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Race Discussion - Rev Kinzer Pointer

Apr 30, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- let's start our discussion this morning on race relations and we welcome in studio kinds appoint her pastor of a company fellowship Baptist Church a community leader in buffalo. It will be joined shortly by the reverend Darius prince and the president of buffalo common council on -- to Bethel. Baptist Church. Reverend pointer thank you for coming in the morning it's a pleasure to be here it just picking up on the the end. Somebody we just heard from George Arthur for the board member of the NAACP. Can't we ever be completely race blind. Well. I think individually we'll make we'll make those decisions ourselves. On as -- society. On race matters and everything. For a lot of years we -- historically. We made an issue of race we've codify. In the past. That certain people on certain kinds. Social backgrounds. And and and racial backgrounds can't do this or can't -- that. And and then a lot of ways it looks like him. We're beginning to do about it the same things it failed in the past over again. And that's that's extremely tread on on every level. But I think that. It is asked would be. As human beings we made good decisions. About how we will receive an accent every other human being. -- wonder we begin by asking if this really sent him race relations in America. Is is an animation -- or as a par for the course for a guy -- doubles too because not everybody's. I don't think it's I think is simply symptomatic of the condition and we continue to find ourselves. And we certainly we we need to be mindful of that. That he's 81 years old. And he comes from particular air. Where he grew to maturity. Where those attitudes. Were readily accepted and worse than an arm. I'm and I know that people were saying well where where where sixty years from. The Genesis of this civil rights movement in earnest but the facts remain saying that people are the environments they grow up and and we need to be very very carefully craft different environments so that children. Aren't those same stupid. And say here's an older guy who's sort of set in his ways cities from the -- To. Summarize but you know most of the people he employees herbal. Well what's missing here I think there there is missing some cognitive development. I mean he doesn't connect the dots. On and he seems to think that. They'll work that. People do for him is out of his largesse. And that out of necessity to work together. Words to have business relationships. He seems to think that he stands as a position of -- Here he simply says and others go and do. I'm and he doesn't respect individuality. Or talent. Or gifts he doesn't respect in the distinct it is and make each of us unique. And.