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4-30 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How all of his region governor and I'm sandy beach which was not here yesterday he's here now all right Tony and one day you -- -- You missed an important meeting we had a meeting on from now on Entercom is -- taking a cue from the buffalo school system. And our pubic hair has to measure it quarterly basis the next car. Make sure that we are mature enough to do the job I'm saying it's. How they measure. The measure because. It take a ruler. Use a laser pointer from. -- -- I don't bureaucrats are because you're out fighting. -- -- seller you know try to keep the water out. A couple of the yeah there's nothing worse than -- seeing how futile it is to try and outmaneuver water. Water always wins -- almost doesn't matter what you -- He could have a Hoover Dam and water still -- eventually can't it's the only thing we have absolutely no control over we can diverted here little bear. We can hold up but when water wants to show up water shows up so what happened. -- -- -- basically -- and today woke up at 5 o'clock in here that's when -- ago if he has got your partner pumped up before the dead dead and douse -- plug did today and plug it back in seemed to be fine and then a little bit later -- we started up again. And -- Jeannie was having me this elective surgical procedures or mother took her to the hospital I take nick to schools like come back in. Is Samantha -- -- happen and I hear water odds are good you are underwater and then when it happened was on the has some -- he's got the piping common op. And there's a check valve in the middle of the it will that split OK it was sending water all -- Water from coming back down right went -- and -- moved into the house them in now we weren't in their two months. When we get them over put the boxes in the cellar. I'm figuring not not to clog up the whole -- -- that we guarantee him a little bit of time but there was a lot of boxes and they're packed aren't. Two months into living there the pump just broke it broke at a -- water I remember I missed a show that. Now I mean I I don't water on the brain I am so focused on water I have an industrial palm. In the in the hole plugged in industrial -- designs at the pump bottle lake okay. Followed by a back up Obama's section. -- so it doesn't even need electricity. All right. And I have a brand new pump blocks along one hole is high. I just ready to go now if if it fails is in God's hand yes I mean there's nothing more I can do I cannot do anymore than that but it's always in the back your mind. Yes it is and I keep -- give back to. The immortal words of sandy beach it was a lot more fun being in a rancher was an. -- I think it's right because I. Always say -- yeah that's still army yesterday. Well I opened the door just left the screen door close and a couple coffee and watch it through meanwhile I'm looking is intrigue -- -- follow my house and have my going to be flooded what's going to happen are the animals coming in too -- too I'm not really shore. So that is as big managed to renting if you if you -- you simply call the guy you rent from a say okay. A -- -- in my house or whatever you have a problem you're a real problem is watering your basement. -- and leases that in a good friends from -- came mountains they've. Yeah they did a fantastic grapple with are they really are in -- very professional. Come into everything you know nomads and bank hero Harrison thank you very much on you you did you -- the good days ago we we have via the the -- -- why we talked to via. Manager Jim Howard movie that was -- have a good show. Now. Let's see what's going on got a couple of things going on here on to advise -- to what else and everybody loves Willie. -- -- -- Willie. He's 81 this week is a question on what his actual birth date is. But everybody thinks that it's this week for sure. And he received his fifth degree black belt. In the martial arts of not I'm gonna say this wrong you're martial artist and -- so many variations of martial arts -- He got his fifth degree. Black belt in gong Kwan you soul. -- -- Now and then and it would scare people off my guess is it's a form of -- through and -- karate -- there it's gone GO NG. -- KW oil and gong on you why you console as you well that's about a second to. Would it be just easier to say karate or come fool or whatever it is well he I didn't know it was a martial artist. How would even find the opponent amongst all the smoke and definitely -- know he's out there somewhere. I just a couple of kicks and -- that he's back and feel anybody hitting them know exactly that's that's a good thing. All right in Lincoln Nebraska. Is this is something you try and stay in shape. Yeah he would try and work out maybe your runner somebody always has to spoil the party. In Lincoln Nebraska. Christopher Jackson. Is 28 years ago was sentenced to jail. For groping or slapping the back sides of women jogging on the city jogging trail -- Or go -- Assuming that they'd be running in the same direction of bank. As you go by because of that going in the other direction if -- order a crime issue. How would you you'd have to really time your slap. On the to be back to a slap -- because you probably missed I think they have to be in front of view and you going a little bit faster speeds Monday and as you go by. It's instead of putting a directional on get much slap on the -- bush well he's going to jail for itself. Not a good idea you mean he wasn't trying to help the runners I think he was trying to spur the mine you know what I mean -- that you've -- about pat on the back this is a pat on the whatever they do in football -- We have back and say yeah I did in football out Britt remembered fingered election. Ever paired tickets though the BP well. How would you like to go to the you know the school are. There are tickets soon though the scores Columbia tomorrow as matter of fact. At 7 o'clock at Klein has the value is fifty dollars general conscious rules apply call 64498 -- five now. Take a -- random. The third a series of UWB and BP -- no to score -- casual evening designed to merge with music with a start behind it. Bring the audience closer enhanced with multimedia. Afterwards mingle with the BP well -- hang around with our hang around with via the cymbal player -- -- have -- July. As a -- player will be a crescendo in the music and then those short close up and and it just bang via cymbals together and that's that. That takes a great deal of skill you know I mean our timing which you know they they rehearse. The other instruments and a whole lot more complicated in the symbols and you know anybody there grows up and says. You know one. I'd love to play the symbol nobody not nobody puts Smith was one of the few that that aspired to and and did his whole life playing the tuba which its estimate like. If we're going to pick an instrument I'd pick something a little more mobile something I could carry with me at the flu jab that toolbar on a plane on a bus or getting in the -- that never made much sense to me plus he can and even home to -- songs. And -- it was traumatized as a kid with a comic tubby the tuba. Both local local because I was the guy to award the balloon seat pajamas and I was tubby the tuba and I took it personally. You to -- -- the BBO and maybe even get to know the tuba player and enjoy food and beverages tickets available of the field dot org will take a break will be back Lamar -- beach -- company. Chris Johnson amazes me on how much he knows about hockey. Every day when I listen to under the sports. I who knows more about hockey that he does they it's physical trauma question about that playoff game last night. And -- a job and as a well -- the goalie problem him eight. Which amount is amazing because he was up all night though with a sore throat but he had a fried breakfast that worked out on the practice that it. This stuff about hockey I remember a lot of very good memory it's how I got through college and I just remember stats in various and I injuries plus I get asked questions -- makers are your major exporters -- guys whose names none of us can -- And you do a good job mom you were great in the Olympics where there were a lot of strange names in strange -- sometimes where -- really do we name I have to YouTube. It had a right and then you know practice that a couple times and wanted to on -- solid polished professional -- -- tell you something. I've -- it's a long time and here's my here's my suggestion. When you don't know how to pronounce his name -- okay -- and people are not listening to radio station with headphones on. So are your views say his name is probably don't know people logo is part followed. Norm knows nobody but that's -- -- So that's the way it goes mumble or are kind of slide through it because people always say what if he's not really sure rabies make a noise like. Got a radio battles not. You make your -- static they're young and there are times where unknown perhaps that you can't get around that. I I've gone news one day in my whole life and awful and not a buffalo in my career Monday. They asked if I would do some knows after my disc jockeys on -- -- okay. Why not but. Have the right attitude toward knows. Idea is to me -- -- can hardly wait to see what funny thing I can make out of -- or somebody's got to goofy name whatever. Well though unfortunately for me. The David they ask me to -- knows. The archbishop. Of. Novo Chicago died so that was the lead story. And unfortunately I didn't quite get the word. Bishop all of right I kind of slower -- Input bad word and not intentionally it just was there and that was the last time tested windows. Across. And -- I got it down in the newscasts after that one. And there was a guy with -- impossible name now Chris you would have raised it but now I'm looking at it. I don't evolves and is -- Holland and how -- -- -- as so I'm I'm in the newscast and I see the name I had a -- and I have practiced that but. It went right out the window practicing -- And I asked on the air how my expected to pronounce this name. Well if you're in the -- business that's not acceptable so that was it they should know maybe just a disc jockey stuff will be -- thank you very much all that's. Right. You've seen any a roster. Fifteen minutes before you go on the air and you have to do names that you may have new idea how to pronounce the that's exactly right and sometimes. You go down in flames what you learned something from a when I was going to radio school in Boston the Boston Garden. I was broadcasting school obviously. Allowed anybody that wanted through that was thinking of becoming a sportscaster. From from the from the local broadcasting schools. They would allow you to come to the garden and -- and a in the Loge and overseas. The via. The floor right. And bring your own tape recorder and you can call the game only calling for you to ever order but you're actually there in the Boston Garden this was a Celtics game and Celtics were kicked in past they were beating everybody. So -- cut. Really interest and an ending a sportscaster but I think you'll be interest in -- tries. So I went there and I've forgotten -- applying anarchy the mine basketball's only five on five I can't imagine going hockey okay. I started in the if I started calling the game. And would be before the first quarter was out a -- -- It is as is way too hard so I have a great respect for people who do play by play caller -- as well. But it's it was it ever -- and I'm thinking guys like Jenrette who do hockey. Almighty god it's so fast summit lunch is back and forth and it's almost an impossible Smart. I follow basketball to be easier to do play by play in football. Really get -- or others as -- at a slower and you can memorize the numbers and plus there's there's more things involved with a single play go wide receivers you go blockers you get the quarterback you got. Yeah you -- a lot of things with basketball it's basically pass shoot jump -- I mean there's not a lot more beyond that but -- stuff -- he described the movement and -- animals going and then you hope your -- guy deceive you with the lot of -- information if you guys had to make you know living in play by -- what sport -- -- football for me football real baseball baseball all the bad guys at all. Which -- tell some stories. In fact when I was a kid watching baseball it was solves. -- Although pitcher Egypt for the ros and you put Raza has man in Iraq. -- affects his extra happy isn't getting a refreshment that starts a bonfire in the outfield maybe. Between every match between every pitch. At it's a notoriously. Superstitious. So if he just throw a strike. The odds are gonna do the same eggs things he did before the pitch when he threw the strike and -- Move on and at one point I think baseball just said we -- BO faster -- -- and they cut down along that Stefan how it is most pretty quickly. But boy in the old days it was walls. If if I had the collar sport it would probably be basketball. Because. It's it's it's I think -- simpler game to call because of fewer players yet but it's -- it's -- -- -- and a those guys are. Tremendous athletes guys play basketball there really are just like a weapon have to do they have all the athletic moves in the world. And they don't have a lot of time in between place to catch their breath or whatever and you don't see any guys that are fifty pounds overweight playing basketball. You just don't see. So noise you know in in football but most tackles can be the size of a building that's okay they'll have to move to -- forward. Not that I wanna move into before toward me about restaurants there. I have the body of Jerry craft and I think he's still looking report. That about wraps up a fabulous monologue and elegance of a serious stuff after this under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. -- WD and wherever you go with a WBE an iPhone app powered by the final out let the best in fence railings index. I'm not. As region gotta have savvy age you may again be the topic today I like that chastised. The media for a moment if you don't mind I don't usually beat up on the media. Because it's tough job and things have to be done and sometimes done quickly and and and because of that. Mistakes happen. When we first learned about the clippers story we have the Donald sterling and what they have on tape on them. There were things that were published universally. I probably had five or six different articles by different writers a regarding the subject and among the things they agreed on. Was that -- The fine the maximum fine bit that he could faces a million dollars OK and then somebody said that MSNBC said. All day there was five million dollars OK so all of France said a million dollars MSNBC said five million dollars. And the fine was two and a half million. OK that's that it also said that because the bylaws. Of the -- of via NBA. They can't force him to sell because no crime was committed they can't force him to sell they can make things hard forum. They can make things different probably can't force them to -- And that what we -- now. Well all of a voter three quarters of the board of governors they can force him out so I mean I -- they get it right the first time because when a story I don't argue but when a story breaks. About at the NBA I don't have a copy of the bylaws. I I I did not I have the opportunity to read the -- laws. And when the press is in agreement on what the bylaws say. You tend to OK I'll believe that they are there up running the same thing so they're probably getting it from. The NBA a publicity blacks and there is and then -- wrong. You guys run into this much especially Europe. Especially with sports you run into information that. Everybody's saying it isn't correct. Yes -- in knots yeah each year get everybody agreeing on something in sports or everybody's saying something differently that'll happen in terms of like the contract Tamils made three years four years and you know don't listen you know. I just remember anything about contracts and the only numbers that matter in a conference for sure are the guarantees numbers. The rest they could say he's got a thirty million dollar contract for the next ten years and three million miles a year. A bottomless -- guarantee. It doesn't turn out that way many times. Are you find out that a portion of its guarantee and some some contracts don't have much or guarantee I'll get a signing bonus but not a guarantee. So when you hear about these countries I know it's notoriously. True in media. When you hear about somebody getting a fabulous conflict and media. The only number that counts is how much of its guarantee because by and large the the person in media. De commit themselves to the media company for so it's a five year contract. For five years OK I will work for you for five years and I can't leave. Got it okay. What happens the other way. Their only committed to be on talent personality. In in NB seriously months. -- three months ninety days every ninety days it comes operational. And so what that contracts as is that if if you are here during this term this is actually -- So when you hear about contracts while other sports conference or conference. It's it can be very misleading. And guys who are novices in this building get caught anonymous building and his business. It caught all the time with stuff like that. They'll say yes we're offering -- the gazillion dollar contract. Of course is only guarantee for today after today we after -- and every 24 o'clock. So all of our countries but yeah -- everybody speculates I'm sure the agents. Put -- a different number than the owners if they do put on the number and via. That the unions have different numbers that -- different government. In sports are all big numbers so they are big numbers that don't get a lot smaller but in many cases they do. All right so having said that though what do we learned since we last talked about Donald sterling and day at a most over. And -- -- mine I'm not to give you the first one to say this but isn't it strange that you have guys with sterling and sober. Are going head to heads -- -- overseas. Via headline just made in heaven but anyway he has been banned. Because -- -- what we've been talking about some -- for life. And if you think about it that is the suggestion that I made. -- you know these a lot of them they make their money before sports nobody comes in -- sports for. You don't owner team a franchise for you Marty got money from somewhere else and then -- got richer. And that's the way it works. But -- but the bottom line is with a guy like this. He's he's long he was the longest tenured guy in the NFL like and realize in the NBA I realize that. Heard them before there's no reason we would we would -- he was but so he has. He's been banned for life. Which is exactly what we said many times guys have these teams so they -- votes they can show their corporate friends today you wanna sit right next to the bench no problem you automate our star no problem. You want I -- can be a birthday party. Over candles out -- Up on. And that's a big part of what they do I said if you take away. All of these -- aspects of owning a team it wouldn't be attractive to a lot of owners in other words if they can't go to the game. If they can't be dealing in the business of the of the team if they can't travel on the team plane check into the team hotel go to a team practice facility. If they have nothing to do that they might as well owns stock in General Motors. 'cause it's basically the same thing they're totally cut off and that's what he got. He got -- lifetime ban from the NBA he was also finds -- a two and a half a million -- through two and a million dollars. He's worth nearly two billion dollars -- free one -- two and a half million dollars would not be a fun day at the beach but for him probably not a big deal. But I think a big deal is is that -- -- we have several questions to ask the first one. Is does the punishment fit the crime. Keep in mind that's a term we use but there was no crime committed. We want to stress that while he said was reprehensible. What he said was to me. Stone age. But it wasn't illegal and so you have to remember that so he's been virtually dressed down totally and you talk about public humiliation. There are people who don't think it's a good idea to put some. Somebody was committed a crime against the your community in stocks in the public square. But this guy has been totally humiliated. Not that he doesn't deserve that I'm certainly not setting a form what I'm saying. That does the punishment fit the crime that's the first one. The second one. I think you'll find very thing I hope so otherwise go home early today. We'll take a break we'll be back remote region company under his right and I'm thirty we are double. -- Shortly after the release. Of an audio audio recording this past Saturday morning. Of a conversation that it allegedly included. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The NBA commenced an investigation. Which among other things included an interview a mr. sterling. That investigation. Is now complete. The central findings of the investigation. Are that the man whose voice is heard on the recording. And on a second recording from the same parks from the same conversation. That was released on Sunday. Is mr. sterling. And that the hateful opinions. Voiced by that man are those of mr. sterling. We've got the three basic questions that -- regarding the suspension for life. I'll -- Donald Sterling the Los Angeles Clippers. Owner at least current owner and that the NBA commissioner Adam silver. The big question is that the punishment fit the crime. There was no crime committed -- nobody's going to be charged. The -- certainly is going to be charged with a crime. He can recharge a lot of things stupidity among them but you can't be charged with a crime because there was -- program there was no. He didn't threaten anybody there was no hate speech although some might interpret as a so does the punishment fit what happened the second lining is very important. You know if -- going to seek justice. It shouldn't be there weren't seeking justice just for the guys we hate. Just the guys that are reprehensible. It's got to be justice for all. -- you know you've heard the expression. And I want to know if you think that this is justifiable. The mistress. Recorded the conversation between her. And him. Now first of all why would anybody record our conversation. Especially without telling the other party. And in California and in a lot of states it's illegal you can't do you broken the law so she broke the law in order to record a conversation. And when you follow the transcript of the conversation is she was really egging him on basically goading -- Getting more and more out of there he did not know he was being recorded. Now she recorded them. -- the recording mechanisms certainly wasn't on his phone. It was on whatever kind of phone she was using whether it was portable whether it was hard -- who knows but it was her recording of the conversation. And then suddenly. She quickly it got to the -- could ever happen and oh I've met -- and the press might cake recipe and instead I got this recording of the honor being racially insensitive. These things. And so -- she not only broke the law. By recording the conversation. She obviously. Leaked it to the press -- her lawyer says all she's not back girl Oreo you know girls that as a that's -- career and are there. She's 31 -- anyone there is slight difference. It's not love. It it it it. I mean it was Robert McCray she was robbing the rubber sheets. And so that's that's just the way it as another thing bill press -- said he was eighty. Yesterday he's become 81 unless it was his birthday so that -- -- government Mellon on -- So she recorded illegally the conversation and then. Obviously. She -- -- whether she handed it to somebody else to leak. Is immaterial it was her recording and suddenly go on there should she be prosecuted. And I'm thinking she should be prosecuted. Because. Bill. Even though all of the MBA names that you know I've said this is this is good we're glad it's done. We're -- now we can move on and blah blah blah blah blah. -- Kareem Abdul Jabbar was by the way the leading scorer in the history of the league. Also said he was happy with a punishment whatever. But he also mentioned that he disturbed by -- is this the future of America. Where conversations. That are private between two people who allegedly trust each other suddenly end up. On mass media and social media and you end up losing -- not everything you have in his case but a lot of what he has. And so he was concerned about that as well as you should be as well as I -- Even though we where OK with the results. How the results were obtained because look at the criminal justice system. You could have a guy say to a cop. Yeah I killed the guy killed so I'll be able curriculum last week here's what you'll find them their very here there and everywhere Bubba love Obama. And go to court without evidence and find out that our -- we can't accept that. He was not -- dies he was not informed that he had the right to remain silent and so you can't use that if you got something else that's fine but you can't use that. So here are. In in that kind of arena. Ball we bend over backwards to make sure that nobody's in trapped by the police miss -- entrapment can't do that. Or everybody has more -- dies we do all of that and yet the linchpin of which is all. I came down. Was an illegal recording. Illegal. In a private conversation between two people. And not I'm not made for power of for public consumption so nobody seems to care about that and I'm thinking. If you want justice for everybody got to have justice for everybody even the reprehensible. That's why -- give vote -- for guys wearing a Nazi insignia and somebody goes some punches him in the face. We got it goes up and vice president of he's going to be more trouble when the guy wearing an Athens and I weren't announcing that that's free speech the other is assault battery. So I mean you've got to be fair about this thing I and I'm not unhappy with the results but I'm saying should she be prosecuted Ab so -- -- Now the other thing I want to bring up because we'll have all three of -- will take our calls right after the top of the hour. Is though it was a Rahm Emanuel who says. Never let a good crisis go to waste you know former chief of staff for a Barack Obama now the mayor of Chicago well it happens everywhere look what I have in my hand. Jared Bell's column in the USA today. And they had eye and says stop or an NFL. Needs to hear NBA's message. And be just -- Jared Bell's column is today. We don't allow was Donald Sterling to to say those things and now he's lost all connection was bars. But one about this Daniel Snyder who won't change the name of his Washington Redskins name. So what they're what what what are happening now is. A rush it's an opportunity the doors open there was a crisis it's still fresh in everybody's mind let's go back after Daniel Snyder who I have no love for -- Way let's go after him now because we might get something else done. And so it's the usual stuff. -- -- three questions are. Punishment fit the crime although it's not a crime should the mistress the prosecutor absolutely. And Dan Snyder in the NFL Redskins is this a crisis and not letting go to waste they don't Treo not trio talked via the.

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