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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Newstead Noise At Issue - Supervisor David Cummings

Newstead Noise At Issue - Supervisor David Cummings

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

National WBA analog lines we welcome David -- mr. Cummings of the supervisor in the town of newstead. With the town board last night. Was scheduled to vote on the new town ordinance on noise. Ordinance but to -- things good morning thank you for joining us. This morning Warner deal -- noise is coming from what to do to -- do last night. Arcadia just a corrective and the we haven't local law. Ultimately it's -- it's really not an ordinance as is the law. My attorneys pointed that out to me I made that mistake a couple times so we have built a vote last night on the local law that would. Has regulated. It was amendment to our current law in that it would regulates. Some issues where is -- -- In the board last night voted to unfavorable laws to oppose and one of sustained. Which means that does not have. Okay knew what to is the central reason for the noise ordinance and why are you doing this. It's been an issue for. A couple of years. Residents near. The establishment to make love to. That you know make loud noise. To try to regulate that. And we have worked who is the one -- the one business. And we will continue hopefully in the future to work -- two. Ensure that. The welfare of all residences is regarded. So it's not just one particular area that you're zeroing handlers actually more than once so let me just ask you this -- -- outdoor venues where these like local bars and restaurants. That have. Well sometimes loud rock music. But the music rather than being played inside his outdoors is a look at his us. Actually. The is it locally it's called the -- flawed because mr. -- has venue of outside music which is. Well attended. For the most part. It's quite diverse. In it is quite -- -- we're located on the streets of the -- main road in out of justice or Akron. Most people most Akron and support -- and you say the sound coming from some of these sponsors is really love to be heard. I guess I have in fact -- guess we we have. Over the past couple years. This is and always. Law that was put together just haphazardly we've been looking at -- we have but the whole current board. We viewed it in decided last night. Pain -- -- -- three votes majority and it doesn't pass so. The situation. At this point in time is to move forward and try to work was. Not only this owner -- other venues. We haven't had. Complaints from other venues. As of yet but we do have other venues that have outside music. So we're gonna try to work and everybody and see how we can and everybody. Get along. Have the folks who operate the use of venues where they play the club music. Have they've been willingly are compliant to talk really willing to tone it down a little bit. In Atlantis. Last year yes. Currently. Played up until. A month or so ago we we head open dialogue we hoped to continue that in the future. Too -- work. I don't. Coming to a solution where everybody. Can be satisfied. Near the one person on your board to abstain from voting last night -- that personal stand -- you know one. And I I can only account for my vote. -- I -- wasn't somebody -- rule of law. You know usually. Abstentions are kind of put the visitors -- Something like that I am in a weird. I cannot answer for that person and that person gave no reason. So why they abstained. They were all five board members were involved in putting a lot together this is something that everybody knew. Well what the issues where. And like I say I can't answer for that person. Why. Data of -- some nor can -- answer for one board members that voted no in regulating give any reason. One other board members that voted no particular reason. And so. OKMR Cummings thank you for the update now will be in touch with you as this continues. I'll be here that's so newstead town supervisor David commons where the town board last night. A failed to pass an amendment to. An ordinance regulating -- is mainly noise or loud music coming from some of the music venues in the community.

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