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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Political Parties Don't Conform With Public - Dave Levinthal

Political Parties Don't Conform With Public - Dave Levinthal

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us this morning senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. -- -- -- and did a poll recently became and it it was a political poll I mean obviously. But 53% of Americans say they are not represented. By either the Democrat or Republican Party when you make exist as a kind of market political shift in this country. It speaks -- the -- have a lot harder cap right now -- -- really aren't terribly thrilled with Republicans or Democrats particularly if you're an independent. Ideally a look at the satellite ideally a little bit for the last -- the big grade -- what this country is just very very displeased. But what's been a couple of years of congressional gridlock. President Obama has not terribly popular these insiders have put that altogether and that lets you very strong or -- and who really believes. And the Republican Party really believe that Democratic Party feel pretty apathetic about. But you know sometime Dave -- there was a poll recently conducted here in New York State a couple of weeks ago. And it's had half the voters in New York State. Didn't know who come to Napoli or Eric Schneider of them work now they are of course our state controller. And our state general. Attorney general have to people the state didn't even know who these guys work. If they didn't know who their representatives. Were how would they even know what these people stand for. I'll I'll one up Vietnam it's in polls that have shown that -- about a third of all Americans Doug couldn't even name the vice president of the United States and -- either. -- -- And the fact that -- -- Apathy that a lot of people are feeling they don't guilt and acted the politics whether the state level. For the national level parents involved they are engaged they're not reading about what's going on. -- -- way they feel very removed they'd they'd elect politics not affecting them about ways says they've got engaged and and also -- -- a new poll out today it's an ABC Washington Post call it sure is that President Obama -- the lowest approval rating. Are his entire presidency and from a political standpoint. As a major political implications for the -- fourteen in mid term elections cycles that they are are your people that turn out. The vote during mid term election which is Super Bowl a lot lower than current presidential election season. To be very bad news for Democrats because why well they've been relying heavily on younger voters. An independent voters he's very people who are not terribly vocal with with the way the government -- -- and and they use them to Wear White House and quite well well if they don't show up it would report here. Record means some bad bad news for them not come when he fourteen in November -- are trying to retain a only the senate that and possibly went out which seems like a lot. Did what they think this means. -- for the political parties the traditional political parties years from now. Erica into the political parties then I'll that you were in an age right now where a lot of outside organizations very politicized organizations. Nonprofit groups and super -- or not directly tied for the party. In in any way you are the ones who opposite I'm riding. The debate elections they're the ones who are spending millions of dollars in election so as we -- elections is right now. The parties terror sometimes even taking a secondary or nurture your role in the ultimate decision making in the election process the senate -- there's. And house races equally at the national level. But increasingly to add the state goes well out very very hard act to be operating in politics but certainly one that that we haven't seen. Likely have over the past couple of years when you compare Q. Ten years ago worked here thirty years ago. And David were on -- we're hearing that two you and your colleagues have uncovered some news regarding federal appellate judges. They've been ruling on cases in which they had a financial conflicts of interest and nearly as judges in New York State. Yet saying exactly are we did find one and yet the second court that are these as second Circuit Court that in new York and basically what we have found is that there are 26 examples that we were able that are out and when he sent. Federal appellate judges who ruled on cases in which they have it direct financial interest for example they haven't stopped cold thank. Our major financial interest in the company. That parakeets before that in the in the quarter which they will sell. It's something snapped is that there have been many of the drug is already taken corrective action as a result of a report wrote letters to the litigants and informing them that they had a conflict of interest they did not disclose. And in many of these cases it is entirely possible on. A that the cases could be were tried as a result. Revealing at these structures that we should have disclosed the information and retreat it's themselves quite law. But these cases that that they have this conflict and that we'll see what happens. Make a report -- invite people to their account. Dave thanks. YouTube did Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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