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4-30 Mike Siegel Hour 1

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. You would. Think. If you go to the hole to -- -- For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia and al-Qaeda that rush. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can fix that without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. These -- people who hold themselves out. The patriots. Are not nothing more than domestic parish. Tom hourly. Even though this. Sure I think it -- back bay -- it's live it's local blew it. It's Tom hourly. Cool whip completely cool whip who lived here and on news radio 930. Are welcome in good to have you what does this afternoon Mike Siegel and for Tom today. Tom we'll be back tomorrow but we've got lots to cover this afternoon it's great to be in buffalo would -- view. And there is a great deal happening not only here but around the country. And it is a spin off of what happened. In that tape. That Donald Sterling. Showed who he is exposed his real person. There -- many elements to this case. And we've heard most of them already heard the commissioner of the NBA -- -- banned him from basketball for life. He -- 2.5 million dollar fine which is the most. That the NBA can punish a person -- under the constitution of the NBA regulations and he is gonna work basically cajole the owners of he has to in order to get them to agree. To force a sale of the team and that would be controlled by the -- by. The NBA itself so in Los Angeles Clippers who won last night incidentally so maybe. The Adam -- press conference -- big problem let me just -- a couple of points about that because it is very clear we now have reports. That the Golden State Warriors playing the clippers last night if in fact. Adam silver had not done what he did. If he gave some nebulous punishment while suspended indefinitely. Let him -- investigate further the actions of Donald Sterling. And will look into it and see where we go from there but he suspended indefinitely in the Hogan a million dollar fine. And I want to find doesn't mean anything the guys worth one point nine billion but number two. This is a situation. Where there was absolute unanimity. Among the players. A personnel in the NBA. Management types. That this guy had ago. And I think when you combine. The fact that they were fifteen sponsors who immediately quit. Basically told the Los Angeles Clippers were not gonna support you anymore as long as the sky is the owner. And then you have the players. Saying what they said. They had to have the strongest possible punishment. And as I mentioned the warriors. Said that they were gonna come out on the floor. Last night for that game. Come -- all the introductions and then get out on the floor and get to the jump ball to begin the game the tip off. And at that point. That -- walk off the floor now they're not the team that was affected by this course the clippers -- But the lawyers were not interested in playing a game owned by that individual battle sterling unless. The strongest possible punishment. Were meted out against him. Had Adam silver the commissioner not punished him severely. You would have seen that game just died. And probably. The other playoff teams would have done the same. No certainty of that but it appears that they would have done the same thing you're talking about the destruction of the hole playoff season in the NBA. You're talking about all of these sponsors leaving the team. You're talking about a threat where some even suggested that there be -- new African American League. For a basketball players and so the NBA. Was rocked -- foundation. Now I'm not suggesting that Adam silver didn't passionately believe that Donald Sterling had ago. What I'm saying is he had no choice. That decision wasn't just about his own outrage. It was about the business reality. That I think the league was clearly jeopardize. You don't have the players you don't have a league -- of the product you don't have a business anymore. Answer he had no choice but to do what he did and other other elements to this and we console ligature calls comments thoughts and reactions as we go along. And 8030930. Started 930 on cell phones and if you're outside a local area 80616. WB ENN. There are numerous elements to this case because think about this. Suppose you have a private conversation. When in this case it was his ex girlfriend. He's not expecting that beat -- personal California it's illegal to -- the telephone conversation. Unless both parties agree. And of course sterling didn't agree to the taping. So that ex girlfriend committed a criminal act will see whether she's prosecuted for that. That's academic of course in terms of the tape being released because now it's public. And now the consequences have been felt by sterling. To the ultimate degree but. If you were to have a private conversation with someone close to you. I think you would assume that that was a personal private conversation. You wouldn't think that it's going outside of that. Limited area of you and that other person having that discussion. And how many times do people say things privately. That are not. What they literally believe. In a public sense or and and in their actual belief system now in this case it's easy. This -- a racist there isn't any question about that he had problems with -- housing development where. He had been sued because he wouldn't let blacks into that apartment complex of many of the apartment complexes. And wound up settling for several million dollars plus legal fees. He didn't pay Elgin Baylor the great all time hall of fame basketball player who became his. Chief Executive Officer. Any payment of minimal amount of money compared to -- others were getting never got a raise in sixteen years. You know as I I was I followed this from the first time I heard the tape on Saturday morning. Through the last couple of days it's suddenly struck me. That this is the ultimate version of when you hear that phrase. Plantation mentality. This guy actually believes that blacks are there to serve him. When. Comparatively speaking a middle amount of a minimal amount of expense. So you've got that reality out there now maybe in the end. It serves a purpose. Because it's creating a dialogue across this country a huge dial people absolutely. Livid about what he said. But if you have again a private conversation -- expected to go public. And then the other part of that is. What about the slippery slope. The fact that. All of us have been concerned about the NSA getting all of our foreign markets can you imagine this. We find out from Edwards noting that the NSA is collecting everybody's phone records all over the country. Course if you look at the Fourth Amendment of the constitution. That's an -- was supposed to be for a protected in our papers and I think would be arguable. That the founders would have included -- phone records as our papers Alessio probable cause. To go after those records really are probable cause for 300 million Americans that the so now you have. This their release of the tape of sterling. And now you have the slippery slope privacy has been violated. And now of course the league is probably I think they're getting unanimously vote the 29 owners are gonna vote unanimously to take the team away from. There's a whole issue there about the business element of this and whether in fact somebody should have a business taken away from them. Even though they think bad things. Should you lose your business because your thoughts. The only argument I can make is at number one is not government doing it is the NBA. Number two to private association. So when you buy a franchise in that association. You need to play by the rules of that association. And obviously you're gonna turn around and say. That your players. Are the equivalent of your slaves. That these are black players. And you don't want black people coming -- games. You don't want this girlfriend. Being out and instead Graham -- Magic Johnson. Are you kidding me. -- -- -- biting the hand that feeds you nevermind a moral outrage. You biting the hand that feeds you these people are the ones earning you money. And ironically they're gonna -- to sell the team. And he's probably gonna wind up depending on how this works out -- three turns it over to his wife for tax reasons or. However that plays out team's gonna -- about a billion dollars. He -- twelve and half million. But at this point it's not about money it's about getting this guy out of the sport I like to get your thoughts about this so whole circumstance as to whether you believe. That this is the right direction for the NBA who have gone. And more importantly is he the only guy that believes the things that came out on that tape. Is this an isolated incident I think the answer is obviously no we have not. Move forward in the way that people have anticipated that we didn't -- we've made some progress. But there's still this. Racial undertones. In this country. There is still the notion that people marginalize other people whether it's by race or religion or nationality of the ethnicity whatever. And we don't have yet the ability. To actually create in this country. This melting pot remember we talked about school as kids the melting pot. Will warn that there were balkanized. We have separation of people. If you get into an elevator you're white person you get into an elevator with three black fellows. Who were there with few. You're on the 35 Florida coming down to the first floor. And -- white woman you gonna feel comfortable. Are you gonna feel safe and secure. You should but will you. And that undertone is still there. There's a racist element of this that is unfortunate. And that is tragic. And no matter what your political point of view. We've got what -- -- the conservative point of you would say let's treat people as individuals. And let's have people become successful. Based on their talent and skill and hard work. That's the direction we're supposed to be going in this country and that's what many of these players have done yet they get marginalized by their own owner. Who treated that team. As basically just another entity. Without having any passion or commitment to the team the team was terrible for many years since he bought in 1981. -- last couple years they've gotten better. And he's done nothing. To make that team successful. Except to milk it and to realize as a real estate investment would be that the team is increasing in value year by year. So no matter how little he invested in the team. It was gonna still make money for a when he sold and in the end. Take a look at it can't do you wanna compare that take a look at Ralph Wilson -- difference between the two I think obviously. There is an unfortunate situation here. And by the way. Why is it. That there was the talk about the people boycotting the game fans boycotting the game -- I don't think that should have happened because you're there for the players. For the coach for the team for the community. In at the -- for Donald Sterling. And in the end that'd really make any difference because this guy is worth so much money now that money's not going to be an issue he's never gonna want for money. So if you make him more money. That's not really the issue it's these guys having a chance to win a championship. And why don't they go out there and try to do that I think that's the most important point but let me ask you. Are we still. A racist country. Is Donald Sterling. A unique situation. Or a reflection the tip of the iceberg of something much deeper. Of course you wanna get into also this whole question of police brutality. In this Western New York area which has been. For several years now. Several cases coming up case after case with officers doing things that they should not be doing and there is there any racism attached to that is well. Our number to call glad to hear from you Mike -- and for Tom merely as I mentioned. Than Tom -- the numbers 8030930. Locally -- 930 on cell phones outside the local area. 80616. WBE and glad to have you weather says we continue with the conversation. About this whole question. Of weathered this Donald Sterling case represents a much deeper problem of racism in this country are you comfortable. With the relationships. In with the other races are you comfortable about that are you comfortable relating to people from other backgrounds is they're still tension. And do we need to do something about that and what really can we don't you know like I've got to just say. Having taught in the public schools of Newark, New Jersey and inner city school for four years. And having seen firsthand the difference in the educational equality between. And the kids in my classes and our school and kids in the suburbs. You've -- -- we've seen that much difference today. Kids today a minority background. Aren't getting the quality of education they should be getting. And that's not changed very much in these years it's still the same questions still the same problems still the same issues. And we go on and on. Thinking. Kind of up placating ourselves thinking that it's all changed. When it really in fact has not changed very much and look it's in everyone's interest for kids to get an education to get quality education in school to move forward. And to get into a life of productivity. Instead of a life of crime without education. There's not statistical data showing that there's a higher likelihood of crime. That shouldn't happen. So we've got a whole variety of issues related to race to talk about here again glad to have you -- -- at news radio 930 WB EN. 8030930. Locally -- 930 on cell -- 80616. WB EN outside the local calling area. Mike -- for Tom -- stay with us. But we are folks good to have you -- Mike Siegel and for Tom Bauerle today at news radio 930 WB EN as -- Get back to the conversation obviously spinning off of this Donald Sterling case. Racism and its purest form. Getting the punishment he deserves courses can be a lot more complicated to take the team away from -- get to that later. Part of this issue is about whether he is an isolated case or whether we have. A deep pervasive racism still in this country glad to get your calls comments thoughts and reactions. At the 8030930. -- 930 on cell -- 80616. WBE yen. If you calling outside the local area news radio 930 WB and Jim in north tunnel on the -- Mike -- for Tom Bauerle WB EN hello. Yet there are pockets you are. Com you know read bad guy. Norman who when he was sport rich which made it -- option. I don't know to be honest with the he'd be made a lot of money he was an attorney. And made his money as an attorney amended investments in real estate. And many with that or maybe. Put enough money together to buy or losing professional basketball team right. He paid twelve and half million in 1981 is now worth the billions of figure out. Oh. I would -- big guy. I'm sort of what's the -- stereo typing here but. Related to those black players this relationship was our -- the -- on the bought. I tighten their paycheck I pulled her drink and they dip into the music. He never. Like what I with our army can't get her catalog people all of this great but I'm not mr. liberal mr. politically correct. Why are we shall overcome Mets never been me I've always been pretty conservative but I learn something from my time in the year. And it is you have to earn your way with people that called from different they're grown. They will you know I automatically. That's you know and I by the way -- at the gym I think it's important point -- I'm also I consider my civil libertarian conservative. So but but this is one that that's a common nominated for everybody don't you think that when. Somebody is out outlandish. In their thinking that's got to be stopped. You'd think stream. But. My opinion. I heroic what I was -- army. I mean I -- there are very K but I got to think -- -- -- black -- you have to. You get more comfortable you get condone people. Die from the Indian reservation. -- that are totally opposite view completely socially academically. Europe Roman Catholic -- hard court southern Baptist. -- urgent oh all of completely different. In its in the of people from different backgrounds in you'll work to get -- work. Well that that's true in the army and I thank you for calling too good to have you -- this -- but you know. The real point that he's making is that when you get to know individuals. All of a sudden the skin color of the race the religion and nationality the ethnicity it goes away because you judge the person is Doctor King said on the content of the character. Not the color of the skin. Or any of those other factors there external. We have no control over nationality ethnicity. Race religion we can change or religion I suppose but we don't have control over those who are -- was a person. And the problem with. Donald Sterling is he just generalized but these guys were his plantation workers he came as little as he could had a lousy team knowing that the value was gonna go up anyway. Had no passion for opposite of Paul Allen opposite of Ralph Wilson. Opposite of Jerry Jones in Dallas. Joseph and -- year old Mike Siegel for Tom Bauerle at WB and good afternoon. I'm -- I don't see a Ameristar operate and out is enormous basketball team scumbag. Are there is no debating that although one thing that reduce start off with your monologue. Are you quite out it's still does to a lot older I just can't like all is all it always gonna be a matter of race when it comes through school. Well against the buffalo school -- an example and yet obviously the majority of people that -- are black. We also an eerie county taxpayers put money or urged their school district. And -- taxpayer themselves pay into their school district. But ought to get hundreds of millions of dollars more to run the school district but it is to -- the rest of the ball all combined. And they stole a great -- 44% of the people. You can't -- any more money at that expected to get and batter who doesn't matter -- -- When it comes to cities schools and help or earlier performed in Western New York. It's a matter of people who don't. Terror I didn't go to the biggest the biggest group of people and -- Marshall for anything that was concerning Gordon for the for the ball -- in recent memory. Obama canceled midnight basketball. And the parents flipped now and Gary you can hit a midnight basketball what I like it's supposed to do at midnight I don't know go to -- maybe art. You know starting in short upper school it is unbelievable but I just for the middle attack -- -- -- -- -- ridiculous to -- to -- all -- -- -- -- well. Well you know the war and -- the one thing I'm gonna say to you Jordan and Jason and I -- the -- in the point that you're making. About the taxpayers footing the bill is correct but it I think there's another side to the calling the question is. Are the educators. Using the right techniques to agitate educate the kids in the inner city schools in buffalo are they teaching them. In a way that will get them passionate about learning. It's -- just superimpose. Education in the way you want -- not gonna work give you one example. Was talking about this earlier this morning when I was teaching in an inner city school. I had heard of Reading book called Dick and Jane remember the Dick and Jane book. It's it's -- goes back. Until the end. Early years when I was in school and it's about two white middle class kids and it's a book that goes through what they do and all of that sort of thing and you read that book. While my kids being minorities couldn't identify with these white middle class kids so I looked around and found eight different book. That was based in an inner city. And the kids in this book. Page by page there were different stories and it will be a story about what happened one day. And they were living in the inner cities -- -- kids can identify with them and then on the page next what were all the questions that the kids would have to answer to show the reading comprehension about the story itself. And guess what. We started using that -- these kids got passion they loved. They want to because they -- they were kids who could relate to them. That is -- we've been -- -- the future. So let's look at that the city of buffalo teachers the school board of these people lack. They're harder these future -- -- market. When you only have four fight parents and their failure to ordered 35000 people short upper school board. And all the decisions are being made and they -- syndicate or one in particular being. I don't think it -- so -- sort of teachers particularly curriculum as they're being forced to what her and that. I mean I guess they could -- all like fewer people are active -- because as. -- about but do they have the resources. Well at the bit to see what I try to when I'm trying to say do you is that. That the product is the student. So if you have a kid and an inner city happens to be black. That's going to be a different life that he grew up with or she grew up with than a kid living some ups and some up sales cub upscale suburb of buffalo. A goal into an upscale private school this two different worlds and you've got to adapt your education program. To the kids in the school not the other way around -- the product there'd be. The objective of being successful and frankly I would tell you that too many. Teacher groups today are so caught up in the union movement and so caught up in their own power their own. Income growth. And the kids become secondary they're supposed to be first you can adapt -- teaching style and the techniques they use in the con tent that you used to the kids to get the same result. And up not so different that. Obviously he's so somewhere there's a disconnect because. This particular it harder in the city of buffalo school and whether it harder in Lancaster. Facility acquired in Clarence or he's been ever so whatever lightly. -- hired this same man. And then they go lying to the subject matter. Well maybe there should be a different way. Of having teachers interviewed. To have them may be -- Sample classes what would they do with the syllabus what they do with the curriculum how would they teach their course to these kids in this inner city school. And adapting it. Those decisions are made. Partnered by ID the superintendent of schools who required by the school board who were elected by the people that listeners -- your awful. So -- on the fact that on the ground up and. It does come back to them. And the people of buffalo need to hold the board and the superintendent accountable for hiring people that are gonna teach in a way. That's gonna be meaningful to these kids to get them to be more passionate about school -- Their docket. Calling to -- appreciate what they've been. The Iraqi dramas on television true stories. About teachers who go in the inner city schools and the use different ways in different techniques with students because they care. And -- they spend a lot more time maybe not just the school day. But they care and I'm not saying teachers in buffalo don't care I'm saying that the way you teach the content the style. The structure. Can be adapted to the kids the kids need to be the ones that of the primary focus for for the teacher. Glad to get more vehicles about -- Donald Sterling about education about race. About the brutality questions come up in this community -- number to call is 8030930. Started 930 on a cell phone. -- -- local outside the local area 80616. WB ENN news -- 930 WB and good to have you with us. Mike Siegel -- for Tom Bauerle got lots more coming 343 stainless. And welcome second folks good to have you this Mike Siegel and for Tom -- as we move right along -- news radio 930 WB and and at the Donald Sterling story has raised. The whole issue of racial relations. And the question of whether we are comfortable whether we believe we've made progress since the sixties and doctor king and that civil rights campaign that he ran for many years. How we move forward. Are there better race relations today. Than there were back then you know the last caller made a point about the buffalo schools. Being predominantly. African American students. Is that not de facto in effect segregation. Had a -- breakdown and this was what happened in Boston years ago judge Arthur Garrity to go to Boston school system because. Jerry's point was. Even though it's not by law. But by fact. Boston that to a school systems one black and one white. And of course go back to 1954 in the Supreme Court decision which said that education is inherently unequal if you have school systems that have. Predominantly blacks in one and predominantly whites in the other without the segregating those schools. And so have we really move forward is the question well. According to -- in Georgia Arthur who of course is -- NW ACP NAACP board member Andy's civil rights leader in this community. He says we're not race -- And it's not equal for blacks and whites and until there's a level playing field Ricans can't say we should be erased -- society because we're not. Those the words of George Arthur. The one thing that I think is important. Because this becomes. Not an issue of politics. Conservative or liberal this becomes an issue of human relations. And whether we're gonna look at people as individuals or whether we're gonna look at skin color or some other external characteristics. And judge people by that. The other part of this story. Has to do with the way in which now Donald Sterling has been defrocked. Up one side and on the other. And I think everybody agrees with -- what's happened so far but now the question is about his basketball team. -- it's simply just be taken away by the National Basketball Association there's some serious questions about the legality of that. Obviously sterling is the first guy is perfectly happy to go to court he's done it many times. And the -- common for more cubic. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He says in this country people are allowed to be morons. That are allowed to be stupid. They're allowed to think idiotic thoughts. But regardless of your background. Regardless of the history -- they have if we're taking something somebody said in their home. And we're trying to turn it into something that leads to you being forced to divest property in any way shape or form that's not the United States of America. I don't wanna be part of that says Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks we agree -- Should the league take this team away from Donald Sterling given his outrageous comments. Should they be able to do that if in fact they even have legal right to do wanna get your comments about that and whether you agree with the George Arthur. About the fact that we are not waist line. Either buffalo or in America Andy calls comments thoughts and reactions are certainly welcome good to have you weather says we're for Tom hourly Mike -- and and your calls will be next coming up to 350. Alan Harris is in the WB and traffic command. Okay folks back we are I said he was tonight there's going to be rain and drizzle below 49. Tomorrow windy with some showers high of 58 Friday brief shower -- with a high of 54. And at currently it's overcast and 53 degrees nice to have you with us as we move right along and -- causes -- that are certainly welcome. 8030930. Is the number locally and you welcome to call back in the chair of the conversation. Glad to have you with a star 930. On cellphones 351 in the afternoon it is and look this this whole issue with sterling has raised. A range of questions we come back from the break at the top of the hour. We'll get into some of the specifics. About this question of police brutality in this community. In Western New York I mean endemic -- we've had several years of cases cropping up. And you gotta ask yourself the question. As to whether we have a trust in our police departments there's got to be trust. In the police because of the -- trust in the police. Then you wind up having and he a lockdown state if you will state of mind fear. Rather than looking at the police as your friend is gonna protect the safety and security of the community. So we'll get into all of that -- because obviously. That's a huge issue. For every one police community relations has been. A major concern across this country. Over the last number of years. And we kind of like -- of thought that maybe this whole issue of police brutality wouldn't even arise. But it's been seemingly something of an epidemic. And we've had a number of cases that. We wouldn't have expected to be there because we thought we were getting more. Illuminate more more aware more understanding. About how police and community should work together. But what police have somebody handcuffed. And while that person is handcuffed. They're beating on. And it's on video. That's one of the great things about technology today is having that video because clearly shows us what the truth it. Then you've got problems is no justification for that if you got the person under control. Why would you be doing that. And the answer is you should not be doing that. Because it's. Beyond. The responsibilities it's past the color of authority that a police officer hats that's cowardly. -- -- And that the officer who's been now suspended. Because of that alleged behavior. To -- and investigate and find out what the truth is. I think that kind of behavior -- happened. Is reason for dismissal about officer. Doctor Harry Edwards. Who is a national consultant on sports and race issues you I'm sure we're well aware of Harry Edwards has been around for a long time he consults a sports teams. He says we can't remove racism from American society any more than we can move murder. -- -- because we can't remove but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. Sounds like a hopeless. Case there if you gonna fight something you can't remove. Channel liked the writing on a treadmill getting a place fast that's I think you can remove. I think the more we have interactions among people of different backgrounds the more we understand people I called earlier when you when you're in the military. It's the best example of this when you have this ability to relate to other people. In circumstances where it depend on each other and they BB of a different background. I think that's where you learn to breakdown the stereotypes. And you get much more into the notion. That we can get along that this other guy he may be white or he may be black. But he's a person just -- idea he has feelings just as I do. And if you can develop that kind of trust. These problems can goal. Racism can go -- but you certainly can't get rid of racism if you have. Balkanization of the of people living in a white community people living in a black community even in the same area. You cannot have this. Separation of groups and expect to have a breakdown of stereotypes. Because until you get to know people that other group that stereotype is gonna remain. And you're not going to be able to pass the so we have to reach out to each other. If we wanna get past this and I think that's something that is vitally important so we get -- this whole area. Does that does the racial issue relate to the police brutality. Clearly it does. Clearly over the years the history of this country. And of this region. Has been replete with these kinds of cases where. Minorities -- seem to get. More attention. More of these. Acts of police brutality. And I think we can talk about that as we come back it's good to have you witness and though all of these issues are on the table. And as we get to if you wanna get on the line after the news at 8030930. Locally -- 930 on the cell phone. 80616. WBE and Mike -- and for Tom -- -- news radio 930 WB and stay with us.

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