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4-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- -- -- -- Yeah hold -- -- ball and the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America you so much. Al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can fix that without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- These people who call themselves now. The patriots. Are not nothing more than domestic parish. Tom hourly about it even though this is. -- I think it might back bay -- it's live these local blue -- It's Tom hourly and cool whip completely cool whip who lived here. And unused radio 930. So a lot of that something happened with the NBA. -- Hey its -- and news radio 930 WBM. Right now -- they have a good Baptist guy in the world right now of my Boston wider because we've got a story where I can actually say the expression pubic hair on many occasions today. MIA how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least four and well. Anyway welcome to show hourly Tuesday and are we ever -- string together may be two or three or more sunny days in a row. I don't well talk tornadoes everywhere else we should be counting our blessings look you know what. Fine count your blessings but maybe 2345. Days in a row with sunshine in I don't think there's too much to add. -- it's almost may end of April April showers many flowers. My. Don't -- there are continuing to rise despite the Reagan or maybe because of the rain got the good news is the more rains the better the hydrate just look. So there's mapped. Anyway you have so many things happening but you know as far as the our question of body here is concerned. I had such a fun conversation. Over the summer with a woman who works at one of the shall we say lasers spas in East Amherst. And I will quote her directly I have never forgotten this quote funny it's just it's it's it's absolutely hilarious she told a quote. This is a direct quote. In East Amherst Clarence the pubic hair is an endangered species. All I'm gonna say that's all -- but these tests in schools. At all. I don't mean to sound old. Arab automated sound like -- sterling. I don't like black people by the -- I don't mean to sound old but. Obviously Kevin is having a little fun with today's those. But back and today and I know you might not only be especially if your new listener to the show back at -- more east we had to swim naked. At Benjamin Franklin junior high school we had to swim naked. So -- when I hear these stories for as outrageous as they are out of the buffalo schools about this. You know judging the puberty levels of various students. All I can think -- is walking to school in ten degree weather first class to the Berry was swimming. And the water was about as cold as it was outside. To -- really have to go further with -- embarrassment I don't think so. So anyway guys we we may or may not get to that later on today. So BS early situation. And the NBA since this doesn't that was Borchardt. Thank god has any I don't give a damn about pro sports I think too many people waste their lives vicariously watch other people play. -- I've known people like that in my life their entire lives were spent wrapped up in jock city. And it wasn't it wasn't even the people involved it was they were watching other people play I'd ever quite got that. Seriously there's a whole world out there to explore. And yet dates and hours twelve hours on a Sunday watching grown men play games I'm sorry maybe that's just not my bag. I think that could make me gay. I don't know. But anyway. We now know. What. The deal is with the NBA let me just break it all -- here. The commissioner of the NBA. Has basically pass the ball to the owners I've -- in the NBA it's Little League club it's a club you and I will never be apart. And basically according to the league's constitution. The maximum fine can be imposed by the National Basketball Association is too. Point five million dollars are right. That is in the league's constitution who adopted the league's constitution the guys who own the teams in the NB. They make up the team that -- the league rather they made up the constitution. Now. What he want I think it's pretty obvious that what he wants. It's for the orders to get together and say we don't want this man we don't want sterling in our club anymore. And if I were in order in the NBA I would not want sterling in my club anymore it has nothing to do with my genuine distaste over what he had to say about black people. It was if it's about what it. It's about money. Ladies and gentlemen I was trying to think of some analogies here to kind of put this in perspective because some -- -- some -- the wrong -- Some viewers saying we'll talk with the freedom of speech issue no it's not a freedom of speech this year that. It would be a free speech issue if starling was well lit up by Jack booted thugs and put -- we re education center today all of by the federal government. Then it would be a freedom of speech issue and I would find that abhorrent. All of this is is a money issue -- say it again it's a money issue. Does anybody remember the scene in The Sopranos. -- it remember. Where are ralphie makes a joke about Johnny -- wife who is rather shall we say robot dance core -- or downright fat. And ralphie said that -- had an eighty pound mole removed from a robot talks he did not use the word but -- well this got that. To Jonny sack. Her husband. Jonny sack -- so incensed. That he wanted the guy who made that disparaging remark about his wife help. And Carmine -- to -- senior looked at Johnny sack and said. You want a clip. He shook his -- said no. And -- got my bumper to -- senior and I can't do good karma and senior voice said there are millions of dollars at stake with the -- -- odd. -- -- In the NBA folks there are billions of dollars at stake. Do you really think these owners. -- franchises. Are worth more. As far as I know I know a lot more than the prices lay it out for the franchise is at the time of purchase do you really think that they are going to allow I hate to use this word. Their product there. Ran it well I can't -- said -- you're really think the third -- that brand to be sullied by one guy. The NBA owners are part of an exclusive. Club. And they have the right. To kick somebody out of that club who brings disrepute on today. And it and it's more than disrepute. -- actual damages. If people are buying NBA stuff if people are buying jerseys if people aren't going to games -- sponsors. You know the big money sponsors in other millions and billions of dollars and sponsors of games drop out just what affects every -- The color is white the color isn't black the color involved here. Ladies and gentlemen is -- This will be a business decision. Made by a bunch of people who wouldn't even let you shine your shoes. -- these are the elite of the elite of the elite really really really really really wealthy people. And I guarantee you. That if they have to throw sterling overboard to save their own asses and to make sure that the money machine keeps on making money. That's exactly what they're gonna -- -- it's what I would do. If -- NBA order my first thought would be you know what this guy is that. Well -- used the word I can't say on the Arabia this -- up and it. He's gonna cost -- money. Now let's just say it was an NBA owner and I felt the same way about black people that sterling -- Certainly it wouldn't make those feelings publicly melt. I doubt that there are other owners like that but maybe I'm just being naive. Com. The last thing I would want. It's his statements to impact my bottom line. Either the cash flow coming in from the sponsors the fans the merchandise. -- the price received when I sell the team. The NBA ladies and gentlemen is a product it is a gamble I can't believe I'm using this word I issued this word. Brand. And sterling has damaged the brand is gonna continue to damage the brand for as long as he is part of the game. Now the commissioner of the NBA in the news conference you've heard a WB EN he did two things basically issued a lifetime ban against sterling. Lifetime ban from the NBA. -- he can't even take part in decisions on who was drafted how much money is offered in contracts. He is basically barred from having any interaction with his own property. His team. And that's all legal according to the NBA constitution. Now sterling may decide to fight it legally he may just wave the white flag and say screw this I'm eighty years all other retired in Jamaica oops wait a minute there's lots of black people in Jamaica nevermind. He may do that I don't know. But what would you do if you -- NBA owner. You've got -- hundreds of millions of dollars tied up in a product this guy is hurting the product. You would want to run as far from him. As quickly as possible because it is your bottom line and again we get back to my Carmine -- to -- senior line from The Sopranos. And I'm gonna embellish it a little bit there are billions of dollars at stake here that's what it's all about it's all about green. It's all about green. And I will tell your right now unequivocally. That if I owned an NBA team and the end and it came up to a vote. Should it sterling be forced to sell the team I would absolutely say yes. Not because of politics. Maybe not even that goes on what he said. But because I know that -- brand that has been damaged by his comments you'd don't. I don't know what easier way to save us some of your trying to make this into some freedom of speech issue it's not. It isn't believe me. If somebody introduces hate speech legislation in Albany. Washington I will fight that with every fiber of my body because it is antithetical to the First Amendment to the constitution which Eric Holder respects by the way. Who is black he respected by the way. As long as -- you don't start -- in too much around the Obama administration. Then he'll send his thugs to monitor your computer to see which you do. As he did with the national reporters but of course I'm just paranoid about these things. The IRS. If they do this again is not a freedom of speech issue. Today if it was I'd be the first one wave in the flight. What you have is -- club of billionaires. One guy in this club. Has hurt all of them. And I fully expect the rest of the owners to say. Why should we take a financial hit because of this guy. I'd -- I would vote him out of the league in -- New York minute. Even if I was a seven year old white racist I would -- mightily. Because it's Billy again we're talking green and we're talking money we're talking about a league folks. This league did not just content to be it's like the national football. It didn't just happen. If it happened because of marketing. It happened because your reputation. It happened because of brandy -- -- Yeah that word. It happened because of up presentation. Let's say that can we say that is that a branding it happened because a presentation. At one time the NFL was not what it is today. At one time it was all Major League Baseball America's past time. And we're all due respect to my colleagues in the next row and the NFL has surpassed Major League Baseball. In terms of its affect nationally. And I'm sorry but it just you know the the NFL season is how to get the ball and work with 5000 games -- -- baseball season -- years. Don't care about any of but -- -- the sports angle this is a money situation ladies and gentlemen nothing more nothing less that's the way I see it. So what that we all learn. What that we all learn from that's one of the things I learned. Edgier and job I think this especially should apply do you guys. Now you know what. Give me an example let me give an analogy. Now you know my position on the Second Amendment right the right to keep and bear arms. Now can you imagine. What you say about which -- one night. Let's just say wherever what I think is a private conversation. But Joseph is recording. And I stated Joseph you know what. Those guys with their guns in their pickup trucks. -- Belichick and Brady next. What they held they need all that firepower for probably need to carry a peace around the -- poorly and -- Now -- Joseph released that tape. Nobody's gonna put in prison but you guys would know that I was a complete and total -- If that's where I fell off the year you guys would -- sacks bottom. This is so much like The Dixie Chicks situation. Nobody -- The Dixie Chicks in jail for criticizing George Bush but country music stations stopped playing Dixie Chicks music a lot. Because. It was unpopular. With the market. Now I said those things about gun owners I might get my own show on MS NB CJ my mom would watch so -- that so what that we all learn. What did you learn what that we all learn. From the situation with the old guy who didn't want his girlfriend bringing black people to use games. And that posing with them on Easter Graham. What did we all learned. This feel like South Park maybe you'll find that audio what what did we learn today one of the things I've learned. If you're gonna date anybody. Make them sign a confidentiality. Agreement. Everything I say to you in private in bed on the couch in the car. Is sacrosanct. And it release of said conversation in the Shelby. Accompanied by a -- took me in the amount of ten million dollars. I'm just -- This woman who did -- -- have a respect for her. I wouldn't hit that with a ten foot pole. Seriously. Or as the expression goes Joseph I would hit that with yours. She's she's toxic absolutely toxic if that's a friend I'd hate to see these guys enemies. 8030930. What that we all learn from the sterling situation. You know what what what's your take. What is your 28030930. Is the up on number 8030930. Start on -- thirty is free on the cell phone. 180616. WB CNN. It will three -- thirty start -- thirty. And 180616. WB -- -- Effective immediately. And I am banning mr. sterling. For life from any association. With the clippers organization. Or the NBA. Mr. sterling may not attend. Any NBA games or practices. He may not be present at any clippers facility. And he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. He will also be barred from attending NBA board of governors meetings. Or participating in any other -- activity. I am also finding mr. sterling. 2.5 million dollars. The maximum amount allowed under the NBA constitution. Affectionately as early -- become and and we know. An owner in name only. Of the clippers' season we go he can't wanted to got no power he can't do anything with McCain. And you know that the other owners are gonna get together and -- what was a three fourths vote. -- the other owners. Would force him to sell the team and I can only assume that if he sells the team it's going to be for what is considered to be. Fair market value. Well why would you assume that well because the other owners don't want the clippers to go for a discount price because that's that the precedent for when they wanna sell their team. Remember this is all about money folks it's all about money I cannot stress that enough. Not about freedom of speech. Forget that. You'll not see Obama storm troopers walking in the sterling office dragging him out by his rug. And then I I think that's can't be is here is that it can't be right. All right dragging him out by his ears are definitely his ears and up putting him in Fort Leavenworth that's not gonna happen. Do. And I it just sometimes I think people get really confused by the concept of freedom of speech. This is not a freedom of speech issue. Because the government. Is not cracking down on the mr. sterling. The only people cracking yet down on mister sterling are basically his own business partners. The other owners in the debt is the group you and I will never belonged to that he -- kind of a club. Those are the people who will decide whether or not sterling has to sell the team and you better believe that. They are not going to let it go forty bargain basement price because they've got their own investments about which to worry. Mean it. Because it's all about the Benjamin's maybe it's all about the money. And at this point. Or is there anybody that wants to argue at this point this is not a toxic issue in the NBA. They mostly black league. With a large fan base of black Americans. A lot of white Americans to please don't misunderstand me but. What this guy did essentially was alienate his players he alienated the people who make him the money. He alienated the people by the Jersey -- many of them he alienated his fellow owners. Because he puts the entire league they have worked to develop into a bad light. Into disrepute. As you were. And the other orders I have to believe. Are are going to vote at least three quarters wouldn't surprise me at all if it was a unanimous vote. To force sterling to sell the clippers. Now the other issue then becomes a -- my caller suggested yesterday by the way these -- callers -- identify themselves at least there was ever call as black Americans said this was all a -- -- Magic Johnson could buy the clippers and I said well will know that. When this whole thing is that disposed of down the line. But at this point sterling is in a week ago. Now does that owner in -- Does that take the heat off no pun intended. Does that take the heat off of the clippers in the playoffs. Does this take the heat off the clippers for right now. The fact that sterling is persona non Grata. In the NBA. Probably. Probably does something to doused some of the intensity of the flames that had been in the broiling. Around the clippers organization. Now the rest of it is gonna have to be decided by his fellow owners. And ladies and gentlemen all the voters care about. Is. Money. All they want is our all I return. On investment. And if and they are considered opinion. Sterling is continued presence as an NBA. Owner is going to cost them money and I think it will. They will. Force him to sell the team. Because they have invested too much of their own money. They've got too much and they've got too much cash rolling in in trucks. Yes -- loads actually a bunny going into the NBA owners' pockets. I could do anything to screw that up. Not freedom of speech issue it's a business issue it's a money issue. I I I can't stress that enough so what do we learn. What did we -- It well what are the things we learn -- did you find via. Joseph did you finally audio from one of your favorite shows. You didn't find out audio either. Boy Joseph Europe two for two today and not a good way I hate to call you up it. Dissent and and usually you're right up these things but if they're not available or unavailable. We'll see what went audio is available to Joseph he gets it right up force that twice now a call for audio that apparently doesn't exist anywhere in the world. I can ask him for audio of -- do folk singing you'll have an -- and two seconds asking for audio of South Park where somebody says what the real tired today. That's basically my topic what did we learn today with a sterling situation in the Soviet here's rich in buffalo rich what did we learn. Term well earned it a typical liberal old Erica. And we'll get muscles. All the weight rule you just comment that it was about dollars what -- -- dollars. Okay. -- Then why get involved in the investigation. What are -- afford it. -- Before it even happened you're gonna have to explain that one. He he if he expressed outrage when the comments first came out I don't remember his exact words -- don't penetrate all all he said the comments speak for themselves that's recent and that's one example where I actually agree with zero. Person they're short and the quality and whatever all that but it'll take -- -- we should the Obama. Or a car which -- It all -- worked out -- It. -- and security. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was her motive. Consideration. Well there it looked as to possible motives -- -- hey I agree with them what what promoted she has not pure. This woman did not do this to promote racial harmony and social justice what are the health social justice news she did it. One of 21 of two reasons number one she thought there was a big payday either from sterling. Or big payday from somebody else an unnamed person with -- an interest in buying the clippers if it -- activists that's my personal opinion. We'll look into the. That I would send your opening of that just -- Quite getting it you know that it's all about dollars -- Sure it's well they're the ones -- have to decide what happens. -- there's a chain of command there's a there's a logical process through which this past the -- What what should tell me just answer me this what should that -- helping out here. I'm certainly happy it just came -- Get I know that I have because we had on the radio station on asking you what should have happened. In typical ways ownership. In -- to win some odd million dollars they. From -- equal. I got to be careful when it fails it will be terrible what Haitian -- say some things that are really strong but it'll be a. About the war. Yeah we'll look at me I can't say anything much stronger than I would torture with yours rich I mean that's about Orion with her I think she's -- -- Jesus. I'm definitely hate everybody how to act that are. -- liberal. -- forgetting one thing ago sterling is a Democrat he is what we would have called a progressive in public in private. He was as Oprah said. A plantation. Bought men. -- This you already wasted a set up this. Week about. So we're -- a little ferries came into westerly his mouth and made him say don't bring black people to my games. Oh. And all that. Using import a million times I've I've admitted that on the air. You don't want and it should calm about all that I. A pleasure to be prosecuted. For the. We're not prosecuted what chart and determine what criminal charges been filed against him. It's what -- -- -- but he is and that type and the NBA. Because in order. Why it. Why do you think just -- just answer a question why do you think they banned him for life from the NBA why. Caught the -- typical liberal. And equipment and immigration as he reacted -- -- -- and abide LA clippers. What he said -- was Magic Johnson is a friend of the NBA Magic Johnson is always welcome around the NBA the commissioner made no promise that they -- just gonna give Magic Johnson the team -- a black owner. -- I heard. Exactly it is a lot that we -- any of that -- hold it back there. That -- -- better bet acceptable at this community or this country. Term. -- gonna spend it the way it is I don't senior -- stand out in just you know and his conversation. I'm I'm out of -- and -- rich get is when you presume to know what's in my heart you prove yourself to be a consummate jackass not worthy of my show. Because you don't know what's in my heart. If I say it on the air that's what's in my heart. So I guess in that sense you do know what's in my heart. And let go this again real simply OK so you can understand. The NBA does not exist for your pleasure. Hi this show does not exist for your pleasure. This show exists to make money. This show exist to make money for Entercom. Four WBE and buffalo. For some of the stations are under the don't make the kind of money we do for your humble host Wednesday. They show also exist to make money an employee really thousands of people at my various sponsors. Mean that actually isn't the purpose for its existence but that is a nice ancillary benefit of the program. The NBA. Does not exist for your pleasure. They're not putting these games on because they want to entertain. If they did they have free tickets they'd be giving away jerseys. The NBA. The NFL. The nature Major League Baseball major indoor lacrosse. NASCAR. They exist for one reason and one reason alone. Let's all guess what that reason is. It's time my knee. That's what it is all about I honestly don't know what is the hard concept here. Unless some of you are just so naive that you think that these games just come to beat because they come to -- In a bunch of French Canadians get together and say let's start -- it. It's all about the Benjamin's baby. And the NBA owners. Are going to make him sell the team. Because he has damaged the reputation of the NBA. I have no regard whatsoever. For this woman who made the recordings are she claims it she claims that -- sterling knew he was being record. And I am in doubt with twelve inches sure. Terry is one of the pause at that very moment just to show I've outlaws by a sense of humor. But the NBA is about making money sterling at this point represents. A possible. Money. Losing it. Situation. For every single and B a owner. The NB a 25 years ago was not what it is now the NBA when the buffalo braves moved out of here. Was not the NBA it is now. The NBA now is an -- leak. Are. They don't want to do would damn thing that jeopardize that it is about the money. Folks please tell me that you're not all this -- It's about the money. These. Other owners don't wanna take a hit if if -- beer companies as you know what. Until this guy goes you know that twenty million sponsorship screw you will spend -- hockey. You think that that's not to affect me as an NBA owner if a car manufacturers says you know what. This is bad for our business to be associated with a league it's associated with this guy that affects meet Al Franken. So it's an old book it was written albeit to Al Franken did back when it was kind of funny. Now he's just a joke but folks it's about the money they'll keep your cells. This isn't about social justice. This isn't about anything else but the profit motive and protecting your brand that's it. That's it if you own an NBA team let me ask you questions would you be willing to take a 10% loss. Because this guy. -- I sure as hell wouldn't. I'm sorry if this is just it's W people but I can't give indicated any simpler than -- communicating. And right. I know there is a racial double standard in America today. I know that Oprah and Eric Holder and Barack Obama get away with murder with what they say -- the bottom -- But. Let's put it this way. If you're gonna call people out for comments they may. You can't turn a blind IA to comments made by a white guy. Mean that in itself makes me uncomfortable. And I'm not easily made uncomfortable. But. I'd rather lose my job to be thought of as some kind of a white racist. Possess may help logo -- the ditch somewhere. For the mob. Well I'm good at hiding bodies anyway it is 350. After got to be good for some free back going in my backyard -- news radio 930 WB yeah. -- -- weather service says look out for the winds in parts of Western New York area and you know twenty years ago this would not even have been an issue but today everything now has been an advisory or warning little win. For the rest of the day windy some rain tonight 45. I'll let you know -- there's going to be a tornado until then it's a little wind LL. Tomorrow breezy and warmer of course periods of rain and thunderstorm and fifty. 62 behind I had to do a double take your what does it right now joint. 51. You really think I have to do the Verizon's opening pitch I can't see that happening on the blogger -- I. I'm wrong I'm wrong but how the hell are they gonna have the grounds ready by 6 o'clock the night when it's an African flawed all -- I'm I'm not doing. You wanna call them figure it out because I promise I'll get to work. Our let's get back to the calls. WBBM. And make no mistake about it the woman involved. I got no respect for her. There's an there's an agenda there were some kind of an agenda. Add nothing to do with club. He should've chosen his girlfriend guard. Say that from experience here is Allen on WB -- talked to me Allen. -- I agree with you about the money no doubt about. I caught up with people. In I would decree for a long. It's -- -- -- it all congress. -- Out mattered. Well you know -- interest there because during the press conference Adam silver said it well documented. Rumors and actually put a question mark on my FaceBook page what in the head. Hell is a well documented rumor. Well except all reported -- alzheimer's. Would that -- -- the next. And make everything happen yeah I mean it could be something people are in particular aren't all receive the old guy is. Out of mind and at least at you finally get him out. Well -- there is a telephone conversation face to face is immaterial he said what he said and what he said is gonna cost other NBA owners and the league money. And it's gonna cost of a lot of money. If he is allowed to continue owning the team. It parent -- Well I guess some what -- a lot of friends today but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- call as I sit. Here is a pat in Dunkirk I don't change. -- in Dunkirk on WB Ian hi. I -- what -- say for the last three years. Mr. sterling it's. Restriction of air shaft. Four and alzheimer's like condition. What if you say -- Partly people for an 81 years ago are -- much less healthy shell what -- add. A medical diagnosis. About timers in what actually -- he's been receiving medication or what they're just gonna do to debate lush and now these people come down on top and I. What I don't know what lawsuit has been filed there's been a fine that's been issued by news I believe he is chosen to join the NBI. All the all the I would presume that if that was the case we would have heard about it trying to. Strip state whether it's 803 on -- thirty what did we learn from the sterling situation if you don't know what the NBA did this sterling. Well basically a lifetime ban and then some more coming up on the news on WB --

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