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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. -- I walked down -- the -- would -- didn't think yeah if you go to the hole looked. At the end of this month -- They keep going for it. It's easy to clean -- But the same publicity. Would -- now let's -- Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would discount. -- news radio 930 WVU. I don't think -- -- complain about either the sound that we -- from blazing saddles and -- Because blazing -- a part of -- will be a great comedy classic American comedy by Mel Brooks was a mocking of Americans. Racism and stereotypes. This -- -- I don't think we can make a movie like that today. This -- thing is is that in 2014 I find myself doing a show about an octogenarian. Who owns a basketball team. Where he has a lot of black guy is playing on the team telling his girlfriend but they never had sex. I she was his archive list. That he didn't want her associating with black people or bringing black people -- the games were black guys were playing basketball. Folks you could not make this up and it's like a true story I happened to. Be very hard to offend. But you will not be able to convince me that that statement about. Don't bring black people of my games is as racist as it gets. And if Barack Obama had said to somebody I don't want you bringing white people took to to the White House. To do you know you know I've -- reactor. So I try to be consistent in these things are quickly though because. I want to be the fear guys are right. This woman. Is it hurt as far as I'm concerned. She is all looks all sex appeal zero class. Actually did get busted for DWY couple years ago. I know even good people make mistakes. But. There are reports that she's got like a hundred hours of taped conversations. Between her and sterling the guy who owns currently the clippers the guy who said I don't want you you know basically hanging out with black guys are posing for pictures with black guys and against the granting them. What are insecure guy. What are your previous caller said -- a look back to Paul he -- -- for a long time. Paul you said you're gonna be the hat trick I wanted to keep down a hole through the news breaking I don't wanna keep holding any further I get some more of your thoughts on now what to play here. Okay well we will guard noted he was that a -- eight years. I do think that their MBA angle that the caller before we report with the Magic Johnson do think that there has -- And that's gonna take a -- safe flight. We're gonna see some some moves in the NBA ready justify the only thing. They would have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton by the team. I'm sorry with -- with Louis Farrakhan as a partner I'm just -- All right so. You know that is but a scenario that a few people have but I have talked about now here's work it's really interest in Paul. If that was the case there would be a paper trail. Okay there would have to be a paper trail. Between her magic Johnson and or magic Johnson's financial people there would have his. This kind of thing just wouldn't happen overnight. This is where. Sterling means to -- if he -- already a squad. Of PI is to look at -- background and to look into whether he was set up said the met at a Magic Johnson control group -- by the team -- him with him going into disrepute. But don't you think to be a paper trail that eventually is gonna be found out. I do think there will be a picture but not yet secret kept in the current. It would only be a financial paper trail if they actually do bootable -- mark -- I do think like in a monocle a case is going to be people true there's going to be nearly. This -- And so wait a -- -- old guard position on late in the first but a tall order to start acting in the things she say. Stay with this guy was written all along is nobody thought he used to make money off of tuna. Well I would I really would wonder and again we have heard this yet. I really wonder whether she approached him and I'm not making accusations this is just idle speculation. I wonder if she said to him hey I've got these tapes and if you never want them to see the light of day at 200 million something good figure to me you're worth two billion. -- I can't you know I can't rule that out but I have no proof of that but I'm sure it would be forthcoming if that was the case the other option is maybe he wasn't given you know maybe she was on assignment for other people who wanted to get the clippers from sterling. And there would have to be a paper trail where. There you go and then we got another twist. Which can be you know looking billionaire. Think about the upcoming campaign is about sixteen probably big contributor properties here that it didn't analyze in the -- He never pick as a Democrat. At one point he was the NAACP humanitarian of the year and I hope you forgive my chuckling dude putts -- it's late. How can you. How can you how can you fake it like that. There's one thing that actually it and it. I have no idea what our president I mean I know he ran as a Democrat but whatever -- thought I've never seen no the president do that and really can't. I don't know what the label Obama. I I do but it's it's it's too controversial. And I I believe that he is a Communist. I'm serious I IE really think that that's where his sympathies are. When I hear about wealth inequality income inequality specifically. I think back twosome very famous leninist posters and I think the myself geez I've heard these words before. But. I think about Russia when -- see him with pitchers located. And I see pictures of Hitler were little kids and I think about that it used in a sealed -- -- little grammar schools suffer outages taken all personal rights and privileges away from normal Americans I don't see that it democratic. All right well I -- -- is totalitarian. Or status if Communist turns people off certainly totalitarian state -- I do see the country in general and by the way I can't blame Obama for this 100%. I think you started years ago I think it accelerated under George Bush and the Patriot Act which I sadly supported. When it was introduced I think this country is heading in the wrong direction and Barack Obama didn't started he's accelerated. The you know there are Obama. The administration really really -- -- he does to me. As long as it doesn't involve a word but I can't say on the radio you can tell that. -- -- -- It makes in this bill O George bush administration and makes me wonder -- -- things -- -- and the way out it's Obama works its way. I'm not a fan of George Bush I have to confide in you but when you look at the price of gasoline when you look at the price of your natural gas bill when you look at the cost of your electricity. And when you look at the deductions from your paycheck. You could make an argument that you just did. Paul up great talking to a man hang in there keep the faith and we'll talk to -- -- love you too brother. And start night sorry but that is given the phone number I'm just gonna say. I hope I hit the wrong button are just gonna say up you probably just made by guys jealous you know Joseph and John I'm sorry he loves me I love him. You know it's it's a brotherhood on the show it's his sister and brotherhood it's. I'm telling you this this. Bringing people together. What that's what it's about. The irony of of the calls from people identifying themselves as black guys today the irony is is it's exciting to -- It's delicious to me it's delicious because it's unpredictable. A target my audience rocks Iran and I'm not you know I feel about it -- -- round of applause but if you missed the show so far it has been a classic. Everything that you might have had preconceived ideas about to throw it out the window. Because every caller shattering ideas today it's great I love I Connell pleasant. Here's sub Brandon in Clarence let's see if the trend continues. Brandon may think -- a dork -- welcome to the show your W media. -- I wasn't here holder who say just like so we a week or so. -- every great movement -- for the cause they become the movement. Our -- becomes a business and degenerates in court records. Is that not what we can't hear. I would like it a source at forming I'm not familiar with the quote. But. In every every great -- movement begins and cause. And then become the business and degenerates into Iraq yes. All right well let's let's just presume just without without arguing about it without the without big getting into a slug -- -- relate that to work to this topic -- me what you mean I'd like -- moment. -- -- -- -- Certainly going to be. The year. Yet you know hypocrisy. Given money money it's all about Iraq. Well at least -- OK okay but I think we need to separate the issues here I agree with the NAACP. Has become nothing but the national association for the advancement of liberal colored people because conservative black men in black women like Condoleezza Rice. They can be. But it pretty liberal black person is attacked look out. Then it's racism I want to hold on because look I think your thought is is well taken because as I've set. Racism no matter who is the originators is an evil we have got to. We've got to be aware of it I don't think we're ever gonna do away with it but being aware of it -- have to battle it like -- hold on if you could aggregate traffic with mr. Allen Harris. All right gang and their heads up National Weather Service first all the -- high wind warning tomorrow 8 in the morning to five at night. Four. For a southern should talk -- county. Not cramp my -- construed government tried to from memory sorry 54. Should talk what and southern Erie saudis secular aid thank you that this is brought to you by the letter F. And then also a wind advisory. For most of the rest of the Western New York listening area that many of you listen on the Internet for which were very grateful but you needn't worry about it instead look out for flying house we've got those tornadoes which have been. Patrick already this year well. Absolutely awful. You know we we don't have those year not to that extent in Western New York I can only remember one fatal tornado has about twenty years ago as a guy. In a truck the got thrown off a main street somewhere like news by a tornado who as a fatal accident. But my goodness -- 57 degrees right now at the WBE and let me go back to parents so. Brandon you're not gonna get an argument for me if you're point is that the NAACP. Only cares if a liberal person of color -- liberal black person is attacked then. The fangs come out with the NAACP. But if it's Clarence Thomas were Condoleezza Rice or any of the black intellectual conservatives forget about it it's fair game on them because they're not genuinely black. Problem broader from a broader context think about what Eric Holder said they appreciated. Which is done the work completely. Across all across all all all genders across all everything yet it only applies. In certain select circumstances. When it comes to the liberals. Well -- though that some rackets turn into legitimate enterprises. Oh I don't live there I mean amateur -- -- an upside down -- -- example New York State lottery hello. It. Well that's a pyramid scheme. I just -- based -- to that quote because somehow I missed that. I would I would think I can't remember I mean I -- I don't think are taking it out. I'll see if I can dig it up but you're making me work you're making me work during the thank you. 8030930. Start 930 in the cell phone 180616. WBBM. It is hourly for Acura audio -- and well actually isn't your cardiologist -- -- I feel is -- discipline. It's already yeah well they wanna do -- any interrogator hearing exam it's definitely a cure -- -- but if you need kitchen counter. -- tops you probably don't wanna have a hearing installed -- but you wanna call security counter tops. It's a Monday companies and slack. News. Yeah. Yeah. It is worried about statement dude. All -- two billion dollars a bit of absolutely. But if I was there a two billion dollar dude man I would be milking that for all its work. OK I'm all right if I were a woman. I was -- this guy who's got one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel and I know is worth two billion dollars. -- come on you WB different. On and sit this -- would jump the gun. She should've held out longer. I guess it. If she's the -- secretly recorded these. Tapes of sterling the owner of by the NBA's clippers. She could have par laid this in to aid in lifetime on easy street. But she didn't. -- -- try to figure out here it's time didn't bother some other topics. Upset everything I want us about Paris. Let's just recap what I've -- shall -- Because we might have some people joining us -- First of all folks it takes a lot for me to get offended most things do not offend most things roll off me like water often expect. I'm -- talking about stuff people say about me on his blog about life in general very very few things offend me. And they're more likely to rage me then offend me. Don't know there's a lot of things that outraged me in a -- to tell you precisely what they are you know what some of the mark one of them is child abuse that's a huge outrage goes well beyond offensive that's an outrage animal abuse that's an outrage. All I want it's five minutes alone blowtorch and a pistol that's it. I don't think that's abnormal I think that's quite normal not look -- now I would eventually not do anything because I got to recognize the law. By judgment would take care of command of my emotions and I just. Make sure to bury the body a lot better but up. This case here. I think mr. sterling the owner of the clippers for now I don't think he has a choice I think he's got to get out he's got to get out of the NBA. I think he's got to had a team taken over by a board of trustees. I'd just like about the locals are right now for different reasons of course let's pretend that he's dead and the team should be managed by trustees at this point is it's it's that he is not just a distraction to the clippers he's a distraction to the NBA. The entire leave. He is a distraction. And if I were one of the other owners in the NBA I would not associate with him I would not wanna be seen with them I would regard this guy is absolutely toxic. And folks I can't back down from this because here's my idea here's my thing. If if Barack Obama had said to Michelle. If she secretly recorded. I don't want you bringing white people to the White House. I think America would be outraged because we expect better of our president. I also expect better out of a guy who owns an NBA franchise. You know the guy's not a street -- He's is a real estate mogul basically. And he should know better I have Loftier expectations. And I find what he said about not bringing black people to the games. I find that just patently offensive stupid it. And it's the kind of ignorance I just wouldn't expect from a guy. Who was -- -- he gets some big award from the NAACP. And I hope you don't mind laughing but it's just the irony is just about it you know you know what else is ironic about this. And you'll forgive me if I'm repeating some things but we have people joining us all the time. The the woman to whom he made these racist comments. To say that she's not exactly nordic would be an understatement. She is of up partially up Mexican descent. I think she's got some Asian in her I bet you bet if she were to do -- DNA test you would find. American Indian you'd find Asian you would find his you -- Spanish. I you'd find Caucasian. In fact you would find the genetically she's probably a much as I. Should be a -- I wish I were a little darker but it to play the courage or got you know got the European in the Asian thing. You know Asians known for their tree tripe like tree trunk like masculinity. But they're so there's that but anyway and look. I abhor what he said. It's wrong. And I do believe that he ought to be forced to sell the team. He's a distraction. His comments were evil I'd like to believe that it was stability. I'd like to believe that his brain cells were not fully functioning. And I know bet that we might have you know what we really have some of my black Brothers and sisters coming home from working at a nursing home today you just got off work. How many times in you have you been called the N word in the course your career. I hear these people to whom you're trying to show kindness in the waning days and let's face it not all old people are sweet and adorable. I sometimes they're big gains in the ass. And they don't think before they speak they just don't have the mental capacity and they will call you the N word they'll screen adventure and you've got to. Older -- because your professional what you do you might just be an LPN you might be just somebody with a lot. You might be a doctor but you're still the word today. And there there's no getting over there they're gonna be dead. And IE I'm sorry that -- like it was a different generation. I think in some ways that generation was better. That is not one of the ways in which they were better or for burgers on both sides by the not that there are more than that there are more than two sides to our racial -- in America as a whole -- decides to our racial life in America. Now. Long story short I think this guy's got to get out of the game I don't think there's a chores too big distraction. Honestly I couldn't care less about the NBA. I couldn't care less about pro sports in general. Because I choose to live my life. Outside of following other people's lives. Like Ryan Miller had a bad night last night surprise surprise. Ryan Miller may cost his team a series surprise surprise. I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. And nothing against Ryan Miller but he did -- fine. He still has billions in the bank he'll retire to his gorgeous woman and he'll have a nice happy life. Are. Probably never win Stanley Cup but you have a nice happy life. After. The woman in this sort of established that I abhor what this -- sad because I do believe it was racist. And I'm not one who shot racism every time something like this comes out but there I don't think there's any getting around. Now the woman involved. Here is where I have an issue as well. This woman. And I have to use the word loosely. I don't know exactly what she use. And there's a certain song but I can't play. Joseph there's a certain song but I can't play and the word gold digger is and it. You know I can't play the song has that as the N word in it. Even though it was done yeah I can't do it. I don't know what her game is I think she's got some issues. I think he has some issues. I wanna get back to the guy for just a moment. How many times have I told you. That money does not buy happiness if upset at once I've said that a billion times that -- brought it up on both Thursday or Friday last week. Sometimes they turn of the Michael Savage. And I think holy cow. He I think exactly alike on this. You talk about Hollywood. And try to discourage and dissuade your kids from going out the Hollywood or becoming actors and actresses. And he said. If you think the fame and fortune are all the cracked up to be. Look at all the suicide look at all the drug abuse and look at all the miserable lives in Hollywood -- -- -- -- say that for years I'm sure Michael has true. Money. Cannot buy happiness. It can't buy. Security. The guy has two billion dollars. That's his network. And you know what. At the end of the day. His insecurity is he knows that he's not very attractive. He knows if he didn't have two billion dollars most women would not give him anything but a passing look. He is not hot in any way shape or form that is is in security that is his Achilles -- Eddie bell for this young banged. And he deluded himself I think in the believing that she just wasn't in it for the money. Now. Money cannot buy happiness would establish that now let's talk about the woman involved that she's got a pretty storied past herself. Which if you go to TMZ's web site you can read I don't have time nor do I have the desire to get and every tawdry aspect of this woman's life. But. I would submit to you. That only an evil person. Would secretly record. Relations. And conversations. With somebody she was in with whom she was in a relationship. There are certain expectations I think -- call me and I eat. These are used to think there's there are certain expectations. In a relationship. Like what goes on in the bedroom stays in the federal. Like you don't make a secret tape of it. Mean unless you both are in on it you don't do that. You don't make secret recordings of somebody talking on the fall. You don't take secret pictures of somebody. I -- if this woman had put a camera in a toilet. She face criminal charges. But to capture this man saying what he said that about black people. As reprehensible as those words were to me. I think what she did. Was classless. I think it was awful. And at the end of the day I did not just use that expression holy crap at the end of the day. I don't think we've heard the last of this story. Because. I believe that there's something more to -- Why did she report him number one why. What would motivate somebody to secretly record some. It wasn't for any good purpose I'll tell you that. Number two. Was this a setup. And I'm asking it as a question I'm not making a direct statement. -- this is an end to rocket. Was it a set up either to tell this guy here's what I have used saying. You give me 200 million amateurs. -- Was that a set up for a bigger -- down the line if somebody else ends up buying the team who was in cahoots with this woman -- law. Or who was in cahoots with this woman once they figured out that this woman had sterling is the year. So. The hope that on either side to me. It's excrement. All right it's it's really I think it's I think it's low life all the way this is something -- I would expect honest to goodness thank about it. This is something I would expect the -- cops. Seriously take away the billions take away the mystique and the glamour of the NBA. -- what you got here. -- two classless pathetic individuals. You've got an older man -- of this young hobby. Is in -- him because he's Ron Jeremy east win. And you've got this woman. Who is such a sleaze bucket. She is such. Issues such area. There's a word I wanna use. You up BF five has a lot of she's such a man and that she insists on recording secretly. What this guy is saying in incompetence. And reportedly has about a hundred hours of in conversations. You take away all the other aspects of it if these people were on cops you'd expect and B word wife beater T shirts and the woman to be worrying. Spandex. And and having a muffin -- might not correct. Are at the whole thing I find pathetic. I think these are two pathetic people really do. I would wanna be here on either one of them it's especially I mean my chances of have a guy -- are pretty slim and usually hang out with guys. Well yeah but that's not hang out with. But women. Surely a woman like this and I'll show you somebody who we've not heard the last year. I don't think -- for the last of every aspect of the story current. I wanna move on to something else. I wanna have a a lot of focus on a different aspect of this I wanna give it to something else that's more local. Because frankly the stories making a little sick to my stomach I'm not using hyperbole. I think this is pathetic. He's a pathetic man she's a pathetic woman. They were right -- -- -- -- on WB. All right -- can't be buffalo fisons will be in action on -- -- -- it is great I guess it's a manic Monday it's a marked down Monday actually I don't mean to go back to eighties musical memories. It's a marked on Monday the bison steak on the Louisville bats first -- 605 PM first pitch forecast breeze the and ray and will spread from south to north across the area 45 haven't tomorrow's going to be cloudy and breezy. Occasional rain 53. High and I just want -- and at the National Weather Service has issued area. Hi I gotta make sure I get this correct because oddly enough accuracy is kind of important with a -- a high. Wind warning is in effect from 8 tomorrow morning until 5 PM. Tomorrow even for southern Erie and should talk while calories or if you're in those areas bell park under an evergreen pine tree. Don't park entered the neighbor's tree -- that looks like if a -- -- it would -- Just trying to help you out here gang and the rest of the area we are going to be under a wind advisory for most of the rest. Western new York and it is fifty I guess we went down agree. Now we -- -- it's holding at 57. You talk at that news radio 930 WB. EN. All right. Now I went back to that. I'd like to. -- -- so many things to talk about. And were going to be entering our hour of finality. So I'm kinda trying to decide if I wanna call it a happy ending our because what topics could actually be construed as a happy ending. The other one I don't think could be but I have to address there's. So let me get this serious topic first this will require some homework. I would like you to go to the Tom dot hourly FaceBook page or go to WB EN dot com that probably be the easiest. Go to WB EN dot com. And you'll see the video. Of alleged police brutality taking place in the buffalo. Okay and it appears as though. A handcuffed man who had already been subdued. Was. Had physical force used against them. After he was in no position to apply any physical force himself. Six officers now. Basically. Placed on administrative leave. My question is pretty simple do you trust the police on a scale of zero to ten do you trust the police. Now if that's too heavy for my happy ending question is. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing or saying. I could write a book. But it would be wrong news radio 930 WBE.

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