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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Debt Deal Done - Forestville Mayor Kevin Johnson

Debt Deal Done - Forestville Mayor Kevin Johnson

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- resolved that huge tax problem in forest ill and should talk a county residents you may remember were facing a 445%. Tax hike. Joining us on the WB -- lifeline is mayor Kevin Johnson a forest hill mayor good morning. Good morning it tell us so how you resolve this. Well the biggest thing that helped was the loan that we got from. State legislature. Earlier this month. Couple picture of 150000 dollars or for that alone and of the debt that we got in -- -- So we we managed to get bent down to a 112. Cent a bit of normal excellently. -- and you say it's alone in the 150000. Dollar loan now will that alone like all of the loans have to be repaid with money. Or are you doing this and exchange for getting the village of forest filled Oregon got in the village dissolved. We're paying alone. And in equal payments over the next five years. On a 3%. This artist's. Dissolving the village Bessie. Any concern or manner that would have to be voted on by the village it's not something we can just you know grounds. It one way why is there an effort to mister Johnson to -- the village of forest filled was almost behind that. While I kind of think that over the last -- years there's been. A lot of questions about oh the lady. Finances in the village had been handled and com I'm willing to answer those questions -- a sound financial plan for the village and for the future. Let us know one of 112%. Tax hike would be like for the average resident there. I'm well it's gonna go from five dollars and thirteen cents per thousand of those such -- And dollars and will be 87. Terror suspect. So other Texas there's kind doubling them. In general I'm a little more than Aaliyah. Most people. Happy with that at least the efforts being made to get it to the reduced I mean even though it's. You know not completely -- Yeah I think there's a bit but certainly a whole lot better situation than than 445%. So does that help the least we received which are coming in Vermont senator young has been -- very much appreciated I think by the residents of course so. And near a new mayor there right. And -- -- elected terms so far. Well it's not like -- a lot into it without knowing what was going on. I did I did have an idea. Of the problems is based on where then spend it -- not just something that we. Suddenly decided we had. All bonding we've been trying since last. December relates. And -- and well this is the best we can get at this point. It also sounds like you're going to. Stand up and a work to make sure that the village isn't -- right. Well we have sent me -- that the way to end the best -- -- as well as calm as at this point. There are so many things that we can do that we haven't done an aspect -- to be done. I can give those in the chance first to see Allah the -- Kevin we appreciate your time thank you for joining us. Thank you that's Kevin Johnson he's the mayor of forest hill and to talk accounting.

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