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4-30 Mike Siegel Hour 2

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are folks -- to be here in for Tom Bauerle today yet news radio 930 WB and my name's Mike Siegel and it's great to be with -- all of you. Obviously the conversation across this country on this radio station in this community. And throughout the state and others is the issue of race. Because of what Donald Sterling said and a private conversation became public as a whole range of issues about that. But in the end what about our racial relationships. You know as a fellow in the last hour who called and made the point. That black parents are not doing the job in terms of creating and environs for their kids to be successful in school. To come to the school parent teacher meetings and to participate in those I would ask any black parents out there to go visit call. And get a reaction from you are black parents doing their job in getting their kids involved in the public schools the way they should be making get a positive experience. The guy made the point that parents got upset because the midnight basketball was canceled -- the it's a good question why in the world. Our kids out there playing basketball at midnight should they be asleep getting ready for school the next day to get a good night's sleep. And they should be at home at that time and -- our numbers to call 8030930. Locally -- 930 on a cell phone. 80616. WB and outside the local calling area good to get your calls as we go along to Sean in east hammer Shawna what Mike -- for Tom Bauerle WB ENLO. -- -- -- -- that are reported this the work and I turn on the -- I -- what you -- Well what Mark Cuban and I just briefly wondered what. And does say that I actually completely agree with that. It's this does. The America that can take away your property. Things that you Kircus. Ping -- -- like a basketball team put things that you side I mean. Yes music and coincides with freedom of speech wouldn't you agree. I I it's a very tough question the one thing I'd point out is that the First Amendment when you -- a freedom of speech protects us from government action. It doesn't protect us from private action. So if the national baseball association says 129 orders vote to take the team away from. That's a private action. It's still actionable legally and no doubt sterling -- so. To get keep the team. But it's a very tough issue you're right about that and I'm. But here's the problem. If he keeps the team even if he's banned for life from participating. But still owns it. As I mentioned in the first segment. You can have a situation where the players might just walk away they almost walked away. Last night during the playoff games had Adams sober not punished him severely. To that to the total degree that he could he did everything he possibly could. In terms of using the power of the commissioner's office to punish Donald Sterling if he had not done that most players according to reports now prepared to walk away from the playoff games. There -- fifteen sponsors of cancel their relationship to the clippers. You're now talking about the potential that the whole league could disintegrate. So you've got that on the other side of the coin that's why this is such a tough situation would you agree. I would agree with it really would like but it's -- I guess it -- it shook me a little bit and note that. Four. -- sort remarks there were made bad. I apologize. The team could be taken away from him but as you did they four. The NBA is apartment association and also I believe he did buying AD and BA institution that I hear there -- If there's an NBA constitution and every owner has to comply with the rules of the constitution. And -- you know I I tell you something Sean. I really think with this came down to. Is that -- had to look at it. And realize that what I just said could happen that the league could just be in the state of ultimate chaos there were players already talking about creating an African American league of their own. Cause 70% of the players are African American so. You're talking about at least the outside chance the very outside but certainly was chance. But the league could wind up in a state of disarray completely because of Donald sterling and I think -- had to do what he did. In order to save the only because now all the players are happy and now -- going back to work. And I completely -- you'd better book -- the real question I think I -- here. Is do you think the players sort of really well armed boycott and not played or do you think that you know there was just so strong point that they had so they would do. That's the question. That's a good question and the answer is that the report specifically. Is at the Golden State Warriors were playing the clippers last night and by -- the clippers one so there. And they came back from those in the day the day before when they were so depressed of pounds sterling. But anyway the clip the the warrior said. There are gonna do the warm ups. They -- and get out there on the court in their uniforms. There we're gonna go to the tip off at the beginning of the game. The jump ball starting the game and at the point that the rush three threw the jump ball they were gonna walk off the court. And leave and they were hoping the clippers would do the same. And at that point. You might have had a domino effect of the other games doing the same thing not definite but that's what the warriors were allegedly gonna do yes. My other question is is Mark Cuban the only one that's speaking out not entirely in his I'm. Being in that regard in which he he spoke. Pretty much that's at the others of the few that have spoken out. Have basically said that they found the comments from sterling to be abhorrent and a racist and unacceptable and and all the rest of that which is all true but you know Mark Cuban is the guy who pretty much as the one. The defending the notion that you cannot just take a business away from somebody because of what they say now if they if they do something. Behavioral that's different question but that it should you look if there's a push -- right to be a racist and the answer is yes. But it right now I completely I don't agree with I think he's that I I find it. Conversation doesn't falling as all you're back next person. Former like I was just trying to say before. And like -- get. To pay someone came away from them because of what they. Is that again I feel un American. But you'd make a lot of great points and I don't really thought MBA all that much however I have been -- calling the situation. And I gotta say I. On the front about what I'm. On the other hand you know he did sign a private constitution for the NBA. And I mean. And they've got to do what the bottom line is I appreciate the call I think -- too good points the bottom line is. That you have to comply I mean -- it's bad business. To save that you don't want blacks coming the year games and you don't want your girlfriend putting a picture of Harwood Magic Johnson -- he's black. -- -- -- -- Online -- business in beside the moral question. It's absurd why why would you do that when -- the audience that you trying to have come to your ball games. In large measure Bryan and -- for your -- Mike Hsu -- Tom Bauerle hello. Why. Yeah. What virtual mr. -- lung. It is spread it straight B. In in there enlargement merger shall Reggie shut the -- are now. Why wouldn't say that I mean nobody intentionally contracted HIV but he certainly -- that later became public and. Cereal industry where -- sure. And it's it's orwellian to say he. It's sort care experts are purple weeks off camera. It in in any large part because it's. You know. If you can't -- -- ideas. Or how how. -- important that they are an error. Then it's. It's it's become a spirit that's unconstitutional. I'm O'Brien here's the point employment now let me repeat something. The constitutional protection is from government. If government -- to punish Donald Sterling because of what he said he would have a First Amendment protection. But that wasn't the case it was a private association the National Basketball Association. Or stripped or. So. You know you get figure out there that ripped fuel its its troops since -- don't view it it's our spiritual are. Well how about how about the case but but the -- but the problem is his view. Would destroy the league in other words the league has a right to protect itself from destruction doesn't it. Sure -- but then why -- -- -- and there are so we're we're so -- Because it and -- it it becomes. It becomes theory. Go to. Tour -- involved. Well. Well all of. -- I don't know of let me ask you this question do you think he's the only guy and the country who holds those news. So even though we have a conversation about race because there are unfortunately too many people who believe the way he does. Belichick is -- its breweries. I think it is spirit -- I think it's it's it's come down to. Are -- -- who have. Private views. And talk about. I don't think there's any doubt about that and I think listen -- -- -- on but look look at it this way supposing I came on this program. And said the same things he says about a bit about it and basically present myself as being a racist how long we think at last on this program. -- -- -- In an -- national. All right so so then this radio station women now so when that now that Brian limit so this radio station. Would then have the right to say we can't have -- on this these airwaves he's a racist we wouldn't it would just destroy our audience. Agreed agreed now. Hey it -- our school is girl wrote about this. Record so there was portions. While she's committed a crime by releasing the tape and even taping in the first place was in California. UFF two party consent. To what taped conversations -- she broke a lot of begin with. But it became I thank you for calling it became public. And that's the bottom line of that thing. But the outlook the league has a right to protect itself I think they believe that the league could face. Severe adversity may be even destruction. If they allowed. A sterling to hang around. Our numbers in 030930. Locally start 930 on a cell phone 80616. WB ENB calling outside the local area Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle. At news radio 930 WB and good to have you with us and we turn -- -- Harris in the WB Ian traffic -- -- how we don't. And the BBN AccuWeather shows as rain and drizzle with a low 49 tomorrow. Windy with some showers high of 58. A brief shower or two on Friday with a high of 54 right now it's overcast and 53 degrees good to have you -- Mike -- for Tom Bauerle is -- 1190930. WB NS 930. And a nice to have you here with a -- we get back to your calls. On this whole complicated situation. Again I wanna hear from anybody out there any black parents who think as the fellow suggested in the last hour. The black parents about doing their job to keep their kids. Actively interest and school. And a working with them and their teachers to make them successful in school what do you say to run in buffalo Euro Mike -- for Tom by our early at WB and -- They -- like Aureus or purse. Appreciate. My stock do you. OK I just by the shortly here. I worried that it is -- entity and she it's bad because it is -- that the the FDA is not government however it -- act as so much. Off and it has the power but are I think you're the directors want it best -- -- for -- that I don't want. Someone at my whole or high wire -- Earl Warren in a forward someone who has a whopper. The -- about why. -- at -- thing it's just the court that I really I think that the -- maybe just a against -- or our by. I don't -- -- -- rates. -- -- now if BFE if you say he has something against people with color. By definition that's racism. No I don't I don't think so I mean I figured maybe. Our. How do you define racism well. Between racial discrimination are. Discriminated well. But but racism. Leads to discrimination. That all now are what I think is that. Well we're certainly ORO rich white guy in America should not be discriminated. It almost impossible for this current. -- discriminated again. -- and it's unfortunate that you'll get people that are different colored and white that -- -- it. But let's turn around were all just per article article that this what -- or lack. Coach or owner and he or she -- at this and saying there would be no opt for singly or. I think you're right you know and and that's the -- -- but I -- -- look to me it's racism clear. But let's say well just use John doe who happens to be let's say he's black and John -- owns. The I don't know the Madison Wisconsin. Blue Devils in the NBA just take a fake team and a fake guy and he's black. And EEE he talks to his girlfriend and says. Listen I don't want to hang around with white people I don't want -- putting any pictures -- Graham with a white guy I don't want white people come and my team's games. You're right I don't think it would have been the outpouring but you see the problem is there should be because it should work both why shouldn't it. -- I hope Shia. So won't it because QQ. And by the way I mean our boy is by looking at it. One acts should be onstage. In warlock or. And you watch that -- spectacle which -- -- seeing what these other players it's 8%. Players are are are for American Shia and are actually always thought absurd amount of -- -- at the markets are. All our heritage. But -- my point is that it -- brutality group. Watch it one -- I bet she could be the church on I don't wanna go while it. -- -- The it's -- well you know so they're probably -- player that did not go along with the majority. What if it -- are not do it would be for. Well you listen you remember when Jesse Jackson called New York City Hymie town. Well listen I mean that you know and how about that I mean that's a shot at Jews. Hi Amy being Jewish name and that's why he called a Hymie town thank you for calling. But you know it ought to work both ways. What can you get to this question two how many times do you see. The mainstream media cover. When a group of black young people beat up on a white person. Yet -- Juan Martin in Florida became the icon. Of outrage of racism cause. He was beaten on by supposedly white -- weapon to be Hispanic. And that got all the news but when black kids beat up on white people you never see it doing. It doesn't ever get reported by the mainstream media they don't -- cover that they protect against covering that. And that's got to work both ways whether it's in basketball whether it's in people getting committing criminal acts of abuse of other people. Good to have you what this Mike Siegel and as we -- move right along we're gonna come back to your calls comments thoughts and reactions. At 8030930. Locally star 930 on a cell phone. 80616. WBE and outside a local area. Mike in for Tom Bauerle at news radio 930 the BB and stay with us. It's nice to be a Mike Siegel and great to talk with -- all of you in for Tom Bauerle today Tom by the -- is back tomorrow. And news radio 930 WB EN as we get back your calls comments reactions on the situation. Really the catalyst was this Donald Sterling case. And the one point make again is that the league. Getting past the moral questions in the racism questions as a practical matter the business decision had to be. We gotta get rid of the sky because the league is at risk. For its survival if the players walk away which theoretically they could. If if this case came down with sterling shall be importantly we're -- -- in buffalo at the BB and the -- Mike Siegel at the Tom Bauerle hello. Very in my area against -- or reject or question either. You know they did it. They're trying to really brought kids in this thing and it could and taken up a really big deal. I netbook question there's -- a while Wheldon -- Al Sharpton. Page viewing habits. Just before outlook the only other caller. We need woody college did Jewish people and in New York. -- -- -- Who's Jesse Jackson did that. Yeah -- gesture it is bad. And Al Sharpton. Look at what's gonna hold the is that actually thought about the white people you all -- that -- That -- up border there was a -- couple -- scar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And 1987. I was on the here in New York City. At WNCA radio. And I covered a story at the time about a young lady by the name of Tawana Brawley. And he could -- she's probably still into. Tawana Brawley was a teenager. She claimed that she was raped by a white prosecutor. Al Sharpton became our spokesperson jumped on him as he always does. And he actually he absolutely skewered. This prosecutor who was white. And he did it because he was white he'd beat him verbally to a bloody pulp. And then we find out later from Tawana Brawley herself. That chief made up the story he never touched her. Even though the sky now had gone through having to defend himself from these allegations of that girl she then admitted he never touched. Al Sharpton wouldn't apologize. Wasn't contrite couldn't care less who was it was great from the beautiful white person verbally. And it turned out that he was sued for defamation. Sharpton was found liable for defamation it was only a small ward of a few dollars but the point was the white prosecutor was vindicated. Sharpton walked away from a nobody says award and now he turns around complains about Donald Sterling granite sterling to racist but so was Al Sharpton. That's correct he fears. He is very much -- and they know it's sure exploit them. What these guys say now that everybody who has since. I mean just look at how we talked about the flag or probably talked about United States were probably talks about all the American people. You know I I listened to an interview with Sharpton the other day about the Donald Sterling. On ESPN radio. And the guy was on the weekend the host and he was salivating all over Sharpton he was on his hands in the east sharpton's -- Sharpton was some kind of icon Sharpton is nothing you look at the New York papers reported on its connections to organized crime. He would and have people stop the subways by laying down on the tracks during rush hour New York City Sharpton is nothing but a -- Okay about that spike questioned why. Why doesn't the media did you know. Because the mainstream media you know the mainstream media the politically correct and protect people like that. That's why I appreciate all that and I thank you and that's the reason. That then that's the way it works because the mainstream media won't out those people. Well -- -- and I'm sure he is. -- we go to TJ a buffalo thanks stick TJ hero Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle hello. I first -- To address your comments about this -- being. Number one and a lot of cases. There's not equality in terms of the resources for our people Carla I -- and you're right parents could be more active. But a lot of times -- -- parents are a product of the same inferior education system. Now and as far as -- mr. -- ago he should also. Terribly people that see a home -- missed steps. He has stated in -- spoke and he has stated publicly on his radio station he admitted that he made mistakes. Now. That he let me ask you something -- that he. Actually acknowledge your seat of a -- I'm interest question. That he acknowledged that he made a mistake about going after that prosecutor who he skewered for reaping Tawana Brawley. Well and he even do it at the time but he may have little later. Yeah he did do and he didn't mean to you know when he was younger he did for me like we all do when -- younger. But he's a better man. Now in terms so mr. stern -- What people are losing site. Is -- can be racist but a racist with powers is -- and he has he is the poll to determine. Are certain people definitely in terms of performance and terms of other issues that will affect their life directly. -- you don't something I think. The black players had every right to do whatever they chose to do in this case if they wanted to walk away from the NBA if the sky was not given heavy penalty. I think they they very well could -- the wrongly that's why I think -- -- had no choice because this guy is a complete cancer yeah from a business point of view. But see you know took me out they go about -- aggressive and a monetary -- number war for you to go to the middle court. Picketers are -- down -- -- -- -- year old grandson. Doesn't move my grandson would do what bill does that mean that these -- This span has says it has history and 2003. It was too -- discriminating against the Mexican. Population and 2006 he was to again he had to pay a final two point eight million dollars at the time it was the largest bat in the state of California. And finally five PP five million for attorneys' fees. Yeah so where it was -- saying rich millionaires -- it seems to me they got upset because they are because of their money and because of who they were. That they had our shield from racism racism so open seats money. Are you know and I tell you something but the more I think about this and I've thought about it last several days. The more it's clear to me. That this had to be a business decision because I think the league would have been destroyed if there's -- It has nothing to do. What with racism day -- -- from -- import less on the millionaire and you mean it can be easily handles things listen. To me -- -- have more respect for those parents if they wouldn't say it you know it's 2.5 million dollars. That dismantle supposed to pay or rebate. Give that to those people there was this displays historically healthy and if you -- so we don't just. So because there's something about Magic Johnson Jesus Christ he can't say anything about Matt's job but how about those -- the people. You don't care but where where there. And the money to defend themselves. While the 2.5 million I thank you for calling PG good points to four point five million is actually gonna go to organization that fights that fight I should say discrimination. At a missile made that point the commissioners so. At least that's a good thing it's going to go to organizations okay. We come back to your calls comments thoughts and reactions are number and a write down 8030930. Locally if you're on a cell -- -- 930. Outside the local area 80616. WBE NN. Mike Siegel for Tom -- news radio 930 WBE NS 444. Welcome back and folks could have you let us for 48 it is. And news radio 930 WB EM Mike -- and for Tom Bauerle as we continue along with -- calls comments. And reactions we go to William and Williams bill first ball by the -- Tom's back tomorrow at W -- William how are you. I might might actually take my call I wondered your listeners remember came to agree you know. All we got skewered -- at CBS. It does -- that they and that asking why. But I think the best players -- -- jump iron and run faster and that's so that's ever go. Is that the one when. I you know you're right that it ought to be the same playing field both ways. That if somebody of color of somebody of any particular race religion ethnicity whatever. Makes bad comments. We all should be held accountable for what we say and do. Regardless of background if you wanna be fair about it. That's true but that the. It was just giving his opinion and they wrote her. What about what's -- and then there was. The dodger vice president campaign Al camp tennis. And he was on Nightline. And the badge -- LA at the time and Ted Koppel was an additional Nightline. Andy said something about black players. And about about being managers. Some some generic comment that they just don't make good managers they being blacks. And that Koppel said three times -- camp tennis. Would you like to revise what you just said on the forget -- couple tried to help them get out of the problem. And he didn't get it and understand. It wasn't that he and then here's the point. There's that and I appreciate the call and thank you there was a great study done by Milton broke teachers social psychologist. About the primitive belief system that we have. And this point was that sometimes you just have internally built into us racism. We grow up with. The white wedding gown is pure white snow was beautiful but it -- thirty from the exhaust McCarty gets blackened it's ugly. The guy writing the white horse is the hero the guy writing the black and wearing the black suit is the enemy is the villain. And his claim was that we have built in racism. That we have no control. And that -- -- a -- it's a primitive belief system at the essence of who we are. And that was campaign and it's and that's obviously Donald Sterling Karen and -- more -- when Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle real quick go right ahead. Let's do this first that -- stay right there. Contradiction quickly but we got to get to our. Traffic reports so let's get the Allen Harris in the WB -- traffic commend Alan how things going and WBM AccuWeather shows us tonight the -- rain and drizzle 49. Tomorrow would be in some showers high of 58. Friday a brief shower or two and a high of 54 right now it's overcast. -- 53 degrees. As we get right back to a good to have you with us and -- we as we promised look at the Karen and -- -- Mike -- Tom -- news radio 930 WB and hello Karen. Mike and really glad you're doing so it again or anyone in about college. -- -- -- made -- -- and you are pure Democrats here it was in the states but a. I -- -- and it destroyed that prosecutor for a long time. Actually eat well and people aren't -- I mean I am mother older but people -- generation and I don't. Now what they're you're not and it's Erica. It here you get -- and KP you hear Henri should get right to elect you -- but. You can't. And that is why I any dialogue where you know become you know the Internet -- everything and it's shallow it's supposed to meet on world. People don't -- take -- -- -- I think and the United States were so worried about being politically crack it it -- not saying. You're you're -- great. You know you're right about that carrot and I gotta tell you is that. -- if you if you really wanna be. Honest. And save what you really believe and I'm not talking about sterling and is racism I mean that was just unconscionable but just as a legitimate point. Why don't the mainstream media for example wanna talk about crimes committed by groups of young blacks against whites the guy and I think it was an Iowa guy from Canada. Came down for baseball tournament in three or four black kids come running up behind them because of what happened with -- by Martin. And they beat the scuttle bloody pulp. Think they want the killing them or the old guy in Spokane Washington veteran. I think in his eighties. A a group of black youth killed him you don't see those stories in the mainstream media. Really really and it. You know even condone the police officers who you know -- it right -- recently. But you know it's sometimes you gotta wonder it up yet and the white people but -- out. Eric. And terribly out of the primaries and they act it -- We re going to -- like a maniac that right. Could be pumping I mean and now he's gonna bring that will knowing an on. Air act and act. It. It's ridiculous. And because -- Ole miss rappers. And yes on. Eight. I really feel it you know I'm not saying that -- don't get it right by -- at -- Men are very thick black out or not. A integrate their -- -- Mean it says I think we need -- -- -- -- and everything out the board want it because they are angry at them. I appreciate the call my thank you wanted to say about the police is that they have the power of the firearm in the uniform. And -- for guys in handcuffs you do not beat him when he's in handcuffs you just don't do and the video shows that that's prosecutable against that officer. Joseph in buffalo he got about 45 seconds if you wanna go quick please. Yeah I -- -- actually make a point about selective moral outrage and -- incidents. -- can guarantee that a probably about 99.9 percent of every single person that's calling for inside. They've done let's -- -- -- talking about somebody overweight or some dialogue that the but he religion race. Maryland according to a what actual discrimination. Nobody nobody actually ever investigate how actually footprint and Toby Gerhart -- you're going to -- Oprah and predictable. You know what they are away running back you're not gonna get -- the upper throughout. You're not -- dollar billion dollars and that the -- it would happen. Then you would print that the right -- running back with the script area -- -- career ended up playing E Street football. In the NBA white players routinely app that they're warriors got the courage. Who -- the most productive period apart as -- what I mean after that incident. You have people calling black people call it -- -- an Indian people -- Charles Barkley -- -- the -- Black league. I think marvel at somebody -- it made a comment like what they're guide -- Well one -- -- what does he say about Steve Nash -- -- -- I heard Steve Nash was white. Well here we are a very backward but to go to the -- of our church say though it's a -- they're going when people talk like okay actually I like about most people that you look into the entire ball call in or denying the ball call. Errant -- that he was talking purely in -- think they're cute talking more about cultural issue. And what about the fact that Easter -- -- leaders. And I and our corporate -- -- military -- action it was it's bigger picture with the Internet you know why. You know reminded that Kurdish culture and I'll -- that actually magic or amateur player ever. What I mean if you take security picnic Richards with Jason white chocolate well. Well let me let me ask if you want to -- and if you -- -- -- -- the news. I gotta get to a break so stay right there -- -- like welcome back to your calls Mike Siegel -- for Tom Bauerle. At news radio 930 WBM it's 457.

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