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4-30 Mike Siegel Hour 4

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and folks coming up to 6:10 and good evening to yet. Mike Siegel and and good to have you weather says we get back into the conversation and let me remind you that comes going to be back tomorrow Tom -- is off today he'll be back tomorrow. And we're gonna. Go through this next hour -- your reactions to what frank messiah. President of the NAACP and buffalo had to say. Coming out of the box going left to right wingers. And their dog whistles. Moses in Toronto -- ala Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at WB ENN hello. -- I look at you and thank you for me on the call. Bowden. No marriage should be. In the different republics of the viewers that you can tell by -- Come black. I was released in the interior. And -- completely. Appalled. By what that gentleman and if you can use the -- and you Rhode. It's to say about conservative. I would consider -- -- But upon the trigger fair reason why mother tranda for Obama in certain reason wasn't a fan of all of golf. All wouldn't be a kind of get a retreat Clinton because of their policy it's. Well because of this can call their agenda. All their luck -- you look it's completely. Because of their policy and I think that man is it complete fool and a disgrace to be election curator -- and. I appreciate the point and another time a -- back here at WB and I thank you for calling to Moses I'm gonna lay out. Barack Obama's violation of law impeachable offenses. Abuse of power. Nothing to do with -- skin color by the way. If frank messiah thinks. That white people racist. Let him explain how white people elected Barack Obama twice. Black people don't have enough votes to -- elected. Barack Obama mr. messiah. By the way we -- -- -- -- but he chose not to do that Shawne -- familiar with Mike -- in for Tom -- at the -- and hello. Actually about two points to make first oil under the -- was just state that put importance by far more precious and important. That's something that hasn't actually been mentioned on in the news or on the radio. But as far as the factual inaccuracies of what that gentleman from NAACP. In actuality who went well initially -- investigation of Barack Obama's. Ancestry and it's heritage wasn't that the liberal Democrat named well it's so Byrd and attorney. You're absolutely right by the way Philip berg. Was an assistant US attorney in the Justice Department under Bill Clinton. And he actually was a supporter is a Democrat needs supporter of Hillary Clinton and he brought a lawsuit in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Specifically challenging. A Barack Obama's birth status he was that there were many other suits as well the courts basically said we're not gonna get involved which is unfortunate but the fact was. At that Philip berg a Democrat working for Bill Clinton supporting Hillary Clinton for president -- primary against Obama was the guy brought the lawsuit. And and the reason why they've done so it was because his family members from Kenya because of the Kenyan government because several governments in Africa were claiming him. As an African born in Africa. And this like this I think the second point of light in what we're talking about racism we're talking about Barack Obama. I don't think we should forget them. That when you actually read his first book. He talks about the reason why she joined his church of twenty years he talks both sitting in the car in the race. You can actually hear the audio version of him reading on YouTube any talks -- leading the black values system. And it and -- -- -- the black value system. It is one of the most paranoid delusional schizophrenic racially. Segregation or it said. Document you can imagine -- it's starts -- things somewhat normal talking about commitment to the black family commitment for the black community. But -- gets into conspiracy theories about how the US government. Has created pedals for the sole purpose of isolating black people to Foster an environment by which they will become. Genocide will against each other and and -- since two bodies. Publications and predictions that the US government will in the future create concentration camps. And that's. Is by his own admission. What he's the reason why he'd join a church was after reading that document. It's an old book. It's -- it has audio versions and it reading it. Well I mean I can't imagine what normal thinking individual would say you know -- how wonderful it joined this church. I mean if it -- pretty said anything even remotely similar to that. I would get up and walk out see this guy is status he -- look. Well you know the problem is Jeremy Wright is anti Semitic anti white all of that. A matter of matter of fact let me tell you something Oprah. Was a member of that church. She left the church because of Jeremy -- being so extreme but let me ask you quickly -- got to get to other calls but but what about the fact. That we have the highest number of food stamp recipients. In history. We now have the highest unemployment rate among black youth. As compared to George Bush George Bush had lower unemployment rates for black youth than those Barack Obama what what is the -- don't for black people the answer is nothing. He's harming black people. Wake up black people. I consider Kevin in Pendleton -- -- Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at WB EN hello. Yeah activities are richer you know -- -- the descendants of former sleep and sleep or orders I'm appalled by what. This -- or tiger had to say. That is the problem that we in Indy you know we can be achieved with leaders like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is the same. Gentlemen who spoke for years ago when I was referred to here in quite some. Lever at. These your consultants. To get 2% from the community actionable. All the -- Discrimination as they compete at -- true. And that's -- part retire which a worker -- and all of a sudden you people when majority NAACP. -- no sir that's the obvious here or anywhere so that's why they're great at your attention and nicely. Portion commitments of the -- That's a problem we opened it and in the black communities have a leadership like yours and I'm appalled by everything is considered. Well I appreciate your point you know because. When you come out of the box. Saying. Right wing Republicans of the problem. Then there's nothing to discuss. You just marginalized I mean he's he's being marginalized and thank you for calling -- appreciated. It's good to hear from minorities. Who understand the magnitude of the problem with people like frank messiah. Who want the and they wanna create. Them vs us that's what he did beginning with this conversation on this program -- -- -- them vs us. -- -- -- -- all of Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at WB and I talked a Doug. Pay couple points and I wanted to make it's actually an opening would stay on we asked him to but he declined. As far as him attacking you know rightwing politicians and and Republican politicians. Donald Sterling you know back in in this awhile ago that he made contributions to democratic campaigns the Gray Davis to Patrick Leahy. And a couple other ones and I I was hoping to get his thoughts on the I don't think that necessarily paints the picture -- Fanatical you know right wing Republican that he wanted to paint the picture out. As far as in attacking you know Republicans period. Republicans come in all shapes sizes genders and colors. And for him to attack Republicans. I know. You know a few black Republicans. Is -- and discrediting them as being misguided. What does he think of Condoleezza Rice who I think should be president what does he think of Clarence Thomas who's a conservative member of the United States supreme court's wanna kick him out to. You know you go right down the list. And and I my suggestion would be. That we judge people -- to a Doctor King said on the content of their character not the color of their skin messiah should be ashamed of himself. For violating doctor king's -- edict about judging people as individuals. Well -- exactly and and I mean just -- just. The fact that they human rights issue at a civil rights issue. You know as far as -- concern that the fact that that then for him to turn that into a political issue. He makes it even more divisive people he's not solving any other problems he's creating a sub problem within a bigger problem. It's that doesn't make sense and I don't understand -- -- -- Or why you -- understand his thinking he wants right wing Republicans to go away you see if that I've said this for all the years I've been talk radio. If if the far left had control of the system there wouldn't be free speech. You wouldn't have it. And that's the sad that's the sad part of this. Appreciate the call -- thank you for -- gets more calls reactions to frank messiah. An amazing example. Of where the problem lies. Wanna try to get together written racially not to do with frank -- based on his comments. Our number to call is 8030930. Locally -- 930 on a cellphone. 80616. WBE and outside the local calling area Mike -- for Tom Bauerle. At news radio 930 WBE analysts check with Alan Harris and see what's happening in the WB EN traffic command that we don't know. And WB EN AccuWeather we have tonight rain and drizzle low 49. Tomorrow it's going to be -- with some showers high of 58 Friday a brief shower too high of 54. Currently it's overcast some rain and 53 degrees good to have you with -- -- we move right along Mike -- for Tom hourly news radio 930 WBE and and though let's get your calls comments thoughts and reactions to the conversation with frank messiah such as it was couldn't get past first base with mr. messiah unfortunately. 8030930. Locally start -- thirty on a cell phone. 80616. WB -- outside the local area as we go to stand in Rochester hello -- year old Mike -- for Tom by our early at -- BB -- I'm like. I think the messiah and this whole thing about bigotry. And racism. What is the degree of punishment for mass spectrum is no punishment whatsoever. All the way to crucify somebody. Mike is right in the middle somewhere -- you know look at some examples Mel Gibson. The actor. Had any drunken stupor when he was arrested for drunken driving. Are screaming that they -- to the problem we gotta get rid of them we had doctor Laura Schlessinger careening out of black woman. Are calling -- the N word a dozen times nothing happened to them. Trump called Rosie O'Donnell fat -- -- rob when you're talking about his stuff. What do bankruptcy. Or is -- degree of law here -- good degree of punishment. I think the only answer -- can give you and I understand your point. There is not fairness when it comes to people saying things that are outrageous it was so what about when Alec Baldwin. Got on Conan O'Brien's late night show several years ago. One Henry Hyde was chairman House Judiciary Committee news filing a bill of particulars. An impeachment against Bill Clinton. Alec Baldwin gets up and says well this we Europe we go down do what Henry -- house and we take him -- we take his family out and all of that stuff and nobody says a word about -- to Spike Lee going after Charlton Heston because he was president of the NRA. And added I could actually I spoke to CNN about those things that the -- they're just. Actors or directors they're not important what guess what they're part of the left wing crowd they have a voice to be heard. And they need to be -- just as much as anybody else those who makes a mistake. 11 great example of punishment we had we've got a guy you're talking had done a -- eliminating. And he called the former black mayor Johnson an arraignment -- The wrath of god came down on him he was fired he would be great -- he was labeled a racist and thrown out on the streets. Well you -- that's that kind of languages that absolutely inappropriate that's wrong but it should be treated the same both waste. One -- point is is that when Alec Baldwin says of course he's not a public official. What he says well take out Henry hide member congress there ought to be there ought to be treated seriously in the RB condemnation. And unfortunately there isn't but the answer to thank you for calling. The answer to your question. Is is very simple. The NBA a private organization and association has made the determination. That keeping Donald Sterling around would be toxic. And it wasn't the kind of comment that was. Easily walked away from. The NBA. Had had to be accountable to its players to which sponsors. Not to its other owners to the -- into most importantly the defense and sterling just went over the line and that's the way it played out good heavy what is it 030930. Is the number locally start 930 on a cell phone. 80616. WBE and told free outside the local area Mike Siegel and for Tom Bauerle at news radio 930 WB and it's 645. Welcome back -- folks good to have you with us Mike -- for Tom -- -- news radio 930 WB -- 633 it is. And you'll remember we'll get right to your calls but you'll remember. If you were here. And what you should've been. Just before the 6 o'clock hour something around 550. 545550. We were interviewing. Frank messiah the president of the NAACP in buffalo the chapter here. And he made the comment. That you now here. That he thought that the Supreme Court justices. Should be removed from the court on the right wing or those who wore. Carrying that point of view. And then later -- first let's hear exactly from the tape one frank messiah is said about what should be done about the Supreme Court justices. You remove very. Supreme Court members who have come to a conclusion. That a corporation. Is the same as a person. Those are people who are strict constructionist. Who believe in -- interpretation. Of the constitution. Well look at that you can never talked about big business and make your business. But we do get people in there who think like. Those people they've banned and passes in and -- at all stayed there in the country big business a major business. That's putting its money in -- control. Thought process in the country there are that bad business itself. Is a an individual so. Bible by the way mr. messiah who's not here now. I guess labor unions don't buy an awful lot of politicians for their point of view right. I guess of when the labor unions in Wisconsin tried to remove Scott Walker. They fail didn't. So I would say that. It's free speech and any side of the aisle George Soros left wing whacko billionaire spends a fortune. I'm left wing points of view -- your Brothers. Jim speier spent a fortune on left -- points of view he's a billionaire. The Coke Brothers are on the right but would like guys like you and Harry Reid would say is there an American. It's okay for the left to spend billions it's not okay for the right to do that -- point of view that we shouldn't have fairness he just said let's remove. Both Supreme Court justices one asked him about it later in the conversation here's what he said. You because you're saying that there shouldn't be right wing point of view. Are you kidding me. Accorsi said that if you want to remove Supreme Court justices on the right but you removing the point of view from the court aren't you mister messiah. By the way and I'll say it again under the law corporation is a person. That's just the way the laws written. To wanna change it go ahead but that's the way the laws are written a corporation is a person under the law. And vulnerable to lawsuits just as a person would be able to file lawsuits just as a person would be so. Look if he wants to. As many left wingers do try and define. Their own interest. As a matter of policy rather than follow the law. That's for I would reject that somebody being right wing or left point it's about following the rule of law mr. messiah something you might wanna try to do. In of and the bettors you have to be objective but at least need to try to be fair. OK let's go to your calls Paula in south buffalo year old Mike -- for Tom by -- news radio 930 WB Ian. Looks will go to Gary that gay and give Paul to welcome back feel free to do it. Jennifer talked about -- Mike Siegel -- WB and Gary hello. A pleasure to talk VR yeah I have to be -- because our conservatism mayor Mike we have enough for the small. You're franks put him back in the sixties and they could not -- -- -- -- BAT's sixties. What's all at all given the unborn Churchill -- -- a conservative I barely even though we well you know slot liberals -- don't know where even had. And conservatives basically supporting yourself and you're fairly good job you know skeptical public assessment saw. That the temporary okay. And then mainly you follow the constitution that's what you know we -- that we had all kinds of battles law he's trying to get like he put up now. And then as far as mr. recited same mode against conservatism. Tea Party people I think people we -- for all of black Serbs such -- like government Cheney was very popular among the so called conservatives. Yeah but to see his frank -- point of view would be that those are rabid right wingers when in fact wants but let's talk about what the Tea Party stands for while you're here. Because I've talked many times people from the Tea Party and had had conversations with them. Talking about policy issues in the Tea Party Tea Party express particularly. And that Amy Kramer who founded the people you know she was she was a Delta Airlines flight attendant. And was home one day fed up with the way this government spends money. Got on -- social media FaceBook and Twitter and all that. And was complaining about the way the government spends money and got inundated -- responses. And that's how would begin and what she started the Tea Party express. And she would tell you that story it's a fabulous. Activation. Of ground level people but what are they believe they believe in limited government. Free and another words federal government should do -- constitution says it should do free markets balanced budgets. And have constitutional compliance. Now those are things that any person who believes in the rule of law should believe in them in my right. Familiar it's so successful -- That's what seems like to -- and by the way. What you know if you wanna talk about conservatives what conservatives would say is. Let's make sure that minorities are protected under the law and not discriminated against. And and then let's give them a proper education. So they can use their own talents and skills to become successful but you know the truth this. Democrats don't want blacks to be successful they wanna have a pretense. Of these Democrats. Offering them. Ultimately success. Because they wanna keep Bledel who -- keep blacks on the plantation as Democrats. Because of -- at blacks are successful. They become Republicans or conservative because. Spoke at this the Democrats keeping blacks on the plantation for God's sake. When you and have a couple box you are protected and I didn't -- -- -- -- there'll be at a conservative. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm not even talking religiously and rappers religious but in the church culture we got to run -- Oslo at all. The right way otherwise warrant of money he'd drive the ship it to go to shore you know to a -- so. Well you know that's why. Look -- messiah is inflammatory. In and just marginalizing people he has to know is a bright man he has to know full well. That what he's done. In the rhetoric he presented on this program. Is too is too polarized people you're not gonna oversaw resolve a problem by polarizing people. At your resolve probably trying to work together to solve the problem. Well you regret however we are Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson speaks softly in the well I think in his book. Mr. election or something I don't know he's just not. Well no he doesn't recognize -- guests were gains from. An African Americans and minorities and combination of whites and blacks getting along better -- to recognize that these -- it's so so -- that it's so we're awash. Well and that's -- four look. And -- and was white people who elected Barack Obama let's not forget that. Exactly armament and it's part through the these are citizen -- relative to come forward early on with salt all the paperwork. You know that's just saw the document you got to come up with that which it's elementary you know. It was and by the way than -- and as the caller said earlier was Philip -- Democrat and other liberals who filed lawsuits Philip berg was the ad deputy US attorney. And the Justice Department. So you know -- couldn't leave that word -- thank you Gary for calling too good to have you with us. And good to be here com hourly program Mike -- in that news radio 930 WB and your calls are welcome. What is your sense of frank aside if you heard him and let me say again he denied. Having said that. Conservative justices should be removed from the court well the -- says he said. It's very convenient somehow people on the left think they can just say what they wanna say. And then back away from it later and pretend it never happened what about individual accountability for what you say. Donald Sterling is being held accountable as -- But somehow people on the left don't wanna be held accountable for the wrong comments it's very interesting about that to our numbers 8030930. Locally in buffalo. Start 930 on a cell phone and if you're calling outside local area 80616. WBE yen. Good to have you with us Mike -- and for Tom -- right -- news radio 930 WB EN at 642 your calls are next. And welcome back in folks good to be here Mike -- and for Tom Bauer related news radio 930 WB and 646 it is. And that we get back to your calls in response to the frank messiah conversation in the last hour. The head the president of the NAACP. The buffalo chapter and his comments that were in my view rather divisive saying all Republican conservatives are the problem. Fundamentally Billy north buffalo year old Mike -- overcome by our only at WB and hello. I -- we're trying to do bring Bennett school back to light -- -- in the Clinton 65 there. And and it's blown apart now. We can't -- scrutiny. But. Right around the corner we've -- cable companies a major cable companies about to emerge and hopefully they'll bring this public Wi-Fi. The way the other companies doing. I want what is it you're calling a bouncer. If we can give our school kids computers. If we spent 250 -- and got a computer into every home. Each child and an opportunity to. And each person looking for a job or looking for -- -- and you know and those needs of our Internet. Wikipedia is that you won't -- I would say I use it almost every bit. But they look you opened Wikipedia but there. Well I appreciate but you know the thing the only thing I'd say about Wikipedia. Is that people at things and some -- most of the time it's it's good but sometimes it can be inaccurate so you gotta -- care flow competing. Cause anybody can add information to Wikipedia. The other point I'd make is that there organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They have -- billions. That over a period of years is going to be donated. And they've already donated considerable funds. Even a Third World countries to computers and things like that so if you think there's a legitimate. Need. For computers in certain areas. And the -- the gates foundation is very sensitive to those who were underprivileged. You might take a shot at that and somebody file perhaps say yeah. An application or suggestion or contact them. About. Donating computers. For the purpose you describe -- you -- once kids and has no ideas computers while but it most adults and two so -- that -- easy. Patrick internal want the hero Mike Siegel and for Tom -- at the BBM hello. I don't like our defense -- -- think the first thing is. It's Belcher and being involved in enraged racial issues. Or qualification you really errors is pretty gracious -- still -- money judgments Beck wanna -- thing. -- being involved in any decision making her or relation is completely ridiculous he's not all -- on the other figure there. I've brought that up earlier collect covered that story I was on the your new York at the time and you're right he never he was never contrite. Even though Tawana Brawley point blank admitted. That she lied about being raped by that white the prosecutor. Al Sharpton couldn't. Al Sharpton couldn't care less this this white guy was just another. Basically a guy -- was a victim lying out in the streets of Al sharpton's. Vicious attacks. Consulting with Al -- that's completely reject -- -- -- think I had was. Arm folks like mr. messiah who -- the people leave you could happen population is great spirits. Or you're Oriole is in some way and some he may have different idea -- -- things. I find that very childish I think that point at which you know they have some people are against the president of the student colored. It's -- that your child that's way more part of the problem and our solution at all. I appreciate it and I'll say again it was white people who elected Barack Obama to the presidency was you wanna say that there aren't enough black voters in the country to have done. We go to Mike in buffalo hey Mike Kerala Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle -- BEN high. Well mr. Siegel the first time I've ever called in this station -- going to lose and for -- your show has been one of the best show I've ever. You outed basically. They're praying messiah for what he is he's well what was version of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. While I'm glad he got a chance to expose himself he basically did that. You know what you did it of itself is right. And he -- it can't picture all I hope I hope beyond our near more. Well appreciated what he what do you make of this the last I mean how. How to let me ask you question. -- -- how do you develop better race relations with guys like frank messiah around. You get the injuries -- her CDE strike causing trouble between the races. It's no problem if people weren't doing that there wouldn't be any problems. People get along fine until you have people like him speak about what he does. It it it just is very baffling to me. That does not logic to it and and you know and if you go if you talk to people on the left. Just watch MSNBC. No I don't I don't either but -- it but if you put it up for ten minutes. You'll learn why they have lousy ratings and Hawaii. People avoid them because their -- become a joke because it's all salivating eight point of view without any substance to the point of view. And I I couldn't believe how he can basically attacked you Kuwait. Right. -- from the very bad he would take you've never been a conservative or right Winger where relapse because I'm the same -- so he's taking me so. He has no idea who I am three as -- And the people are talking about. And while that's true you know bed and by the way I'd make the case the concern agree that what looked John Kennedy. And who gotten -- inspired to get involved. In know what I do now John Kennedy today. Would be how did from the Democratic Party he'd be conservative today he he had Ronald Reagan had very similar ideas about government a strong national defense there. -- -- Percent. Yeah so you know they wanna talk about all the -- and Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Who freed the slaves what about that. Well this cycle and how is that coming out you know all the people like Al Sharpton who has does he have a short MSNBC. And all the racial statements he's made over the years useful as a show. Yet they wanted to take this basketball players. Team away from home for a comment that he median price it. -- that it's his opinion to whatever it is like go wrong it's his opinions. Well I I'll go back to one of the -- but I will go back to one point that I that extremely important. And that is that. The sterling comments. Led to a serious threat to the NBA's business model. The business model of the NBA was jeopardized because. It's the reports that the teams would not go back out on the floor for the rest of these playoffs. In which case it would be a debacle for the NBA and then the possible consequence of that could be. That they would have started a brand new league that and they were some black players talking about doing that so. You know you got that problem it was a business decision more than it was a moral decision. And I am just eulogized him but I'm just hoping that it doesn't sound good time because if you see something or you believe something. Your property can be taken away from you war or the worst happens you you understand what I'm saying. You're absolutely right and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks who owns the made that point. He he was concerned about the slippery slope. Yeah and at no point where you know they can't have -- this is this United States of America it's a free country this is not Russia. Or China. Let me ask you this. What what happened and is not gonna happen I'm just raising a fantasy here -- habit of Michael Jordan who -- Charlotte. -- to say something along the same lines about whites. -- should what should net. And if he said the same things that sterling said about blacks. And Michael's -- undo that he's not that's not mistaken I don't disparage him but if he did say that. You're right what would happen. I'm not a thing you would even hear about it. Well and that and that's where you know if you wanna -- if Adam sold -- talked about not moral. Outrage about what Donald Sterling said but you got to be consistent all the way around and somebody said something from the other side. Then they they need to be held accountable to the same degree that's why this -- a slippery slope where do you draw the line -- example. What what -- five somebody said in order and in the NBA -- don't order in the NBA said all the Italians are members of the mafia one way or the other. There wouldn't go over to that I guess. -- able would would that would that -- that person lose their team. Probably not now. There are probably not. Aside it can't be just on one ground and and if it's gonna be racial these -- always racial. If it's going to be ethnicity or nationality needs to be always with a ethnicity or nationality. It's called fairness I appreciate. A 100% sir I hope to hear you again soon. And you do your -- hit picked up today. Thank you for calling I appreciate your time. That's gonna -- man just flew by candidate and that. It's good to have you folks what this Tom -- is back tomorrow another great debt program from him he's a terrific host and a hoping you enjoy show tomorrow he's only up -- today. The possibly comes up for me to talk but you get -- -- to a in the meantime we have a great evening. And a great day tomorrow my name is Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at WBE and because the assault from the world and the world will be good do you.

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