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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Parents Upset about Puberty Check Ups

Buffalo School Parents Upset about Puberty Check Ups

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor and certainly can't -- Yeah out here who are Hoover we -- -- well they are here. All right that's good. I don't know who wants jump in first but basically when he -- from one of the parents there is. Here's a description -- of. I'm eating -- While being done wrong it is simple -- aren't tiles getting caught. -- physical power forward. And they're telling your child immediately -- boot after they injected the -- -- -- -- Our -- you know on at the what we haven't seen came and I really opt out there well what happened. And thank you know. You know I would work the ball and -- practitioner at -- Put up. Here and -- wanna ask me. You know apple or. And then went up and even -- uncomfortable about her hot line. And it will not care. My daughter actually act in order out. -- And why are -- act act like you know he's got. -- -- -- -- -- -- All it is caught your neck and department -- and then making that line. Our topic for the greater I'll bet -- were there high school about one thing or. How are you know that your partner meant that he should be banned and all. Edited that I have a hearing available. Or there are. An -- In -- -- -- how you -- at parent bought out by well not that and parents who SharePoint yet they're all back. So completely. -- ordered to -- we aren't here are put the public our respective. You're currently the fact that these guidelines are not probable exactly and our. The local doctor load. Well we spoke with one being -- -- a problem -- on Google or parent what brought you crop. They're. Third in the league all right for the parents -- to be with their child. Entity in the global and so country. The pertinent in. An apparent. You know put out there. You know reasonable -- compliment or -- to make sure that all -- our inspectors aren't. Well what that situation off with a statement on -- -- -- I wouldn't make it extremely clear that we and you're screening because the court monitored -- development are still. Oh. -- It the problem. That there aren't. Bringing. Children who are. Not. Like I'm out. Or the problem. -- all. They're here. In sports because. She -- our sport. Northward. And great. Where. There have been look at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. Isn't a -- -- Child. Respect or. A complete. Art and okay. That. Happened that we'd let it. They are straight -- it is wrong. Great. What. The problem -- -- on the children. -- -- Sport and they're born. Proper. They're black. Now. I. -- -- It you. And didn't sit. Well. Now we. -- well there are totally content that like -- Email. You know you. Are and why and effort and all. You know. The ball up -- your back OK that. What went. Out. Oh -- -- the and that -- -- can't get back in my children in 201208. In the proper but what -- being done. An active parent my children -- -- twelve years old. Eight words you would do. School are. All well and being -- -- -- -- train. I've ever report about the -- act out out of Ottawa returner actor who. And daughter of the strange happened today and she won't quit playing partner. Typical athletic -- get -- you -- physical and it into the school like in typical -- at -- yet what that pressure off and apple are comparable at some pressure off in the morning. -- -- -- -- You've been here -- you know patent happy. It out. Could you apple and a cool and then it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You will bogey on Iraq. You're more I don't I think -- put everything into what he told me you know they don't eat -- well. She put her hand out near -- you know -- -- apart. -- -- they are no way. Accident never. Pediatrician. They have a -- and it you know because my son mail yet but -- you and my daughter you know interest. Actually -- They Clean Air Act there on a -- -- Thinking that they would. What. Eight in a lack act act are. Eager practitioner. And Sheen. It for me. You know that there -- yet. Nothing wrong it. I. While -- -- it I did. It because lawful. Weren't -- -- our paper article that actually -- They don't know well in the little boy actor what is being born. Oh well acted as you've seen it happening but I want. It. No they're here so that. Well in Iowa and oh. Exit and that. No one about what -- -- -- that was done out well -- and an. Inning had been happier. And then it happened so unfortunately. Aren't Big Apple is an eight -- What that there will be at their. Eight can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- I like aren't they thought. About how the lack of why it. It'd like to -- is actually an awkward form at LB pat here in the year. That. Now that according to hear why did it hurt they only. -- well. And -- what. I'm right there. And it -- -- Great. For our. Or on. Guam. And what is it -- -- What is it that you want an apology or some sort of a statement that they'll follow policy. -- -- -- What they're required. When he checked and child health. More on what they're no. -- I'm. And -- And -- out here I don't know and when it. -- -- -- -- -- -- at. Or near the golf. And art. And they're. Out. Of what happened. --

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