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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate this thing. India the hole looked -- my intentions. And -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was it because the guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a I'm hourly and I don't know how to put this. Good. People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet -- women and the news radio. With the buffalo Biden -- I the first what do fans are getting a kayak is that now that's not true but. Third or try -- day amnesty at the game and have -- on the phone with the National Weather Service and the should be at least a two hour window between five and seven. The bison steak on the Louisville bats. Tonight ballpark first -- at 6051. -- forecast is sound. Windy with periods of rain tonight and via low 45. So if I were a betting man. Well you don't want and oh my bet would be that the buys into really really really wanna get this game then because Louisville also -- come back. So that that's the deal -- that the baseball -- so I'm trying to figure out if you just don't agree with me any effect of an -- Or if I'm just not communicating properly. Appealed to wealth. Because I think I know this audience pretty well. I could be wrong it's happened once or twice before. But. Let's just take a little walk back in time shall we. Remember Paula. Paula Deen was an example of a white person who got screwed. By the liberals. And by the black power establishment. Are right because she admitted to using the and the word. Which by the way innumerable black entertainers will still used to this day. I. Have admitted. That I also have. News on in memorable occasions the N word in fact I don't know why should admit this I used at this past weekend. I used the N word Joseph are you listening to this I used the N word this past weekend you know why. As I was teaching myself the Bob Dylan song hurricane on guitar. Basically it's like FNC. And one of the words in it is the end work. Just real well that's on that's absolute honesty it was an artistic use of the word and it was spoken by. Minnesota Jewish guy and Robert Zimmerman. Bob Dylan who senses a born again Christian is he Jewish now again I don't know it doesn't matter whatever spiritually he has god bless. But anyway I thought Paula -- got out. I thought the issue I thought that was a big controversy over nothing. I truly truly -- and you or call and I take great pride in Paris. That I think we did. My memory is a little a little hazy because I you know maybe how to start using senility is my excuse. But my memory may be just a little bit on the -- -- about this but. I believe we did that they were -- fast and gave each other -- forgiveness absolution and contrition if I'm not mistaken. And I would call saying at the time. That if you are black and in your younger years you referred the white folks is crackers white devils kill lightly. But as you've grown up and matured you realize how stupid that was. I. I forgive you on this one white guy I forgive you as open I know you'll forgive me. They were different times -- different -- hopefully we've all come a long way since then. I only say things that I believe them because frankly lying on the year is a no win situation because sooner or later you forget which lie you told. So when you hear me say something amid an old one caller apology -- -- he knows what's in my heart because. What is in my heart is what I say every day. Otherwise I couldn't keep up with allies believe -- after thirty years you try to keep up with every lie you told if you're if you're given that lying on the year. -- doesn't work never has number well. I am horror racists of all colors all stripes all sizes what ever I think it's racist to me. Use one of the ugly just components of the human experience. I do not believe most people are racist I do believe a lot of people have prejudices. Prejudices. Are not necessarily bad things that. Example. How many times do you touch a red hot burner. Before you learn you are prejudiced against red hot birders. Called mark from past mistakes. We do have prejudices. You know that a young man of eighteen blacker light. Walking down the street and twelfth at -- morning poses a greater risk to you then does an eighty year old woman. That is a prejudice. And it probably found that yet well founded and in statistical fact you can't ignore that. Let's see what else. When Eric Holder talk which they'd be attorney general -- a black. What he refused to prosecute the black Panthers I was all over and can I thought it was a very racist decision wasn't based on the law it wasn't based on fairness it wasn't based on justice it was based on race. I thought that was wrong. You know the whole idea of hey we have destroy white people now because black people got screwed for so long well two wrongs don't make -- right at least that's where I was brought up. And you know these things are true because if you listen regularly Kurt Evert we talk about this stuff. So. This guy in Los Angeles. This sterling fellow who owns the LA clippers. In 2014. For a guy who is dating a woman who is I I daresay multi ethnic. For him to say. As the owner of a team. In a largely black -- I don't want you associating with black people I don't want you bringing black people to my games. Posing with Magic Johnson it's -- at Sutter. That is just it's if it is patently racist. I -- the last person to use the in fact this surprise some of -- I've been accused of denying racism where it actually exists. Darryl -- Now are being accused of seeing racism where most that you are at -- Which are I find myself this really unique situation and I'm kind of chuckling a little bit the myself at the delicious irony of it all. But. If you think that I'm good to defend this guy's girl for. I'm not. This guy's girlfriend sterling is girl for everybody username. -- I think she'd want the username because I think the part of her deal if she wants to be famous. I think Mick Jagger may have had a word for women like this star. Are something Europe. I'm thinking about it don't come to -- eventually. I've got nothing good to say about this woman I've got nothing good to say about somebody who surreptitiously records what somebody has to say. All right now that being set. What he said. Now it's public how it got public. Frankly. However respectable she is that's not even the story. The story is the end the day. Is in damage control mode this goes beyond the clippers. This is what I'm trying to communicate and I I don't like I'm doing a good job of for summaries. The NBA. He's absolutely. Positively. Trying to control the damage to its product. Again I quote the great Carmine looper to -- senior from The Sopranos. Except Al embellish it. There are billions of dollars at stake. That's what ultimately this is about. If I haven't communicated their proper I don't know any simpler way to communicate my feelings of my thoughts on this all of that so far. Now if you don't agree with them that's want. But I think the logic is irrefutable. You may not you -- think on the world's biggest Jack guess right now. Seat for him to say what he said about blacks. Would you like me secretly giving money to the Brady campaign against gun violence. I didn't 101000 last year. That was a sick joke and I won't apologize because it was just a damn funny to me -- let's find out what's going on the world to traffic here is -- -- us. Well the AccuWeather forecast just what week. Well I mean nothing like -- -- -- people are experiencing. And that's just ugly mean raid we can look I'm not a big fan -- A I may or may not of drops and F bombs -- walked outside this morning when I saw the weather. Yeah I did lots of them but it beats tornadoes and we denounce others that. Windy with periods of rain tonight 45 below. Tomorrow it'll be breezy it'll be war -- -- a thunderstorm a high 62. And Thursday more clouds than sun shocking. Windy with spotty showers and 58 hi what goes year seriously. Don't ever gonna break. -- with the temperature right now -- 51 at news radio 930. WB CNN. Now I'm tired I feel like it again folks -- on this position where. If you think that I am trying to be politically correct. You could not -- you could not. Be more wrong. I -- the antithesis. Of being politically correct. I'm the complete antithesis of being politically correct. I have road and -- my own canoe on a number of issues over the years. As a conservative area and talk show host. That is true. Because I'm not a straight conservative and I'm not a straight libertarians. On a conservative area. I'm certainly not a Republican establishment. Good god save me from the bushes of this world. But. I do think. That it is and should be. Just patently obvious to anybody with a working brain cells. That what. Mr. sterling -- it was in fact racist. It was offensive. I am stole I have to tell you. In a state of shock that in 24 team. I'm doing -- all about it NBA. Team owner saying what he said. It's offensive this should be offensive to everybody. At least everybody who wants us all to get along. And live in some semblance of harmony. It should be -- guess it is an. Imus be living in La La land. Of course this story itself comes from while while landing once Angeles. But. To be clear. This woman is Podscope. As far as I'm concerned just a personal opinion. She could walk up to me naked in my bedroom having slot sneak into my house and I would tell regular clothes -- to get bail -- would want nothing to do appear. And those of you who know me know that. That rarely happens. Now. Judge Sherman is laughing and laughing and laughing when you think that's funny John get a good for you now. The NBA commissioner. Has banned sterling for life. He is basically kick the ball. Where shall I say pass the ball to the other owners in the NBA. And if 75%. Of those owners say sterling has got to sell the team he's got to sell the thing. Now during this break I want -- ask yourself if you -- NBA owner what would you do. That that's my question. Would you vote to have sterling sell the team would you be willing to take a hit a millions of dollars. Produced got. There are some causes worth fighting for and are some that are and this this and a guy I'd be willing to fight for. Give me the money 803 elementary. We're gonna my FaceBook page here wow. Just like I know my audience you guys certainly these curb balls course you let me say just wait wait no no. ID up. I'm just trying to figure out in what world. A guy saying please don't bring black people to my games isn't a racist comment. What I -- false charges of racism I'm the first to jump up and down and call BS. When I see real BS I call it people think that I've got them all here eager motive. Which -- really don't. -- I -- sheriff is somebody entries on my FaceBook page all hope a flight there. IA I don't often go to Craig's list unless I'm looking for a date but. That was a little joke. But I don't often go to Craig's list but. Your mindset is a copy of an ad that was on Craigslist fact it's one of the few ads on Craig's list I've seen that does not contain the word apple. Which I find strange but. It says. Five people right now are laughing their asses off. One million people are saying how. Here's an email. Can anyone explain the nightly strange helicopters. That fly over west Seneca nightly. Going from east to west along mineral springs road. Every night for the last two or three years. They fly a strange formation. At ten to 11 PM what gets. Everyone I asked in the town says they don't know it's not mercy flight. Helicopters are jet black. With strange running lights any ideas. Covert operations. Training exercises. Where all without running the risk of turning this into the George Norton show thank you John Sherman you white bastard anyway. I just thought it even the playing field for my black listeners might black Brothers and sisters hey guys were -- UN and Egypt I ask you where are you when I need your. So anyway. If anybody has any information on this without sounding like the George Noory show first of all -- pictures. -- Sony Pictures of everything. But there's no pictures extent of these black helicopters. That are flying every night for years in west Seneca. -- of strikes me as big as are the very face of soul. Please. If this is really happening. And I don't feel like driving out there at 11 o'clock at night to see for myself. I don't all of a camera that any good soul. Take a picture and then send it to my email Tom at WB EN dot. Com at WB and that come. I would like to see it. Now. And I'd like to know what what it's all about I really don't think it's anything sinister. By the way. Well I don't now periodically they do check the power lines at the notion of doing it at night. Parent usually they announces National Grid I say they usually will come up. With a public your statement saying hey if you see helicopters flying all over Amherst on such and such date it just means we're checking power lines but I'm unaware of any statement had a big issue. So what is at all about. I don't know how we got some funny responses on FaceBook. Pilots -- All actually let's see Kevin says. I've heard them too it is odd. Rich says I live off mineral springs and I've seen them to. I was thinking maybe there looking for Grohl houses. Are for those who don't know. Grow houses are aware that. Evil weed known as many want not. Is grown. And I strongly object. To me. Medical marijuana legislation. That is currently under debate in Albany. The last thing we need in this state. Is medical marijuana. To be legalized. That -- stuff is to be legal is for everybody. Whether or not you've got a medical condition. That's a libertarian enemy. It's no prisoners of mine. Whether you holt and that would doobie. And watch basketball. Is -- behind the wheel it's just like lose. I don't career. Winner it's a medical issue. This whole idea that medical marijuana. Really. Legalize it for everybody. And by the way -- didn't -- -- has to get into that yesterday. But the idea. It's now being color coded in Albany. As you know. There has been an up surge in heroin. Use in our area of the shows on it. And I can confide in you this comes from very reliable sources. Every week in Western New York. There is at least one autopsy that is done. On a young person who is died of a heroin overdose every single week. Pathologists are doing an autopsy on at least one young person who dies from heroin. Should I really do you really want to go to the unintended consequences. Of the war on painkillers. Because that plays right into it. Would you like me to talk about why the invasion of Afghanistan and the upsurge of heroin. -- -- it. I'm going to anyway. Eventually but let's finish this and a helicopter story here. Let's see I've been saying I chinook helicopters flying over Hamburg lately too says mark. Frank has sent to humor about the whole thing. These helicopters are looking for anti safe sides and Hamburg violators will be stole raped. So. If you know what these helicopters are -- and better yet if you can grab a picture. I'm sure other people out there with great night vision cameras. -- that nice zoom capabilities. A picture I'll put it on my FaceBook. That's the agency tells me not to listen to them. -- to -- them. Can anyone explain and again folks that sounds like George the ratio. Can anyone explain the nightly strange helicopters flying over west Seneca from east to west along mineral springs road. Every night for the last two or three years. That's a lot. A strange formation at ten to 11 PM what gives. If you've got anything to contribute go to my FaceBook page if you got pictures some Jeremy. Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB EN dot com. And I do believe it over right to know what's flying overhead and -- I think that's -- Now. I don't wanna get back to the LA clippers' situation but there are other things also going -- about which I have very strong. Opinions. And a one of them is the the war on drugs. Which is. An embarrassment. Because it hasn't worked it all worked. The system is corrupt cops are corrupt prosecutors are corrupt people at the border are corrupt. And you know what. 50000 dollars cash a week would corrupt you to look the other way sorry I don't care if your priest. You'll find you'll you'll find their rationalizations. To take back the money to look the other way. Prices are higher because artificially high because of the illegality. Of the drug just like prohibition. Now these idiots in Albany. They think. And this thought process folks seriously. -- -- I can come up with so many words in facility. Moronic. I could say the. I gotta tell you that's almost an insult the more thoughts comparing them to politicians Albany. Anybody who thinks. That you're going to solve the heroin epidemic. By increasing penalties for people who peddle the stuff. Is an idiot. You're enough. The war on drugs has not worked will not work and will never work. In prison. You'll find it more closely regulated and regimented society. That inmates in a prison. Guess where they have a drug problem. President's. Wouldn't -- be tougher when it's stronger dogs re witted British -- where it's us. She serves well all right if it's so easy to keep drugs out there how they get them to prison. Option money at all. Com. Try to get all mellow dramatic idea. But. As long as we have morons in Albany who think that increasing penalties for her when dealers is going to do something. To mitigate the problem. I have an obligation to speak about. Anyone talk about the war on drugs I think it is asinine. Utterly asinine. That we have people rotting. In prison. On we'd call heroin. Charges. Actually convictions after imprisoned. For years and years and years. And had bastard who beat up his own two babies gets out two and half years. You wanna talk about the criminal justice system and about not having any respect whatsoever for a and why I have very little respect for that would be exhibit it. It's none of the government's business in a free country what you'd do in the privacy of your whole. And how many of these overdoses by the way. Take place how many kids or young people -- grown -- have died of heroin overdoses. Because what they bought on the street was not regulated. They had no idea how -- and it was they had no idea what was in it including fentanyl by the way. Which is deeper deeper deeper the high grade painkiller. Now lest you think that -- so horrible person. I will be very honest with you about my own headaches situation. I have been offered. Because of extreme discomfort. Some very very heavy duty -- which I've I've turned down a signal to. Just because I just. It's. I don't know it's a manly thing with me you know I'll go to a certain point but after that. It's gonna have to be really really really bad for me to go to the next level all right with patches and stuff. The steroids -- -- The narcotics that I do have access to legally I'll go with goats. But going beyond that I don't feel comfortable with the real legal and I'm not gonna -- on some pure person because I'm not. The reason it. Heroin is back with a vengeance folks. Is because of the war on painkillers which by the way are made by reputable drug companies and are made according to port. All right that's one reason the other reason is. Our government. Is absolutely corrupt. And we pay farmers in Afghanistan. Bribes. We let them grow the poppies. As their end of the deal. And we bribe them so they supposedly give us Intel on the Taliban in Afghanistan. And the big secret about Afghanistan and you talk to your buddies who served over there. And not once has anybody ever said to me Tom your -- -- or you're wrong as you guys know I talked yet and I know the story. Here's the story. We sent people over there in our armed forces usually the guys were the liaisons with the CIA air. They got they got boxes of money. The boxes of money go to these Afghan farmers who grow the poppies that are converted into heroin. And there's a skid and -- goes on there. You got our guys I hate to say at our own soldiers. And the breasts they reach and they way they're geeks what the payoff money. Vick goes to the Afghan warlords. To keep the Taliban out. -- can -- was marine of the year two separate years. He knew exactly what was going. He told his mom before his last mission not I'm not gonna come back alive I know too much. And -- was set up to be murdered. By his own. People in his own. Military. He was with the agency as well. He knew too much about this him. That's why we have a heroin problem folks. So you can talk about street level dealers all you want. The ultimate problem is at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue and has been since George Bush. Sorry to break your -- And if you've got more information on that or any other major traffic situation always feel free to call the WB in traffic hotline 80303218030321. AccuWeather wealthy buffalo Verizon's believe it or not. They will be playing as the last word of god they are going to be taken on the Louisville bats tonight at the ballpark first pitch is 605. Windy with periods of rain tonight but they they say it looks like they're gonna have a window. In which they hope to get the game in at least in the book speaker of -- I spoke to come back this year. You because I don't know if I've made this clear but sports are about money and the bottom line. It's kind of been a theme today during the show 45 below the cost money to take a team from point a to point eight. Up for tomorrow breezy and warmer -- is on my face life savers folks because I just I think. Like today I'm I'm just not I'm not connecting with you guys like today I might as well just the other evil on the radio. And that's how I feel. And that the Sunday I don't think it's a new 45. Will be the overnight low tonight tomorrow will be up to 62 degrees 51 right now. I'm. So anyway I've done my my little bit better about. Drugs. Mentioned the helicopter email I received what you thought was interest thing but I got to see for myself. But the reason I know so much about the current -- epic case for those were new listeners here's aaron's sisters. Babysit my children when they were little. Aaron himself -- odd jobs for my ex wife. Before he enlisted in the Marines. That was his goal in life all he ever wanted to be. Was United States Marie his dad and his -- Over my house for one of the -- Super Bowl losses. So that's why you know small world he grew up. Right over the hill and union wrote I could point out the exact house. So that's why that story is always stayed with me and I do find it frankly kind of ironic that so many stories. If you live and an area long enough and you just have this connection. To them that transcends what other people. And aaron's mom. Just as salt of the earth lady is -- salt of the your guy. In the grief they went through and continue to go through to this day. His mom is remarriage is a different name now. But she told me on my program. She's been asked by the government she's been followed by the government judgments -- veiled by the government all week -- she. The balls to tell the American people what happened -- Why it happened at about the skew them and the setup of her son in Afghanistan. Are we say light is agreed this -- I gotta get -- price Beckham this year Specter and Susan ports. Right sport 56. At news radio 930 WBBM its hourly -- the reset button and try to figure out. We're going wrong. On the sterling story. Because there's got to be something on the Nazi because this is unusual for Reid appealed this disconnected. From you guys. Because usually we have mine meld and today I feel like the weird uncle who doesn't ever leave your couch.

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