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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Treating Measles - Dr Gayle Burstein

Treating Measles - Dr Gayle Burstein

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Gail bursting Erie county's health commissioners with us on the WB and live line health officials across the country are concerned. About -- measles outbreak in several communities has also been a diphtheria outbreak to. And doctor -- we're wondering if you're aware of any of this in Erie county. Morning -- the good communicate me cannot have any of these outbreaks in -- Italian or -- -- you are. However the 129. -- he could it be -- in the united week. 29 had them in New York State is mostly being in New York City and Albany area. But it doesn't mean could happen here it couldn't happen here. Your clock back we have people in our community -- not mean I can protect it against me -- we are still run the risk of -- -- in our community. The -- folks who are coming in and being diagnosed -- measles. Of these kids children younger adults older people want. You know. I've -- yeah are there on the -- I believe get there mark you know mostly children. It's happening you -- in theory he -- I -- you have a hundred people in her room who are not only nine. And one person had meter needle. Ninety people are gonna walk out of there. We didn't -- children and it's very very strategic. Expect it would -- through -- talks but the problem is that the needles virus can't survive for a long time in the hair. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're the -- are very compatible -- the next eighteen -- vaccine experienced back edge. So it's been quite sad because it is completely. Preventable that he expects and it can make people very ilk. I'm bee population that it can actually vulnerable are intent on duty -- twelve months. Because -- neither vaccine if you give in until the age of between twelve and fifteen months. -- all incomes under the -- twelve months are not in the night. And terror that is -- kept on hold the big lift in our community. For our young -- After -- they're -- seeing a trend. Among parents against vaccinated children. Well we didn't see next for you awhile now with that Wakefield study that was published in the Atlanta -- Andre claimed come -- with -- -- active electoral link between our -- damage and the and then Ireland in need of mumps rubella vaccine. And that spurred many parents could be very skeptical about. About keeping their children eat any indication if they were concerned with occupy them because -- fifteen times. We are seeing an increase prevalent in your diagnosis to plot to -- However -- that kind see all the authentic at the week guild has retracted there. You know their authorship on paper the handset won't retracted the paper it can't because it's all untrue -- -- and -- filed. We feel has -- the -- and -- practiced that play in the UK age so I tried very sad because. Much of this skepticism about -- -- patience if you really they aren't high profile data. I know there's been a -- collection in the public health and pediatrician. To try to educate parents won't -- won't Bloomberg state Eckstein are very very state secret tactics against that they don't they don't cause illness. Until I hopefully we're starting to -- depends on. -- shift a little bit and you people on becoming a more accepting of vaccines. But the problem Antarctic exactly where it can be your program has done. Point and acted to that document to the program -- We didn't you're still effective at least it's it's not very common to see vaccine preventable this Egypt which are very very scary including -- -- -- kill people including needles. And show me we don't -- vaccine preventable that he is very often however. People hear about. You know possible side effects. Until that Lori is larger bag and the concern -- going to be easy victory statement that prevent. So it's. Our Allan you'll -- -- hopes that the cut and that our -- and it will really be concerned about combining these repeated. Instead of the you know mild side effect that one can can from the back he -- Our diversity we thought childhood heading into school needed to show proof that he or she. Was vaccinated against measles and all of other diseases and some of these kids. Falling through the crash actually in school not being properly vaccinated. Well. Yeah New York State we're very fortunate because we have very strong lives. That mandate on Easter egg in the patients including an eco -- Allah for school entry however. There is an opportunity for these big huge expansion. And and so on there are some children that do you know me not be in the night because. Between the -- weekend. But I know our -- taking an. Everybody in the night are so I think your children are our young they're not -- care or they're they're not in non school yet. Under the age of five. And that they don't take -- you know stick to her to try to enforce. Getting the communication on board because they're not in any type of school system. So again there are people in our community -- -- in -- you have to work really hard to try to -- everybody in the -- -- another popular -- -- -- -- You'll keep her receiving too many indications at one. And your parents want to be -- and if you live to London. Town -- a Linkedin integration between your patience. By ethnic problem in health and and the children are -- -- on time. And the -- particularly technique and note that get you kind mean that the parent proposal never been -- so we don't know how well vaccines were actually Q if parents that you need to have their kicked in the night -- it kind of it and with this study has shown clear that vaccines are acting. So that that's also a problem who really encouraging parents to follow their pediatricians are -- other health care providers -- by. Get the -- he can that are recommended to protect their children. Doctor burstein thank you for for pessimists were along we appreciate it. Clerical error doctor -- -- scene is Erie county's health commissioner.

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