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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Amherst About to Ban Fracking - Mark Manna

Amherst About to Ban Fracking - Mark Manna

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's -- to WB and live line and welcome our next guest is Amherst town board member Mark Miller mark good morning and thank you for joining us. Good morning. -- took action last evening at the board did. On a motion to ban hydraulic fracturing fracking in the town of -- tell our listeners hold this came about mark. Well we've been contacted. Over the past few once in and really the last year. From a group called air force residents against -- of course this year club in like organizations. And in they want us to take a stand in did last night showing what the over 170. Other municipalities in New York. That say no way to track. So I'm glad that the people's hard work was what was accomplished last night and we're really sending a message to all of these. -- Amherst and New York State we're not gonna open our state their communities -- to -- -- street. We'll now Hydro fracking is already banned in Erie county and of the state has not -- -- decided which way it's going on -- the governor hasn't yet but. -- was this just symbolic or anything more than that. I think a little more than count me -- that only how. In Amherst my goal is to be in all ways and we also why take a step further and make sure that we do not use the ranking line. Our role as -- racer with a fracking industry having all the access lines to get rid of they're practically giving it away to municipalities as it will cost -- week. We were going to bad bet practices well a couple years ago that's -- board unanimously passed my resolution to in the treatment. Up -- with better waste water treatment plant. And even if there is some symbolism. Of I think the more symbolism you have it leads to real practical action. And when 170. Communities in New York say we don't want this environmental catastrophe. In waiting. And our count I think it sends a powerful message so symbolic yes but I think it will lead to real positive action. Mark you know it's it's almost hard to believe that fracking could even be possible. In the town of Amber's real you know we all think of Amherst -- a great place to shop and live it's almost over develop some people think but in many cases. There are some wide open space is up in the town not to -- could even possible. Yeah fortunately we do have a lot of open space is still a lot of farm we have several operating arms. And it doesn't take a lot of rolled. You drove for for -- Take a lot of room -- to rack a a horizontal. Gas well. And we want to protect our our residents in the future we have several capped well -- your quote that operating for decades. There are no longer in use but they could be used for Hydro fracking and the actions we took last night. Hopefully we'll stop it ever happening in -- can rest assured that this catastrophe in waiting is not going to come to their neighborhood. Focus of this is over and done -- there are no second -- steps to go through. Well I guess we have to -- the local law have a public hearing. And I said last night -- been working with these residents Michael stepped in Amherst have the strongest it's heartbreaking local law. That every other municipalities in Europe they can use as a template in there. Mark thank you for the update illness. Have a good thank you Amherst on board member remark --

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