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5-1 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All alone is reaching garbage don't rub board that the mayor of Toronto Barry was in his sister's basement smoke some crack. And then suddenly the video got out of him smoking crack any can't understand how it got. It was just Jimenez says there and Don Cole those borrowings Bryant. All these things get out I'm not really sure about any of this hang in there. Thousands of the basement to smoke crack I don't know Uclaf. Bellagio heavier says let's go doubt into the basement and smoke -- And does as seriously if you're in your sister's basement smoking crack. How does the video you know. Analysts are other people there that we don't know. Thought if you're in your sister's basement could be America a vision of a sister but some passes it -- be and a half basement yes you can be in the -- landing going down to the basement. You're about smoking -- your sister and some of the video is out I'm thinking I'm pointing a finger at my sister yeah that would be a good student athletes. Well at least he's going of the treatments about time I don't think he's a train he he really is he's a train wreck waiting to happen. Now a lot of things -- about first we have the mystery of the second story goose. Right next door to us where our business park. And there's a ghost walking around on the second floor on the roof not him not on the second about above visible on the roof. And -- and so it's we're seeing more of this I saw one. I'm new -- rub the jugular. Today coming in and they don't care. I'm gonna walk across the street now I don't you know I don't this big huge machine is coming up me. And is making a lot of noise but I'm gonna do and I'm gonna go and you have to really be careful and drive through UB because a lot of peace there. But the roof goes. -- doesn't he he's channel four anchor blue roof -- remember him and Emily Google lets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is -- really unusual name as the easy for us. So this morning I had -- -- jam the brakes on because I did not see that goes until the last minute. And that I I drove around them and yours look in the mirror hoping nobody's going to original settlers say hey surprised. And there was no -- in the other ways -- I'd hoped and I watched as the goes off the road but they don't care they they traveled of their own -- No I see them all the time common in their front of sweet home high school. -- in the middle of that where the grass is in the middle of the young rolled and they just hanging out and then -- cross from one side across. At least it's like now I always got very nervous when it was dark and coming into work. Because you don't see them now -- you come into work earlier than either of us your -- -- in the early morning hours I do I don't see them around here I see them around sell -- -- has -- we park right by an all location our soul every now and then when I'm driving around there I'll see some marriages random -- -- -- just walking around -- wrote I was down there once. And I saw very strange -- the -- were feeding -- -- -- -- -- -- Those of you okay currently she is the dearly who was. Always in trouble for feeding -- sandy thought -- username and comedic opportunity to thank you very much. Yes and it does keep feeding the gates. Not alcohol but -- -- -- -- not do that today you know I have no will power and are any self control -- just -- and now in Florida they have enough problems of Florida -- rain. And then they have problems where mosquitoes. There and snakes and alligators and whatever and this is a -- one. In Naples Florida no enemy and it went in Naples Florida and elementary school when a brief lockdown. After they looked out into the playground area aunts and saw many black bears. Another -- bears in Florida because we have a lot to talk to my sister. Be a spokesman operas and from these school district Jennifer we -- Told the local newspaper the officials closed all but one of the gates of the big cypress elementary school campus on Wednesday morning cause you know wanna put the kids out on the bears -- there 'cause it's not like three bears mama bear bit daddy bear and baby -- these are real bears and bears. You know it's funny as we all bears are ferocious and they're carnivores. They don't look harmful -- now they really they look -- frightful fall because. Of all the things that we've made them into we've made them into -- things for children. And you have oh a little cuddly Teddy bear. And and you little children's member right how about tiger say OK cancel it borrowing more because they'll Joseph if you go audit in -- via. Playground policies to Yogi -- and friendly. Event -- OK -- Obama get up to connect. Basket. It and Columbia Missouri Kenneth Anderson. Is an alligator handler. And he's been charged with seven counts of keeping dangerous animals without proper registration you'll probably say that's not matter what this kid is he still. Know he's seventy. Imagine being seventy and being an alligator handler. I mean I'm just thank him isn't there like a maximum age when you should walk away from handling gators I'm thinking maybe your reflexes aren't as good as they used to be. Are you waiting to lose a major limb or anything else dangling down there. But anyway so he got in trouble with the law because he didn't have developer of the proper permits. In Bangor Maine now this is what I like the -- have to do a lot of different things. I've seen Amman on the cops though it takes snakes out of people's houses and things like that. They do things beyond what you would consider normal police work and this is certainly yet. In Bangor Maine a police officer. It is had to turn into a cowboy. After a race horse ran away from the racetrack the Hollywood casino racetrack up there the officer Jose would -- -- eight. Made -- last slew. I'm out of here is a rope that he had in his trunk and place them around horses that -- yeah. Like rest and he wrote them. -- for a good for the officer. When I -- horses I was learning to -- it's not easy. Roping is not easy. And I -- Tony doubled the number usually -- -- weakens and the kids were on its but. -- you have to learn how to. How to handle -- just -- time random don't try and understand them rawhide -- -- or women either one. Not just wrong we'll keep in Iraq we don't -- calls. A will be back tomorrow -- company understood at 930 we are WB and his vision governor M sandy beach. Now every time I asked Tony a question he usually that the chances and and knowing that he enhances the answers. And he's got all the information I need to either make a comedic quip or say not okay. Except for one area. Every time I asked Tony if he's seen something on television. He has. I don't think electricity to be. I'm convinced that because. He has not seen everything on television I have three things here than when asked them out. -- guarantee we're going to be zero for three night you have to tell the truth and you can -- I'm finding that in buffalo commercials now we have some very attractive women. I'm just telling you Tony have you seen they call are honoring commercial now. That's 141. Odd woman is blunt. And she has a very attractive -- right here origin or not Jim RG right here okay. And I -- I don't even need an -- wanted to on get an -- just because her now she may not be locals she may -- may be a national -- spot I'm really not sure. Very attractive though and as -- -- icy -- -- -- I look up I look up I'd pay attention because at the end she smiles she got the them later okay. Have you seen in the easily you know combines commercial. No no 020. So -- Barnes. I don't know if this is a professional model. Or this is they spot they hired somebody out -- New York for but the woman on the Celine on Barnes she's a lot better looking and Salim Al Anbar and put together -- jazz player. Which it through the air with a group of guys but she's gorgeous she really is so so so far. A caller on things and -- on Barnes very beautiful woman the third one have you have you seen the auto plays Nissan commercial no. Yeah yeah this way probably Patrick right there. It's a very. -- a beautiful woman very photogenic. On the auto plays these -- spot but I have I'd know her story. I was talking to my friend and for -- -- loans auto plays Nissan Infiniti. Turns out she was -- regular customer who just love the dealership and they said would you like to be on a commercial. They should yes she turned out to be a natural and they've been using -- percent that's -- a very nice story a very nice start but a little disappointed. I mean I was a customer. And I body a GG ER from them that's right today asked me -- -- commercial so obviously Dan made a decision. Should I use the bureau pool of voluptuous woman are. The is ugly talk show host and so he passed me by even though I bought a GT are from would you use. I wouldn't hurt -- and -- distracted. And now it's -- and daddy daddy land. Everytime I asked him on TV now he gives me something that's on. Some kids channel exit door the next door to our earth explorer. That that that I want of a door into the Kohler commercials when she gets older over Dora. Only it's a -- Now Judge Judy. I don't like Judge Judy you -- and -- majority. But she's indicated she's very very popular and she's going prime time. It has Judge Judy primetime special -- it's there it's going to be on May twentieth. Just like he was there a real big demand for this. Always you know judge -- on every day we get to see her Smart ass comments that deport people standing in front cover of the bench. I'm sure on prime time I haven't heard him say that. But that's the case is gonna include new cases. And examine how she went from under your family court judge to Judge Judy. Our issue is a profile on sixty minutes and whatever and I'm thinking of -- in her court I would not be happy. Because she is the judge she can make all kinds of quips and things like that it you air force lobbies are deciding what your wife is gonna go on or not. Or -- all somebody a lot of money. And she's doing jokes and one liners eyes and she's a similar very. One woman to be around -- she's annoying yes she is a very annoying issue is that door earlier around her neck. You would thank with the millions of dollars she makes you get a proper caller you know I mean now she wears a role. And we don't know what she wears under the -- and I don't think about what she wears on the world no absolutely not. But that little white oily thing my grandmother used to put those on the headrest of the couch. And and they have put a member of a U shaped him. And it's okay if the U shaped him -- away from your head. But if they put them from the back as you put your head back at it it'd details about your head -- -- the plastic over the good guys got to protect the door only which is protector Macau I mean I can't -- As with school a door -- tens of a back in my head. -- made economy I can't stand it. So yeah I Judge Judy is them is gonna go primetime. Remind me on May twentieth to be doing something yet that idea I can't possibly large. Hey this is great knows Brenda IC Brenda is bites we talk about -- a lot because. She -- vote Carlos food and I love food I probably don't love voters much has taught him a little booties you guys are really -- It's it's an update she's gonna have her own show on Sunday at 1520 that's ESPN fifteenth on me now from 10:30 to 11 o'clock. You've seen her food blogger for years now on WB and -- com and she'll be dishing up knows. -- and she'll be talking about the restaurant scene industry updates also buffalo perks updates. So a lot of good stuff having his starts this Sunday. At 1030 to eleven -- of them Brenda -- suggest that out if you have any suggestions before her show maybe you have people. Or restaurant you like to see featured you can call 8430651. But surely knows her stuff and it is strange because I'm friends with her and her husband Dan okay. And it's the only time I ever go out to dinner with people have been -- in a -- lot. Where the people I'm with take pictures of what they're reading I'm just not used to that you're not a game. It's things like what did he just fall off the turnip truck he's never seen that punishment for. But they've -- whip up a little cameras. I'm just eating it I just eating I'm going OK this is rarely go. And their their bid setting up lights you know immediate. They got dancers become operative equipment for the main core isn't. They the picture there garment down on its people consume archery at lot as he does that because I get to -- she eats a lot and just sitting there eating vicariously. And oasis basically just caught up. And there's -- Jack. Now that we have to act and the shut off via the computer or -- -- via Smartphone and that's as you walk away and you know or to pay the bill. I will all take a break when we come back we're going to ask you about something that's been on an age old question. And everybody has their opinion and and sometimes people change their opinions on this and sometimes they don't. I've never changed my position and I've been this way for a long long time. And I'm willing to listen always open they're here you know things that would -- made me rethink my position. But so far nobody's ever done we come back we're going to talk to you about that that's penalties. Much like the person in the front office will be back with more would be agent company under his right and I'm thirty we are WB here. -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WB and. Back we're -- is -- I'm sandy beach. -- talk radio. There were some subjects that were discussed a lot more than others. And then they were discussed so much sort of they almost got to be cliche. And so a lot of talk show -- and and programmers and whatever kind of retired and they drag amount every once in awhile if it -- -- apropos. But basically if they were overdone. A group of three would be abortion first of law abortion. I don't I don't do that's the once or -- ago because you you don't change anybody's mind. The same old same mall it's oh forget it we we don't do that okay. Another one was guns. And guns is that has a that has legs. For a while it wasn't a top of the mine but of course -- guard dished out polite. Cuomo administration regarding guns. Indeed they have -- has become a real life the subject again. And an important subject for people who believe -- the right to self defense -- right to protect your your family your home yourself. And hunt and do whatever you will target shooting whatever without interference from the government that was comeback. The third one we haven't had a -- and for awhile and that comes and goes in ebbs and flows depending what the noses and that is the death penalty. -- your feeling about the death penalty is bit in the same both forever after I -- after I decided. Intellectually where I was on that idea I've never changed my position my position is that I very much favor the death penalty. I have for a simple reason. All right I don't think. We -- somebody who would get a death penalty sentence usually its capital crime. It's usually murder something like that and not all states have the death penalty. I don't think we hold that person. Our road and our thought that. We're gonna take care view for the rest of your life yes you've kill somebody and you've been found guilty. And that you can sentence of death penalty but that's one thing but to say it on all the lights and present. Without even without parole what does that say his process. We're going to buy your clothes for the rest of your life. We're gonna feed you for the rest of realize. We're gonna make sure you have exercise and exercise equipment for the rest of realized we're going to make sure you have entertainment for the rest of your life. We're going to make sure that you live with the exception. Of being able to leave and walk away. It's going to be handled by password and it went to pick up all the tabs. This is what we're going to do we're also depending on what Stater and we're going to provide the present where you are. Aware of a prison law library. So that you can sit down and and and cultural laws -- you got plenty of time only your your sentence of life. It's always going to as a society. Reward you by you never having to pick up the tab for anything again we're going to give you medical care. It's from super -- you're getting everything but in exchange for that you can't leave our that's the only thing so I don't think that's a fair deal. I really don't. And I think that if somebody has taken a human -- for. Or anything that would be subject -- terrorist trends has anything to would be subject to the death penalty. I think -- society as well within. Its own boundaries. To execute that person to remove them from society not just take a note. Of the mainstream and say no you you might hurt somebody else so we're gonna make sure you can't do that -- gonna put you in prison. But we're gonna take care of everything for you. I remember when I made that argument to Paul -- -- one time years ago. He -- some of it makes sense but he's still very obviously anti death penalty. But that's what I feel about it and and for those of you think a rehab is there is Alda. Obama is an option now when you committed a capital crime not when you've kills them I wanna hear about -- I don't wanna hear about rehab I don't wanna hear you you fumble lord none of that stuff because not -- be ever final lord before you're -- area. You never say well I've got a life of crime has been really terrible but. I've come around now and I've I've found -- usually find the lord as your bidding Simmons or certainly measure being executed. So I say that society has the right and I think it's the right thing to do if all of the procedures have been followed now have one thing. That I have changed in my position on the death penalty because as. As the world changes I think you have to look at all the options. I think the death penalty should only be applied. We have the absolute DNA. Evidence aren't so that there's very little chance is somebody's going to -- Falsely. Executed. If if the DNA evidence is there. In a jury of peers say you deserve the death penalty then I'd say society should do it. Other resorts are -- about that is this. There was a man named Clayton lock at and Oklahoma. And he was to be executed there what happened is as they use lethal injection. And what they found the reason it got botched is the needle came out it it came out of the I -- arm is where was. And because of that he did not get all of the drugs and things that he was supposed to get. So there it it was not it was an -- -- should not that there are such things as pleasant executions. I think none of them are pleasant but some are needed. And so he struggled he groaned and he read and they finally had a heart attack and died now the anti. Anti death penalty people are coming and saying this is how barbaric this is blah blah blah blah blah just tell you that it's okay. This is what this guy did. And and -- -- spiel after this one all right he shot a nineteen year old girl. And van. He buried her alive. You tell me. If she went through more pain more suffering more agony more sheer terror than this guy did when they were trying to execute. And -- that's all I knew was that he shot a nineteen year old girl and then buried her alive and then in an op Ed piece. There there's a man named Bob park his saves that CE SCA. Says it's often too easy to overlook -- even forget. What execution worthy trespass is we're committed. Therefore the criminal is often -- unique sympathy make no mistake Lockett was the worst of the worst. He buried a teenager alive. Your charter member or are alive beating a nine year old baby. Multiple kidnappings. Burglary inflict psychological. Torture upon the slain -- friends by forcing them to watch. So he shot her in front -- France. And while he's burying her alive he forced her friends to watch that. Now I consider myself. A fairly sensitive guy in a fairly decent person as my own description of myself. But I wouldn't care they put this guides were chipper shredder level on the fact that the needle popped out of his army of twitch a few times before he died to that. Too bad now that's sounds insensitive. Market up anyway you want. But that's the way I feel about it anybody that would do this to another human being doesn't deserve any consideration. You know you -- consideration let him get him in the afterlife because adamant he deserves it here. So my simple question would be big botched execution in Oklahoma. Do you favor the death penalty do you still favorite and if you don't why don't you okay. 8039301806169236. And start I'm thirty. -- would be box botched arms -- with the botched execution. In Oklahoma. Of Clayton -- you finally got a heart attack because the needle had popped out. Of his arm my standing was -- of lethal injection that put. A needles in both -- 11 would be the lethal cocktail the other would not. And they have put injections at the same time it's much like -- firing squad. -- or not all of the rifles. Have an active round and there's so you never know if even though he shot it sound the same way you're never really know if your bullet killed. And I think that's what they've done. We've lethal injections but something happened. The needle popped out and it did not go smoothly. But I'm asking do you still favored the death penalty and if you don't favor the death penalty why not I think there are very fuel. What I would call absolutes in in the world but I'm thinking this. If somebody deserves an execution. And the evidence points to -- and they're convicted in the DNA evidence is there. I think the one thing we can guarantee is that after -- -- executed it will harm no one else. Even way of life imprisonment well parole they still are subject to. Intermingling with guards and sometimes other prisoners or whatever and and they can still do some things. -- -- executed it's over. And to be honest with you I'll sleep like a baby. -- when people like this who shot a nineteen year old girl. And buried her alive. And for those of you think while he shouldn't have suffered while you ideally shouldn't -- but what would be worse than is there any human. Instance where something could be worse than being buried alive I can't think of it I really can't. Just soul horrendous. So I say save your sympathy for people deserve it I don't think there's -- problem. Let's go to a Georgian buffalo Georgia on WB -- Derek thanks very much particular call what you took accurate -- this horrendous climb carried out by three Ming. Would that the wedding -- girls were -- so raped and sodomized. App that they were raped and sodomized in almost beat to -- They can ask the girl that he shot and -- he's Serb. -- -- the police when you go to the police she was brave enough and I and I am a veteran and a no he -- in Britain and she can taxation and ecologically. So therefore he took it to a great -- They shut that part because she refused to say that you would not go to sleep alone so unfortunately. Okay. Outside the city -- were indeed is not a deterrent to other comets are the murder damaged true maybe but guess what. This state the people are sort of like to think it. I'm what you and that's very well said George I am totally with a view and have the thanks for being a veteran thanks for wearing the uniform. You have a deterrent thing always. A sticks in my craw doesn't have to be a deterrent that we got away from effect by what we saw here today. You know that's why it's like eighty degrees and but I don't wanna complain about something as trivial as eighty degrees in the -- but the deterrent argument I've heard in the past. I don't care for as a deterrent. It's an absolute it's an absolute but the only thing that I said over the course of time that I have changes I would require -- DNA evidence. If there was no DNA evidence that I'm okay with life or OK with life without parole but. If there's the N day and it's a crime bit to calls for it then it should be administered course we don't have it while technically we do have it in New York State. Except that was found to be a non constitutional. So it's it's not enacted they never read did it. And went even while we had it before it was found to be unconstitutional. But they only used it as a bargaining chip. Either you know either. Oh agree with the these sets of charges whatever or will seek the death penalty that is what it was supposed to be but that's what the prosecutors were using it for. I have no problem at all -- securing. That the people that don't deserve the execution and I have no sympathy and for the do you have sympathy for the -- -- -- -- -- -- little candle you know -- over the night of the execution and as singing -- swaying back and -- I want you to think what the hell you could be -- if you were and are grave being buried alive. Think of how much sympathy you have for him that and for what reason. For what reason it wasn't like he snapped to or is he came home and found a something that he couldn't deal -- in his own house. Now I just did it. Plain and simple and so why I say yeah. That that the society is better off. There's no reason we should take care of them for the rest of his life and that this guy woods not that old I'm I'm looking through these thirty day. 38. Okay. So we might be taken care import forty or fifty years. About that. Forty or fifty years of paying for his food. And ms. close and his medical care and is the recreation. And his -- work out that area. And taking a better care of him and some people get taken care of on the outside. We do that in exchange for him not being on the street it's I think it's it's it's a better deal for society. When an execution is called -- to carry it out. -- Treo not trio wanted on the 61692 visits are 930 Chris we have several FaceBook entries that I have a go well this one comes from William says the shame that Oklahoma put executions on hold this -- got exactly what it deserved and I'm glad he -- made them suffer more than -- innocent victims the guys that matter factor absolutely right if you put the suffering. That he went through rule with the suffering of being buried alive imagine that terror. Of being buried alive I can't picture I got I was thinking about this the other day. When they have those mudslides and and several people died in them. And they showed how deep the mud was. And that that's what got me thinking about this well before I have learned about this execution about this girl being buried alive. And how terrifying it would be to gasp for air like that. Into trying to get out and not your arms can't move your body can't move your. You're just inundated with mud and increase on the small supply of oxygen just runs out. You talk about oh away to leave this earth that is not the -- ago. And certainly being buried alive is as horrendous thing is I can think of so if if this guy suffered more than he should have suffered for -- if it needn't happen that's fine as long as exclusions carried out. But if it inadvertently happens. I have no problem would -- was still continuing my support for the death penalty. I'd like to know your thoughts it was called talked to a comeback on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah.

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