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4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I wore us down upon you with great. And go to the -- to a ball that ends this -- -- And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Tom hourly. Column. Went up to. Now what about how much passion I could have got covered up make -- welcome. It's live its local capital. -- won't won't. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly -- like you. You have bowl news. Item like a orders. And 930 W yeah. -- -- that we don't hit the reset button and it shall always. Now you're -- by the -- wanna get into other topics here but. Your example of a guy who answers to his own question. I -- don't even know how to responds. Too obvious and I only responded by saying you've answered your own question basically a guy. Now unfortunately I can't find them on FaceBook -- I put too damn post up on FaceBook but basically you know the guy took exception. I picked up by saying that that the owner of the clippers testing it out of the game. Well exactly how would you get a lot of the game Tom people won't go to the game of people by the jerseys out of luck and I'm like -- -- would you just answered your own question. That's why he's gonna get out of the game. Because the other all orders they're not gonna wanna be associated with him. And I obviously not privy to the terms of the deal under which he bought the clippers. But in most contracts especially when you enter into an association with people. There are moral turpitude clauses. Now moral turpitude is in the -- of the holder. But I'm sure. There must be a clause. Somewhere in the NBA ownership Manuel just like how the buffalo -- giving instructions -- -- -- watch yourself. But. I'm sure there's got to be a clause that says that an action which brings extreme disrepute. To our league it. Can be punishable with your forfeiture of York. Purchase of this NBA team and it may be taken from view. Upon a majority or two thirds vote of the owners I don't know that to be a fact but. It at all but they're typically contracts. Is that you know if you go into an association with people com. There is away for the other people to protect themselves. I mean if at all Hitler you know bought the LA clippers. But nobody knew we -- and instantly came out that he was Adolf Hitler I'm sure there's an out here for the NBA to get rid of Adolf Hitler is anybody's. If that does not seem to me to be unreasonable. Or unprecedented. Well it early BA teams certainly would be unprecedented. Anyway it is at thirteen minutes after six -- news radio 930 WB yeah Todd and I kind of -- he entered his own question. Now. I trust by now you've been to WB EN dot com. I trust by now that you've got the opportunity to view the video. Of the alleged police brutality against a suspect a had some of the FaceBook page. Well apparently you know word has it that this guy was a scumbag. See it doesn't matter whether he was a scum bag or not. Carry these guys are not judge jury and executioner. Their job is to affect the harassed. And to bring the guy again and have the charges placed against him. That's what they're supposed to do. You were not entitled they are not entitled anymore than you are entitled to use physical force against somebody. When there is no danger of physical force being used against your. And the guy on the ground at least as I view the video. The guy on the ground was in no position to do damage he was under control. There was no reason for any physical force to be used against him after he was handcuffed and in area prone position. Because there was no danger to the officers. -- And -- cameras up cameras can be -- there are other videos that we haven't seen yet I'm sure there police videos. From the cruisers. -- These guys obviously like anybody else. You know they're gonna have their day in court or their day before internal affairs were they tell their side of the story. Doesn't see me and my my suspicion is there'll be some kind of a rip. I don't think it's going to be a job losing -- but. That is that a -- and I'm I'm look at at the same video that you see and I haven't seen any extra videos. Of Beers. It doesn't look for the officers involved but. One of the things that I have to say is. Bad. Police work. Is the kind of job like a lot of other jobs. Where the video of the cop. Doing a good. It's like play safely -- and you know cop does good drop details little element that's not really news it's to be expected. That's what usually happens. Is this an aberration. Some people would say yes some people would say no. Do you trust. York police and that that is that's my serious question today do you trust the police on a scale of zero to ten. Now I kind of thought this was self explanatory but perhaps it was not. Zero means you have absolutely. No trust at all in pulleys zero. -- means absolute total trust and total faith in the police. Where are you on that scale. Something I've said before and I will say it again. I have a lot or trust in the veterans. And the guys were about to pull the pin and retired but I do in the younger generation. The older guys to me -- generalize. I understand that the older guys to me we're kind of like and our partners -- like Jack Webb. And Joseph Friday. Eric -- like. Officer reed Malloy and Adam twelfth. You know by the book the guys they were afraid to mix it up when the situation called for a although I do laugh frankly when I watch some of the Adam 12 episodes. What I see these guys taken shots at the cops. And then read and Malloy you can tell I -- meet he'd be a little bit and then read in the lawyer arrest them. And it's totally without incident there's never an extra shove after the handcuffing like you sort of -- That's unrealistic. And doesn't really happen. Well it maybe it happens sometimes but it's human nature to be a little bit pissed off the guy that just tried to blow your head off that's human nature. You're never gonna do away with that was you have true robo cups and we saw that work at least with the prototype in the first move didn't work out every well. Do you trust the police I trust the older guys more than I do the younger guys. As a role. And again this is a general rule and this applies to everybody. You as a citizen. It is incumbent upon you to know your rights. It is incumbent upon you to exercise your rights and to flex your rights -- you don't have to be a jerk about it. You don't have the cop an attitude no pun intended. And you don't have to escalate the situation. And I do watch the show cops. And I have to admit that sometimes I watch it for laughs. I said when I wanna feel superior all watched cops. Because a watch the people on cops. And you'll see these people -- Bags of pot in the car right. And there's no probable cause whatsoever for the -- the third could do a search at a couple sick. Jim modify search the car from my own protection modify -- make sure you don't have any plunging sticks grenades dynamite the car. Of course not have a search well once you allow a search. You basically have forfeited your fourth amendment rights. So anything they find during that search is gonna be used as evidence against you. And you have given them that evidence. And some people don't want to stop. As a general -- I'm not a lawyer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd do not consent. To a search. Center with me. I do not consent. To a search now when you say those Woertz. You may be met with a hot style attitude by the officer trying to intimidate you. You may hear things like on -- called my supervisor were gonna bring the dogs out. Don't let it freak you out. IA. Do not. Consent. To a search. And the same thing if day's show up Richard door you're under no obligation opened the door for the public's. You don't have to open the door. You can talk to them through the door or you can simply say look. I'll talk to you come back with a search warrant I'll be happy to talk to come back with -- arrest -- I'll be happy to talk to you don't have to talk to. If you don't want to you don't have to. There's famous football player. I think played for the one point. Vacuum is making a turn at Delaware avenue ones. At the hit a pedestrian. They drove all. And -- police knocked on -- Ever answered. There's no charge there. There was no charge. When it did there's no charge on the books for not opening the door. Right. So if you find yourself in a situation like that. I do not consent to a search. And let me just say one other thing. This is for your good because I happen to believe very strongly as you probably know in our constitution and in our bill of rights. Save nothing without an attorney. Saying absolutely. -- Do you know why I pulled you over you don't have to say anything. Your only obligation is to provide the requested documents. License registration insurance card. You don't have to say anything because anything you say is gonna be written down. For example if you say -- I was doing a 4025. All that'll be used against. It will. So all. Remember that folks if you weren't anything. Do what the police do when they find themselves in hot water. When the police are involved in an on duty shooting what's the very first thing they do. Today opened up their hearts and tell everything. Absolutely not. The first thing they do is they -- their union -- the second thing the union rep says is saying nothing we're gonna get to the lawyer. And they have the union rugby union lawyer deal with. IAB or whomever is investigate. So if they know assist nobody knows the system except lawyers -- cops. And if the cops won't even talk to other cops without a lawyer what does that say about your chances without a lawyer. You see I editor old trap. Lets -- -- out what's going out with clean driving record Alan Harris. We don't high wind advisory for most of the area tomorrow I turn -- just one is that we ought. Highway and advisory for most of area high wind warning -- talk in southern Erie counties. And in terms of the whether overnight. We can expect it to be breezy and rainy it will spread from south to north across the area 45 below tomorrow -- be cloudy and breezy down right windy and back with a high of 53 right now 55 -- That news radio 930 WB yeah. So my serious question is a scale of one to ten. How much do you trust the police. I trust the older guy is probably an -- the younger guys not nearly that much. I do also have a bias. And I will tell you what bidders. I -- almost always. Going to support police. When bay in good faith. Act according to our constitutional rights in doing their duties. I'm almost always like I can't think of whenever it happens -- and was leaving myself out. If the police are doing their job in accordance with their duties in accordance with the constitution. I'm gonna support. And I know that that might sound naive. But I will support that if people don't know their rights that's not the cops -- If somebody says well of course you can search my vehicle. And they find all kinds of contraband. What I spoke to blame the -- this civilian should have no no I don't consent to a search. But don't teach you that school. That's -- a serious question today. My not so serious question in honor of the owner of the clippers. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing. Or saying. Let's go all the way back your teenage years parked at the Brighton park golf course. -- under his radio 930 WB. Experience. -- And now. Our idea is 630 for a news radio 930 W. UPE. And small world. The guy who was on the ground in buffalo and that the alleged police brutality. Apparently a product of Williams Bill Self. And it turns out I. I know some people who now. Apparently -- quite a mile fun and even in school. Currently not exactly candidate for citizen of the bigger surprise surprise. All right it 03 on 530 start -- 3180616. WB EN a scale of zero meaning non detail and how much do you trust the police and what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing it. Were saying. -- -- that's my happy ending topic you don't thrilled at thirty. With Robin -- tunnel out and rob I know names by the way of any officers with whom you may have had adverse contact -- Or are -- Okay this is an ornament the -- point all the law enforcement. -- -- -- -- -- -- aren't locked or I'm a little bit yeah I bet thank. Oh yeah I ordered by military while some degree on. What about 09 dollars and -- trust a guy I trust I think most corporate guys but. I think in my father's generation. Also law enforcement. They wanna -- or you want to be sure. I think what's happening in hours -- a lot of guys -- -- and and girls. They can because it's a good job with benefits. Which I guess you could argue but I think what happened -- not at all day every day. I'm your hearts out and -- about it for the right reason. I'm. Gonna get better and injured at the start. Probably make some decision or pretty or. All right what do you know I've said is that and you can correct me if I'm wrong and I don't think I am. What are the issues with cops is that you guys have got to deal with. Jerks being jerks. And good people who haven't really bad day -- kind of skewed your. Version of humanity. Oh absolutely and his -- it's where I'm I'm actually corrections. Our go to bag articles. By scorecard I am I am a fresh. But I say that's absolutely true -- I'm there aren't a lot of Foley and walked four guys. Our. And they can't forget that would it would it would probably treacherous issue cannot forget that a lot of people. Or just regular guys who called it a -- Are still people yet the treat -- like people. But at the same time that you deal with. But worst of course. And our partners and you are gonna get better and it would get better. Or decision -- people away. Or bad guys about so argued freedom. So we're supposed to treat them right. They make bad decisions were -- right decision even if -- still. I think people art art and I think an extra -- -- on Amazon. You know -- people are sitting on a job about it and that's -- the reason they get and so on -- especially. The corrections. Robert if it's not calling it's not for you. Really believe. You know. Right I'll love interest exit you're giving you're giving your trust level in eight this army is an in -- in the field as the CEO with the family. In a police officers -- CEOs. -- Did you just to watch the video. And the depth we've got hit we got a posted at the WB -- dot com. Check it out I am glad to call thanks very much. -- I'm trying I'm trying. You know what. The things that -- bothers me to this day is. The lack. Dennis -- When he was on the job as a buffalo detective and a buffalo detective of great repute. And I got to play it if it played in number with my head in terms of my trust. Because that is to Orlando was a guy was trying to see justice done for two. Wrongly convicted individuals. And instead of the system trying to do the right thing the system was more concerned with covering it's less than it was with making sure that to innocent people. Were released. And that has stuck with me obviously. For quite some time they wanna talk about Dennis BN. One of the most courageous people there is that's one of the reasons why. Let's go to nor an awful -- of scale of one of zero to ten sir how much do you work trust the police. Say zero. It's only it's only one. Well there's a couple of good ones. China -- both stories. Okay one is -- -- security guards were -- here in the summertime. And move men are parked in a big open area a little right. And at a brand hooker and it had lights come on automatically. You know when you do things. And I was used to it. Well helped broker come by all insider told -- get to carry. And actually got security cap but I didn't have. And -- -- start searching them like -- And all of sudden like five or six squad car pull up you know -- my likes and does so that. And point -- private property not doing nothing wrong. And they want and as you know made light on that's OK this is is laden force. Wait wait where where where you again at places where to park. Iowa is hard. In a big open area. Oh yeah okay food market. Okay big okay so are so was private property but you were not the owner of the private property. Okay and you you had your identification as a security guard at that particular business. Well. I don't. You know Andy's written -- -- much much by you know I had a security gap. And I offered by government number the golf you know there side all that stuff. Are you were just so I'm clear on this you were on duty as they hired security guard at the business in question which it was a private business. -- All right and you were on the job as the security at that private property. Yeah. That he did what what was the what was the exchange. Well. My headlights question wrong these that one guy in the unequaled by. So your take on -- would do it Drudge right so -- just let's start searchable. Did he ask you for your permission. I don't recall -- bigotry and you know like very rude and -- Rambunctious sort. -- in what way it was the was he rude I'm not trying to give me a hard time I'm just -- curious as to your perception of rude. Well because they show my -- it you know I don't under security guard and it'd -- still make these -- well I just Pretoria in overseeing. You know -- security guard so he apparently didn't -- fours and like the market open until the first play. And so you know that's where he didn't. When you don't know anything about that -- that question. So what what do you think if you had it to do or if you were in his position. How would you have handled the situation and and -- your security and -- not a certified police -- Well I -- it just ask former wall violations. And you know show the security gap and I get a phone number right off the building where he could call to verify the tractor. -- -- Merit and that left you with that you set a whole bunch of other patrol cars showed up what happened them. OK well then they should although minor of these rookies -- you know do -- job and at. And meanwhile -- they're older checking out my relationship now and everything. You know and it's like you know what back out here on private property I'm not doing nothing but what I'm mostly doing. And that they treated me like I was a criminal or shall. Right so they could've been a little more. Not friendly -- that -- you don't think you're very professional look to put words in your mouth but that's what I'm getting into the conversation. Yeah golf and there's so much story. What was the other one day and there was this say. You know was this a good story -- was this another bad story. So bushel and here you really bad. OK I observed. For quite some time. Oh my gosh it's the Mexican drug cartel. And I want -- to a precinct and I told an officer. About it right. Well. They're mining -- polished Johnson you know eight and -- their name and I anyways the next day I could see that they changed their at all. And then a data later there was squad car parked -- -- -- my -- taken down my relations program it looked like. It looks like cart parked in the driveway. Soul. Winner do you do you suspect I'm very curious now. Do you suspect that they were in with the Mexican drug cartel. How did you know and again I I I'm curious how did you know that you were dealing with a Mexican drug cartel. Well. Questions. Without using names of course. But I march since February oh. They've moved. Though the -- -- years ago. Shortly neighbors. And well I have reserve. You know what I did see -- like white powder. Source violence for your well I'll go down and out Joseph hill police officer maybe get someplace. And it's not an elevated. You know go to. There's an inspector this sort of bad or anything like that is taught and I know would tell you. Very interest and -- did any thing after they took down your license number. There was this a marked police unit that took down your number. Your license -- I just like our Condo and you know some 1 o'clock in the morning I opened my curtains. And areas are great what my house and you know I concede that he that you know Clinton inflammation in the computer. So role did anything happen after that -- two lead you to believe that you were at risk. Well like -- say the big change their -- they were doing things. And you know. I know for sure they know that I know and so anyways I just make sure loaded up every -- I got a house. I'll be careful be careful what you say in the show because god knows who's listening. All right. Well look at it it -- is no way you have a very healthy dose of skepticism and bigger level of trust with police is again Missouri yourself. -- Well if I mean again if if if that is your level of trust that is your level of trust and I'm I'm glad you call. Thank you very much. -- all right what is what is your level of trust what police we have via video of the alleged police brutality taking place in buffalo. And it does. Appeared. To be. That physical force was used on a suspect after the suspect was down and under control. Which is something that that no one has really supposed to do we're bigger police officer or not a police officer. You're only supposed to use physical force if physical force reasonably. Is believed you reasonably believe that it is being used -- about to be used against you or third person. But if you've got somebody down in a prone position. And he is under control no matter what he calls you no matter public -- the kid as are the young man has. You're not supposed to you know be the jury -- the executioner. And until we have robots patrolling the streets you will always have to deal with the human factor. In an on the job. Not excusing it. 8030 -- thirty. Start at 3180616. WB yen. Your trust level -- police on a scale of zero to 100 being not at all -- previous caller ten being absolute and complete and total. And maybe it's too late to ask this question is by happy ending question but I guess I'll try it again the most embarrassing situation in which -- been caught. Where the most embarrassing thing you've been overheard saying. Like out of note talking bad about your boss than you realize he or she is standing behind you with a bar. Oh and when that happens under his radio I'm thirty WB EN. NASA. Has breaker but I think the show's over. Way to work with that joke we got away here at all calls everybody says goodbye because they think about. I don't know we're gonna have to figure that out without having an eight minute break -- the -- the Michelle. 8030930. Stuff and I'm 3180616. WBBM. And that you know shows that I really wanted to do and I know that we are kind of hinted about this. A few weeks ago. The DNA. Test shell. We had a guy call again. Tell us came up because I'm looking at the girlfriend. Of the owner of the clippers. And realizing that she's not exactly a nordic princess. I kind of wonder. -- what she's made genetic. Just like I wonder exactly what I made genetically. So are based our callers recommendation I ordered 23 and me. I haven't done the spit test yet. Because it's illegal to do it or send it from New York so you have to drive the Pennsylvania spit in a vial and then mail from PA. I was about maybe doing -- from Charlotte my next flight. But that I realized that it would probably be illegal without liquid on the plot. By the my split was nitro. All right 8030930. But just that nothing they're up and not not worthy on -- -- aren't so. This guy here yes well. No yes. If I can -- now forget it forget it is that if -- complex this creative -- make will be worked what about that. But I don't know at some point you know send me an email. Because I don't think that you want to put this out there publicly but if you have done. If you've done one of those genetic test whether it's 23 in day. Whether it says the National Geographic one -- job John I forget it because I might my line of thinking being that it probably you quoted -- do. Just sort of took that long for you to screen it probably is not gonna work out in the year. But anyway getting back to. If you took one of those genetic test 23 in me the National Geographic won the Ancestry.Com. One. I would love to know whether it was worthwhile and what you found out about yourself. And of what ethnicities. You were made and whether or not it's surprised that a lot of now because of the some would say personal nature of yours I don't think I wanna put that up on my FaceBook. Course and again -- to be holding a gun eager to answer your question but. Feel free to send you email my email address Tom at WBE and that Tom Tom at WB EN dot com. Arabs here I'm thinking to myself. How much it's gonna cost me in gas. To drive down to Pennsylvania. To split into a vial. To mail -- and then to drive back from Pennsylvania. -- the New York State. Because they will not accept -- tests done I said -- done in New York State. Or mailed from New York State is that just bizarre 23 in me. So. I got to figure out it's going to be a party spent a hundred bucks to get the test. Now it's gonna cost a lot of money in gas just to get the what I should do it in Charlotte know my luck would be that will be the day the plane is late and I don't have a chance to do it between flights that'll be when that. All right folks. If you. Do. The went for that. That is would -- be boring -- well now. Let me -- all right we'll look at Joseph -- I can't believe -- -- -- to say -- but we will thanks for another great job master control John German -- fabulous call screening. And this -- reminding you of two very important words no yourself.

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