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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I wore us down upon the -- with great -- and then yeah. The whole movie. -- -- -- -- The and they will have the decency to clean mind and this -- We've reached and now this -- Tom hourly barreling back and lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly -- me while I whip this out. Our news radio 930 WVU. They actually you know what -- -- you don't sound like I'm. Terrific -- to -- because. I was double checking my credit card statements eleven exciting life. I was double checking my credit card statements and -- I saw and -- so -- new for 185. Dollars not only that I realized. Bet it was an auto -- knew for 24 team. But for twenty worked in and 2012. Does the expression raise holy hell mean anything to you. Ultimately the company yet. At. But. Always review your credit card statement all the previous two years -- by the I don't know about pretty anal about it. So you know my advice check your credit card statements I feel like 185. Dollars and fifty cents to the good already that. Before even -- Anyway you know welcome to the bow -- -- gamers master control John Sherman is not my call screener so I gotta I gotta put things on the level which are right. I pride myself. On the relationship. That you and I hit. I think I make that broke -- bat. I think that were pretty tight. And I'd never. Have lost sight of the fact. That the bond that we have is unique. And usually. I find that we are in agreement. On so many things. The LA clippers. Sterling for. The news I tell -- it's surprising to. And I really need an. I'm gonna try not to be cantankerous. But it got -- papers today because -- really have a great Derek in general. But I feel as though we're not communicating. With each other. And I feel like either you're missing something I'm missing something I don't know at which -- the communication breakdown. -- Joseph I said communication breakdown. Don't show your age that was -- zeppelin song. Communication. Breakdown. So I don't know where the communication breakdown issues. Are right. I just wanna quickly explain from -- spot from where I am coming. And as I -- I'd like you to call. And tell me. Why you think I'm wrong on this one of the -- I got a play I think most of you think I'm a total DD on this on this sterling issue. My phone number is 803. All 938030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- first of all let's talk about you. I don't think that you whether you are. No matter what your ethnicity no matter what your sexual orientation or gender. I don't think that you are a racist or bigot or a misogynist. Otherwise I don't think we have mind -- that we do. That's number one. Number two. As a general rule. I am very very happy. That as a white guy who. -- -- the power ups. That I have developed this conservative. Black following. That. Would do anything for. Because they know. Bet my heart is in the right place. And I don't like keep saying this but I think you've noticed that I hope you -- split. -- as long as somebody is a patriot you are welcome on my show. And I refer to. My black Brothers and sisters not that I'm black. But because I think we are all Brothers and sisters on this planet. Some of our Brothers and sisters are people we'd like did this so quick granite. That's why talk about my gay transgender. Buy it lesbian Brothers and sisters. Are art because as long as -- patriot I don't cater I'm about freedom I'm about people living the lives. That they want to live as long as it has nothing to do with my safety my health my wealthier. I've tried so desperately. That I think successfully to communicate. And I want us. To at least understand each. And I'm talking here about everybody in the audience -- -- Today and partially yesterday I feel as though the mind meld is not -- Like I'm talking with. And those of you who support me 99.9. 99% of the time think that I am really. Not even in the ball park on this one. And I wanna know why. Because I don't think anybody listening to me right now. Is gonna say that the woman who recorded the conversations is somebody you wanna bring home to your month. Because frankly I think she's a scary. First of all I don't even think she's that hot. Secondly. Her personality. And her demeanor speak for themselves. I know in my lifetime a couple of women like that didn't last long. All right. Now. I am not somebody who takes a position. Because I think hey this is the politically correct position. Hey if I say this this gives me a shield the next time somebody calls me a racist. That's not my approach -- never has been my approach and it is not my approach. But where I'm coming from use. When you were the owner of a basketball team the ND. And you make a statement which is from the heart. That you don't want your girlfriend bringing black people to your games. I don't care how you look at it to me. Maybe I'm wrong that's racist. That is a racist statement and by the way I am not somebody I think you notice from listening to -- racism isn't limited the white people. Her black racists. There are Asian racists there are American Indian racist great races racism. Knows no boundaries. Of carried every group has its racists within it. And part of our duty I think as Americans is to recognize that we have all made contributions to the greatness of America. And that we should all have each other's backs especially those of us who consider ourselves to be loyal patriots and Americans. -- -- What this guy said I thought and I still think is racist. Now the reaction of the NBA. I don't think the NBA had any choice. And I think Adam silver did it. As much as he couldn't. He's find sterling. 2.5 billion dollars the maximum fine basically has banned sterling from the game for life. And made sterling. What I will call and -- we know. You've heard of a rhino right Republican in name only while sterling is basically now an owner in name only he's of a Guido. And the last point wanna make your ears there and I and folks I'm trying to be a putts here the last point of trying to make is just plain cold reality. Sports are entertainment. Entertainment exists to make money. NBA owners wanna make as much are all IA as they possibly can't just like any other business person. And if this guy starts costing sponsorships of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Believe me if I don't -- NBA team he would be out of my club. Even if I secretly was a racist. I mean even the fight secretly had a plan -- in my closet. Just on the money alone I wouldn't wanna take the hit produced. And I don't think mr. silver had any choice. And I don't think the owners have any choice. Because as long as sterling is part of the clippers he will be the story. As long as sterling is part of the NBA. Anybody who enters into -- sponsorship agreement with that league is doing so at the risk of harming their own business' reputation. Which is something you try to stay away for. Now. I don't know where were not connecting. It can get it out of folks seriously. Tell me where you are under us. And tell me if you think. I'm model line -- I don't think I. I think I'm generally pretty illogical about the civics. But the past couple of days with all due respect the year -- I hope you'd offered -- the same respect I feel like we have not had mind -- I feel like. I feel like we've been in a relationship and we're having a spat. Like Paul like Paul -- Talk -- 8030930. Is the phone number I can't be any more sincere I cannot be any more honest with you guys. All right that's what makes the show is successful. 8030 my third. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. By the way be one correction I do wanna make about Bob Dylan song hurricane there's a lot of a minor in a two F a minor seat. Forgot about a minor -- mine is one of those lonely chords. A minor is intended to make you sad. Will make you harm yourself right now though let's go to traffic editors Alan Paris. All right AccuWeather now the five zones have a first pitch forecast you know what -- Week that. John nice job joke ever nice job thanks guys the -- and said they are expecting a window better whether I care about for how the grounds are but they're gonna try to get this game and 6051. Pitch against Louisville bats so I think I owe them a freebie on this 1605. Is the opening pitch. And it will be windy but maybe the rain will hold often they'll get enough in the put it in the books I hope so. The overnight low tonight 45 tomorrow 62 will be breezy and warmer some rain and thunderstorm by the way I will not be here to morrow. I am taking the day off to -- Obviously I'm having electroshock treatments and now it'll be locked up some work. -- I'd say these things for the -- all right let's go to Jack in Lancaster WB Ian Jeff welcome to the show you are on hello. For analogue sound. -- I I just wanna start by saying yes that I have not been able to listen to anybody you know season. For the lasting mania. Okay because of I don't feel right about as you know that sterling and all is somewhat -- -- Last night out on home. And I -- guys go watch I listened to. The entire interview. That that sterling. You know he has been paid. And okay. And he and he would cut off the entire time if you ask me about it girl it's. The way she was questioning yes but I I agree with you I meet I agree with you one that she had an agenda the question is what was the motive for the agenda. What do you think. I I don't know what he. Was -- setting him up and I did. We and I did not listen to all world of talk radio and so -- dislike. And the people and I called -- the world view viewpoint did not affect me at all but I would want one I'll -- pump. I'm driving around in the city of Bob what's available content people I'm wondering. While I am I am -- different. If people just thought -- -- move these issues that Panama put every question like all go to a -- didn't -- -- like what are you talking about it and not indoors and collar. And easy way he did basically wanted. It. You can call with anybody wanna you know just don't -- the -- team and an important and to Graham. Because. It's. Okay you have to remember. This -- can't follow mister confident is a lot you know this week. OK and -- -- walked into court. Well he's not a Laker anymore. -- storm over the news conference where he announced that he had attained the AIDS virus. Up -- Jeff I wanna talk to you more and I 'cause I'm not cutting you short but I need to hit a break and I don't wanna be late for the break and I wanna talk -- more. After the news okay -- if if if I am not communicating something right you guys need to tell me that. OK I mean we may not agree but at least I wanna know where the glitches so hold on if he can't. A news radio 930. WB ENC this is silent ego thing I'm genuinely interested in where I'm failing as they communicate sooner or if it's just a disagreement we're gonna have which happens even in the best marriages. But in the so. -- originally we're gonna play communication breakdown and that I realized -- I was learning this song last night and I said our editors and editors. It is 533. News radio 930 WB yet. Now actually got just totally off off the record not off the record but -- off topic. We talked about things you regret. Not having done in your life we'd -- Friday show and I do kinda regret more and more not continuing to play the guitar these past twenty years because. It's it really is awesome it's fun just an hour -- -- it's it's like therapy let's get back to jab at -- stop -- Yeah. No. Not really this is your -- therapy here is a jump again in Lancaster now Jeff. You you I agree with you the -- this woman. If you can call -- that sounded like she was baiting sterling. And I think the million dollar money shot question is for whom was she doing at NY. I suspect and I have no way of proving yet but let's put it. Let's put it this way. It wouldn't surprise me if you're with somebody worth two billion dollars -- you get them to say things that are stupid and that can hurt them on tape. You know there's such a thing called extortion. Well. They even if she was going it -- uses it it. She was that's something because I wanted no part of it -- is you can't tell her what are you talking about. -- I don't know one of you anymore aren't and she just kept at all and all. And he didn't really read it one -- ahead and vote. Considered. Who is certain world that was going to where you can have a conversation. You know maybe you'll. Yes and and what was recorded. Yes and. And this -- is it and I just heard you know this delightful you can't quite. I have to in all honesty Jeff. In all honesty I have to tell you that people in the public guy. And that includes talk show hosts that includes people who are controversial talk show hosts. You. Can't say certain you you can't be a -- you can't be one way in public in another way in private you can't. Do it doesn't mean you can't speak your mind. But you can't you can't say. That you don't like racism. And then talk about. Blanking blanking blanking and words in your own home in aid. Derogatory way because the disconnect between the two lead you wide open to charges of being an absolute fraud. Yeah yeah. I know Vietnam and central I'm trying to figure out where we're going wrong in the communication. Now if you were you let. I feel like I'm going to hear these things somewhat. How about -- about myself. Because I -- I don't know you're helping me Jeff because I feel like I'm out here by myself because usually my audience and I you know we've got this mind -- in the past couple of days I felt like you guys are in one spot in -- -- different spot and I'm trying to figure out whether I'm right in everybody else's wrong or whether he's just -- not communicating properly. Now are you aware of what his son in law said. He's quiet but it'll definitely I I can't take that I have and I they have -- -- -- within half. I don't like. I believe you know I did not do it on a lot that. He he's basically has said that his father is ignorant and his fun his father in law is ignorant and a racist his own daughter. Who is married to the guys says I am devastated and saddened by the cruel and insensitive comments expressed in these audiotapes. My god it's like if you thought your family what this functional. -- I picked cause let them at all all if you listen at all oh cool. It's that I didn't want to hurt any of girls -- eating them and beat him. And it -- to not -- and then again thank you so much sense of what about a. You know I believe that this. Or maybe it -- TP. And I haven't watched mainstream media and that's what were taken of little sound bites. And people are judging. My age I can just imagine five word that the guys that that could make a great big sound -- And as people are jumping on net and it is and it's it's wrong it's the guy recently wrote it. He didn't. There you know what in the larger with all due respect my friend in the larger context in this actually came up in the news conference today. It has been kind of an open secret in the NBA that this guy was to put it politely racially. Insensitive. The commissioner of the NBA this silver guy. Who let's put it this way he makes Henry Waxman look like a supermodel. I'm sorry that was unfair unfortunate and I apologize. But couldn't. He he said there were well documented rumors about this man and I'm thinking to myself. Tell -- so well documented rumor. Well. -- -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- I don't fault the guy is he's probably eight years almost surprisingly and -- analyzed for heaven's -- and and in and she's shown pictures of war I guess I didn't know what admitted to and in here. And that's or why it -- of course you can say it could happen. Which ultimately I think in cases. Speed and beyond. You know it immediately you know we'll do. We have to where they exact with the exact quote because I've been I've been paraphrasing saying I don't want you bringing black people it wasn't just Magic Johnson it was black people. Now if it was Magic Johnson. You know you could say that OK he doesn't like this guy because he used to play for the different team. And it was an individual thing he had against mr. Johnson as opposed to -- general thing against a black people. -- -- -- the only said the -- he -- ended in them that the -- eighty years old is he I had no part of it unless they -- -- I don't like why do you keep talking about this. It's -- at all it's like it's difficult -- -- anyway. Talk about I don't wanna park like as. And it's it's wrong with. It's wrong. Well I'm unhappy that call and I'm trying my best understand your point of view and I'm glad that in some way shape -- form I was therapeutic for you were you certainly were therapeutic for me I will be sending you bill in the mail to see you know I don't -- co pay is but to my rates are about 200 and. Now they have my. I don't know lives. All right Jeff you hang in there I -- thank you because I don't like feeling as though I've got a communication gap with people I ordinarily feel like I'm in mind meld with. Thank you yeah. While you are let's let's see what James on the cell phone has to say about this James. You're on WB and give me your take on this sterling situation plays. Outburst while you're. -- all her. We're seeing that in. All the better and what. And he January -- station bought. Shut up it. -- out. I don't look -- I think people in this mile into her -- people are locked into. Because. There -- other business he arranged. A copy. -- -- -- -- -- -- LA -- -- every. Here last year. It and bury your. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be the ones aren't as seen in -- And go to -- this woman and. It's unsavory. I TMZ interest in all fairness to DMZ. I've they have also covered this woman and to -- bet that she'd give Mother Teresa are run for her money in terms of decency fairness honesty and integrity. Would be a gross misrepresentation. Sure you Eric Eric though she needed to be -- didn't know basically. What Cheney there and then me. You know not for not -- -- -- -- your -- she's a role of billionaire basically by. You know. I taping. And it conversations. And it was always like and people know -- -- But you know here but James -- -- for -- -- this this again gets to the woman more than it does sterling. Let's just say James that you hooked up with a chair. Who is worth. Two billion dollars but let's just pretend that your Mary not -- whatever you war but you're with a woman -- were two billion dollars. I'm sorry but most people would try to ride that pony as long as you could and try to make sure that you ended up with -- enough. To cover York and -- win that thing came to an end because he went to his final resting spot. You know what exactly right all along they were -- -- -- Four years. To forty years supposedly she was his -- -- I kept insert this into slot B. Yeah allow me you know pretty. I'd like to coach here morality geology repaired if he says and now he's got supporters -- You know all -- -- not he's married -- daughter -- married that which is. This whole thing is like a really sordid drama this this makes like Garrett even in the worst -- that this is like some really. -- French literature. -- -- -- -- I noted that it -- better. Game. She spoke for him and you know. Oh. Yeah. I -- what you twisted relationship. A year -- -- hour. Or -- about your I mean. Oh. Sure. And well it. It's -- Would you have done James what would you have done and I'm curious about this and by the way thank you guys for responding to my day very sincere. Plead that you explain where we are not connecting on this topic because Wrigley wanna know. What would you have done had you bin the NBA commissioner what would you have done anything with this sterling. I you know what it can't work I mean -- people. Advertise your job and on -- open off the ship. I mean you watch -- watch in your potential hundreds of millions of dollars and where it's NBA. There and I mean it -- Turn of the union as long -- -- equal boxer wrote bigger. -- I mean -- history of the whispers you know it behind closed doors about the -- partner you know we are great system. I still don't want I'm sure they'll just think there at the end and WGC. Is not why why or not they -- I think it exposes them for a number Mahdi Army. No aspect guilt -- certain -- well are all fortunate especially at. -- being donated you know you hit donated after certainly not a question. They're giving the money back and he is not going to receive the humanitarian. Award. I have very little -- I have no use for the NAACP. And -- a -- it's a fraud of an organization wide -- say such a thing. Because. People routinely. Will attack conservative. Black. Prominent people and the NAACP. Doesn't even uttered a syllable. In protest. But the minute somebody start detecting a black liberal suddenly the it is an organization filled with hypocrisy. And there's a political agenda I compare it to the gay lobby not my gay friends not my patriot gazed. Now buys trans genders who listen to my show but I'll lobby. The lobby. It's just a political agenda has nothing to do with the equality everything to do with -- advancing a left wing agenda. Sure what it he can't. 10. Its rates -- rock to. 404. Priorities. You know certain incidents it would be. Announced it would now we're. Ignorant. -- -- are preacher like average -- act but how about rallies go all talk about me no doubt keep. Well all I you know great system. Just keep her. -- mean you know it's the chips like. Well. People say that there. Well they're they're blue or orange they're -- matters. -- -- I think. I I I understand where you're coming from sir and I'm delighted you called and thank you for speaking your piece on this I appreciate it. All right -- fake Q you know what I'm I'm start to feel like you and I are getting each other again. I've spoken my piece I don't wanna repeat what I set but I'm hearing now doing more listening they'll talk. Gonna wanna know what did we learn from the sterling situation what is your take -- it. I will simply further say. That my take is the NBA owners will do anything they can right now to protect the money train. It's a money -- And you start talking about big beer sponsorship deals car sponsorship deals that say but by NBA as long as this guy is part of the league. Because black spending power is pretty strong in America. That. If -- you're got to feel what I would not take a financial hit for this guy I wouldn't he's not worked. You wanna find out how people take a financial hit for you -- so the -- at work. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yeah. Or is my father's drill instructor said back in the 1950s. Has got that Fabrice. The other to know what the hell he was talking about Everest vote debris. That's by the way not a great time to correct the DIA's English. AccuWeather. Windy periods of rain tonight 45 below the -- have a 605 start. And I'd looks like they're targeted and I mean they're the TARP over the field it's a they've proven they are. I'm glad we call -- 605 start tonight and it will be windy but looks like they're gonna get that game -- all right Bob all right Mindy. Did you guys bring some sunshine in my house please thank you. Breezy -- billions of into anything breezy and warmer periods of rain and thunderstorms 6251. Degrees at news radio 930 WB. The end. All right let's get back to the calls were talking about the sterling situation. Lifetime ban from the NBA and B commissioner of the NBA is that basically throw the ball to the rest of the owners. And my suspicion is the rest of the owners are gonna realize that. Having this guy in the NBA given the cloud that now hangs over him is going to be bad business. And I would expect them to vote probably unanimously. To force. Sterling to sell the team. So this all goes away. And the sponsorship dollars keep on comedy. You need a break now Joseph were 55 okay. Let's get back to the calls on the WBE. And this is rumors and no Lancaster rose hello. And future -- but he wrote the little picture rose. Isn't what I wanna say OK it's all and as a double edged sword -- spur of I'm Italian and all okay. I heard everyone. All -- joke that he could ever a kite who I'd be upset about it move. Content -- action. In -- absolutely. And. Where you know there are gonna put on hold my Dierker is a lot of -- -- what you have to say after the news. But there I think there's a difference in intent. Between somebody trying to -- finally. And somebody being mean that a lot of that's going to be the I have the ball holder but I wouldn't put shuttles -- when you're chip to save more of -- the following the breaks we hit the reset button. I Aurilia has I think that we were I don't think we were communicating. That's got to be a -- is on the pro. In a by sock. You gotta be told that I communicate. Don't like to admit it but if I was 555 -- news radio 930 WBE.

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