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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NBA Bans Clippers Owner - Raptors Broadcaster Jack Armstrong

NBA Bans Clippers Owner - Raptors Broadcaster Jack Armstrong

Apr 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a live line as we continue our discussion about LA clippers owner Donald Sterling. Jack Armstrong a broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors on the National Basketball Association. Also. Jack live right here in the buffalo area and basketball is whose life hey Jack thank you for joining us this morning good morning my pleasure beyond are you surprised in anyway about this punishment globally -- brought down on the Donald sterling and doesn't have to pay two and a half million dollars to the foursome was really who who does give the money to. Well there's no question he's gonna have to pay it because he owns the team is still to this point in time and other sanctions would be taken against this team if he didn't so. Obviously get the lifetime ban. But it's -- still has ownership of the team. So. That there's no doubt that the NBA acted swiftly and had to. Because I think they were facing player boycotts. It here in the playoffs. I'm not only for the -- from certain players but I think the entire teams. So this was a -- of major crisis. For Adam silver only had less than three months. Into his new job as a commissioner to servant for so many years as David Stern's that the commission so. I think he handled it as well as he can possibly handle at this stage of the game this held out based upon work of -- David Stern. They got all the work behind the scenes. I -- make sure that he has a three quarter majority. Among the owners to oust sterling but this is an action that need to be taken and this behavior was -- a clear repetitive nature this wasn't the first time. This is taken place with this guy and thankfully it's so it'll be the last. -- -- Magic Johnson. Saying that he'll never go to clippers game as long as sterling as the owner. Is this a big deal this comment. I would say it's significant particularly in the city of Los Angeles where. You know he's that I what and for the lakers franchise and now he's applaud owner of the Los Angeles -- it is very successful. African American business and I would say that's a major comment. And you know not only that but it resonates in in in the minority community and on top of that list with regard to the corporate community. And their support. Of the clippers soap and and this was an issue was well I mean let's not kid ourselves -- money talks and and he MBA reacted not only to all the racial issues. On top of that this financial issues and you know sponsors pulling sponsorships. With the clippers and you know what's coming next. National sponsorships. With the NBA's well if -- -- didn't act appropriately so I'd give them a lot of credit. Are again within the guidelines in the MBA. And the bylaws. He did about as much as you can do it one day and obviously the signature statement saying lifetime ban. That really resonates with a lot of people again if there's still a lot of issues regarding work group. And mr. sterling has shown a pattern of well being as someone who likes to. Go to to the legal system to settle things. But in my opinion and I'm sure they have already planned way ahead of that. And are gonna do everything possible to fight them tooth and nail. So what would have of the Donald Sterling showed up. At a clippers working on the practice or are evenly again what do they do called police. Don't appear immediately escorted by MB security out of -- and so law values is estranged wife and his favorably. They're more than welcome. Because this is -- against them this is against and so. They'll bottom line he can't attend anything with regard to the clippers can't have any connection with them whatsoever. An -- on top of that can send anything related to the NBA if he does. You could see this franchise being taken immediately from the surly there. -- good stuff Jack thank you for joining it is my pleasure have a great thank you Morgan tonight Deanna just -- five -- Toronto gets and that's a critical game tonight a lot of fun. Is it does that's interesting Freel and being a Brooklyn guy yourself frank. All it's been unbelievable. You go back to Brooklyn and I used the last 45 days and now. It's been quite a thrill. A point games in Brooklyn and at the same time people ask me you know loyal to the nets I should know the wrap this time I checked those loyalties to wake up. Jack thanks for joining us by pleasure Jack Armstrong as a broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA.

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