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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Walden Galleria is 25 Today - Burt Flickinger

Walden Galleria is 25 Today - Burt Flickinger

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've got a number -- juror with strategic resource group. He is with this a company that keeps track of all kinds of retailing trends. We're doing this on the 25. Anniversary of the opening of the Walden gallery mall and Cheektowaga. Importing -- -- -- you know where else wondering when it comes to the wall and gallery and other malls around here and across the country. What kind of a future do you think the relief have now with this phenomenon of people shopping on line. Gallery and it says spectacular future outlook people shopping I'm not online but. The oracle -- incidents seem also are really struggling so that also lose -- co anchors are. Torture us JC Penney -- years. It if you look at the -- so which are predicted root for the of their future. The bonds are trading about 45% below par where all the gallery as a class by itself. -- really is really considered it destination all. And any to any time between Halloween holidays. Truth that through Christmas Chanukah. Into New Year's in case you can't find out parking places and the Cheektowaga police department's side territorial. Torn away cars which -- pictures. They're the best thing for cheap bloggers sales tax record revenue but just sports. Popularity of Walden galleria at. Really strong future Walden galleria as well many the other balls struggled that your report. You know bird that the mall like you say it. Does -- have reinvented itself it is not the same mall and it was when it opened its doors 25 years ago. Judy you're completely corrected it was imparted grocery. -- all with wegmans and but it all became so so popular that wait -- mayor Whitman's side it'd be actually had to make other other plans so -- Because you couldn't accommodate and off street parking spaces. That's for wegmans -- between. Fine it's fine dining and entertainment and the -- specialty stores. It's a one stop shop then I'll throw a lot of people so it's it's a lot more on and then and then some ways easier than. Going online because the depth and range -- product is it is much much more exciting Walden galleria. Edberg you know Amazon now with their Amazon prime package you know if you buy something you know you get free shipping all yearlong now. It's a bargain for folks who do a lot of online shopping -- -- the malls are gonna have to come up with something novel no the reason I'm asking is and I'm not suggest in the malls offer home delivery but. Remember the old days in buffalo the downtown merchants association I mean you can call him today is. Order a box of candy it'll be delivered what you -- Our age are needed generously write that Lou burger props from burgers in the the Addams Family from am amazed. I did it's yet to agree on that will be a big part of that future. The one thing all the gallery and that better also kept going for them -- The UPS -- so many people during Christmas that even if people ordered within the window. Five days in advance last year. Consider getting Christmas presents stopper kids and we -- -- the Christmas tree. They're more likely you arrived just before -- after the football games started and under your Tuesday. Byrd thanks for joining us this morning nice to chat with you. -- Gratitude and thank you very well concerned those birds look injure our retail expert from the strategic resource group.

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