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4-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Apr 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. And he would. That. Yeah hold to put. An end. For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. And al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling ask for the foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. -- -- -- -- -- It was an amendment. Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it might back -- it's live it's local guru is the it's Tom -- and who could cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and -- news radio 930. And I know what the wanna say though is there are some reports surfacing that. Sterling so called girlfriend has like 100 hours of taped conversations. Well. A lot. Two and two together here. Let -- okay no one what sterling said. I think most of us can agree is repugnant views as repugnant and Jesse Jackson calling New York City Hymie town. -- says that no matter the source or the origin is ugly. And it's serious and a lot of people have been murdered by it hurt but -- feelings have been hurt they've lost their lives overnight I think we can agree on that are we not. I I don't think that sterling can stay the had -- uttered the owner of the of the clippers see -- Byron brown you're uncertain. It's time for the buffalo braves to come home. Get Jacobs. Is there anyway. If they're interested in and maybe get the Buffalo Bills they think the idea that the -- bring them back the buffalo pop up. How about -- somehow sorry I forgot he's got a retired from ownership. How about McCullough. It opened a welcome -- I say -- to the FB. The clippers belong back in buffalo. And then they'll say -- million in the second most segregated city in the country that I say oh never mind. -- This folks. This is a great example there is a moral lesson here. That really transcends the world to sport number one it is there's. Money cannot buy class. Money cannot buy a moral authority it can't. Money is just money. This this guy is so insecure. Seriously. He's worth two billion dollars. Eddie's. Got to get all kinky. About his woman posing with -- and act amendment. I don't get it -- black or do you interracial couples even make you turn your head. Is that even an issue. Added maybe it is and people just don't wanna say it is it is and that they -- basic philosophy of life is I don't care who you loved. It's not my business. Pure white you -- a black woman great updated black women to. Now that wasn't the attraction and it wasn't -- didn't work out just didn't work out just like the white women loved and then work out. I have a good track record -- that lets say. 8030 and I'm thirty is the phone number starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- So -- what do we know -- here today kids we all learned that money cannot buy class money cannot buy dignity money cannot buy morality. But there's. Wasn't here today. And I tell you something and you gotta be careful whom you trust and allowing your life. Because. Can you imagine. Some things you set. If you thought privately to somebody. If somebody was secretly recording you for 100 hours what does that say about them and their agenda. Now and there's four. If somebody records 100 hours of me speaking in the privacy of my own home first of all they'll find out that. On the same guy at all as ion as I am on the year except I drop a few more F bombs -- all that I do work. LL no big secret there. What else but I think it would also it seriously and in all seriousness. I think there's something amiss with somebody who feels the need to secretly recorded. Somebody else's conversations to whom they have ingratiating themselves because what's the agenda is was -- a paid. Was there the hope of the big payday hey here's what I have on you what's in it for -- I'm not alleging that I'm simply publicly speculating as to why anybody who is a friend would -- secretly record a friend having what should be a private conversation. Now I think in New York State there -- laws about that but I couldn't -- -- -- off the -- my hat. Folks racism is repugnant I'm not teaching you anything you did not now. It at this is racism. I know when I see it misses it it's ugly. And it's so bad that I kind of wonder if the guy is not -- -- -- -- I wonder if maybe. Advancing years have deteriorated his brain always he always like Paris. And we just didn't know. And folks. I hate to Tel Avis is gonna leave you don't want -- for a get to some calls 8030930. Start 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB -- So I was told as a black -- once told me that. At least in the old days you knew the racist work. It was all because they were just pretty much proud of their racism yet knew they were but and he said -- like twenty years ago. Now all you don't know because somebody can smile and smile at a quote Shakespeare BA Villa. All all end. I have to address something to my fellow white people really quickly. Do not ever make a friend. Only because the dude or the lady is black. -- it is so transparently phony and be the person on the other hand I eat the black person knows that he or she is supposed to be hurt token black friend. Don't do it. It's it's it is so. You know all -- you know exactly what I am talking about there's there's no need to even go there. -- let's not take some calls here and hopefully we'll all get along and have a good show and I don't want riker I don't -- I mean look at its -- You know partly actually feel sorry for the guy just for BN. The way he is. And I wonder how many great experiences he's deprived himself of because of his inner I have to call it hatred of blacks. Even though we got humanitarian of the year the -- -- -- it does not make sense from the NAACP. You wanna talk about somebody smiling and smiling and being a villain LL. Here's might get an L -- might get out talked in Europe WB. Mike. I'm shaking my head and bewilderment surged beyond this refute. They've been Google -- thing I want to bring our boat -- on Don -- -- -- differently court and you know he's Serb and I hope it goes to suspenders. What -- the people who warden played at Seymour actually I'll read about there's the manager. On rivers and Chris Paul. -- here than in May Chris or there's some contract negotiation some bandage. African American coach the main. So everywhere early because they like me it is -- there's very little consequential. Showing. Some sort of like. A racial trend. And the second thing would would there's so what Magic Johnson. Old complaint to Obama put on social about Magic Johnson with a picture and so forth and so forth are currently think Billy is conspiracy maybe. There have been different also though where. Were murdered in his groove on and on -- eventually purchased equipment which is the what is actually own reports about it. This is kind of weird. -- so the new. Okay that's an interesting conspiracy theory and one which will be easy to prove Mike. Upon further information. Mike if you send me a link to the story about. The negotiation and somebody demanding. To work with a black guy because see that's. I'm very consistent and I'm very clear about there's racism no matter who the racist is. Is the one of the ugly -- parts of the human experience it is it's. It's -- stupid and especially in the case of sterling it's absolutely an affable. So true so true. Very Nintendo itself there's also that there's there's also likely go -- racial Biden tell -- between the white America like Barack. It's only a 100% salt. But it just it just lingers. But it is not something else like that I actually did a search on this over the weekend. Because I remember reading an article somewhere many years ago about how many black women are upset bet black men will not date them and date white women. In -- because 70%. Up African American women between I think it's eighteen and 65 are single. And they think that they're losing many of the best and brightest black guys that they should be marrying in their opinion to the white tapes. The whole country can -- you and -- should be in the year. And Chicago. We are now that's me. When I say god I didn't mean to imply it was just in one place I mean all across America 70% single black ladies that's a very high number. Actually an oracle the core group lecture or will be great. Well Mike I think we should be willing to open up the doormat and say hey guys were still here come to buffalo. Now also -- -- -- filtered jewelry store or your children and relatives. I do my email thank you for asking by the way and strategist posting on FaceBook is the last thing I want at this point is somebody putting a link on my page to the kkk or something gives that's why don't that's why don't all -- put directly up my marriage my email is easy it's Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB EN dot com. -- bankers life and number from a focus servers -- more traditional. Conservative Terry an excellent I'm glad it's spread out to LA. All right we're we're so -- we have herpes. I thought that was a funny line myself but there you did not thank you I'm glad you called -- herpes and herpes B I just thought we'd be ahead of the curve. 803 total and even find that funny he usually -- and everything I sent Joseph you're not holding up your end and there -- I'd be funny you're Tom I'll try. All right gang 8030930. Start 930 folks there's no defending what sterling said. And there's no defending racism matter who the speaker is. And as far as interracial relationships -- friendships dating whatever. I told you I've been out with that I've dated two black chicks a few Hispanic checks and one full Asians and like you go down the list but you know been there done that. And it didn't start the relationship nor did it and I have to tell you that in the 1980s I can't even say that that we got. Second glances. You know -- like they were hanging out where -- a good time what's up. I'm just so open minded. -- about me that you GO. Wait a -- of a pig no matter who it is that the knicks are 8030930. Let's check in with. Let's check in with traffic here is Allan Harris Alan. All right I'm trying desperately not to sneeze you have no idea how close I've come today this sneezing. Usually I did I get the ten seasons away first thing in the morning not today so they're building and building which means of course when it -- finally happen it's going to be awesome. AccuWeather for today breezy -- it will spread from north to south across the area the overnight low 45 tomorrow the National Weather Service. As high wind warning -- 8 AM until 5 PM 25 to 35 miles an hour for your talk and southern Erie counties if you live there you get home from work tonight you're not gonna get up tomorrow morning early don't park your car industry under a tree specially in evergreen because it very very shallow root systems and I don't wanna steal your card with tree falling and it. Well makes sense right in my and I think about that my job is to let. I'm like your father back could be your father figure paternity test on -- -- right now what is it joke. 57. At news radio 930 WBE. And sell out these comments by the owner of the clippers I'm still literally shaking my had IE I find it. -- just one human being is when I thought I was incapable of surprise and human beings. Along comes this guy and suddenly I realized. Wow I can still be surprised. Here is Mary in Lancaster -- do you think that this guy needs to go as the owner of the clippers I I don't see any choice the other owners but the booted from the league. Well I. There's this bird felt they -- -- not a racist I don't and that's panel think the racist thing. I think the guy. Should just in the businessman. And I think -- should call their bluff I think -- I don't like the week. Everybody jumping on him because. What for what they went missing -- I don't know Google good or whatever but. This girl tape recording and stuff like that. But the fact of the matter is that whenever they they first started talking to the players and they put on we'll demonstrate just picking up their shirts and everything. Why doesn't anybody ask these players. What would you be doing if you weren't playing basketball who gave me this job and what are you gonna do if he is forced to sell the team. Well first of all nobody at a time out time but nobody gave them a job and it's not like this guy went down the street and said. Hate how would you like to make three million dollars -- these men earned a their money they earned their jobs because they are the best of the best of the best basketball players they put families in the seats making money for mr. sterling it's a symbiotic relationship. Now I think the better -- if you wanna go that way the better argument is will they take money from him or will they let it sit in escrow somewhere. Because if you're gonna protest against a guy answered all kinds of things about -- may be you should take the money and has donated to charity yourself. Well I mean that's it week we could go there I suppose I disagree with what you're saying I think that what he said if he said it and I think he did. Unless -- proven to be horribly wrong. I think it is demonstrably. Racist I don't want you bringing black people to the games that's his -- as racist as it gets way out using the -- -- But also -- you know -- somebody. Is at. I. I looked at that's part to the story I think this woman is -- I I think this woman is one of the worst people on the planet when you secretly record somebody. They don't know about it to -- that's that's like these perverts who put our cameras and toilets and women's bathrooms. Confidence and then all of a sudden. Hey look I'm gonna do. Well there the question is what was she going to do with those tapes and what's her payday and all there's there's got to be there at the end of us. -- absolutely but it's still does not exculpate. Sterling is. Thoughts about black people I don't want you bringing black people don't like games. I hope you'll forgive the chuckle in my voice but at the charcoal is out of absolute disgust and disbelief. That weren't 2014. I'm talking about somebody's were two billion dollars with the IQ and the outlook of a Neanderthal. If you wanna say more be happy to talk to you but. I -- you know what. And I did there is no saying to me that this is not racist as it is so obviously racist to me. And by the way I can't say good things about his -- more there. DiMarco Moore stole thousands of soprano as my Italian radio off it's 425 at WB EM. Well last week of signing contracts. I. We -- from LA. Just sent me the link your Chris Paul wants the clippers to hire a black coach this is may 22 2013. So. Just under one year ago Chris -- preference is to stay with the clippers but he wants them to hire an African American coach according to multiple league sources. I don't remember outrage about that. Was there. Right but they didn't hire a black coach but I don't remember the outrage about the statement that he -- -- Ben -- a black coach. Now again folks. I've said this a zillion times I don't care who says it. When you get statements like this that are racist hurt all of us as humanity as human beings. As Brothers and sisters. There are times I think. That people overreact. And they -- racism where there really isn't racism. This is not one of those times -- with respect to mr. sterling. What he said was. -- really it's like something out of the 1950s. Or early sixties it's like something out of your grandfather's generation just my opinion just my opinion. Our. I would like to think that were more advanced than that. I guess. -- -- do we cup I slack because of his age no. I expect more I will say this much and this is not to defend the comments made by Chris Paul who wanted the clippers hire a black guy to coach. I expect more out of a guy who. I expect has a lot or business smarts and presumably PR smarts. Than Chris Paul. I expect sterling to be a little more enlightenment. Shall we say regarding. Brotherhood and sisterhood of human beings. But I might be expecting too much out of people. Com. When I welcome my black Brothers and sisters to the show there not just empty words. I do that with a purpose I do that -- intent my intent is to make it clear very clear. Bad. You are welcome -- any that you hear that he radio anything you hear about conservative Terry Jones. That says well we only welcome people as long as if they have the -- It's. Is crap. Because it -- it's about ideology baby. And I'd even gone so far as to say I don't care -- into an actor what race you are. I don't care what your sexual orientation is I don't care it's -- -- my freaked -- business. I welcome all patriots. And by the way there's no room for hate there's no room for for racism in conservative Terry and his. I issue -- I distanced myself from it I have been guilty of it in the past I have admitted that. I have offered my eight. Apologies and I've also offered. My blessings. For those of different races who have also fought or done some things that they regret. And as I've said the older we become hopefully the wiser we become and the more you realize that we are. All human beings and all worthy of respect. And you know put your hand and a fist and gently op on the over your heart respect man goes a long way in this world. Let's get back to the calls on the WBE end. Here is George in buffalo George you were on WB and what your take on another sterling situation the clippers and don't you bring black guys to my games. The military -- -- black American I'm a better not so we have real issues and our communities -- to wonder how many black is what killed that night in Chicago or Detroit. OK we have real issues. People millionaires. Fighting without billionaire because of eighty year old guy is intimidated because digging a thirty year old. She's already charred already -- -- in -- garbage like a leader luxury car. In the drugs themselves or being chauffeured in laid out on including her because people -- -- got home a Ferrari of course all of the money. The guy was obviously got a. You know what I agree. But you know what George George -- I wanna I wanna talk to George talked about this -- I hope I've made that clear that I think what she did was extremely unethical and yes I do think there's an element of set up to theirs. But. On the other hand you know there's an old Latin expression indeed in -- Veritas in -- there is truth. And I think in friendship there is also true that I think this guy. Trusted to a woman with his innermost thoughts that he would not sure with the world and those thoughts are frankly primitive. I would agree repair -- -- -- -- go to law discrimination suit. Integration. Can. Or the black organization object. The organization. We're. Okay. Wouldn't directly about this but after walking about what's keeping -- elated but thirty U coach -- So beautiful what. -- -- -- Oh is not a great. You know accused in court -- pick -- up. You know black editor -- Into the country -- to what was real delicate white -- Cardinal -- -- elect Obama and keep crying or. -- anything when we're old war. -- talked about there. Well I'm look I'm not a fan. I am absolutely not a fan of a Barack Obama. But but here's here's the paragraph that I wanna shared this as the one that may be just shake my head okay because I do believe and if somebody at what. I don't even know of this listeners still alive but his name is PJ. And PGA. Eight you know back in the eighties PJ was this militant black guy. That was this militant white guy we used to slug it out on the year I mean at any time we call them. And then like we both changed and we both basically I don't know I don't know exactly what happened but the dynamic changed. But basically he's a guy who said sometimes -- black people see racism where there isn't any in white people refused to see where there is well. When this guy says. About Magic Johnson with this check don't put him on and mr. Graham for the world. To have to see so they have to call me. And don't bring him to buy games yeah that bothers me a lot that you want to. Promo broadcast that you're associating with -- black people do you have to. See I find that offensive -- not easily offended and I find that offensive. It's gonna tell you that the best practice concept that they think the it you're eighty years old -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- equivalent building up like I hear about it. To get intimidated because she's beautiful you know -- at her so much money he get our well. It would make it into other optimistic that Michael Michael Eric who will be later it got a particularly Belichick shouldn't have been being. Okay what when they. Say. It's a little. They'll register. -- -- -- Yes depending on the future financial benefits of this young woman. I think you might have a case but what he said that. I mean I try to kind of funny here that you identify yourself as a black guy and you're supporting the white guy or an oval like -- mostly and -- and here's and that what I find I find these comments to be offensive and it takes a lot to offend me. Well -- support it like you're being abominable to get to try to get a point across America that America can't all laid out what some big. I don't think you know I don't know I think. Have been pretty circumspect I don't think if you heard it like jumping up and down and do the tirade on this I think I'm more I think more bewildered than anything else about this it might not projecting that properly. Yes you are sir definitely I'm just really sad because we can't Billie Jean. The guy beat them millionaires and billionaires fighting over this female out of nowhere. -- -- -- that -- -- in the white finally stepped up and Pedro is controlled it. Well. You know what I I think I understood I think I understand what you're saying I. I wouldn't trust this woman as far as I can throw her in quite frankly any guy who dates -- in the future I think that's so what his own. -- she got what it irritant. Didn't need to check local record. Yeah out well if I were mr. sterling I think before it was slipped on a tour I would've had a PI do a full report just science. -- well if say a billionaire sometimes we the cheapest -- on the planet believe that. Are my friend I'm glad you called George thank you thank you for your service set to the United States my friend you're patriot. 8030930. I I'd never thought I say you know what this is actually giving me -- PJ I don't know if you're -- us I don't know if you're in spirit. But this is actually giving me hope. That we've had two people identifying themselves as black guys calling and saying. They didn't see sterling is being particularly offensive or racist and you've got me saying I find it to be racist I find it to be offensive. I feel like the world is gonna start -- -- the clocks gonna start going backward about two seconds I feel like -- upside down world -- anybody else there. But you know what. I must I must tell you I must tell you this is the kind of discussion that we need to have. And I hope that you will not take the attitude. I brought to the show as -- taking it lightly. It's just that I my primary emotion is is that of absolute. I find these comments by this man in this context in the affable I -- -- Wilbert unless again. If if he's got some kind of alzheimer's. And I'm not insulting people with alzheimer's but you know sometimes -- tell you what if you're black and you work in a and nursing home. With old white people you know that they whip out the N word like every other word when they deal with you because that's what they were brought up. And you gotta bite your lip like geez you know I don't wanna hear this. That you you know you gotta consider the source so maybe this guy is. May be slipping mentally I don't know. I just don't know but I do know that's bad if you own an NBA franchise. There is no way in hell you wanna even be in the same with this guy at this point he's poison he's toxic. I just I think the only way out of this for him. No it's not killing the girl the only way out of this for him. Is -- selling the team and just moving on to another chapter of whatever is left with his life at that age he doesn't need the money he doesn't need the aggravation. And if you really thought this is a mistake amendment. If you really thought that she was attracted to him. Because he was -- Or because his manhood was the talk of the town. He. -- Percy was kidding was himself. And I hate to say it but we even had people on her own community. Who fall victim to. You know they think that the young hot thing for whom they just bought the court battered Ferrari or whatever is really into them then Knoll. No may December romances. The Macy's December's Christmas and the story. I don't -- speak. It's 446 news radio 930 WB and welcome my friends my white Brothers and sisters my black Brothers and sisters. Everybody on this show who is welcomed the end to. Your life. You know are much I appreciate that thank you but it breaks -- so far it'll continue. What do you make these comments by the owner of the clippers I don't want to -- black people in my games. If I'm offended. That and that's saying something right there 803 on -- thirty WB Ian. All right Allan thank you -- -- buys his first pitch it is a market on Monday devises take on the Louisville experts pitch is 605 PM. And the forecast is up for breezy tonight. Rain is gonna spread from north I'm sorry from south to north across the area later route 45 the low. Tomorrow heads up we have a high wind warning a Porsche told Iowa and southern Erie county you guys could see gusts of up to sixty miles an hour or not. Not sustained but gust and on the rest of the area it's a wind advisory and frankly I don't even know why they bother with wind advisories. It's like it's buffalo were -- like the third windy city in the world. Every day we can have wind advisory but Orlando mostly cloudy and breezy tomorrow and the high at 53. Right now we still a 53. 57 57 news radio 930 WBE and by the way gang you know shows like this can go a lot of ways and some of them can be really really ugly. And thank you very much everybody who's called in today has been great. And everybody's been on topic and nobody has been a creek so thank you very much for. The order of the clippers. I don't want you bringing black people to -- team's games. Way out of line. -- put into context that there was talk about a plan. That you probably don't wanna bring black people that are but an NBA game. And really. Is he blessed is he noticed something about the makeup of this team the guys who make him the money. They. An -- and the woman I got to play is something this woman is toxic. This woman could come up to me for hour after hour after hour I would want nothing to do with -- would you joke. Absolutely not I don't care how good looking she is she's a snake she's a slithering. -- pile of a woman if she has 100 hours of this guy. Secretly tape recorded. I'm sorry there's an agenda at work. And I'm not saying it's a black agenda I think it's her agenda. Here is whose next Paul awful Paula talked to me here at W -- They're going on at all. That make it -- Problem my problem -- more so with the young elated with the man. But clearly she's an election Fordham mark -- as you put him -- -- Why would you record under hours of anything. Well that's that's the allegation I saw little crawl on Fox News Channel which she may have up to 100 hours of recordings of him which I think is just evil. It it was only twenty hours wire record twenty hours that it outlook of information what were you digging or what were you looking for the first place. -- -- -- Yup I can't I can't argue and it won't be a bit let's put this for the start of motivation why do people set people up constituent crap I've got a break. I got a break would you hold on because I know were were don't Paula I think we should go there together will be a lot more fun with you okay. I will do back to back then we'll do back to back Paul next vanda WB Ian.

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