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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Former Police Officer On Trust in Authority - Duane Rizzo

Former Police Officer On Trust in Authority - Duane Rizzo

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about police brutality -- incident in buffalo recently in alleged incidents. And cellphone cameras and our guest on the WB in line line is former buffalo police lieutenant -- risotto. Great to -- for emea. I wouldn't go and we're still -- are you doing. I've been retired fourteen years and it price at and that line now -- it will hit we're talking about. This alleged case of police brutality in buffalo and the whole subject of cellphone cameras is also come up because of this. Police kind of -- feel about having cameras nearly everywhere. Well that to be honest with you if you don't think that there's cameras everywhere in law enforcement today and you're fooling yourself. He. I'm pretty good friends with Vicky are strippers and the attorney for the national front's probably -- -- association now. And we've talked about the future and there's some some case law. Some states that there are laws but you know I you'd think that somebody's acting but can't grow shall we are somewhere. Or they won't -- and here we have a situation where a half dozen buffalo police publishers are placed on administrative leave. And there are accusations of alleged brutality being shorted out now. How aren't these guys and women of any woman were involved as we don't know because it was dark currency. But -- a half dozen cups. How aren't these police officers train because you know you arrest somebody the person who suspects calling you names screaming and kicking. I mean you have to use restraint otherwise. Everything's a lot of the control how are these people trained. The other trade they're trying to use as much force as necessary. What. Certain things that factor into that we we get cases where people live that are high on drugs or. Or raw or are you actually just disabled who accuse me. Strengthen and I won't you know what a perfect world. You would come out and say please put your hand behind your bad in envelopes which you and -- -- But we don't know that we don't look at the world but to try and use whatever force is necessary. Now and that they escalate and somebody fights with you. I'm gonna this is something I wouldn't say it wouldn't upset when I was you're observant and I'm retired now. We don't get paid the debt we paid the windows. Do you remember. -- any time when when you were here similar incidents a police brutality case -- or how a situation was handled and is it standard procedure to put. Officers on administrative leave. He got it is it is it's that part of the collective bargaining agreement if there's any tension tension -- the realty. Put with the public get used to that they're back and think that all these guys if there's an allegation that these guys are just gonna get away with its. And so so there's some protection for not only -- officers but also the public is aware that OK there's an allegation. I remember when. I believe it was not a prostitute claimed that she was sexually assaulted while being transported to police of course. And they added the -- kind of in limbo with the fact that they were totally innocent in the radio in the mileage on our -- that. They're all allegations like this you have to -- about the fact that. In the hundreds of thousands of context that the Baltimore police department has with the public. I don't want you here it's it's miniscule. And and even even those he recovered this guy's a criminal. Whether he. -- drug user or edit or. Our of jobs. One -- the other he's not a good. He -- from the police according to everything I've seen and that it is allegedly beaten. And he's these sit there and he sure didn't look like -- were beaten up in that photograph I saw and why. Well everything I guess has to be short about six police officers. Suspended for now placed on administrative leave. Charming and there's a lot that we don't know about what happened hollow Willis internal investigation take its thing. Well -- I go to guy internal -- I would say this one happened relative. Quickly -- -- I doubt any evidence and how forthcoming people are. And in the -- and I'll be interviewed and about what led up to see. You know you'll -- a little snippet from the individuals soulful. And I'm going back to chase the -- Virginia case you remember that. All these people saw eight from the second snippet of something happening. And a date they've made accusations bizarre position. Some of them and in it and -- it just you just wonder what preceded its. Yeah and in this case he really need to know what happened before that camera was rolling. And I'll let you know what the agenda that is of the people who took the video. If you remember out of she's still there or not but -- Redford. She was always data back about one thing or another. And then we find out -- an extreme right because there's so it was a -- time convicted. Felony drug deal. The good point -- -- nice visiting with you thank you for the time this morning. Great its former buffalo police lieutenant -- --

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