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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-30 Frank Mesiah Buffalo Branch NAACP Interview

4-30 Frank Mesiah Buffalo Branch NAACP Interview

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are joined by frank messiah who is of course that -- president here in buffalo of the NAACP -- messiah thank you for being with -- there. Let's talk about this. You follow this for some period of time this whole issue of racism. Have we improved in our racial relations over the years do you think. And out of bounds you're talking about we. Let's talk -- black and white outs right wing and they. Element the Republican Party now all they've done is begin to use. The dog -- to -- nobody knows what they're saying. When they try to eliminate. African American in the keynote -- voting and they. Refused to when they automatically. Start calling the president the you know all foreigner he wasn't meant in this country was born in this country didn't have a birth certificate that's typical. Instead of using the and word that's what they do so it does nothing unusual about that. Well I mean that's a matter of factual information as I'm mature us back. -- information that the president. Doesn't have a birth. Now it no I don't I don't know the answer that question that it's it's factual terms of whether or not that happen it's it's not have an opinion that's something that would have to be investigated. Listen I can turn around Christmas science -- that CBS. Step reporters down to Panama to try and find out of John McCain was a legal citizen of the united. States I mean that's. That's how you see that's right they -- dichotomy and the difference between. Those people who think that those things have improved. Or they've just changed. Over to -- and another form of delivering their message. I haven't -- let me ask you because. You're answer came out. Marginalizing and polarizing list based on political point of view you attack it and that's you attacked Republican women now. As you -- -- side bank and then it's you know. All we say is that. Those dog whistles that you're using to cover up the racism. They just don't work anymore at least they don't work with a large site. Well first of all -- you don't know me we've never met I've never been on the coast to coast AM the a different program entirely so you really don't know only -- -- make allegations about me. Is inappropriate because you don't have any idea what I think. What you asked about have things changed that on them off and your answer was very assert. You're rancid and are you than suggesting ever Republicans are racist no. You don't play money and if you want to play in the game you're the one that made the statement. Yeah I was at a conservative meeting. A couple weeks ago where they were honoring -- camp. And they had some of the people there who spoke. We're very staunch -- Supporters of the right wing in the is in the same people who are saying the president was. Born in the country people who. Drew conclusions. About the president stated no we was that you're -- that's what's going on now -- you there are people. Right wingers who say. Before people get that note the president that. They hated the president did him no he hadn't done any head agents come and they hated them and that it. The idea they hated him for his -- they ended up but some others spurious reasons so up. We know that that exists and we know that that racism is alive and well. In different areas. And it's still maintain the -- Strong segment. Right wing people. And that the you know the president the basketball he you know he reflects that reflects my the other people. I -- and how about the left wing. Which attacks ad hominem arguments. Or is -- -- talk about the left wing I'm not here talking about the left wing not talking. A -- the racism that permeated. And the method used and we called the dog whistles they try to use. Different terms and try to make a name it's not happening it. Like if they would do we see it very clearly at that. Top levels in this country where people I have made statements about -- they. Well first also let's look at me your your your you come in here polarizing immediately -- your comments I mean that's the first thing you've done. From my opinion -- -- in my all right so then how do we solve the problem. Well he'd do something like done with the price. The the basketball game relieve among those power he'd take the power -- wrong. You remove the Supreme Court members who have come to a conclusion. That a corporation. Is the name of the person. Those are people who strict constructionist. Who believe in need interpretation. Of the constitution. Well it attitude it ever talked about big business and make -- But we -- get people in there who think like. Those people -- pan and add in and it'll say in the country big business a major business. That's putting its money and control. The thought process in the country there that that is itself. Is any an individual so. Well mr. messiah -- -- just educate Q because having gone through law school the first thing I learned. Was that a corporation. Is in fact legally. As equal to a person that's under the law. Now if you wanna change the law go ahead and do it but don't suggest to me. That you want that corporations. Are not persons because they're treated that way and you can that you can defame a corporation a corporation can defame others. They can be sued. Just as an individual can be sued that's the loss there and if you wanna throw Supreme Court justices out you're violating the constitution because constitution says it's a lifetime appointment. Constitution had talked about major. Companies but when you put somebody in who -- like the right wingers like this. President the of the basketball game you know and he then in his interpretation. Make sure that the law. Comes into effect that says. Corporations. Have are like get an individual. You know the problem is missed -- you know the problem is. You sound like you want to impose what you believe and every one you don't want a different point of view you want everybody to believe as you believe frank messiah has the answer. Call me if the if there was it. My point of you and now you're very upset rejecting. My point of what you're. But I'm not I'm not upset I'm I'm I'm taking a different position because yeah. What do you because you're saying that there shouldn't be -- right wing point of view now. What he's saying you said you wanna get rid of Supreme Court justices whoever right -- point you. Would that. I would not and should there be a right wing point of view I was asked what that I think about this situation and develop them. Your answer was get rid of the right wing justices eyes and say. Yes you did. -- that they are in control. Of the of the country and -- out there. Getting their point of view over is by using. They think the dog whistles to cover up the racism within the unit within their district. While glad I've I think that's not that that that's that you know you're you're being racist by describing people who are white Republicans. As at as being automatically races that's an ad hominem argument and and I say shame on you for doing that mr. -- should be above that. Oh yes here now okay they all I know the other people listening to this two are not as. You know concentrated. Their belief that you are they see right through. There's hole. Surely. Add if being used by these right wing people who try to cut down in the lemonade. They're not cutting down or eliminating anybody -- they -- what what they want is that for the responsible ones won the rule of law. But apparently you talk about Barack Obama we can talk about his lack of following the rule of law. If you wanna stay welcome back after the break thank user.

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