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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Rob Ford Relapses Again - Peter Gross

Rob Ford Relapses Again - Peter Gross

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now up to quick and easy way to Toronto on the WB and live line Peter -- With six city news what are you laughing at the period. They don't call me what you want to talk about -- four. What do you want to -- you know what I got plenty of time because when it came in this morning you know we're an all news station here and it just ecstatic here because of big rob forged. So they tell me you got thirty seconds to -- the sports just give the scores went up. Okay well we've heard about all these new reports that do not bode well for me around for let me ask you this. Knowing that he goes off on these incredible. Lapses of common sense. And continues they would lose drug and alcohol indiscretions how this is why people a lot of out of the house. You wonder that poor woman he has occasionally dragster. With them to press conference show that he happily married man but the look on her face is one of have checked and they're there and I don't think he has much control over and nobody. Or what's your reaction across the city. All of it in I think a work release. Because he's he's going off to re happy just immediately announced. Think he's going to be gone for thirty days and I think it's the start of the -- before him Mike. I can play it it's so unlikely that he wasn't gonna win this election anyway is based on the polls. So it seems very unlikely that we get reelected and he's not fooling anyone predicted back in thirty days hole perfectly. I'm perfectly healed up perfectly cure because it doesn't happen. We hear he's been talking about all of the other candidates whose opposition what you've been saying about it. -- -- It that the the real the great news. Is that apparently on Monday night when he was completely bombed at least it. He said that I'm gonna Pelfrey here that he wanted to jam parent there are subject to interpretation maybe you wanted to jam with -- -- -- play some instruments. Or maybe he wanted to make jam with -- Most of us are interpreting interpreting in and around Toronto fashion. And apparently when he loses it when those comments were played back to him he was appalled. So what happens to Robert Ford as he gets so drug and so -- he really becomes another person doesn't know doing. You know it's interesting that these new videos that the media their got a hold of has brought him to this point not -- police had nothing to do with it right. Not having any heat stroke -- to -- put themselves from the situation. Where he's he's doing this in front -- People who apparently can't trust. And they were coordinate videotape from on the phone to -- I guess you can do that pretty easily without -- -- especially if you're involved as rob Ford. And and that's the dumb thing that you put himself in the situation where he gets caught I think he realized it was the last straw. -- and you're telling us settle at his poll showed it doesn't stand a chance of being reelected we thought he had a lot of support there. I think that's important is waning. His only chance really is that the two strongest candidate against Bolivia challenge on -- A kind of splitting the vote a reasonable people. Could you can't print that that's unreasonable band of people who stick with rob Ford because of the one message that -- -- Throttle billion dollars which is subject to analysis well. But even today from talking to people who live here rob Ford and in his writing and support him. Are they find this very disturbing the latest revelation. But it did -- talking with him maybe next time yours someday we'll talk about -- Toronto maple leaves winning the Stanley Cup. I believe -- the sabres how they're doing in the playoffs -- -- -- go on for several seconds about that. Okay. Thank you Peter Peter -- six of the news in Toronto top stories are coming.

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