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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Flooded Florida - WNRP News Director Cooper Davis

Flooded Florida - WNRP News Director Cooper Davis

May 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Record rainfall causing major damage and flooding up and down the East Coast when the worst places. Is in Pensacola Florida and that's where we're going live right now. The chicken on the WB and live line with Cooper Davis news director at AM 1620 W and RP in Pensacola Cooper good morning. Good morning guys they keep forgiveness -- call. Tough one for sure we're not out of the woods yet. Yeah what first of all this explosion that -- us by surprise this morning at the county jail there how bad was it and was it. Did given -- need to do with that torrential rain that you -- -- receiving. We haven't nailed down confirmation yet whether or not this is weather related guys but yeah a suspected natural gas explosion. Part of the building its bid to jail. Has come down this all happened that there were more than a 100 people in the central booking area last night about 1130. It went all this went down -- street 600 people who were inside the building. At the time I would say two two people have been confirmed dead both inmates. And of course the complications with the backing leading everyone getting the hospitals. And the issue of taking inmates to two other facilities around them as well. Tell our listeners more about the trend when it started. And when the -- began falling did you have any idea any clue that you're gonna get that much. Yeah it it's interesting how that play out guys -- it was Tuesday night of course we knew that rain was coming we thought it was going to be between maybe. Two to four maybe six inches and some spots at the very most ninth when he comes along in the thing that really. That's that a lot of us off -- talent first was just a rope tornado warning that came out of nowhere that all the sudden. Everybody's really starting to pay a whole lot more attention to what we thought would just be kind of a super -- storm. We all it's pay attention to it for three or four hours and it's steadily raining -- entire time. In London the next big you know there have been 1617 you just fall in in twelve to fourteen hours. This is unbelievable and did -- -- six inches in -- -- in one hour alone. At one point yes there was citizenship and one -- it was not a record of them is that -- you never have that luxury in a one time in Pensacola and history you know. I have -- we have not been able to actually confirm that we had the record here that there were 26. Inches. In some spots in the Pensacola metro area in just the last thirty hours I think it's at least safe to say that we approach your record with that. While we've seen some incredible photos we saw this photo the highway. But collapsed -- but a lot of -- beneath that highway. Yeah and that's the case built at a really good the main concern for a lot of folks here there are a lot of little creek that runs through count under roadways. A lot of very -- near water even some retention pawns. Better burst their walls and flooded some neighborhoods. Here that is. The main concern at this point it's really collapsing paper it's the reason that they cancel school they're -- big ticket to school -- surround sound safely. What's the forecast like. Opera now we're up probably just going to see a small clouds media it's scattered rain today. But they are talking about maybe one more. Shower -- did you to have the raiders still by tomorrow when the ground already saturated of course you know the back to become a much bigger problem than it would normally be. Yeah absolutely Cooper thanks for the time this morning we really appreciate it. Thank you get Cooper Davis and AM 1620 W anarchy in Pensacola Florida.

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