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4-30 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- governor -- regarding Donald sterling and Adams over the NBA commissioner and the owner at least right now all of the LA clippers. Did the punishment fit the crime there was no crime committed I just want to know crime committed by him. There was a crime committed by the person who recorded him without him knowing and that is his mistress. Should she be prosecuted. She's the only one in this scenario was committed a crime. I'm his speech maybe regrettable visited the nicest word I can use asinine is probably more like it. While but it's not illegal what she did is illegal. There but nobody's talking about prosecuting her should the mistress be prosecuted she take them. You tell me without knowledge you'd tell me for what benefit. Obviously for her benefit. And that Dan Snyder in the NFL logo Redskins. He -- Leo Washington Redskins. And now the under the heading of don't let a crisis go to a good crisis go to waste. I Jarrett bell a columnist for the USA today. Says now is it time to push Dan Snyder because of the NFL should see what's happening in the NBA. The change the name of his team. He is said he doesn't wanna change that name he wants the Cuban. And he's set up some foundations that benefit native Americans whatever. But when an opportunity arises. The Al -- of the world run for they run for the -- Let's go a couple of more -- FaceBook post show regress this is from tot he says I don't like this you should lose your property -- -- -- -- summary doesn't like. These things shouldn't happen in America. Well especially that way. You know if he was at some dinner. It was making a speech and said it. -- publish some letter to the editor or his sense something. You know out of his tweet. Or anything like that that -- one thing this was a private conversation. And I want to put a -- are holier than bow out there. I want you to think about things that you may have said in the past. Maybe seriously maybe in jest but you absolutely would not want them to have been made public especially without your knowledge. So I think we all have to be careful about that stuff let's go to Debbie in -- -- Iran WB -- -- -- on my question. Made. On this guy and my husband's behavior on the record that she -- outward toward the eight. While I didn't know that I've read that these. -- -- haven't you heard that I I don't know offenses and it anyway she was motivated to make these I'm wondering who paid to do I think there's somebody behind the scenes. Who care and said. I'll give this money to do this because why else would she do it. Well you know yesterday. Or the day before actually we've got to an intriguing kolbe may fit -- your call. They say she may have been in co host and this is strictly speculation. With the X while with the soon to be ex wife who a month ago filed for divorce in that case. But output there may be something to that but I'm thinking maybe it's something else. You know from other people have said they think it maybe somebody wants -- team and they set the guy up to have to -- Could be if they if somebody was looking for a major franchise there aren't that many available -- anyone's time so if this -- his behavior was -- And somebody -- set it up there would be a grand scheme and used her as a mole to get information on him that's a good that's a good -- -- it wouldn't be surprised. Yeah right and I think I'm that you know my hope is that somebody digs deeper. And find out because obviously the gold and gold digger and then it got to be money in it for her. You think I mean she's 31 reason he's 8100. And I did everything fertilized by. What do you guys think of that -- theory. You know are they say that the franchises worth nearly half a billion dollars he bought it what 32 years ago something like that. Or something like twelve to twenty million dollars or something like that now it's worth. Nearly half a billion dollars is not in the same league as an NFL franchise but still. Half a billion dollars is good spending money do you think it's possible somebody said. Hey this guys vulnerable we need to do was get him out of the picture and we've got an ownership group ready to Emeka bid and trying to get in the picture. I think it's very possible since considering everything that I've heard that. There's people -- supplies it has taken this long. Four to calm out there he has these type of viewers -- -- -- -- right so if he's this well known with his views then. Yeah it seems easy to think that they'd be able to focus they targeted the topic of the fiancee -- girlfriend. She just show -- -- letter right yes so -- very plausible when Elgin Baylor says who is a respected -- frame of former player. Says he ran like a plantation. In his lawsuit. I mean -- plantation has a lot of effect. As he still lost so but so it's been known for some time what do you think Chris. If there's ever -- time for that to happen it would be now when the team is finally turning around there and it. This team has won the two playoff series I think since he's owned the team. So they've been horrible in -- all in the last few years really serve you wanted to get into France says it's definitely on the upswing now would certainly be the time doing. Yeah out so we don't know if that's the case but it could be the case who like to buy the team first of all one of the names on my list. Seems to have said known known on all. And that is Magic Johnson. Because I heard an audio piece with him saying at all. You he would not be on that list but among the people see got a lot of people who have money. And sometimes money a loan just gets boring they need notoriety. They need publicity they need to. Be able to do some things with the money that they couldn't do if they were just invested in the stock market. And David Geffen has while 171 years old he's loaded okay. Our government has started asylum records in 1970. I know because in 97 I was playing asylum records. Playing asylum records in ninth in 1970. Geffen Records in 1980. And -- these GC record zone in 1990 co-founder of DreamWorks in 1994. He tried to buy the clippers in 2010. Sterling turned him down the offer and 2010 was 700. Million dollars. Now that's over what they estimated -- now they say it's worth 500 and something where were rounding off here for the sake of brevity. So they're big guys guys got more money than than you believe he's where six point two billion dollars. -- to put it in perspective. Take up published amounts. That. Let's see Bob bridge. Jerry Jacobs and Terry Google worth that's a much different work out. Hot you're kidding me. Men and I've played those records that's probably why you know all of the amount -- -- -- six point two billion dollars or he's got the bread. IE I you know Geffen is a very high profile driver politically oriented to whatever I that -- this is 10. I'm over some of the others on the list and also did Daniel Snyder aspect of this on newsroom at 930 WB yeah. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Before is celebrates of prematurely think about it. Perhaps what happened to Donald Sterling. From the LA clippers does not cause you any concern. But how would happen should cause you concern. It happened because his girlfriend a fiancee Joba mistress whatever our caller. -- decided to secretly. Recorded them. And not tell him that's why it was secret. And then this suddenly magically they got released and he was Roland as far as the India is concerned so it's illegal. In the California. To do that and I'm asking should she be prosecuted -- call she should be prosecuted if they don't I think it's a miscarriage of justice. Actually if you look strictly as strictly on the just this side of it the legal side of it. She's the only one who's broken the law. -- break the law he may be a moron he may be an idiot maybe you'll bring them to the NAACP picnic but the bottom line as he -- go up she did. And now he's -- and she is not. Now her lawyer now or anything right earlier before the show we're reading a novel lawyer comes out systematically. With a statement a book writing Chris was mentioning him Tony and I. How they come out systematically went on with a checklist of things that she isn't. She's not a gold -- she's not a bad girl. She didn't release the tapes while blah blah -- no she's just the 31 Urals. Who's going now about 51 girl on eliminating one girl don't most 31 year old call me one exactly. Isn't that fifteen years spread this sweet spot as they say in baseball dad yeah -- -- -- know he may be interest indeed now. What's the judge credible -- no Paula being -- -- -- -- very -- get some good home -- in Seattle there's been a lot of funny jokes around in the -- I think he got his home cooking with this deal to me honestly that was not right. What he said wasn't right but what they did wasn't right either. Let's go to Jerry. Would be next -- what Jerry Campbell on line there Jerry on WBN. Niger what do you think. I think he was good particularly vivid jumper I think it was ten -- -- partners for him and he got up to that about it knowing everything was gonna break down. And I think she did you know that's which he sort of did. The other thing has been mentioned as the world and you mention about the fact that the people who might bite the pronounced. You know the one guy you mentioned yeah he's peanuts. Larry Ellison. Dallas is on the list civilians and think about that I mean. 48 billion dollars that are well these guys in the US in the third sort of sit well these. In the world. I was gonna get to him he was the next one common -- is a high profile guy to you see his name all over the place yeah. I got -- he could buy and sell Geffen Geffen and have to wash his car. -- you can cook all the X-Men and they didn't mean you know let me think about that the wealthiest guy in the world. And I think that's incredible -- others. No shortage of potential. Obama suitors I think. And then also the -- is with big guys they're that this could make this mistake and everything and then it. 2000. Related to a 1500000. Dollars in the like. He makes got an interest in less than a month. Yeah -- that's a chump change -- Helm but there's. It to us it's -- ago. And then like at that -- 81 years -- you think he really cares what the result was. Look at that it would -- 700 billion by -- by companies down by the by doesn't know yet but the thing is depicted it it's 700 -- -- debate and -- -- you know -- about one dollar. He is for the pick up another girlfriend and a couple of weeks and built this move back and inadequate though it does again. Now when you have. When you consider the young girls would you like to see my portfolio. I think he. I'd let you know. I remember that the real quick that's about it too much longer mr. Larry Bird now Larry -- said when he was when he was interviewed -- was without making the NBA so put everything he -- when he was in grammar school girls -- look at them. He didn't even go to the problem nobody looked adamant -- Then all of a sudden when he said make it all the money. He had the most beautiful girls in the world. While president and you know where he's from Belgium. And that's exactly right. -- that's why he was popular. Yes I think that but it felt like is that it's very true like when you have a billion dollars in nineteen years old. Nicole Smith had been -- -- hit 250 billion dollars and 95 years old you'd think -- very important money you're right. I did a lot of glare that you're at it out alive. Yeah -- GO -- Marshall Leo remember Nicole Smith Barry Marshall. And I'll tell you a funny story about that. -- she married Marshall and Marshall was an oilman much older than her okay. And when it came time for the well whatever the son from a previous marriage. Our contestant. In parts of that that knows she shouldn't get all this money it was millions of millions of millions of dollars. Okay put that in your brain. I was invited to a wedding -- that I went to only because. Via the father of the bride was a dear friend of mine okay so I went to the wedding I usually going to go to weddings. And who -- the table with some very interesting people we're having nice conversation was in Rochester. It was very good and I saw my friend about a month later. He says dogs are glad it's over what it was fine and I said. The conversation but it's always great to what was really good he says. You know that guy that was sitting directly to your left as -- -- guys you like the best were talking all -- you know that is now that's the sun. That's asylum though always trying to keep Nicole Smith from getting all the money that was him and that now in the last couple years he died. But this was less than ten years ago that I idea. I was sitting right at some all that money I didn't even know about them but I was charming and I made him laugh a few times but he didn't remember army as well I can I do that. Eight -- 93018060692. Exits are not thirty who goodbye. Book by its name we mentioned David Geffen and -- worth six point two billion Magic Johnson is on this list but he's not he's already said no. Larry Ellison the guys that and he just reference 69 years old. He's the co-founder and she Chief Executive Officer of oracle. A software company he tried to buy the New Orleans Hornets and 111 and move them to San Jose Forbes lists him. At 48. Billion. Dollars net worth the third wealthiest in the USA I would assume that there are. I anyways worth 48 billion marks the third wealthiest in the US in fifth wealthiest in the world. So if you give him a bidding war. With Larry Ellison and Larry once the buy it you don't lose publisher Bill Gates or warm -- And for Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Larry Ellison and at the washed their cars you see our goal is the only the only one guarantee not to have to wash anybody else's cars Bill Gates. So that's that's a good week. When bill and Warren go to dinner they go to Derek. I like they're going who decides it's a tradition. Rich and isn't this triggered a political -- -- there's gates and -- standing there as you're about to leave the table and one DelHomme is holding the the check. And says that the other one let's see you had these. -- But. Let's bridge. And there he wanted to raise your burger. -- -- that -- took -- a thirty dollar launch from again you know all of the fun can you imagine. Playing poker with those. I'm gonna be nervous what course should be nervous but wouldn't it be fun because that one time you open most cards. And use the ace king queen. Jack tan. Of spades. And you know the guy across from -- one of the wealthiest man in the world. As king queen Jack 109. Of hearts. The only thing to figure out is how to reason how without Indians who anybody that's got that is going to go in forever and ever never you've got to -- your own. You gotta hope that they -- first -- that old that's the best. You see that all just call it. I'll raise you a railroad me. When monopoly with a with a real -- a little hotel. -- -- -- It landed on Baltic that's OK I've got there equate what Rebecca Jarvis. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star -- -- -- toll free line is 1806169236. Back to Beijing governor have said they've made should Donald Sterling LA clippers have people were lining up to buy the franchise. A David Geffen is listed as though possibilities were six point two billion Magic Johnson was listed in this list but he said no it's not going to be in this. Larry Ellison if you're gonna bid against him I hope you got really deep pockets worth 48 billion dollars another one mentioned is -- starling. Who is his wife and his estranged wife about to divorce him keep remind. California's community property state but I think there'd be little satisfaction of selling it to her. Because she's made it clear that she does not share his views however. If it's if the -- NBA. Is like other sports leagues where they have the vote in. Person wanting to get him I think they might be a little hesitant to replace. Him with her because bad to be able to -- just setup that did it's not really sold. A one person whose name -- recognize. And that will be Floyd Mayweather. He says he's very interested in doubt he's as he -- of games with sterling -- always treated me with the utmost respect. He added if he bought the team he says he's as investors to -- a lot of money but investors would the ball probably. He would leave the team in LA and not move with the Las Vegas now one thing -- yeah this will be -- on Mayweather. OK if Mayweather except some packing -- flight. They have -- will -- OK well we are dead giveaway. Yes it becomes -- and says I want you to fight Manny Pacquiao. And you say yes that means you're in for the biggest pay day in Israel boxing. And you go probably by the -- franchise with a net receipts about one fight. That's how well felt -- as he's been ducking back ago. When meanwhile retook the backfield fight because it would give enough money to buy the team and then he got decked him lost. And it and that would be the first loss of his career. And then lose out on the big into the team until Larry Ellison and maybe help box Larry Ellison that would be cool. Let's say O box and here. Thousand dollar 69. Or Shelley sterling she's eighty and Ireland this it's a a different 71 I definitely don't think -- Barak's government -- -- -- box Magic Johnson Magic Johnson mostly stolen reject. I mean I'm bigger I'm sure is much bigger than. And then he has that we have Thursday. Ever likes Magic Johnson he's an amiable guide people relate. Really like him and he's got a lot of power and he's part owner of -- of the god is right paid a lot of money for that. Let's go to -- David Lancaster debut on WB again. They're really -- I think this -- this is gone beyond weight too far as our. Punishment are. The parts and I think it ridiculous record I heard the word -- tying the hands. Outlook like that that there are this -- you -- yeah he's anyone's. Yeah tackle and a quarter and hold your breath for as long as you count. All right I mean holy cow this is you can't be somebody from owning a team if it -- present -- point -- that there's not a moose lodge. This isn't some. Our falcon club years you're under something you can't just do that because the guy that something. All the help we go way back in an outlaw -- -- that ate something bad is they're gonna -- you know what did you -- I I think it got way out of hand. But say here's one thing you don't know -- his loving you don't know and it's just was released not only is via satellite time -- he's on. Double secret probation -- -- only -- -- is it might be needed copper from now. Mayor says he's cut off from the team totally. He can have anything to do with the NBA business he can't travel with a -- go to the games go to practice. Anything to do with a team he has outlawed so essentially he still owns it but it's like something a piece of paper we would no contact. Yet it like governor caught failed what you can't -- it out exactly where I mean it's it's critical. Bomb took -- quicker well I'll keep it short you're talking earlier Bob. Called playback lately and call -- commentator -- now so. Yeah pop up as one. Prop up these big guys who have the arm. You don't want football. Oh yeah. Learn about our mom memorizing names right the only -- at all familiar partisan. And you've got to be who you gonna be quiet to -- doing or. He's addressing the ball. Out of Baghdad day beg your. Yeah I -- calling gulf. What golfers and knowing me. -- -- even if you like golf I don't care I'm willing to a broader roll them his by the annoy me. Plane flies over they look up at the sky. And hold on they don't plot. They look up like big glaring at -- pilot. Wiped out pilot could see him right. The pilot disease is gaga a run from LA to a New York he just took often. He has to be afraid not to that's flight over the golf course all the ladies. I get aware of it man up. I see Matt -- a phrase that Margaret did you hear that good you know tired. I wish we had a different. Expression. We could you as well. Because it it means something to people. But they don't want it used anymore because it's not politically correct to say man up there are some women that are tougher than some of the amendment would man up. But you can -- of a man output. We have another expression guys that you and Banco. That means the same as man up grow a pair maybe yeah that's that but that's less politically correct -- -- -- won't just be a man. Now that's done now that okay beat a man and I understand that it means it's and they but it doesn't have the match it doesn't have the the authority. Man and a man up means something it means take it like a man like John Wayne fighting -- -- John Wayne was fighting anybody anybody in any thing. You go impress no one the only -- things I can think that are similar to -- are also probably politically incorrect and like bill but once word either. It's all the fun stuff out of overcast real Larry. Actually are taking most of my vocabulary. There isn't one that all of the tensions in new book that's out now that. I don't like and that's why would you -- file or pencils I don't know what that means would you wife up what does that mean to become would you want her to be wife. All of you know that's -- -- -- -- hang around with these people yeah. Social media it's Twitter it's it's it's lame it's one game come on man I'm just trying to see how man outfits right it will take a break we'll be back after this would be agent company. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Think about it video owner Donald Sterling has been totally cut off from the team. He can't go to the games can go to practice can go on the team plane and can't do any you know any special activities. Can go to -- arena. -- -- basically. I'm wondering if he walked out of the box office symbolic ticket if they even Letterman to a game but basically he owns the team. But it's strictly. On paper I mean he actually owns them. You can't have anything to do live though with league meetings or anything like that. So we'll say maybe he's going to be pushed out he's not the kind of guy in the past that has taken it easily. But I have no problem. With what has happened to them but I do have a problem of how would happen to -- If we get to the point where well okay she broke the law by recording him without telling him. But something good came of -- think of that mindset goes over to the criminal justice system. How many bad guys are there out there that we haven't been able again but you know what we broke the law by getting them we -- Moran diss them. We do we entrap them we did things that. Have not been allowed in the history of our country but it was for the better good anytime we hear that kind of conversation gets me very nervous. Let's go to go to John in buffalo John thanks for holding on WB yen. -- I -- here I was just practiced my putting him in news. -- When he got on and there is -- good result though. But I knew about the entrapment are you know it's it's really impressive and a the way it was dark is that I don't know illegal but it -- It is illegal in the state of California. Most states actually same law you can't record somebody without telling them they have to know they're being recorded. Like I guess the band is he's taken from any NBA can be spent a lot of the buildings. Of any game. I knew he was banned from via the clippers games I didn't know if they wanna go to a Celtics game of -- wouldn't want a man. Yeah you know what disturbing thing to me if you it would have the words used. A little bit of the plantation mentality of like you've been so it was with that Clive went to one yeah right. One thing I will say about elected the punishment is it. You know I don't remember no you're civil war guy and we glory younger they're about to -- Denzel Washington. In. -- his competitor and says no now with a whip madam ma'am I think it's similar to the -- between the NBA. Elgin Baylor says yeah Elgin Baylor even said that -- Baylor course won -- a golden names from the pass of the NBA and he said when he said Odom. For wrongful discharge he said that he runs it like a plantation. And that that's that that's the that's impression I got with his words of we give them car I give them cars I give them houses. He doesn't give -- they earned it. And they wanna think about their you know the severity of the punishment in the rapidity with which they did it. I would say it has a lot to do without that only you know you're there the breeze but what. Yes yes we do know that -- been through a lot of pressure in -- to a playoff. And I think they wanted to get some kind of resolution it for the -- just and they won the game last night so there includes resorts and. But really overall. It's gonna work itself well and I think one thing that concerned about this is that the overblown media. Coverage of it is crazy when we really have a lot more important things -- you're spending in the news of the main story. I'll let you -- that'll tell you why here's what I said to Tim Weiner today. I said I have never clipped more stories in one day and -- sides of of one single issue in one day since nine elevenths and that's the truth. I have a stack of stuff on this and it's it's -- it was more than that a bit disappearing plane or anything since nine elevenths amazing thank you John. Just amazing. Yeah when he said. In that tape. I give them. And the word give is absolutely appropriate they work for him. They provide a service he provides a salary they sell tickets he gets the money I bestseller words he said I give them cars I give them -- house I give them whatever. And that's not unheard of in our business you know sitting there with Gregory. Just a couple of weeks ago aces -- just remember one thing. I give you grief I give you I Judah I give you restless nights and I say thank you for that so so it's it's much it's. No other thought that he gave the players any thing. Is ridiculous that it he is his accounting. Arm may write the checks but they earn the money. Because that they didn't earn the money that would be working. Plain and simple. Yes here's an pictures you take former NBA player who now works for the New York Knicks also played for UNLV when they won the national championship. That's Larry Johnson he pleaded. That black people you're focusing on the wrong thing we should be focusing not having our own home team -- league. Go ahead. Yeah I get get your financing. It's your team going and reluctant welcome please call him -- -- well but here's my attitude -- it. Is there anything stopping him from doing it believe me believe me if Bob. If there's money to be made there's financing available for you could start a team. We have major it's playing in the NBA where you know they're quite tall in the NBA I'm saying this for reason. Is getting angry at me. If somebody thought they could make money with that team they'd invest and so if Larry Johnson seems to really think that. That having an all black league can be viable and both. Gotta go hard to target the financing. -- -- the players and and go get a national TV contract do what you have to do secure arena rights. All the things necessary. Did but if you if you want an all black legal for a there's there's there's presidents there was an all black baseball league at the beginning of baseball remember some fabulous player has played in that league true. Exceptional in its actual price I'm you know I'm not an expert on a vote on saying has. If you really feel that an all black league has the potential to be a money maker can be successful. -- -- Golf lord don't talk about it go for -- And then you put up the same kind of things that other entrepreneurial types -- up and you take your chances you rolled his -- You may be oh well we're in -- or he may go broke. But I think that's the real world everybody thinks G the big guy that owns the the the company I work for. The people -- company I worked for how come they make more money and I do you know line as they set everything up. They have put all of their investment money into a building. Licensing automobiles. Drug dealing with a government doing all the things necessary so it's not it's easy as you think and I think the best lesson. Would be -- The does that sound rational reason nobody stopping him I don't see any bystander and they're going around now we can't have an all black basketball league we must have whites in there. But that's gonna happen. So good luck if he wants who have given a shot. All right that about wraps it up for BH and company and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is ready at 930 don't get -- secretly tape recorder -- -- mr. justice. We're still live. See you tomorrow. -- -- -- Which they never has these these.

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