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4-30 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The views expressed by mr. sterling are deeply. Offensive. And harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage. And my personal outrage. Sets -- sentiments of this kind. Are contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect. That form the foundation of our diverse. Multicultural. And multi ethnic week. That of course is the NBA commissioner Adam silver fresh on the job by the way. -- I want this on my desk as I started new job. That was him yesterday a lifetime ban from of vote for Donald Sterling can have nothing to do with the team. Also a two and a half million dollar fine so does the punishment fit the crime there was no crime committed you have to remember that. And in some instances you might say free speech even if it's reprehensible. Is is something we have to think about there for speech uttered in a private conversation that it was unbeknownst thing was being recorded. So there's a certain there's no empathy for him. There's no feeling sorry for him but you can understand how some people might have some questions about if it's justice for all it should be justice for all but I'm asking is the punishment fair for. What happen should the mistress be prosecuted. Absolutely. She tape recorded him in a state of California we're about his knowledge that's illegal. And then -- guts of the press either she senators David somebody else and they -- and that's the way it works she's been prosecuted. And I'd never let a good crisis go to waste and there are there on that I saw an earlier carpet Al Sharpton has some meeting schedule with the commission are pleased. Please of Al Sharpton and then Jarrett bell as a columnist for the USA today. Stubborn NFL National Football League needs a -- NBA's message and he says because of what happened there how could they let Dan Snyder. And they let him keep the Washington Redskins name. And so they're looking at as a foot in the door and opportunity wobbly wound is fresh to try and do that -- your opinion moments ago. Let's go to John and alma John here on WB yeah. Hi good morning also the personable I think the right of a lot of -- Saturday. You know what I realize that in baseball in now. You know football they have different bylaws you know what -- I think should be. If it's if someone like yeah lake George I'd rather it was in the civil situation Robert -- towards the patriots. Or Jerry -- school cowboy news. Or even a late Jerry bought one lakers if this had happened that I am the only wouldn't be fair trial polls is kind of stuff. A light pipe band against George Steinbrenner Jerry bought. Well -- December -- get a lifetime I thought Steinbrenner did get a lifetime ban as I'm not a huge baseball drama that was my on the -- because of political contributions. I don't know while. I don't think it would be -- Patriot. Yeah that's a good part or Jerry Jones is solely the cowboys if if they had done that they obviously haven't but it. Yeah I I think that he is being singled up he's the longest tenured owner of the NBA. And -- maybe they just fell because of the intensity of heat on this issue that it's just couldn't. Play out any other way but I don't know if he got an injustice what he did was wrong but was he treated fairly is a question -- we can discuss. What it. Sounds like entrapment may I'll tell you that. And grind against him. And and she should absolutely be prosecuted because you talk about a slippery slope. I mean anybody now -- as any public persona and any money gonna have to start frisking down their girlfriends which would be the worst thing. To make sure they're not wired. Remember if you remember a few years ordeal of the Cincinnati Reds march now she'd comment about to burst. All African American players shoot all my million dollar and urged -- yeah well. And -- a short. While they force third -- they ostracize her so much as she held up for a couple of years but then eventually she had to go away what happens is if you isolate the owners enough. A lot of what they own a team four is. These socialization. And the public purse on the bush moves your friends -- -- if you cut that off and it just becomes an investment. They lose interest in Ari thank you John. They lose interest in our. Has ever called George Steinbrenner had a a problem with the making a campaign contribution. Something like that and that he faced the -- I don't know the outcome of that as simply because I don't follow baseball -- intently. But was oh it was also -- treated properly. Or not yes or no but it sure is that in today's society especially with the advent of social media. Where you don't have to even go to a reputable. Place like a broadcast facility or maybe a newspaper. And get them to print something or or announce something now social media anybody can post anything about anybody. And that's the way it is and if it's illegal it's illegal. Why should she skate on this when that I he's going down the tubes in flames I'd like to know the answer to. Let's go to Linda in Amherst lend you on WB yen. Call me and al-Qaeda she. Definitely hit an ax to grind no wonder she was under way out. The job may be the ability now and because. You just don't do you don't do -- -- somebody she was sued by the ex wife for two million dollars because she wanted. Of the Lamborghini back and stuff apparently given a lot of gives some suggested the last time we did the subject. Maybe she was in cahoots with the white for a month before filed for divorce and maybe this would make at a slam dunk divorce and -- could be a part of that. I'm I am lamp and now the white. Is confident about it where they -- coercion with when there mistress. And at the tour Obama are nailing a guy. I mean maybe we don't know that's what a -- suggest that. Maybe they have a card something in common we both screwed Bedard. Well. They did but who's gonna hurt in the long run. Well he's gonna get hurt in the long run because maybe if the mistress was on the way out or she wanted to now. Right end and said went to the -- -- lord let's bygones be bygones. Here's a way for you to get an even bigger payout. In years for me to get something let's work on it together. And she went public knowing what would happen -- what kind of firestorm this would be but that's strictly speculation -- was not even mind it was a listeners. Yeah you know I don't think there's anybody out there -- is gone ahead. And made a racist comment of some sort in a private conversations. There is no got there and there is absolutely no reason why a girlfriend should tape record of boyfriends. It's hard meeting and say that -- easy once you sort of -- the conversation it's obviously for no good. Exactly. And she should be prosecuted subsidy ex wife and you know I feel sorry for them man. Well -- he and then he -- these guys personally all these years. Job debate debate -- -- they produce revenue forum he paid them because they could sell tickets in the selling tickets goes into his pocket that help pay them so it's their business together. -- -- -- and the bottom line is I'm probably sure they've made a comment about the owner. And at what that night. All I'm sure that that's happened throw -- all we've done a hero -- -- If you can't -- -- joke it's the end of America and luckily for us we have agreed here. So again that's a target rich environment. -- -- -- -- Now when you -- I've been doing boss jokes my whole career. If you can dual botched joke it's the end of the world as far as its. And if -- Boston you can take a botched joke that meant well the things that were set against you were real. I mean that's just the way it works folks you've got to have a fixed get in this business. My skin is about 300 pounds usual and that's a little on the light side 80393018061692. -- six star and I but it will be back with your calls the -- of the basic questions. Donald Sterling as a punishment banished for life course he's 81. So that's not exactly a fifty year dale. But. And were asking if the punishment fit the crime he committed no crime you have to remember this. His speech may have been respectable. His speech you may not have agreed with -- -- at all and it could be so a lot of -- you can receive that from here. But it wasn't illegal you have to remember that. And should the mistress be prosecuted you know it's funny as she wanted that somebody illegal. And I find that amazing that nobody is talking about anything going on with her. But everybody's talking about what one -- him. And that Dan Snyder of the year Redskins now they're seeing a a target rich environment. Now's your chance the goal for -- the first shot across the bow is by Jared -- today's USA today. Saying that the NFL should listen to the NBA. And make Dan Snyder changed the name Margaret have a team or whatever so they see an opening and they are going for it will be back now. Two of us. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA you have -- we care. With a story like this the Donald Sterling story because it's one thing to be happy with the outcome. Which you have to make sure that your that it is real you know shortcuts are taken. Because it's easy to root against somebody perceived as the bad guy but the same rules apply to everybody. And so if -- indeed -- a shortcut. Is taken in any kind of a deal like this. Nobody nobody really wins totally you might win partially -- not totally and in this case yeah. Donald Sterling sound like -- in him muscle on know what we have. What he said there was no front. And the NBA was very sensitive about that the American public very sensitive about that. And indeed. He he is going to pay a big price and the -- is not not in the to a half million dollars the price is the he's been ostracized. In and a and set upon as as a buffoon and full whatever that's the big prize and even though still owns the team. I don't know how long that'll last he still owns that but he can have nothing to do it so it's like owning something on paper. Is have you ever bought a stock and you -- -- a couple of vote. You know a couple of stock certificates. It it doesn't really do much for your on -- dated -- basis you know what's there. And it's either worth more or less the same whatever but not the same and being. Cut off from your team can't go on -- team playing tag on -- road -- can only arena and go to Iowa. A team much function can do anything with the NFL at all. And so somebody will have to run that team form unless they get on the cell. -- that's the deal and that I guess now as the story changed a little bit the bylaws say three quarters of the governing body. If they you know vote them out he's gonna have to divest himself of that property he remind you is the he is the longest tenured owner in the National Basketball Association. Let's go to our Gary Williams -- -- on WB yen. -- It's our Gary and Gary is not there are Gary it was there I think he's in India and now I'm getting the area. Notice that I -- it ever make it into place splitting. I was not funny but -- Actually it was a good at all but so why am I taking credit for why not give -- credit well. Is the punishment fitting the crime here there was no crime committed. I think the the second question is rarely the primer on should the mistress be prosecuted. I'd like there's light somebody them make their case and tell me why she should be prosecuted I'd like to note that since when does somebody have the right to tape record -- -- a private conversation without your knowledge by the way and indeed. Gets leaked to the press that's a mystery how does that happen. When's the last time guys when is the last time. That through your girlfriend tape recorders. Probably never. Can I have hands on this raise your hand if you -- secretly recorded your boyfriend or -- for. OK I don't see him you raise your hands if you tie them up with a rope OK we go that's -- And let's -- Gary again -- on WB. -- -- Is you'll have a different perspective on this so I'm going down the same path that you were just going down. -- we'll let mr. sterling spoke. War. Very very horrible. But. They were serious private works. There were spoken and private. They were his spots they may be able he believes. They may be what it is delusional mind came up with that moment. But they were this private thoughts. Are ask a question. Have you ever had a private brought. That you would never say and public. I think everybody had absolutely ever had a like OK I'll go public -- this one aren't. Tony I just love a longer more calls. See that's a private -- Gary I usually don't say things like that but I've always found -- your calls -- welcome. We now. Right. Or are well that's the sad part and even Kareem Abdul Jabbar brought that up he was okay -- -- what happened but he said. He's a little nervous now about is this the future of America. Because we have a right to have our private thought he wasn't advocating any violence against anybody any kind of punishment against anybody. He was just explaining through hurt his girlfriend as as missile wine business thoughts work. His own personal of thoughts and and she was betraying him by recording amendment sending it to -- you tell me about her. I'll give you another one in the why have someone finds someone's diary. And releases. And publishers that good at -- that's an excellent one because. That's where people put. Jail for what -- punished for what you well. Is that the same thing here. The it is I don't think that'll happen to like the diaries have those released its thirty locks on them. Who could ever. Forget everything open and -- I'd drive over my sister's diary once. I used the radio paper clip and it didn't work so get on a safe cracker what -- our government. I'll -- the job and Gary brings up a legitimate point. Is do we have no private thoughts anymore he thought you know what the next step would be -- -- start sending thinks that the media. -- SS anyway here about this confession. The odds I'm sending MT MC will be back up service. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 in our toll free line is 1806169236. I'm really glad that the tape came out. I'm really glad that it's public. Because. When a person not take it right back to the house. When a person who was trying to get -- they don't have a tree when when they're discriminated against I'm really glad. That is so reverend various projects. Very well known obviously hadn't and he is on the yeah. The City Council as well -- talking about what we're talking about today. Donald surely got the ultimate technical file follow from the NBA a lifetime ban for his his statements. Recorded by his girlfriend without his knowledge. And so yeah -- -- while he's ever was reprehensible and still open a Neanderthal and throwing any adjective you want. But I also have a question about whether the the punishment fit the crime there was no crime. It the only crime that we know of so far in this whole thing. Besides bad taste which is an actionable. Is in besides a screwed up mind which also is an actionable. Is effective veto a -- girlfriend tape recorded him without his knowledge that's illegal in the state of California it's illegal in most states. But nobody's talking about prosecuting -- I think they should. It should she be prosecuted not always -- table more out of gnawing at suddenly magically. It got to the would be Internet -- to EMC. -- surprised that is I wonder how it got there. By carrier pigeon no she made sure it got there for reasons yet unknown. So we're asking should you be prosecuted absolutely. And then yeah I go back crisis go out go to waste. -- Jarrett bell who is a columnist of for US candidates today. Talks about something had nothing to do with the NFL I would be NBA it's the NFL. Is that now is -- time obviously because the iron is hot. And because people are sensitive to this right now and it's the top -- -- our mind. -- -- clamp down on Daniel Snyder who owns the Washington Redskins and get him to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something else. So whether you agree -- or not it just seems like this is the way it works. If somebody says something -- you don't like or is generally despicable. He's trying to put them out of business you -- Rodham out of town just like the old days in the old west. And though when the iron is hot you got to reach out as quickly as you can Al Sharpton will be on TV with him. Within minutes within hours and he's already said imprint that. He has some talks schedule where it. The NBA commissioner. Chris got a lot of action on FaceBook today wanted to give me a couple of it. It's this one comes from David he says I understand the slippery slope argument for the NBA is acting in its own best interest sponsors were already dropping his comments were black eye for the league so something had to be done. Well regarding -- the all armed. The he was losing sponsors and if these is tried to stick it out he probably knows all of the sponsors the question is who want to play forum. He would have probably marginal players who couldn't make it anywhere else and were forced to our camp believing they end up with -- an all white team. And so that's not rational reasonable so besides losing any kind of contact with the team any kind of enjoyment of owning the team. What would -- do a whole lot of team if you had no sponsors and no players and what would happen what would happen you know -- -- -- cause its interest thing the bylaws always have a you know they always have a good welfare cut a deal for the for the league. When you join a league you have to go by what they say RV a proper road. Procedures and rules and whatever and they are spelled out and oftentimes. The idea they would be perhaps even more prohibitive -- -- -- process. Now what he said didn't break the law. But it may have put them all over the by over what the bylaws say are acceptable behavior so whether everybody beneath recorders though. I I think that. If they did get it to a vote. And anybody voted against -- I think they would be the next targets. If Mark Cuban for -- who -- understands that what the guy said was wrong. But also has questions as as I think any thinking person would have. About the propriety of doing it like this -- within a tape recorded phone call that is illegal. I think that anybody who voted against expelling him or getting him to sell would be a pariah. So that's the way it'll be -- -- all blow -- comfortable with this I'm comfortable with this he's got to be really careful. Because. Every. Every slide start somewhere and this might be a slide to individual. Private thoughts and private freedoms the freedom to be an idiot basically you have that freedom it's not. Illegal to be an -- Let's go to. Because we will write the laws that are the same way they would write the laws against themselves. Oh into longer failure on W via. But in this particular case I -- -- -- -- I think you have to tell somebody that there are being recorded. And I think that the court is working on something like this with cellphones where you know an officer -- -- -- your cell phone and downloaded. And find out who you thought that there you have been but in this particular case I think. If he does take it to court I wonder if it will be thrown out. Because she did not alum I'm recording this. You know that's a good point you hit the nail right Obama had the Supreme Court is discussing cellphone use right now. I you know no matter what the bylaws say. They they would be trumped by the US constitution at least one last I checked so if he decided to fight that. But what cost if he had no sponsors and had no players and have a second -- third rate team -- hoosiers of that it's only recently goods and well what kind of victory what do you have I think we're in a dangerous position right now in America. Yeah I mean it into the privacy. You know -- made statements like you mentioned the other day. You might think things and yet there are people comedians where they have a liberty. Expands liberty that they whatever and you'll Merkel and but in a particular case where you think you're now. Even watch or listen to. I mean it's it's an information society and people make money -- when he NF ER and even. The Imus said -- is as good as the Internet is as good as the instant communication is it can also come back and bite your misses -- good example of a thank you -- It's a good example that there are certain times when you have expectations of privacy certainly if you were -- confessing your sins in the Catholic Church. You know that -- the -- listening to Google's gonna gradually add solution. -- are gonna go anywhere beyond that except to the great decider in the sky but it's not going to be -- -- -- Buffalo Bills and it's -- not going to be pentium is a. One could also assume. That your girlfriend or your boyfriend is not recall you know. Without you knowing that there is somebody give me an example. A one positive thing that can come out of that. What is she putting together a special verbal birthday card for dale and you -- use your own words no she's doing it for a reason. And I think that we should be allowed to -- Call for sure I think anybody that enters its rules should be difference I think we should go in the front office of the ladies organ a front office to make sure that our conversations have not -- recorded. Yeah I think it's our constitutional right -- -- and I remind me of clemency Janet Snyder tomorrow. While she's on the air before our show to make sure she's not recording anything I might -- in the hall what do you think. I think that that's that's a fair that's a fair way to do. And then we government is still all male yes and from there we go to offensively. Or go to a bad idea of 107. And in and check her -- make sure that nobody's -- let's make the -- that we've got to do what the right thing -- you can now. Will be back after this -- there. Accordingly. Effective immediately. I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. I heard that Thurman Thomas was Maria commercial for how to manage your money that was in the last thoughts and I was writing it down because obviously. I wanna do it like Thurmond and it's making notes due personal my first thing to do is to. Become a hall of fame NFL player I've got that down I -- Tuesday is available for -- they go work and then from that it's easy. You know just make the hall of fame and a big huge star do the best ever to do what you're doing and then the rest of its -- Oh got to -- next time you see -- thank them for that has got me thinking about it. You know why can't I be a hall of fame NFL player that's -- As Leo that money's not a hall of fame radio personality well that's sure I have something he doesn't have -- and he has something I don't have a good bank account. Our Chris a couple of FaceBook entries. Ways this is from just and he says the creation of stepped in and all the statements were made in private. And were in no way related to the league therefore it wasn't their place the -- You know the more you see this you'll understand that people feel good it's something dramatic was done. As opposed to turning your head in keeping business as business. We understand that. But what you got to understand is you can't you can't be partially in favor of justice. Just this has to apply even on the outcome isn't what you like it's still has to apply. If a cop gets a confessional about Moran dies in the guy and a guy gets to walk because he wasn't Moran guys. That's the way it goes that's vote the way the law states in the -- states in California but you're not not allowed. Two tape record somebody without their permission now certainly know that and radio. Because he used to be in the old days that you can do funny phone calls and things like that you call people up and in the bureau joke around with and you recorded and -- the hundreds day -- You know where from here here here. And you win a fabulous prize and that was that can't do that and more amenable to a prolonged. You know is partially responsible for that seriously. I'm not making this up. As the FCC considered it. Dan never yes. Yes that's -- never mind that's -- is absolutely true. So weak and deployed as we had do. Inform people at the beginning of the conversation. That we were from a radio station so -- it nobody does anymore 'cause it would work like that got it. Well she was supposed to inform him that she was recording him she didn't. She's legal she did an illegal act which led to this. Now you Tomei as happy you are that somebody who has. Our Greg came out of the closet over any other term you wanna use regarding racially. Insensitive a speech. You may be happy about that but you can't be too happy about the fact of how it was done. Because it could happen to you want to think about this one of the earlier callers said -- Gary from Israel. Said don't we all have something that we don't want made public of course we go. Everybody does. And if we start doing this you're gonna be suspicious of everybody you're ever around are they recording me -- -- saying something I don't wanna see repeated. That's why it was social media for instance. I I've said this and I'll stand by I have never sand. Any thing online. That couldn't be published on the front page of buffalo so screw that's just the way it is and that's the way it's always -- -- because you just don't know where it's gonna go you just don't. -- Question is is will he be able to turn around he obviously he doesn't need the money. But in an effort to ruin her sue her for this and leave her Bancroft trust -- rely. Well that's a good point but what she got. And that's the whole point CO what you got his first point in the -- he's got to do what he graver. So that's that but the intriguing part. Was when a listener said listen there's no this is just the listeners imagination. His wife Shelley file for divorce a month ago. She also -- this girl offer two million dollars trying to get back some of the lavish gifts that were bestowed because California is a community property state. All right and so he was buying her gifts and all or part of that money was there as. I mean is divided it truly is so she shot -- get it back but as somebody said. What if in this and make a good movie of the week. What if the wife and the mistress were in cahoots. What if the mistress went to the life or the wife went to the masters as a -- We both have something in common -- this guy. Why don't you record -- blah blah blah let's get something out there. And eight the wife would benefit greatly in any kind of a divorce settlement because of his name would be mud. And the -- -- girlfriend would because she get part of the deal with a wife I mean it's Arnold -- set up. That's -- that's a magic setup. That's a magic Johnson's setup where it would make -- a great book the adventures of the Magic Johnson much of -- like that's gonna -- to work on yeah thank you but yes somebody suggested that a there obviously it's a figment of somebody's imagination let's hope it is. But wouldn't that be some kind of book. The fabulous at. I I'm not happy with the way it happened Donald Sterling. Maybe it was necessary bed for some way shape reformists give out but you know. The sued before they should've seen this Baylor. I was very well known and very well respected sued them he lost that's -- but among the things he said is that the clippers were on like a plantation. And that's that the most of the term CEOs. And so if you think I don't like that what's changed them and that somebody also said. If you really dislikes blacks like that and mrs. imagination -- but if you think about it. What better thing to do -- band aid aid you get from him on a draft choice. They're yours now you pay them for their labor which revealed -- different but then if they don't perform the way you want you get the ship tomorrow. There's almost like a plantation business that's Elgin Baylor says now he lost that so. But people who should've seen it coming will be back -- more -- -- and I'm thirty W via.

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