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4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I wore us down upon you with great. If you go to the hole looked up moderately anxious and my brother. And welcome to the New -- yeah. If they are the extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Colin. Powell went up to. Now what about how lengthy and I've got covered up might come. It's live its local capital. Home. -- looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly and IQ. You have woes. Like orders. And 930 W yeah. All right we are talking about these sterling situation that the LA clippers lifetime ban two and a half million dollar fine and the commission has basically pass the ball to the other owners. And what you said is. It is up to the other owners -- three fourths vote of the other owners to force sterling to sell the team which I think is gonna happen. And I believe it is gonna happen because. The other owners do it -- wanna see the brand I eve the NBA damaged by sterling is continued presence whether or not he was set up. Whether or not we think this woman was. Even if I happen to think. She. She -- at -- I don't have a lot of use for. The fact is sterling is now a distraction. Sterling. Once the sponsors. I mean big money sponsors on the talk about the local car dealerships I'm talking about. The manufacturers. Start say to the NBA either this guy goes are we can't associate with the league if -- an order in the NBA I do not want that money train coming to an end. -- No and I got a target by weren't owner I would say but bottom. And it's about money one color money. Sports exists to make Monday. It's a business and the story. And the board of directors of the NBA AKA the owners. They will do what they conservative be in their best all financial interests. Our -- I get to the calls and a more what you have to say. And though rose is now Lancaster is withers rose Eric continued through. Enlighten. At sterling -- Donald Sterling. Was not our words and name from the -- -- leak out. Fishermen and out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we very but. They either. Court I don't know many people can. 70% roughly. -- -- would include. People. From which. -- -- -- -- Maybe that guy just is a racist I mean there's always that possibility. And I'm gonna tell you something okay how any and how do you ever know somebody's true heart. I don't have a problem with black people. You know what I'm saying it's like how do you ever know anybody true heart. Well the the the Romans had an expression. I've mentioned this yesterday in veto Veritas in -- there is true in other words give people -- few drinks and you'll understand from. Where there really coming. And in friendship and perhaps in the bedroom and then pillow talk there is true. And I think that this guy. Basically revealed his heart. To. His Bill -- and the rest is history. OKC a for a while. He has to -- the work -- That's not -- I would have ended the piece of sentence but the thank you knowing it on the radio. And she definitely. Is an evil person but my other. No harm OK we have black men on the court that -- at seven. Making money that you and I just threw out right. There on top of the food chain. Why. Would you care. What this guy that. I -- not that it like it that I don't care what people say about me about right here and where I'm I'm not I know who I am. They know what made you call me -- bringing in the -- I -- It was like -- boy who cried wolf. It's just too much time it's ridiculous nobody said anything about JP's alleged at the end it -- -- white people -- them. All of actually if people have talked about that I am gonna show on that that the people we talked about it. Really I didn't put anything yet they are terrible because it seemed like -- Minority can say what ever they want about other people but the -- get it on an like it's not not it's not. I'm not saying that it is. But I'm saying my -- people. Who own and just. But like -- more people playing. Against each other. This is political -- app in our idol and -- And President Obama he could've been that brought together and everything to tear apart well I don't have any need for that. Seek not your preaching to the choir because I have said that actually several times within the span of the past couple weeks that the one of the tragedies of Barack Obama is the fact that. He had a chance he could -- been the great uniter but instead he's shown his true colors no pun intended as soon as somebody who. Has his own agenda. And it is one of division. And divide and conquer it is an old strategy and I find it very ironic. And frankly I'm rather proud of the fact. That I have done more to bring people together. As a two bit radio talk show host in buffalo the the president of the United States of America and frankly I'm kind of proud of myself. And in you should be and -- to get some of your character. It's like guests who are concerned the area and -- you see people -- May god -- what should -- people to be human people. Whether they're gay or black market panic but what I offered a peek into -- -- -- a couple feet but this. I mean you racial problems for ever in the country. I mean I think Barack Obama a copper and you have hurt as much of the corner and you have a -- -- eight here. Howard -- It finally -- I mean it's like really it's really didn't really really stupid. And just by the way just and in case any of his attorneys are listening B stock car driver had nothing to do with this story at all sterling -- You are in fact they look I'm glad to call and -- get a chance to reduce your blood pressure I'm glad I hopefully was able -- therapy for it. Absolutely absolutely I'm Italian and polish I gonna do it -- -- -- Well yeah I'm I'm a mutt I mean I can't really claim I I can't claim racial superiority because I'm Blake multiracial. And I got the worst qualities of all of them anyway thanks very much are glad you called. And you really. Think he. Told. Actually scientific -- That that was my understanding fifty to 60000 years ago originated in eastern Africa. And that is the heat it is the father of us all. I know that there are other theories about that end of -- unfortunately by the time they finally figure out the origin of the species. I don't think I'll be around but you will be and I wish you the best thanks very much. -- three -- -- thirty start -- thirty and 180616. WB -- those are via phone numbers on the -- -- program and it's good to that you are with us. And I'm also glad that we're getting some. Communication done because I think we had communication breakdown before let's go to Carl in buffalo Karl what you -- -- -- -- Wondered that information illegally obtained. Well I'm not sure what the laws are in the state of California regarding the one way non consensual recording of conversations. She says it was consensual I think she's more -- It think that yes well -- Is different there illegally obtained and the NBA responsive. Doesn't he had some. Legal recourse. Yes he -- I don't know if if he really wants is to drag on well. The guy does love to litigate our people in this world -- are born to litigate it wouldn't be his first time in court. The other sort of they mentioned that that he'd like to fight back. Saw what I learned what he impeachment try to do. Well well. Most of us logically would say. Look I bought the team for X millions of dollars when I sell the team. -- gonna have return on investment most people can only dream of I think I've just got to get the hell out of public life and enjoy my billions of dollars but it's obvious he's -- like most people most people. Don't have a life and then openly -- other women. I mean some people that most people don't have their. Daughters. Criticizing them in public or their son in law who works for them. Criticizing them in public I mean apparently the son in -- never saw what happen to Carlo in god father one. So I gotta work the godfather to pretty much every show I do that's kind of a tradition I hope you understand. It all right my -- 8030930. -- news radio 930 WB -- big guys on I cannot see the names of the other callers for some reason the computer crept out. 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WBE and the drive home I'll go with it here's Alan Harris. It and -- AccuWeather a windy periods of rain tonight the overnight low 45 for tomorrow breezy and warmer some rain and thunderstorms 62. Tomorrow more clouds than sun windy spotty showers 58. You know all I really want. It really desired. -- You would be nice if we get to skip four or five days of sunshine. Four or five days were maybe we can get the garden all do you leave from over the winter. Would that be nice. If we were older and we didn't have to wait so long. Some lyrics there's somewhere all right 621 guys are still cancer and it's who is on -- -- three. Paul -- three. All right Paula you are on WB Ian thank you for your patience and holdings shirt you were on the radio. I am always magnificent. I've finally had a -- here so more. Footage of the recording that they made an example of -- more questions -- you. Think maybe she's a little. -- I think she bossy. There are a lot of adjectives I would use to describe this woman and I have to tell you that none of them would putter and a flattering light I don't I. I seriously my IA don't I wouldn't trust her I wouldn't like her she's not -- tight and I think that she. Beneath her skin is a very ugly human being. Body has deduced that this man. What the owner of empire and it just simply used a woman to bring it in part to me. Gazette basically was gonna happen I don't think you're right they are gonna -- and -- Well I don't think there's any doubt about. Patent it but let's face it what would you do differently if you had millions of dollars at state and this guy. Had a chance of costing you your bottom line and that new jet you were going to buy you do. Or there's no question about it I mean it. An arc can still operate from a good friend of -- this is definitely teachable moment. -- -- teachable moment is let me guess there's only one color that can unite us all and that color business. -- amen brother. Thank you very much. But it's. 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yet Joseph do you do we have the audio that you have highlighted for -- here in the email. We don't have the audio. That's that's unfortunate I mean we could credit DMZ. But now that I wouldn't kill yourself and there's only X number of minutes left in the show. If you're just joining us folks we are talking about the sterling situation. I don't to misfortune. I think it's pretty obvious that I don't know a lot about sports. Because I don't care to know lot about sports all I can follow football. I can follow hockey a pretty much get the drift of what's going on in basketball. Baseball again but in terms of being a rabid fan. Honestly. I know that this might make me lose my man card even more so than having cats and gardening. But. I really. All year. I know that might sound really awful but. I think I'd rather live my own life. Doing my own thing learning what I think is gonna be relevant in the shows that I do and then communicating those ideas with -- Then vicariously. Experiencing the thrill of other people's atlantis'. Irrespective of their race. Unless of course they're French Canadians because chances are related are right now. All the other girl -- married folks trust me. We're coming up on 645 you know -- somewhere my family tree I'm sure Jacques -- mayor and -- on corn why are probably there are some lower. Along with a great. Who's that fellow with the Canadians do you afternoon. All right we need to break and let's not forget you have points. I'm -- -- 930 before your time guys I'm sure I saw these guys play Davis saw the pocket rocket play. -- and in person and generated for this dump wars were. I saw -- were asleep play on several occasions as the goaltender for the Minnesota north stars. Are you impressed. Now you're -- your. You're expecting me to fossilized. In for your very as a thank you thank you very much all right there you're up I'm justifying in front of your very eyes justifying. First time ever ever use that word on the show Q thank you very much. All right guys I got to take a break will be back we are communicating now. And I'm glad we are given get a better sense for where you're coming from on the sterling story I think you're getting -- getting a better sense where I'm coming from. And we're not gonna solve it. There's -- assault. What do you think the outcome is going to be. If you own an NBA team and they said all right do you vote sterling yen or out of the club. How would you vote I'd vote him out because I know is gonna cost me a lot of money. And that's what I'm in the game four to make money on WB Ian. And you know. Yeah completely. Only start this season many are really light in the news for a bad thing Paul Simon. I power over Paul Simon and he was an area. I guess and argue that -- his wife. And that cops -- called -- showed up in court you probably heard about this already but they showed up holding hands I. Did not know that they had three kids together. -- Paul led by the time they menopause little long in the tooth to be changing diapers. You know 30930. And who's online for I'm sorry. Dan. Here's on the west side of WB and Dan welcome to the show. I've never had any complaints year. -- Well you're mentioning all the hockey players there's still one who makes -- maker at -- -- I sir I don't your phone again to status Dan I gotta tell your phone I don't know what is going out of moment. Get to a place -- actually understand what you're saying McCarrick. Well we're wherever you just -- it was. -- You know. And what -- the teacher called. On. People. Are. -- -- -- And the boat or on board. Where are all over. -- -- -- -- The fact that they were gonna give this guy this humanitarian award and it turns out that he is a closeted. Racist. Yeah I mean that's but that's the -- thing is that they're they're well. You know Andrea and Miguel -- nobody cared about as well. But people that they get exposed bit. I often end up I want I'd like to see more about. Is morally -- more more about what you can let's be about. And now. Well I -- On the world is I think the larger. Issue with the NAACP. Is why does the NAACP. Allow people of color who are conservative. Republicans. To be so have pledged. And it does not raise a finger in opposition. They'd better themselves in the -- you know I mean -- They were ostracized -- not where Republicans during the Republican revolution of 94. They were up. You know I mean they absorb everything and its rates very. What they're they're alliance -- -- not not not think to do so that's the and that's what that's what we're. So are -- particular -- -- Right now let's shall we talk about what happened today with that sterling and the NBA. Give -- -- take. -- -- I mean you know that's -- we beat off. I mean what girlfriend -- -- all that well but it's not a hundred fires but it -- yesterday that Shia. We had some kind of agenda there should be people -- -- -- what you gonna do it get in the group right April but there for what. Up I don't know what you thought we gave exactly what you bought these. Here's a list and I don't care about her. Unless there's a bigger pay day looming down the line. Is. All right you're young he thinks you're beautiful. You're on the beach race. Two time over. There -- throw that away. Here -- answer. You don't really like them somebody you probably spent. You OK time out time out time out time -- this isn't about like that about well. The guys that attractive he's clearly insecure. This is about one thing and you know what that one thing years. -- me. -- -- but he later about a proper. And ensure a battle in all I mean and bad debt that's kind of -- set up. Get -- it's it's not is not doing it for an altitude she got it about this somebody wanted to unseat suspect somebody Watson. You know disrupt the vote -- -- is that true sort rubber check out she was easily gotten. But you know he fell for it hook line and sinker and especially the as one of our previous caller pointed out but almost sounded like she was doing an interview. And I don't know how all such as sophisticated -- unless he was thinking with that the wrong head which men have been known to do course I've never done that. I don't know how he didn't recognize. That he was being set up or that he was being a basically interviews. The way I look at it does -- like what you idiot woman. I know I hear what you're saying I -- I understand what you -- By. I would like to think Dan. Bet you would know the difference between an honest to goodness heartfelt conversation. With somebody with whom you worked in a relationship. And somebody was asking questions that are clearly designed to. Get you to say something which you will rule the day you ever brought the words -- Well my next relationship will have to start asking -- you're wearing a wire. You know I got to tell discipline that you know you laugh. Maybe not for people who are in the public guy but I think this is a real wake up call for anybody in the public after your local TV reporter. I you gotta be real careful who you allow into your life and I don't think it's really the question to say look here's a confidentiality agreement. You know you. Will respect any conversation. We have anything we do as private if not you give me carte Blanche to -- your -- Would step up -- pretty well no I mean they didn't get that puts you out there enough people are going to be covering and so it was. I think a lot of wealthy people already do that it should I worry. Well. -- you know. You've got to -- you have lawyers are up. In -- you do much bigger -- -- well I. -- attorney general. Ali good addition to being a real estate mogul guy is also an attorney and is a litigator. Out. There. That are. -- -- -- -- On. -- You've done this or are you feel a -- Though. You feel like. Lawyers on. We've got. And number one. -- -- Well I just I must confess that. In many respects I trust lawyers more than I do other certain authority figures in the United States. Because when you are under arrest or when you need to be bailed out of a jam. Believe me you'll find out who your friends are granted you gotta pay forum but. You're gonna have to get yourself out of a jam and a lawyer's gonna know how to do I hope it never comes -- -- four. Or. You know what we were true it may be. We got all want -- choice well. Well where you're not anymore. All right Dan it look I'm glad you call I appreciate your two cents worth and I. Are you surprised that we have story in the news today involving genital here and I'm only sit pubic your twice on the -- so far. America's scares -- why it's been all I can do not but I'm glad you called. You know for those for those who missed it. These physicals. And say this delicately. They either go to the buffalo public schools I have to think the way analyze I have to think that there invasive. I happen to think that they've got no place. And I don't see the merit in them whatsoever I think again this is on wanted. On that warranted on that merited government intrusion. Literally. -- your kids' parents. Now I must also tell you that when you compare. -- we've. She's that we don't -- shows on this. When you compare what we used to have to do in school. To what they're doing now with these puberty assessments. This shocks an awful lot of people. Every -- I bring this up and we may have some listeners who have never heard of the classic buy -- programs. But way back went in the -- -- port town of a lot of public school system. We swam. Naked though boys swam naked the girls had it well they had swimsuits if you wanna call them. You you people still do not believe me I bring this up people it's like I'm talking to people from Mars. Any last thoughts on the sterling situation and specifically I have to ask your question. If you were an NBA owner. Knowing that the distraction sterling is going to be for as long as he has in the week. Now for right. Right or make you might not agree with what this woman did I don't agree with what she did I also don't agree with what he set. But as a businessman and that's exactly what these NBA owners are. Your primary concern at the end of the season is polished that I take in the one that I spend how much money that I make. And as long as sterling is in the picture of the NBA. My friends. Sponsors are not going to want to take part because -- gonna start feeling. So I would expect a I would say there's probably going to be a unanimous vote of the other owners to force sterling to sell the team. Now let's just suppose as a Magic Johnson it's a buying. Infect even with Magic Johnson ends up buying the team. You know with partners. I really would like to see this woman probed -- don't know but it really even one upon at. -- I would like to see. Shall we say phone records. I would like to know with whom she has met over the past year. I would like to know if she was this other person. To get sterling out of the league so that. Other friends. Could shall we say move -- and take his place. In fact in the words of Paul Simon in the -- Sicilian. I got up to wash my face when I come back to bed someone's taken my place Cecilia. I'm down on my days. Boy there's so many metaphors there and I can't touch -- -- wanna stay with us news radio 930 WBE and it's -- who else. But it was hit me. Worked during the middle of that -- the big guy's voice to hold release. Did you guys put some in my water and other than what you usually put my water I'm immune to it now John sorry. They go through all my thirty start at 3180616. WDE. And to buddy hourly and let's go to Lola Lola. Lola and I Hamburg you were on WBBM -- -- Maybe the outcome of these programs -- -- -- hot but I don't call but today and that the call. Because you guys -- really all you need to dig a little deeper in the well. Its way to expression but what does it mean -- -- Mean did you not think it far enough. You're only get -- purpose. Aren't that rigmarole about the racial stuff it's only -- -- five -- Get -- -- -- what really gone on here I via the and the same thing that we're gonna apply even let me ranch and a week or two ago. -- all property grand. Their time to. Get people to give up their property rights. And -- own destiny -- your money can't Spain. Even though he's in ninety. National basketball. League or whatever it is. They have a constitution then something's developed -- everything. But this guy what percent of private conversation which cannot even get into this thing. And you look at the people who have permission at the NAACP. Or whatever. At this group they're you know it's a political group. People like me. Don't not you. Talk about it yeah. Let me tell you were like where -- tell you where you -- Beat the NBA owners. It is a -- it's it's a very exclusive. Club you have -- not man -- if I may speak. You don't have a right there is no constitutional right to own a National Basketball Association franchise. It is a group of really rich guys it is club a very very wealthy men their goal is to become even wealthier. And in order to do that this guy is gonna have to get out of the game. How to like put this delicately like if you or the country club. There are certain expectations of view. And if you commit what the country club deems. As an act of moral turpitude. It's not a property -- it's the club protecting your reputation your tour. -- -- -- -- Well. I eat me up I couldn't hear what you -- right. I didn't cut you off you heard every word I said because all we did was lower your output on your fault we did not -- -- here. I didn't hear word of it but any anyway I understand the mound at the end. -- exclusive club took many hours but still if a guy. And there's money there to all the team. I would think he would still have some kind of right there holding onto its. Would -- be and pushed Al -- -- -- -- I think it is happening to him. Well all I all I can tell you is when you enter into a situation like this with a bunch of other really rich guys. -- gonna have the right by their own constitution. To throw you out if they believe it is in the collective groups best interest to do it. I can -- and that's and I agree that. The crowd the rules what it you know comfortably in the end. Kept the initial. Are not prepared. It's coming from other directions. To push him out. Because somebody else wants his property you know what the only. While were were making seat were making an assumption here that this woman was put up to recording and releasing recordings by somebody who wants him on the league. I don't dismiss that as a possibility but that is still an assumption. Yes I suppose that distinctive mean it is pretty much a lot of evidence out there knowing you listen to some other. The patent and things that are going on. Well evidence -- evidence is a strong word I mean we won't know for sure until we find out who buys the team. And what contact they had prior to the purchase with the young lady and I used the term loosely that this guy I was going to. You know and investigate to see who. Met new owner had contact with other -- young lady. The effort to help -- getting to push the owner out. Well -- you know what at least the good news is for the individual involved. The good losers that he has the resources sterling as the resources to -- result the ice. And not shape. And he can hire a battalion of TI's. My dear I am not a lot of times I'm glad you called -- -- this is your first time ever -- Though but this is your first time really. Oh my gosh -- -- really do feel honored thank you so much. I don't know it. I'm Nicole before I don't ever called me. Shows and that's why I did. Well that's -- I'm getting a warm typically feeling that you -- And it makes me feel good thank you very much it all right -- much as say that really makes I got a big smile on my face right now. All right has nothing to do with the -- in -- -- a year now and go home but. Hey guys thanks for all the calls thank you thank you thank you and hopefully. Thursday will be able talked about something else I will not be here tomorrow. Note I will not be here tomorrow. -- haters think. Joseph Bieber is at master control thanks general John Sherman is the call -- I'm gonna leave you with that's two words. Maybe the guy from the clippers should have thought about this no yourself.

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