is involved. So it's it's practically. Irrefutable. Then I think that the punishment is proper and not only that I think you're doing society a favor by removing these people permanently. They're not only gonna not hurt you or your neighbors they're not gonna hurt a guard they're not going to hurt -- a fellow prisoner. They're not gonna hurt anybody they're coming in and touch with him in prison and if they're super dangerous we don't have to give -- our own private -- The ones that drugs that are highly likely to be accosted in prison oftentimes are isolated. Which cost more to observe at a cost more -- house. They're isolated from the other prisoners because even the other prisoners who might be their for other things less abhorrent than that. Would would be a threat to this person are you telling me not only do we not execute you but we put you in your own private room. We have all the medical care -- and aid. And all the food you need -- exercise and the library. And all the good stuff that you get by being in jail courtesy of the the government the only thing you don't get -- -- leave -- at stake but will take care view of its forty years will take area for forty years. It's fifty years we'll go from fifty years. That's an exchange for us being so humane. We don't want what we're hoping to turn into a model prisoner so we can show people you're working with different groups within the prison relate. For the girl got buried alive thank. All right let's code through a burning on a cell phone birdie on WB yen. And I'm Bernie do you favor the death penalty or not. Are you better believe -- -- Family as yet so we'll make that shot over and think I only got so banana out here as -- -- senior something. Got -- and that one Robin not the place. I don't own this or that we shot. And that got spooked by established no. But I am and what apple was. My cousin was thirteen years old yeah he was -- -- liquor store in California. And the guy came and Oregon -- is and they in the all the money you'll want. And they you have vehicle and my uncle was in the back because of -- it would become aware that we -- to restore confidence and because my because he was only fifteen I didn't know -- extra money while it was only 73 dollars. I've ordered thirty year it was terrible the trigger -- problems or. And got caught well he ego like because he was not -- Him. So his subsequent lightened. -- all the appears that Randy you know what happens. Of the victims. Mario article made. Made my couldn't go to work with him because you wanted to allow 100 well you know. And what apple without eventually it caused two wars in the family because they were -- each other look of total sure. He got it -- that's the thing it doesn't and with the death the family has to carry that for the rest of their lives thank you Bernie for your for your words we appreciate it will be back with more activists. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine -- -- toll free line is 180616. Or not. 9236. Now we're back where the Beijing governor of sandy beach the headline will be botched execution killed the death penalty I hope not I hope not. Obviously we are humane society we like to be as fair as we can be but we don't wanna turn into a soccer society. Prisoners for punishment. OK it's not for rehabilitation. And somebody who's proven that they should not be walking the earth with the rest of us. By doing these dastardly crimes like shooting somebody and then burying them while they're still alive as. As Clayton a Lockett did does not deserve our sympathy or consideration. And tell European nations. That's a thing where barbaric to go to hell. That's a way that that's -- at any time and time they want a policy let them have a we have a right to our own country and our own rules and I think that there they are fair. I think it would DNA evidence being a prerequisite I think to a death penalty. A sentence I'm perfectly okay whether I will sleep perfectly sound. And that's part of what the responsibility of our government has to take. Those kinds of people out of the general population. And make sure they don't hurt anybody else. Let's go to. A rich on the west side richer on WB yen. India -- it. A climate. -- imprisoned for twenty picture. And my six you know and I don't know art programs they predict nurtured -- -- really yeah and arrogant about the debate. In Albany on the death penalty and New York State and legislation that was passed -- by governor actually. And on in that legislation were to into word or -- own words that any catch they can be used to approve the -- of a person's guilt. During and since I've had been given the secondary market or a lawyer. I'm you know applied to be. Put on the lips of lawyer who could. Represent that -- on vacation as trillions and all over the top lawyers in the states we're -- don't work at Ford. The second thing is that there are two basic undermined. For me was that that's our first article and you'll Smith. The 1970 in New York City. Rates and it's hard talks to women killed them. And under Mario Cuomo he -- Clinton should teen years in -- and that aren't. There they were doing a lot of feel -- in New York City and not going to trial and he definitely nurtured killing two women -- parole for the Albany area. And does the same thing into more women Albany. Great that it's okay earlier Richard Albrecht a prison you're never coming out you go to -- -- payment and he hit that to our correctional and in Dartmouth eight. You know what my concern people think that once we put -- a way that they're no longer a danger but. They have to intermingle with the guards and people serve food and all kinds of things in the prison system. And blocked away -- -- now -- now and an aerial I have and never civil union keeps going to get him out of here because that's Krugman you know. -- -- -- -- -- It's just it's just amazing to me there's no concern about the victims is no concern about the people who have to keep them incarcerated. And the taxpayers pick up all of their bills for the rest of their life. The other our Jonathan Parker reports from -- all who shot the policeman night until then I'm a strained his nickname was Angel. In every country that was -- you're looking forward to it he's found -- and these are -- -- home you know. If you're remembered her in back to the future when Michael in fact go back. And he is vocal in the wouldn't -- With the bars are there any help them get used to it. And and you know growing out -- I remember when it first went attic and -- side. I'm an ankle and your homework and after that a diet during the beta -- Internet data triggered international. And I ought to be probably damaged airport yet. It -- -- point guard had no idea. Later and I am Indy car in front of a shower and importantly it's. And all the other term problems we can reach -- the ball ritual boycott of the west side of the into the central Connecticut street to get thrown out of the bar rich. I'll drink a well. Well. There well I'd appreciate your doing the kind of work you have to do and we have to remember that you are you are in danger to any time dealing with the people that deserve this kind of punishment thank you thank you very much. If I don't I bet. I mean of -- like he just said they have to be isolated. So they they don't touch. Base with anybody in the prison which means it costs more to oversee cause more -- these these type of prisoners. Or there in the general population. Where they could hurt somebody else they could kill somebody else. They converted guard. They could hurt anybody they're coming in contact through from but it was serve them food to the people -- locked him up so you tell me why would Kong congress why the taxpayers should spend this kind of money. To show this kind of consideration to somebody rather than have the death penalty to me. I could sleep very easily -- with the death penalty. Technically I guess we have -- in New York but it's been deemed unconstitutional. And we've not redone it and there's no there's no real low urgent need according to via. People in Albany to redo it but I'm saying -- this case of them playing alone -- I don't know why any tears being shed for him imagine that he had to suffer a little bit before he died I wish that they have people who -- complaining about that. Had some more consideration for the girl died after being shot and buried alive. In front of others alive. I can't it shutters just maybe it's. We'll take a break we will return 80393018066926. Start I'm thirty whereas king with the bought a botched execution. In Oklahoma do you favor the death penalty or not if you don't favor we'd like to know why if you do Federer would like -- -- like to. I'm saying as long as DNA evidence is involved and it's the death penalty case and their convicted by a jury of their peers. I I'm very much in favor of the death penalty not everybody agrees I have been up that he's here from the new republic. Because there was some concern. About the different drugs they used in the drug cocktail. To execute somebody first of all what you may not know. Is both the American Medical Association. And the American society of anesthesiologists. Say doctors should not take part in executions. So well with the doctors. If they follow. -- of that advice of doctors are not willing to do it. Then. Non medical personnel have to deal. Aren't so and sometimes you get things like happened. Will -- this execution. And this is from the new republic the main problem will block its botched execution appears not to have been the drugs. But something even more basic the needle in his arm. It seems likely that -- suffered not because of drugs didn't work as there was supposed to but rather because the people in charge of his execution. Made basic medical errors well if they're not medical people medical people won't do it. I have for so I don't think you know for somebody do it but if they want -- then things like this happen. Right but I have I have not lost a minutes sleep -- this as I said earlier I don't wanna some barbaric. I don't want to sound like I'm in humane or don't care. But as far as this -- concerned they gonna put him through a -- or Schroeder. And I wouldn't complain about that's just the way it is because he had no concern. For his fellow human beings airing a young girl alive after shooting where you tell me what kind of what kind of respect wage we -- -- -- -- we have a couple of race looks so please share this on comes from. And a stages he says I think it's time that we reconsider the death penalty most civilized countries don't have capital punishment I think it's time that we join them. I'd like to know what the definition of civilized it is. Because in France going along with the -- she ages that I quoted here. From France France urged Oklahoma to establish a moratorium with a -- to abolishing this punishment. As many other states. In the United States have done okay. The return civilized. You know it's almost like when they put the term reasonable. In a proposal. They say people who have reasonable expectations. I would do this -- say this whatever. That means that if you disagree with them your unreasonable is just positioning that's all that is in the same thing with the foreign countries when they criticize us. Is there anybody here. In this country that thinks that other countries are more civilized. Then we are. And if so why Angela where I'm not saying America is eleven -- leave that country because. I criticized the government all the time there are things I like things I don't like but the bottom line is I think that words fair and reasonable as can be. And if you don't think so I think you have to up you have the sample other governments in other countries to kind of get a feel of what we have here. And sometimes it can be very deceptive remember. Mario Cuomo he's Andy's -- -- commission forgot and Mario Cuomo. He constantly. Said that it is X apps absolutely cheaper to put somebody in jail. Four row for a life than it is to execute them. And you'd say well why -- that hot gossip. And then he come out -- this because it's cheaper. But what he didn't tell you is this the New York State as would prison guard referred to him. I had a list of of lawyers. Top shelf alleged should talk show -- although one called us we think he was drunk one night. And he's -- top shelf remember him zoning. He and sounds of top shelf draws no it was dry and all of I think you've been to one too many parties but anyway so we are required. To provide -- at that time the best. The best representation for them legally that money could buy -- we're paying for now you as a regular civilian. You don't get that -- and Tobago and the appeals process is far at -- Are ever. Remember it was between twelve and eighteen years as I recall a from the time that you -- sentenced to what time are you would have been. Convicted I'm not convicted -- -- accurate the the China is and it is forever and ever and ever because you're -- -- appeal after appeal after appeal now I understand that maybe. The first go around there was a misstatement or something critical wasn't allowed that should have been -- march or or or vice Versa I can understand that. But I say after like who appeals that should be the end. You should get 678. Whatever would be a good number as. And basically get a fair trial and a couple of appeals and your represented by the best counselors money can -- that's about all we don't you tell. We -- you fairness we all you of that and you -- -- decent behavior -- in Tuesday in a society. He can't go around killing people and expect us that suddenly patch on the back and say well you've -- a bad boy. But we're gonna put choice -- he can't do that nobody else in particular view progress. -- you -- you don't even need money from now on you don't -- charge card. You're gonna get everything you need and we're paying for about that the only one thing -- you -- currently. You have to stay but as long as as larger staying. All of your troubles are over regarding things you need for yourself. You're gonna get the medical care of dental care gonna get the exercise certainly don't library a lot of libraries they can check that out. You get entertainment. You'll have all the things necessary. -- good healthy life the only problem is it's going to be spent with other dirt bags. That's that you don't get to pick your cellmate. And by putting people in jail. In having to isolate them because of the severity of their claw our crime. Because other prisoners looked down there. Knows that some of the crimes being committed and they take care of justice themselves. As they see it. A because they have to isolate them sometimes and that cost more those -- oversee and cost more to -- them. And so you're getting getting the life of Riley with the exception that you can't leave that's. None of the rest of us get that kind of deal and you're paying for. So I say a guy -- -- shows this kind of disregard for human beings I have no problem putting in the death another rove from FaceBook. This is from -- she says I'm with you why keep them alive and waste tax money -- in my best friend has a prison psychologist in California and bylaw she's required to meet with death row prisoners twice a week what a waste. Absolutely. Absolutely. And this is this is what we call civilized right. We have to go overboard to show that it's not anger it's intellect that we're it were dealing where have they -- that maybe there's a chance for rehabilitation. -- cares about rehabilitation. With a guy like this tempo. A guy like this. Who did what he did and was convicted of what he did you're really thinking about rehabbing this guy. May -- -- you know a -- of the naked and feed the floor and do all that good stuff and final board whatever. But he killed a girl nineteen. -- She wasn't dead when he bear later he buried her alive. He's done a lot of other crimes this is this is the one that sticks out in my in my mind and the sooner the better. It took him 43 minutes to die. Doesn't bother me at all doesn't bother me at all -- we don't know how long it took -- We'll take a break we'll be back tomorrow -- governor who wanna hear from you. Are you OK with the death penalty even after the botched execution in Oklahoma those -- against that of course gives them a foot in the door. But it did do gooders via goody two shoes who think that everybody salvageable. Forgetting your living in your living in dreamland if you think everybody is salvageable. And as far as I'm concerned prison is meant for punishment not rehab. All right let's take a break we'll be back for more -- speech and company.

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