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4-30 Mike Siegel Hour 3

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well folks welcome back in nice to be here in for Tom Bauerle Mike Siegel with the UN and during the afternoon a year making it easy for me so thank you for that. As we continue along with a conversation. About Donald Sterling in the aftermath of his comments on tape taken from a private conversation. Illegally taped. And then turned over to TMZ and from TMZ went viral all over the place mainstream everywhere. Sports talk networks. Regular talk networks issue talked networks of the mainstream organizations. CNN Fox News Channel ABC NBC CBS everywhere. Sky is now an icon for racism. But the question is what about the other way. You've got Spike Lee you've got all of these people talking about this is how outrageous it is. And there are some on the left -- would say that racism. Applies from whites to blacks but not from black to white. That blacks cannot be racist because all they do is to respond to white racism. Which is kind of interesting. Because I would seem to me that anybody classify somebody by race. Is somebody who is racist. If that's the criteria you use to judge that person whether you're black person judging whites. Or white person judging blacks. Whatever it may be. And so and then we get to another question I was thinking about during the break. Which is not directly related. But what about this move by some members of the United States congress. To say that the Washington Redskins ought to change their name. Because redskin is a defamatory. Term. It always puzzles me because why would a team call itself a name that they considered defamatory. We get so politically correct and so sensitive. About things that really do not matter and I understand and by the way not even all native Americans think the Redskins ought to change their name. But they wouldn't call themselves something that they were disparaging -- -- And of course across the country see high schools having the change their mascot names because somehow it's politically incorrect. Really to waste a lot of time thinking about all of that Toyota Jill Bakken buffalo Joseph it's 512 of my -- over Tom Bauerle at WB EM hello. A they -- before we went to the break I was gonna say that up when actually you know it's kind of wait you out. The decline even buggy incident you know we had this there's a situation where we had new channel playing at thirty but what what. But then it would later released there was another format. And then that for a minute you're talking about how much. He admires black people -- Mexican family trump really -- And that the goal what you're saying what they know that the federal government destroyed the black family. Yeah which you know what -- that his problem was. That he and and he said something -- on its face has to be rejected. He talked about the fact that the family unit stayed together and slavery. Personal does nothing favorable to say about slavery and second of all the family unit didn't stay together and slavery -- the slave masters used the women as there. Basically a sexual objects. The kids were used out in the fields. There were often separated from one plantation to another. It just wasn't true site to it to say anything to justify slavery was it was insane to do that. Well you won't actually took the fight slavery what you -- saying it if you actually watch that because that they can't back. Eight that are in no way whatever watcher returned to something like that. Artistry that was terrible that we actually that an actual extended clip which court split. I did it all for political gain obviously and -- associating with read all of it and I -- of course that was the agenda. When I mean it would it would would you require I would do -- talking about always played -- during the reconstruction era. And then when you were saying oh that's really true I mean anybody here wants the lookup skeptical but I confined and of course. You know black unemployment -- lower but why not appointment and Ike in thirty you know our failure that they -- equal if not the same. -- that it looked alien and anti welfare. Stated welfare it's so you know kind of institutional candidate and then. Everything was destroyed -- horrible what were you trying to say. In that video and this is how insane political correctness that when we were talking earlier in the video we have to worry about an inch and freedom movement yep they're. We could -- people who call from Mexico might not be familiar with the individual rights America. Bring them into that we wanted to assimilate he. People into our movement going up the center of the -- -- it would -- categorical. Opposite of what it was displayed. I I'll say again -- his problem was he did say I saw the quote he did say that the family unit was kept together and slavery and that's just not true. And and an end and an even toward troop keeping the family together and slavery isn't something to it too. To write home about I mean you wanna attack the welfare system do it I appreciate the call -- I think but you know -- The point you made. About. Welfare. Really. A black families were just as unified as white -- was until pretty much the sixties when the drug culture came in. And that culture hit the inner city communities first. And it was devastating. That's what start breaking up black families was that drug culture. That that created. Which would call opportunities to make a whole lot of money by dealing drugs and just destroy the fabric. Of a -- that was back when I was teaching in -- as I mentioned earlier. In an inner city school I remember that two thirds of my kids. Live the single parent counsels mothers only. As -- changed much today probably not let's go to Chris. In Cheektowaga Chris year old Mike -- Tom Bauerle WB and hello. Yes. Don't talk about the -- than calling for Kolb and and -- claim that the this path found me comedian man who with -- -- by black teenagers that the treatment Martin's case. To me to compare and that. It was -- Just about the same well the difference was that those teenagers were immediately arrested arrested and prosecuted for this kind. That's not what happened with -- -- the amendment was tried on Martin he was recently -- and they were saying that he stood his ground and him he wasn't guilty. And it took a great deal of pressure to get him arrested and brought to trial and that's the big difference -- -- you didn't hear about these teenagers. That's killing me. No actually I actually like I could. That's not that's not the case because like -- I mean I've covered in my own programs. Case after case after case. Look I'm not trying to say there's more. Black crime against whites or white against black does not my point my point is it ought to be treated equally in the mainstream media do not cover they consciously. Avoid covering cases -- black crime against whites. Covered this -- of the black teenagers killing -- white man. But it and it didn't stay on the news because they were arrested and profit. Well first of all let me correct you want something the first host George Zimmerman not David but the other thing is. Zimmerman and the prosecutor was going to have to Zimmerman I mean she made it very clear that she was gone after him in the way she behaved and when they got to court. There were certain ways that the evidence was kept out of court even by the judge they wanted him convicted. But he he was look look at the fact was he was beaten. He was on the ground with trailer -- I don't go through the whole thing again this that was a very different case yet he was he shouldn't have been tracking -- by -- he should have been following them. He should have done with the 911 operator said which is to wait for the police to get there he didn't do that. And the entry about Martin jumped all of -- and then became a case of self defense it was a totally different situation. Then these young blacks intending to find -- white person in reprisal against what happened to -- Juan -- that's what happened. And I'm sorry to say -- wanna except that you don't have to accept -- but that's what happened. Frank. And Todd I want the -- Mike Siegel for Tom -- good afternoon at WB EN. Look at -- -- all my resources you'll thank you the whole project the whole thing is. You know I don't know why it is -- to elect the -- -- This is going to with this political correctness you know what he practiced sterling guy that is totally disgusting. In all the cute comments that art of the -- get a -- sister or anything. Or restrictions ordered to prop them up like -- what. He is the owner of the -- In -- back and look at it this way if you want to sure that this starts for the team you'll shorten distrust for -- You're a boycott -- you know -- -- provide tickets. Don't have to go to Q you don't apply. Yeah articles that are selling -- -- that. Support anything it's sort it was picking. You know there are -- -- -- followed shorten this starts for now. You know. Players are being paid very well play for this guy and his guidance at this -- Yeah well rivers to demand -- change is your identity -- play I think the players. The plate there are they're getting very well. The play that game now they don't wanna play. I mean the problem you don't have to play. If they think that are holding him to shut down. Its rhetoric -- -- -- I don't get to protect that money talks and -- hits walked. You know I'll Marty it's a very very strong regard greeted that very very important color and assert their society. And up. Like a well liked he liked it -- -- as a person and archer archer reports speak to Darnell remembers speech. I'd do this case certain -- are not -- group -- or are they are not at a crowded theater are. He shouldn't be able to take toward issues. His ownership pocket change issue in this -- policy and for all things that are associated with the key. He may be at their house by. Well let me just say -- -- we -- get to a -- -- thank you made the point let me respond but bottom line is. The league was acting in its own best interest when you own a team in the league. You play by the rules of that league as a private association. He didn't play by the rules of the league what he said was destructive. To the business fabric of the league they -- to make a decision. When they saw this revolt by the players and by the coaches I mean Doc Rivers basically said he agencies that classy guy. He basically implied he wouldn't go back and coach for the sky he was there next year that was that was the bottom line. So you you cannot have this happen and then if you kept him around. And the players say OK we're going elsewhere organist auto only mean what guys like Magic Johnson have enough money to do that you put together a group Michael Jordan. You put together a group of guys with some money and they -- startling elsewhere now the NBA becomes destroyed. Because of leaving this guy as a cancer hanging around it was a business decision. And the business decision wise he's got to go. It's it's on viable keep in the meantime we got. Alan Harris in the WB and traffic command -- we do it up there. Unless -- that weather out there WB EN AccuWeather we've got rain and drizzle tonight coming up -- 49 degrees tomorrow windy and some showers high of 58. Friday will be a brief shower or two -- going to be 54. Currently it's overcast and 53 degrees and a Mike -- and for Tom hourly news radio 930 WBBM. As we get back to what our numbers if you wanna respond to this conversation of the woman who called the moment ago. Was was just not on point I'll get to that the second numbers 8030930. If wanna call locally if you're on a cellphone and driving along wanna pull over to legally with a remote headset -- 930. Outside a local area 80616. WB EN at 522 good afternoon to you by what Tom's gonna back tomorrow. And it will be here through the afternoon and a good to be with all of you drive home safely of course. The fact is that the media do not cover. Stories having to do. With black crime on whites don't even cover black crime. On blacks. As well as they ought to that's one of the biggest problem face in the minority communities. And that doesn't get covered in -- -- Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton talking about that. But you get the George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin case and it's all over the place these guys are all over why aren't they all over when blacks commit crimes against blacks. When the drug gangs. Have these two -- turf wars. In -- city. Mean those those those stories are not covered the way they ought to be. Because if you don't know about something if you don't cover something you can't solve the problem we got to find the problem first. And unfortunately. Guys like Sharpton and Jackson have a knee jerk reaction. Two going after the system. And white people rather than going after the real cause of the problem. Which oftentimes is within the inner city community. With the would predominately black population where some are committing crimes against members of the same race that's where -- there's a bigger problem of crime. Than an interracial crime. So let's let's get that clear. The other thing is we need to understand -- -- I know there's an instinct to say. That Donald Sterling. Should not have a business taken away from him I'm sure many people out there are many of you own small businesses working small businesses or a big corporations. And how do you take of business away from somebody. They bought it they built that they -- there are entitled to. Well first thing is even if the team is sold. The money's. Close to a billion dollars or in that range is going to be the sale price. Those monies are gonna go. To Donald Sterling unless he transferred the ownership to his wife's name which some people are talking about for tax purposes. It's have a whole lot of money by doing that. Because of what the base of the team would be when he sells it and he paid taxes on that value instead of the sale price. A -- leave the capital gains tax 33%. So it may wind up that way. But in the case of Donald Sterling it's really not even about money. Because this guy has a one point nine billion what he's not worry about money. And that's not the issue here although he may fight for it but the real issue is. Severing the ties with him from the NBA. And I'll say it again as I said about an hour ago if I got on the airwaves here. Spewing out racism. To this audience. How long what I'd be here any host. Any person -- we've seen people look at MSNBC. Guys have lost their jobs this year. Because of saying outrageous things. Not even a -- racist. Just these far left. Wackos. And MSNBC. Attacking. People like Sarah Palin. And Martin Bashir lost his job because of the way he attacked or any disgraceful degrading way. I guess people on the left don't have the capacity. Many of them at least to articulate. A legitimate argument in an effective way unfortunately. We'll get your calls comments and reactions. About this question do you feel comfortable in interracial relationships today. People in the community. Blacks and whites is there a good healthy relationship. In Western New York between blacks and whites is race no longer an issue here. Is race an issue in the schools. Is race a social issue for -- to be concerned about. The NAACP says absolutely it's of concern. Absolutely we still have racism what are your thoughts about that as we move along with the calls comments and reactions. And glad to get those calls as we move along the numbers in 030930. Locally. Star 930 on cell phones outside this local area 80616. WB Ian. Is their fair play in the media the way they cover racism. Whites against blacks as opposed to blacks against whites is it fair. By the media and how they cover those stories Mike Siegel and for Tom Crowley good to have you -- at news radio 930 WB and it's 527. We are back -- folks nice to be in for Tom today Mike Siegel with the -- and think of fanatical sports fan and I am. I've got as prime -- rescue questions have been listening to one afternoon and I've been intrigued by this question Brian. Longshot or you -- relation to bill -- are asking. I would say yeah yeah it migrates. Great uncle or something brilliant baseball hall of Famer bill -- around. I actually saw him hit that home run against the Yankees when they won 109 in the seventh game of the series you did. You know I old I was -- I'm pumped 36. The idea you know what die he is the reason the pirates became my favorite baseball team because I had a similar last name. Are lined -- -- at sports that having a tough start but they'll come around. -- sure sure they well I don't know about that they came around last year but I don't know about this year its lowest. I'll root for like Clint Hurdle is great manager he has he has I'm a -- Well thank you declaring that a form. I'm not a problem at all that's on your to -- clear things up a -- slept tonight without an answer the question. Appreciated Brian Mazur ASCII group agreed to a great job. In our news depart we go back to your calls. Mike -- for Tom buy hourly news radio 930 WB EN as we deal with these issues stemming from the Donald Sterling story. Whether the media treat. Racial issues. Fairly and equally when it's black on white vs white on black Jim in north title -- year old Mike -- for Tom Bauerle WB and hello. I did. I think there are a couple questions -- on one port video out. He award that the NAACP. Was going to give to battle steroids before all of this stretch of -- hero. What would that four. I humanitarian award and I suppose. The community because of what one look I'm not gonna -- story and I -- sound like I am but apparently. I know I know the narrative has already -- that Donald Sterling is. -- -- -- -- -- No but I did lead to answer your question he he has. -- charitable organizations that he does work with its anti. Question and or -- you -- -- -- nine -- I guess the audio. Yeah and at the end of the. Yeah but before we get to that -- just make a point about the NAACP. He has donated a lot of money to them so way I guess he bought the award in a sense although now I think they said they're giving him back the money. And he donated some money elsewhere that the that the organization said the giving him back the money. Which is unfortunate because why don't they just use the money for a good purpose even though came for a bad guy I don't get giving back the money but anyway. -- About 401. Story is worse and worse. Well. -- -- Sounds like this was. Think. It's. It's in place long before. Or. What. Now what phone numbers in order of Cuban. And you. And there are. Sure she didn't. Q are. There weird. Nature that's your argument and -- -- And and it's correct. Now. -- Actually they came from North Africa what -- -- a slow to answer they came from black African than change anything we just we factually came from black from Africa. From North Africa. -- Euro per. -- -- young girl he's actually 81. -- And accuracy evil side. And what seemed to. Want it and the. While women now are so let's let's back up a minute number one the build the woman was manipulating him because she was being sued. By his wife because of of for one point three million I think was because of stuff that's the -- let me finish the points -- stuff that sterling gave to this woman. And and his wife got mad about it wanted to bat one of the money back so that that the family already had. A problem with her so this woman said she was gonna get even and she used this conversation. Taping it as a way to get even that's correct. And she manipulated and that's also quick but the fact is he said what he said. I mean nobody could manipulate me into saying that I think blacks are inferior to whites or that blacks shouldn't come listen to my radio show. I mean that's insane. And make it sound like there. Are at the site that there -- The races and reprehensible stuff people in oh. -- -- -- And they retired need to be saying the same thing. In -- better. Are. And -- We do time and time again in order. Aired right. That they can personal. Situation like this I put him in person early I'll though they may did you hear this morning. Not to my knowledge it just simply were I don't know they would just simply on the instant cramped together and he and and stalling that like that looked. That the the point is not. Whether the media destroyed him. The point is that the NBA had to deal with the fact that now there is outrage across the country everywhere. And that the NBA couldn't viable -- keep him around. And survive in the same condition that it's -- And yet he so he became. A sacrificial lamb if you wanna be sensitive to be sympathetic to the guy I've -- not but if you wanna be. Yeah he's a sacrificial lamb because he became such a cancer to the business of the NBA. -- they had no choice but to get rid of I thank you for calling that that's separate and distinct. From how you might feel Jim about him. And about the fact that maybe he was manipulated and maybe it wasn't as horrible as it's being portrayed. You can believe that. And that's irrelevant now it did go public in one -- -- frankly from an illegal lack of of taping him. When he didn't know in California can't do that can be two party consent. If any of you folks ever call. -- airlines or banks or credit card companies on the phone. You always hear it said. This call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes. You're notified. That the call is being taped. They couldn't take the call without letting you know that that in many states it requires two party consent California's one of those. -- let me get quickly to -- in buffalo -- how Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle hello. -- good. You know I'm I'm I'm going to be quick -- rule rubles but. I want that -- your program -- about media coverage and whether -- the same on both sides of the story. I don't you know I don't know -- up. As a prime example Reginald Denny and it the other side of that is. No -- the outrage is while. -- You know Muslims strive airplanes and two you know the world trade I would go on there. I appreciate what we have Roy used the bad example them. A Muslim -- of the book this administration. Refuses to use the phrase Islamic fundamentalists. They won't talk about it as a matter of fact. There was a woman by the name last name Monaco who spoke as an assistant to the president for Homeland Security spoken at Harvard. On April 15. And she said that -- while there's no religion. One group that. Only where's the media well worded outrage worst outrage from the NAACP or anybody else. Is it not the nationals O'Shea who -- dance the advancement of colored people. Or are you don't visit the CAC LU -- not you know wired and even the Islamic. Suppose a moderate islamists. Where are they. I agree with -- and -- let me do I thank you for calling let me just point -- not the point you make good points. And I I'll mention again Lisa Monica was her name. In Homeland Security she spoke at Harvard and she said there's no one group that's doing this at a careful violence of everybody wants baloney. It's Islamic fundamentalists who -- the problem jihadist. The other ones spewing out violence. You if you wanna verbally. Say things that's one thing but if you're actually carrying out physical attacks as terrorists it's pretty much not always. The last Fort Hood Texas attack was a psychotic and wasn't. And Islamic fundamentalist but our big problem -- with terrorism from Islamic fundamentalists but the administration won't say that and neither will the mainstream media will never see at New York Times. Never happened. Mike -- for Tom Bauerle. And news radio 930 WBE and your calls welcome on any of these points as we move right along 8030930. Locally start 930 on cell calls. Outside the local area. 80616. WB and 545 the -- ready at 930 WB Ian. Analysts check on that WB EN AccuWeather you've got rain and drizzle low 49 coming up tonight. -- and some showers tomorrow high of 58 then. And a brief shower or two on Friday with a high of 54. Right now it's 53 degrees overcast with some rain. We are joined by a tough fight 51 Mike Siegel for Tom -- here -- news radio 930 the BB and we are joined by frank messiah who is of course that -- president here in buffalo the NAACP mr. messiah thank you for being -- -- Let's talk about this. You follow this for some period of time this whole issue of racism. Have we improved in our racial relations over the years do you think. And out of bounds he's talking about week. Let's talk blacks and whites right wing and they. Element the Republican Party now all they've done is begin to use. The dog was so pathetic nobody knows what they're saying. When they try to eliminate. African Americans in the keynote -- voting and they. Refused to when they automatically. Start calling the president the it'll foreigner he wasn't meant in this country as a born in this country didn't have a birth certificate that's typical. Instead of using the and word that's what they do so it does nothing unusual about that. Well I mean that's a matter of factual information is I'm not sure what's. Actual information that the president. Doesn't have a -- Now it. No I don't I don't know the answer that question that it's it's factual terms of whether or not that happen it's it's not have an opinion it's something that would have to be investigated. Listen I could turn around Christmas science stadium that CBS. Step reporters down to Panama to try and find out of John McCain was a legal citizen of the United States. I mean that's. That's how you see that's right say there's dichotomy and the difference between. Those people who think that those things have improved. Or they've just changed. Over to it and another form of delivering their message. I haven't -- let me ask you because. You're answer came out. Marginalizing and polarizing list based on political point of view you attack did you attack Republican women now. As you -- -- side bank and then it's you know. All we say is that. Those dog whistles that you're using to cover up the racism. They just don't work anymore at least they don't work but the large site. Well first of all sir you don't know me we've never met I've never been on the coast to coast AM the a different program entirely so you really don't know only to some make allegations about me. Is inappropriate because you don't have any idea what I think. Which you ask about. Have things changed that's on I'm. Off and your answer was very -- -- rancid and are you then suggesting -- Republicans are racist no. Now you can play money and if you want to play the game you're the one that made the statement. Yeah I was at a conservative meeting. A couple weeks ago when they were honoring -- camp. And they had some of the people there who spoke. We're very staunch here. Supporters of the right wing in the it was the same people who are saying the president was. Born in the country people who. Drew conclusions. About the president stated no we was that you're -- that's what's going on now -- you there are people. Right wingers who say. Before it -- to get the note the president that. They hated the president did him no he hadn't done any head agents come and they hated them and that it. The idea they hated him for his -- they ended up but some others spurious reasons so up. We know that that exists and we know that that racism is alive and well. In different areas. And it's still maintain the -- Strong segment. Right wing people. And that. The you know the president the basketball he you know he reflects that reflects my the other people. -- and how about the left wing. Which attacks ad hominem arguments. Or is that -- talk about the left wing I'm not here talking about the left wing not talking. A -- the racism that permeated. And the method used and we called the dog whistles they try to use. Different terms and try to make a name it's not happening. Like if they would do we see it very clearly at that. Top levels in this country where people I have made statements about they. Well first also let's look at you mean your your -- you come in here polarizing immediately -- your comments I mean that's the first thing you've done. From my opinion -- -- in my all right so then how do we solve the problem. Well he'd do something like done with the -- The the basketball game -- among those power you'd take the power -- -- wrong. You -- movie. Supreme Court members who have come to a conclusion. That a corporation. Is the name of the person. Those are people who strict constructionist. To. Believe in need interpretation. Of the constitution. When it attitude ever talk about big business and -- here. But what you get people in there who think like. Those people they've banned in ads in and it'll say in the country big business a major business. That's putting its money and control. Thought process in the country there that is itself is a an individual so. Well -- messiah -- -- just educate Q because having gone through law school the first thing I learned. Was that a corporation. Is in fact legally. As equal to a person that's under the law. Now if you wanted to change the law go ahead and do it but don't suggest to me. That you want that corporations. Are not persons because they're treated that way and you -- you can defame a corporation a corporation can defame others. They can be sued. Just as an individual can be sued that's the loss there and if you wanna throw Supreme Court justices out -- violating the constitution because constitution says that's a lifetime appointment. Constitution had talked about major. Companies but when you put somebody in banks like the right wingers like this. President of the of the basketball game you know and he. In his interpretation. Make sure that the law. Comes into effect that says. Corporations. Have our life here and individual. You know the problem is -- -- you know the problem is. You sound like you want to impose what you believe and every one you don't want a different point of view you want everybody to believe as you believe frank messiah has the answer. Call me that the if there was say. My point of view rule and now here -- very upset rejecting. My point of. What your point but I'm not I'm not upset I'm I'm I'm taking a different position because yeah definitely because you're saying that there shouldn't be -- right wing point of view now. Well what he's saying he said you wanna get rid of Supreme Court justices -- right -- point you. Look at. I would not and it should there be a right wing point of view I was asked what that I think about this situation that developed them. And your answer was get rid of the right wing just despise him say -- Yes you did it that. Are in control. Of the of the country and not out there. Getting their point of view over is by using. They think. The dog whistles to cover up the racism within the unit within their district. -- glad I've I think that's not that that that's that you know you're you're being racist by describing people who are white Republicans. As at as being automatically racism to that hominem argument and and I say shame on you for doing that -- -- -- site should be above that. Oh yes here now okay they all I know the other people listening to this two are not as. You know concentrated. Their belief that you are they see right through. This whole. Security. At if being used by these right wing people will try to cut down and eliminate. They're not cutting down or eliminating anybody that they want what what they want is that for the responsible ones want the rule of law. But apparently you talk about Barack Obama we could talk about his lack of following the rule of law. If you wanna stay welcome back after the break thank user.

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