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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Police on Leave Over Alleged Abuse - Paul Cambria

Buffalo Police on Leave Over Alleged Abuse - Paul Cambria

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have a half dozen buffalo police novels was placed on administrative leave the accusations of alleged police brutality. Being shorted out. Let's talk about it our guest on the live line is buffalo defense attorney Paul Cambodia. We're gonna talk about cellphone videos on police brutality on that Paul thank you for joining us this morning. Morning Paula you know it's difficult to believe the police these days could be involved in something like this. When they note that the city is virtually blanketed with a video camera what you think. Well you would think so I think first of all you would think they wouldn't be -- all -- Chamber's not. But you're right there cameras everywhere your outlook people's cellphones. Surveillance cameras that we -- on street corners. You would think that the attention would be heightened. -- ABC in the video I mean do you think it's pretty damning for these officers. I -- see that it you know I think there's a real problem with. Fact that once a person it is completely subdue it appears that at least one officer. It's kicking and what have you and of course this this and the lead to battle state charges of assault -- federal charters. Violation of civil right social -- a pretty big deal. Now there was a local organization. Identified as cop block of Western New York. The do the recording with a couple of cellphones can legally do that -- they stand by a police action and and take videos. Now without a doubt this is a public area. And you're entitled to -- these pictures there's been litigation. Because there have been a number of police officers. In the DD -- true in the past who have tried to stop people. Videotaping her -- somewhere recording and the court sells books at snapped up permitted the police stop you from. From domain. So you can do that -- A -- and speaking of cellphones and cameras and this is going to for the Supreme Court today. -- police go through yourself on without a warrant. Well that's substance in pursuing. That this came up because about two years ago when yeah. Supreme Court decided that GPS case. After reading that case I was convinced. That the next thing -- -- what -- especially in New York City where we have a very. Stringent. Search and seizure law I thought the that somebody was gonna challengers. Hoping that case. Come my way. In one of these because I think you need yourself on. There isn't any that any war. Private or -- oriented nation -- yourself well. He's almost. In some cases are more privately years also what you might have a -- Because you have your business all your social everything is in their. And I think the Supreme Court as the -- -- action before police are searching and it in yourself or maybe an exception. For. As evidence that could be immediately destroyed. Over just there's a drug deal let's say and so on they -- they might be able confiscated. And then get a warrant. But I think they're a warrant requirement there's going to be. We know of all that's said do you think that. The possible seizure of a personal cellphone could ever may be be added to the reading of Miranda rights. Well no I don't think it's a matter that it's much whether. Rasheed or and it really is this an amendment -- And that's awful situation for the maintenance and I don't think it's in the -- -- right to take so. I don't think that -- I think what's gonna happen or in the states. Unless there's extreme emergency where he -- information could be distraught. And that's our -- these companies like barrage and so -- preserve your information. At least that well to actually achieve shall. I just think what steps which you choose a supreme court's saying there must be war before you can actions so. You know there where you see a lot of cellphone seizures is at the border collective border here with Canada. A lot of seizures take place with people going across in Canada are returning. Due to an issue with -- There's different they're different rules that the border. At the border you don't need a war. Chu will look into a person's car and so there's there's an exception there -- border there media order section shall schools however. The differences. In -- are the order if they don't well. They don't get the information. You're on your way rich country out of the country with a sell well. It's always holed that and then go apply for the war. And let a magistrate to establish probable cause station you can do yourself a little bit. How we are watched everywhere as we've been saying. Are all these cameras a good thing. While I. I think they are I mean who -- it now with the airplane a law I mean they're out searching which satellite. The admonishes balances in -- but I think what happens is that keeps. Everybody in public service. And private citizens honest. Because you never well now on the other hand a cynical person might -- looses Big Brother. Big Brothers here in the government watching additional challenge. But I think you it's not a good thing overall. They good -- W Paul thank you for your time this morning. Are ignored that's buffalo defense attorney Paul Cameron.

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